Lips Conveyed What Their Eyes Could Not! – Mohanji’s Birthday in Pune

The Birthday Week – Divine Communions

On 18th feb 2012, our “Pune Team” was guided to conduct meditation for abandoned Blind Women aged 50 and more years. The team also served them food (Annadaan) and performed live Music Seva.

Mohanji’s Guidance 

Faith and surrender are the most important qualities that any seeker should possess. This eligibility is sufficient for his/her spiritual elevation. Masters take extra steps to guide them. Ego, Analysis and intellect always alienates. Those who have faith constantly experience miracles.

This Home for Blind is located on the outskirts of Pune city in the Khadakwasla lake region. Nilkanth Yengde was guided to this place by “The Divine”. He said that he didn’t even realise how he reached there!  He expressed, “Mohanji was with me always. He held my hand and we walked to the Blind’s home. Initially I was unable to have full faith on what was happening, but when I reached there, I saw a huge framed photograph of Sai Baba. Then I realised The Leela. See how our beautiful tradition works when surrender is complete. All masters are ONE indeed!!”

Baba's Leela are unfathomable!

We conducted Power of Purity meditation for 35 blind women. They were very receptive to the meditation and Shaktipat. All dedicated their time sincerely to the meditation. Everyone did it and a few other women joined during the meditation. They said they heard the deep voice guiding a meditation, and somehow felt like joining. What a phenomenon!

"Though we could not connect to Mohanji's eyes.... a deep voice guided us through out the meditation"..... said those helpless Women

After the meditation was over, all of them were smiling. We asked them about how they felt, and their joyous outburst answered all the questions. They loved it, they said. One of them said that they would love to do this meditation again and again and this particular meditation has been most outstanding compared to other meditations conducted there. And everyone agreed!!

Unmistakable joy indeed! "Do at least one selfless act every day".... Mohanji

Then team served them food. The raw materials like wheat flour, vegetables, rice were provided by Nilkanth. The menu was decided by a vote from the blind women. What they wished for, was served! On the menu, we had, wheat chapati, cooked spinach, rice, mixed vegetable dish, and sweet dish-gulabjamun. These gulabjamuns were specially prepared at home by Mrs. Jayashree Yengde.

Jayashree and Nilkanth lovingly serving food.

After the lunch, we also served them with a classical music concert. The Sarod was played by Nitiish Purohit accompanied by Mohanish on the tabla. We played raag Bhoopali for about 1 hour. Women sang Sai Baba’s bhajans and the day was concluded. Well, rather I would say, a new day. new life or new awareness had dawned!

Nitish and Mohanish played Rag Bhoopali for all.

With deep gratitude and surrender at Mohanji’s lotus feet,

The Pune Team

Do not worry about what you do not have. Rejoice at what you have. Never compare yourself with another... Mohanji

6 thoughts on “Lips Conveyed What Their Eyes Could Not! – Mohanji’s Birthday in Pune”

  1. Great initiative. I am touched by this gesture of yours dear Jayashree, Nilkanth, Nitish and Mohanish.Let this seva’bhav’ spread more and more . This is the transformation which Mohanji has been stressing since long .May you be the role models for those just wishing to ‘see’ Mohanji; for those caught up in theoretical spirituality and of course for a majority of those whiling away their time in cafes and kitty parties.God bless you and the inmatesl.

  2. Biljana Vozarević

    Wonderful example for the youth and others!
    What a gift for these abandoned mothers

    Ex-wives, unneeded, lost and blind
    and you, with your heart rich and kind

    soothed the hunger, pleased their ears
    compassion through you removes the tears

    Love and regards,

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