Miraculous Experiences: Part II with Conscious WalkingTM


We continue with the second part of the series on Mohanji’s techniques with Conscious WalkingTM. To outline the premise of the series, I paraphrase the closing statement of the first post – “To use the experiences to inculcate a sense of gratitude in the readers for any gifts that are received through the grace of a Master, induce them to treat the gifts with utmost respect and reverence and drive them to actively use the gifts consciously, consistently, persistently, and with complete awareness to further their spiritual growth”. With that aim in mind, let’s move on to discuss the precious gift of Conscious WalkingTM. We will briefly discuss the background of Conscious WalkingTM, understand the science behind the technique, discuss the technique itself including some do’s and don’ts followed by relating the wonderful experiences that people all over the world have had with this beautiful technique.

The Gift

Conscious WalkingTM is a dynamic walking meditation introduced by Mohanji on International Yoga Day (21st June 2015). Since then in a very short span of five months, Conscious WalkingTM has grown rapidly to 30+ cities across 10+ countries with multiple locations within each city. People and groups all around the world have been practising Conscious WalkingTM amongst nature, community parks, gardens, schools and forests and are deriving benefits from this technique as will soon be evidenced by the experiences mentioned later in this post.

The philosophy behind Conscious WalkingTM is rooted in ancient Vedic and Buddhist principles and practices. Conscious WalkingTM works on multiple levels – increase in energy through preventing its loss, increases metabolism, self control and concentration while reducing stress, anxiety, anger and fears. It roots you in the present moment. This simple yet very transformative technique is available free of cost and people can easily practice and adapt to the Conscious WalkingTM life style regardless of age or gender. As with most of Mohanji’s techiques, the simplicity of the technique belies it’s immense transformative power. The express reason for the existence of this post is to provide more information regarding Conscious WalkingTM so that people can really understand this transformative power and include the technique as a vital tool in their spiritual practices.

The Fundamentals

Let’s start by taking a look under the hood to understand the science behind Conscious WalkingTM. There is a circular energy flow going on within the human body that flows through all the 520 trillion cells that constitute the human body. This is akin to the way the flow of electricity works to light a lamp. Every cell has a flow of energy that enlivens it and makes it alive. This flow is happening continuously within the body. When the mind is away or wandering, a lot of this energy is getting dissipated. This is similar to having a pot with many holes. An oscillating mind that travels between past and future rarely stopping in the present consumes a huge amount of our energy. Energy is precious. The more energy you have, the more quality in life you can achieve.

It has been scientifically proven that the aura for all people has a minimum radius of 1 feet. This aura zone is like a sphere shaped field all around the human body. When one’s focus is outside the sphere, the energy gets dissipated which weakens the person. Correspondingly, when one’s focus is within the sphere, the energy is circulating inside one’s own field which strengthens, immunises and protects the person.

The central idea underpinning the Conscious WalkingTM is to rotate and circulate one’s energy within one’s aura field while being established in physical movement. The eyes use the maximum energy from our system. Further, when the eyes look up or look away, the mind also goes away leading to a dissipation of energy. But when the eyes are within the aura zone, the energy is not going out so it is circulated inside. To achieve this effect, we freeze the focus of the eyes within 1 foot ahead of the feet. That’s when the energy gets circulated inside naturally and spontaneously. Even if one’s mind is working in any way, it doesn’t matter. As long the eyes are focused, the energy will always be rotated and circulated inside. We become totally energised and rejuvenated. This is the secret.

The Technique

The three key criteria to practice Conscious WalkingTM are:
– The focus of the eyes should not leave 1 foot distance from your feet compulsorily
– If you want to look up or ahead, stop immediately. Look up or ahead. Get the focus of the eyes back to within the 1 foot distance in front of the feet and continue the walk.
– The spine should be erect, chest should be open and shoulders should be straight

As long as these three conditions are met, one is walking consciously. Do not worry about thoughts and mind. Just let it be, instead concentrate on keeping the eyes steady within one foot distance from the walking feet. Conscious WalkingTM is a meditation. We can call it a dynamic meditation because body is in motion while we experience stillness of spine and eyes.

The recommended time for Conscious WalkingTM is 30min per session. This should be done twice daily for maximum benefit.Conscious Walking - Toronto, Canada.jpg


  • Familiarity of terrain and an even terrain are helpful in avoiding accidents. Public parks, walkers’ yards, etc. are also fine.
  • No preparation is required prior to commencing the Conscious WalkingTM. A few neck exercises may be practical for those that have a stiff neck. If you have a routine that helps you settle in, follow it by all means but please remember that this is individualistic. What works for you may not work for others!
  • It is recommended to walk slowly and with full awareness. If you are going too fast, remember that your eyes are ahead of one foot that defeats the purpose of Conscious WalkingTM.
  • Walk at your own pace. Speed of walk is individualistic. Focus is the more important criterion.
  • While walking, thoughts may come and go. Just concentrate on keeping your eyes firmly rooted one foot away from your feet.
  • While walking, one should not look ahead or sideways. Whenever one looks ahead, the mind also tends to go ahead. 
Looking ahead means mind is travelling ahead too. Mind travelling ahead is the root cause of anxiety and many fears.
  • Maintain silence. Avoid talking while walking. It will result in distraction. This walk increases concentration, self-control and beingness. So, if one must talk or express something, please stop, talk and then proceed.
  • Since Conscious WalkingTM will not exceed 30 minutes, water may not be needed while walking. You can drink water before your walk or after. Consider this as meditation. During meditation, we don’t drink water. Walking Consciously is Meditating.
  • Please keep it simple and do not combine any other techniques with the walk. Chanting is not recommended. At the risk of repeating this again and again, the focus should be only on awareness of the spine and on one foot in front of your feet. It is really that simple and the only thing to keep in mind.
  • There is no need to practice anything after the walk. Nothing else is required. Just be in silence as much as you can. If someone is so inclined, they can sit quiet, focus inside and watch the mind objectively as a witness. Gap awareness can also be practiced after the walk. You can stabilize the energy flow by being objective and watch your breath – the inhalation, exhalation and the gaps between inhalation and exhalation and between exhalation and inhalation – objectively without participating. Again, if you have a routine that helps you after the walk, follow it by all means but please remember that this is individualistic. What works for you may not work for others!

The Benefits

When CW is performed with full awareness, it is both a good form of exercise AND also a way to train the mind to remain in the present moment, in the NOW. Most of us live in the future, which causes negligence of the present and anxiety over the future. Conscious WalkingTM signifies being in the present and being in your own aura field. There is no energy loss. When energy circulates within your own aura field, most of the acquired blockages are dissolved as well.” – Mohanji

  • Mohanji says that 30 minutes of Conscious WalkingTM can be as effective as 3 hours of meditation. Twice daily is equivalent to 6 hours of meditation. Wow!!! Furthermore, some people may find this easier and more natural than meditation. Because in normal meditation, mind takes time to settle down. When people sit for meditation, they may feel bored, tensed, or be easily distracted. The mind does not settle. Conscious WalkingTM can thus help to develop clarity and strength of mind, and a concentration that can carry over into other less active meditation postures.
  • Since one is in one’s own energy field during Conscious WalkingTM, there is no wastage of energy. Since there is no wastage of energy, every cell of the body is properly energized. Since energy flow is stabilized, each and every organ is benefited.
  • When you are in your own energy field, you are completely focused inside. Hence, attention, awareness and concentration are vastly improved.
  • When there is sufficient energy, there is less anger. When you are weak, you are angry. When you have sufficient energy, you are stable and in equilibrium. This leads to more self control and equanimity
  • The following benefits are generally experienced when there is no energy wastage due to equalization and stabilization of the energy flow within the body:
    • Better energy and integrity
    • Lesser anxiety and worries
    • Self-confidence and better self-esteem
    • Lesser emotional blockages
    • More immunity towards negativities
    • Presence of mind
    • Better clarity and purposefulness
    • Better equilibrium and balance in life


Now we move on to theinteresting section of this blog post – the diverse experiences that people across the world have had with practising Conscious WalkingTM. The simplicity of the Conscious WalkingTM may lull people into doubting it’s efficacy. We hope that the experiences inspire them to dig deeper and renew their practices with new found vigour, consistency and discipline. So without any further ado, we present the Conscious WalkingTM experiences.

Yohan from London, UK shares his amazing experience with Conscious WalkingTM – “At the last Conscious WalkingTM, I experienced a ball of golden light 2m in circumference all around me. The energy from mother earth was deeply purifying and invigorating. When opening my eyes after Gapless breathing, everything from the grass, trees and plants was glowing with golden light.

Neha Parekh from Toronto, Canada – “Ever since Mohanji has introduced Conscious WalkingTM in our lives, I have experienced that 30 mins of Conscious WalkingTM each day since the past few days during my lunch hour is bringing in unbelievable stillness in my train of thoughts. I am actually smelling the breeze, hearing the birds chirp, seeing small insects that might come beneath my feet….:-which I have many times been so unconscious about in the mad rush of this current lifestyle. I am more conscious of each word that is let out, each thought that happens within the mind and each action that displays an expression. My food habits have changed remarkably. Each portion taken is consciously thought for. I am getting more aware of my emotions, like my anger, fatigue that the body experiences and the frustration of not getting what we believe is correct. I see clearly The meaning of Life, why have we come here and where are we going. Unconditional Love and Service is the only means and way to serve The Divine and Liberate. This technique aids us in realizing our main purpose of Liberation. It’s an amazing tool to get back to oneself. With time, we have become more and more dispersed…spreading far and wide in all directions, with Mohanji’s Grace and teachings, we are now becoming more aware of where we belong and what is our true nature.

Ljiljana Stojsic from Novi Sad, Serbia – “Conscious WalkingTM brings me closer to my true being. It’s bringing me closer to precious divine Love and Mercy.

Caroline Moscato from North Queensland, Australia shares her beautiful experience with Conscious WalkingTM – “Before the Conscious WalkingTM, I connected to Mohanji’s consciousness through the eye card and listened to/mentally chanted Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra on my phone. I find that connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness prior to the Conscious WalkingTM meditation enhances the effect of my practice. During the Conscious WalkingTM, I was watching the frenzy of thoughts arising and falling in the choppy sea of my untamed mind. Quite honestly, I was also sceptically thinking that today’s meditative walk was not really effective for me in my preoccupied state of mind. Finally, we reached the end point of our Conscious WalkingTM circuit, where we usually sit and meditate a while longer under a big, beautiful tree. I finally unlocked my eyes, and raised my head, only to find that I could hardly move. I felt quasi-paralysed by such a feeling of deep peace, that all I could do was sit and bask in profound silence and bliss for the next ten or so minutes. The inverted pyramid meditation that we practiced next provoked an incredibly strong tingling sensation in my lower body, especially while chanting on the root chakra and meditating on my connection with Mother Earth. I felt so connected, grateful, at peace, loved by and in love with Mother Earth and all of Creation. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of universal consciousness, oneness, unconditional love or the unfathomable nature of the Supreme that I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Mohanji for guiding me to this glimpse of a greater glory.

Mirjana Andres-Rogović from Crikvenica, Croatia, “I wasn’t expecting that it will be that powerful. Just after first few minutes of conscious breathing, the walk became almost bodiless. I didn’t feel my ankles, which otherwise slip and twist on rocks. In the moments between in-breath and out-breath, all stones became slightly blurred. Then in a brief moment of total peace, they became round like eggs in a casket. As if I was looking with my Soul and not with my eyes. When I came to the end of the road, I felt i could move ahead walking further on into the sea. It was difficult to stop, as if I was blocked in flight, because when I did stop the trees continued moving as if moving away from me, and that continued for some time. Wonderful experience. Recommend it to all.

Shreelatha Nair from Vancouver, Canada – “Dear Friends, for the first time today 10 years after my spine surgery, I jogged all the way down to the beach for 20min and came walking up without stopping or taking any support! I could never walk like this before the Conscious WalkingTM! My walking has now changed to jogging! It was beautiful feeling and i felt so blessed to be able to do it. Thanks to Mohanji for making all this possible. No doubt the results will happen with Mohanji’s grace. All we need is consistency and commitment.

Ramya Vijayaraghavan from Chennai, India – “The Conscious WalkingTM left me feeling energised, tranquil and in equlibrium.

Shivani from London, UK – “I have been practicing this since its launch in June. Every day (nearly?) for about 15-20 minutes, I do Conscious WalkingTM barefoot. Apart from the profound silence that engulfs me suddenly, it also helps to totally connect with Mother Earth. As I place each foot forward, it’s like kissing the ground with my feet. I have felt totally grounded and the energy from the earth leaves me refreshed for the whole day. Practicing walking consciously has greatly facilitated the development of mindfulness in ordinary daily life. Learning to establish awareness during walking when I am physically moving with my eyes open has helped me to arouse that same wakeful quality during other activities, such as practicing yoga, eating, washing dishes, or driving. It is easier to arouse mindfulness while walking to the shop, through the park, or during any other time. Meditation has begun to permeate my entire life. Sai Ram

Seema Mahabeer from Durban, South Africa – “Have you ever thought about not thinking? Well, it is possible? I started the walk with so much going on in my mind (like we all do). I tried to calm it down but it still went on. I stopped, closed my eyes and connected to Mohanji. I immediately went into a state of silence. I continued and smiled to myself. I could now see only white light. After one lap in the sports field I could see the manmade pathway clearly. I walked and the concentration got so intense that I felt the grass on either side of the pathway disappear. I could only see white light, it looked like mist. I felt as if I was walking on air. I stopped and captured the moment. I closed my eyes and then opened it again. I must admit, I also felt dizzy. Blessed and calm now, I continue to love the world.

Jayanthi Karthikeyan from Chennai, India – “It was a wonderful experience. The whole process happened on its own. Mind was in silence for most of the time. At the end, I felt light at the body level. There is a desire to keep repeating it to internalize the essence of the process. Thanks so much for introducing it to me.

The team conducting Conscious WalkingTM in Durban, South Africa shared the following experience of one of the attendees – “She had been suffering with severe back /shoulder pains for years. She had been on medication and decided that she needed to do this walk. She even mentioned that her family was shocked to see her getting ready for the walk because the previous day she was feeling so sick. She was the first one ready to leave. It is all Mohanji! She had a beautiful walk and she felt the severe pains all over again as she walked. Her shoulders were aching. Amazingly, her focus changed and she felt totally different as she walked. She felt calmer and more relaxed. She was still in a little pain. After the gapless breathing, she told us that she felt a whole lot better. The pain had disappeared. She was happy and could not stop talking. She even said the family is going to be so happy. They were going to give her so much of work to do now that she is better and we all laughed.

Grozdana from Varaždin, Croatia – “I went for a Conscious WalkingTM this morning.The chirping of birds and a light breeze followed my footsteps while a shy beam of sunlight hid behind a cloud. My footsteps became lighter, as if I wasn’t walking on the ground, but floating above ground. I was at peace with myself and a feeling of closeness with all. Even the wind subsided. I ended my meditation just as a small dog, happilly wagging his tail, came to me..I left with inner peace and hugged a tree which I came upon with a deep feeling of gratitude. Thank you for all the blessings I received.

Jayshree from London, UK – “After 4-5 weeks of attempting to “do” Conscious WalkingTM, today I simply “became” it. I now simply ‘get it’ and can now share something that is real to me. I experienced myself floating along with my vibrant prana. It was as if my path was lubricated and I was in a bubble. My own form, energy-wise as a linga. As I continued, I felt magnicent, I felt small, I was everything, I was nothing, I was the most significant thing in that field, I was a speck of nothing in the universe, as insignificant as could be. I became meditation and entered into a very deep part of me. The core. A true test for me is where I end up with any meditation. When I finished I wanted to simply sit in Sukasana and go into a silent meditation, eyes closed, to just stay with it. There was no opportunity to do this, so my eyes were ajar, half open and I just stood still with the others and stayed in that space, using my breath as an anchor to remain within myself. I did not feel compelled to talk. I was silent within and without. I continue to feel a deep stillness and am pretty sure this will stay with me, if not deepen, during the rest of today.

Sumathi Vasudevan from Chennai, India – “We walked for fifteen minutes. At the end of the walk, I felt very light. While I was walking, I felt as if there was no body at all after some time. On the whole, it was a very good experience.

Sanam from Durban, South Africa – “Since practising Conscious WalkingTM, apart from a delightful sense of peace and joy within, I’ve experienced an increased level of focus and concentration with regard to my studies. I’ve also observed that my awareness for both external and internal conditions has increased. I would definitely recommend Conscious WalkingTM to all those who seek to relish the subtle sweetness of what inner joy and contentment brings, even if it is just for a few moments.

Zoran Stefanovski from Skopje Macedonia – “Conscious WalkingTM gets under my skin. As much as I practice, the deeper I am absorbed in an infinite peace and no-mind state where I feel powerful and centered in the Bliss state.

Izabela Jovovic from Belgrade, Serbia – “Though our thoughts raced against each other at the beginning, it was a half an hour of total bliss. We felt serenity, peace and Mohanji’s presence.

Kishore bhai from Durban, South Africa – “Conscious WalkingTM has changed my life. I had injured my back and was on crutches for a month. After doing Conscious WalkingTM with Mohanji for a week at the South African retreat, I began to walk without crutches and could even walk for long distances.

Kirti Khandelwal from Pune, India – “When i was Conscious WalkingTM, i was feeling that when i take one step i am feeling my muscle movement which i never felt before. It is like full awareness inside. It was beautiful Thank you, guys. See you next time 🙂

Krishna from London, UK – “Every day becomes more beautiful than the day before!. I start to smile on my own and enjoy the walk which is taking me where I need to go. It is somewhat amazing to see that I more or less walked on the same path this morning! Never happened before! So much energy to do more. I felt very calm and my senses enjoyed all the sounds of nature including the church bell! The meaning of my life has been developing in the inner space to help me realise why we are here together and the purpose will become a reality soon. Today, people in the park started to respect the walk and gave more care in their hearts to observe silence when passing through. Mohanji’s words became a reality to enjoy momentum that is a great blessing from Guruji! Jai Mohanji! I am following your steps without knowing because you are with me! Why! I met you very late in life?

Ana from Skopje, Macedonia, “Same as every Sunday, my experience from today’s Conscious WalkingTM was wonderful. I felt as if I am one head above myself I had a feeling that I am taller, bigger. I was merged with nature, light as air. OMNIPRESENT! But, what amazed me the most was our devotion and conviction 🙂 As young aspirants with huge faith, we gathered under the rain to walk consciously. Lazy didn’t even bring an umbrella with him 🙂 And I wonder
at that energy, what is that force? What is that which guides us and drives us to renounce it all? And what is that which makes me so devoted to Mohanji’s Path?
My devotion is getting bigger and bigger, and no bad weather can stop me from practising the technique. I even ask myself? What if the Guru tells me to jump in the river? Would I do it? I think that I would 🙂 Because I would know that it is good for me 🙂 Because that is the way one love one’s Guru With the WHOLE HEART And mine… already belongs to MOHANJI
I close with a very apt quote on Conscious WalkingTM from an Awakening Times article on the Serbia Retreat with Mohanji – “Conscious WalkingTM teaches us how to walk the path. One step at a time. Being conscious. Being aware. Being in the present. Not thinking about the destination and worrying about it. Aligning ourselves to our central meridian – our spine.

[Interested individuals and groups around the world who would like to learn, practise and spread Conscious WalkingTM may kindly write to consciouswalking@mohanji.org. You can also join the growing community of Conscious Walkers via the Conscious WalkingTM Facebook page and catch up on the latest Conscious WalkingTM news and events happening around the world]

|| Om Shri Shivaaya Mohanaaya Namah ||


7 thoughts on “Miraculous Experiences: Part II with Conscious WalkingTM”

  1. Natesh Mahadevan

    At 8am on a mildly chill morning in Lalbagh, Bangalore – I was part of small group with Gurudev Mohanji – to get initiated into his New Conscious Walking Program…

    This was a Walk that would change our life… very simple instructions followed and we began Conscious Walking… Each one of us on our own, walking with increasingly expanding Self-Awareness..

    As i walked on… It was a Fusion of Stillness and Movement , coming together in a dynamic silence which was almost tangible. My breathing was deeper and fuller , absorbing the pristine prana in the morning air – as i moved on for about 30 minutes…it was surely Meditation happening in Movement.

    Feelings of being light and energetic instantly got raised , followed by Gurudev Mohanji sharing subtle insights and benefits of making Conscious Walking a Daily Practice, for Great Health and Spiritual Expansions.

    I heartfully welcome you to Experience this Wonderful Walking Shift In Consciousness – available across the globe.

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