Happiness in Leprosy Home on Mohanji’s Birth day: 23 Feb 2012

Dear All,

Though, Mohanji’s blog “No Flowers and Sweets” was posted, Mohanji started receiving lots of phone calls and sms at 10.30pm Oman time on 22 Feb.  Birthday wishes started as it hit 12 midnight in India! It was almost like New Year Eve celebration!!! So many messages, sms, calls, and emails came. It continued through out 23rd. It was overwhelming to see this love. Mohanji personally answered most of the phone calls, messages,FB messages, sms, and did reciprocate the love of all those who wished him and blessed him. “All these lovely hearts remembered my birthday even though it is extremely insignificant for myself, and took time off from their busy schedule to wish me. I must honor their kind gestures, personally”, Mohanji said. So many people remembered him and took time out to wish him, and Mohanji is grateful to all of them. BTW Family is grateful to all of them too. 

Satsang in Muscat on 23 Feb: In Muscat, Mohanji was in happy, jolly mood, joking, making us laugh. He was also hitting hard at the same time. I know by now, that, when Mohanji is in joking mood, some thing deeper and intense is happening at some other level and other dimensions. The key highlights of an hour long satsang are-

I want you to achieve the highest. Do not settle for some fleeting experiences. Do not be dependent on anything of earth. Whatever you inherited, you have a choice to leave as well, once you complete your task with it. I am interested in elevating you to other dimensions. Do not be in dilemma or guilt with Mohanji. You are free to leave me too. Have no regrets or guilt. This is your home. Do you have such dilemma with your own mother? If you marry subtlety, you will understand me. For which, silence is the only path, go within, feel yourself, then you will see me. Then communication will be constant. Do not delay anything. No procrastination. Finish your things a day before the deadline. Any postponements amounts to another birth. I want to convey the urgency of the existence. Look at the nature. The speed has increased. Procrastination will mean death. It will not let you progress. We have been in procrastination for life times. Every person has a constitution, relevance, capacity and role on the earth. Respect other people. Respect everyone. One does not understand the relevance of other person and we consider someone higher or lower! This is ignorance. Every situation, every bird and animal, every thing has relevance. If we fail to see that, we fail to see the complete tapestry of the existence. Keep your inner space clean. That is the only thing that you really own. This is your inner property. Keep it honest and pure. God will be there to stay. You do not have to invite God to be with you! I LOVE YOU…


In Jammu, the Team went to Leprosy home to serve food and clothes and toys. Jammu Team surrenders at Mohanji’s feet and expresses deep gratitude. Jammu team also thanks all those who helped in this Seva.

Almost 200 inmates stay here in this Leprosy home in, Jammu- J&K, India
We were serving them food, but they did not have fingers to eat..... says Jammu Team, touched by these inmates of Leprosy home.
BTW Team organised this Seva spontaneously and in just a day's time. BTW Jammu Team, you truly lived Mohanji's teaching.
Payasam or Kheer made up of milk and rice was most loved by all.
This sweet kheer made children and all feel like having real festival... Mohanji's love brought this festival to them.
Causeless happiness.... so satisfying to see this.
Mohanji says.... when you feed the helpless, you are feeding me. I feel happy.
Understand all individuals as karmic beings. Everyone lives their karma. Each pattern is unique. Respect it.... Mohanji
Children were happy to receive toys, at least something to play with.
Mohanji, your grace and message of selfless service only could bring this joy for this sweet little girl.
Clothes were also distributed.
By being selfless, we are repaying a lot of debts of Mother earth. It takes away so much of karmic load.... Mohanji

BTW Team also distributed packets containing cooking oil, rice, soap and other some required materials to 48 people in this home.

Emotions, guilt and regrets are ropes that bind us to earth. Have nothing to do with it... Mohanji
Simply Unconditional Love… Nothing Else!
Be aware of a fundamental truth. When a soul chooses a body, it operates within the characteristics of the body that it has assumed. When a soul operates in a lion’s body, it operates or behaves as a lion, fully. Every entity in the whole universe expresses such characteristics. A man is a man. An angel is an angel. None comparable to another. .. Mohanji
Avoid anything that binds you, irrespective of whether the habit is positive or negative. If you cannot live without something, it is definitely a binding for you. This could be even a bed tea or a particular person. It could even be your Guru. It could be an alcohol addiction or even meditation... Mohanji

Love and Regards,

BTW Team

3 thoughts on “Happiness in Leprosy Home on Mohanji’s Birth day: 23 Feb 2012”

  1. It is said ‘Practice what you preach”……our dear BTW family members in Jammu are at the forefront and leading by example. They have once again teamed up to continue to collectively perform seva for those in need. The selflessness in you all,dear family members, is visible and palpable as you all are exactly practicing without any doubts whatever our Sadguru Mohanji wants us to do so as to walk on the path for attaining liberation. Reminds me of the post- Christmas message of 2011 where Sadguru Mohanji says “You are making me proud and happy, when you put a smile on somebody’s face; when someone blesses you with contentment, you make me truly happy. May your life be filled with many opportunities for selfless service. May your attitude be that of seva (selfless service). May you be loved by the whole universe. May you attain the highest spiritual elevation, which ever your paths are, which ever your Gurus are.”
    love you all,

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