Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 231 and 232

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 231 – Does delay & postponement mean more lifetimes?

They say that when you come into contact with a Master, life can become intense because this connection brings you closer to completion or liberation. This means that lifetimes can be reduced. What we were meant to have experienced over a hundred lifetimes can be condensed into ten.

Karma cannot be changed or taken away, so each life is reorganized so that the experiences become more frequent and life can become more intense.

Connecting with and working with Mohanji has undoubtedly increased the speed and pace of my life. The last year has felt like 20 years. My lifestyle is almost unrecognizable from before, and there is no slowing down; in fact, there is only an increase in activities. 

When I reflect and think of all the breadth of activities (in which I’ve had the blessing to be involved), I’ve been able to do many of the things now that I had wished to do in life:

  • Being part of good strong teams
  • Working with great people for a purpose
  • living life with a purpose

If I contemplate deeply, I recognize that each moment in that respect is a step closer to completion, be it a small or a large desire. All the experiences I’m going through or having, and all the work, take on another meaning. I’ll elucidate more.

Coming into contact with Mohanji means life’s speed increases because our path towards liberation is being increased. It means that for this to happen, the completion of karma and the associated experiences need to happen.

Reflecting on this lesson deeply revealed a different perspective on procrastination, delay and postponement. When something is delayed or postponed, or denied, it means that experience is also denied. And if that experience is needed for completion in our life, then that means we’re delaying it too, which in my understanding, implies more lifetimes. So, postponement and delay are linked to tamas, which is also linked to a preference or an unconsciousness of living more lifetimes. So rather than finishing what could be done now, it’s saving it for another time.

Now, I don’t think there’s anything bad about that; I shared this as a thought. This understanding gives a different dimension of why being connected to Mohanji and being in His proximity means that life and its experiences happen at a rapid pace.

 Many lifetimes are probably being reduced, which means then opportunities are being given across all these platforms. We have to both serve the world with compassion and also fulfil our own experiences, which are set to be had in the future. Experiences and their completion are being sped up!

Day 232 – What we store in mind becomes our life (lives) 

Would you think that your physical appearance, size and body shape, the structure of the face, place of birth, disposition, and character traits are all connected to what is held in your mind? Mohanji shared this yesterday as we drove back from Kotor in Montenegro.

He shared, “It’s not that we pick or choose these things. Take our facial structure, for example; we wouldn’t say I’d have my nose like this, eyes like this, ears. We wouldn’t have chosen this specific structure. But during a lifetime, we would have agreed or, more likely, disagreed with an aspect of us sufficiently and given it that much attention that it happens again, in a configuration of another life.”

I needed some clarification on this and asked Mohanji, “Does that mean if I disagree with something about myself or somebody else, or I don’t like this, or I think this, will this be stored in mind for the future?”

He helped me with this explanation. He shared, “What’s the first step of a disagreement? What’s the first step towards a disagreement?” The first step is acknowledging something, which means that the mind becomes focused on that; it becomes an object of focus. The mind has recognized it, understood it at a point in time; its attention is fully on that, say, a trait, and a person, something about yourself. This is enough for the mind to catch it and store it. 

I understood that what is stored in our minds at the end of this life becomes the ingredient for the next lifetime. I now understand at a deeper level why Mohanji stresses keeping our inner space clean with positive thoughts, actions and most of all, ahimsa, non-violence so that there’s always a purity of mind. If this notion is kept in mind, then if there is more to come, it’s likely to be higher. 

He also shared that that’s the problem with addiction. They have been sitting in the mind for too long, and it comes back with the same intensity. The mind is occupied with that thought multiple times, and then it is pressed deeper and deeper and deeper. And it becomes a prominent characteristic of the next life. I realized the mind is a real trap. We have to be vigilant.

We discussed more, and he shared that in the other way, consistently connecting to Mohanji or somebody else as a consciousness beyond the form, something of the highest, that positive impression is pushed deeper and deeper. The thought “I would like to be in the stature of Mohanji, the state of Mohanji, to be able to heal 1000s of people”, when this becomes a prevailing thought, then it can become one of the main aspects of another life. 

Understanding that also makes me appreciate that now is always the time to keep a shift in outlook or keep a shift in attitude, to make sure that we are aware of what thoughts are being stored, now and for the future.


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