Mohanji’s visit to North India: Part 3: Jammu 23-24 August 2011

Mohanji, you moved all of us. You shook us and connected us to this Pure White Tradition and The Path of Liberation which beautifully taught us value of selflessness, unconditional love, gratitude and faith in Masters. Says Sumit

Mohanish was quite moved with the experiences in the last 3 days 19-21 August in Gurgaon, Chandigarh and at Khushi home in Delhi. He says, “I always wished to be around Mohanji and observe how He works in the physical world. I also wanted to understand where exactly I lack and how it is that tamas enters me and pulls me down. With grace, my wishes were fulfilled. I saw Him work. It is magnificent. I saw His conviction and management in answering so many questions, working intensely in other planes simultaneously and whatever word He gave to whom-so-ever, the word was achieved. He worked hard by creating a pattern of actions to give me a lesson and immediately after learning it, He made me drop my mind. Most of these teachings happened telepathically. I sincerely surrender to our tradition and Mohanji.”

In Rishikesh on 22nd August

So, dear all, after meditation and Annadan in Kilkari, Mohanji and group boarded train to Haridwar at 1pm from Delhi station. They travelled by car from Haridwar to Rishikesh and reached Rishikesh at night. Sumit says, “Mohanji looked extremely fresh and full of a different kind of Divine Energy. In spite of the fact we had back-to-back sessions at Khushi Home for girls, followed by a train journey of almost 5 hours and then 2 hours journey by road to Rishikesh he was very relaxed. As a result all of us also became relaxed.”

Mohanish narrates- On next day, 22nd August, the day of Janmashtami, the day of birth of Lord Krishna, when we were to go for a divine dip in Gangamaiyya (River Ganga), Mohanji stayed with Vanamali Mataji in her ashram. I was wondering how things would unfold. The day began with bathing in the vibrations of Vishnusahsranamam chanting at Mataji’s ashram. Then we reached Vashishtha cave. We proceeded for Ganga snaan (dip in Ganges). We were guided every step through area outside the Vashishtha Cave into The Ganges. The water was cold. When I stepped into the water, I felt like I am re-entering the womb (original consciousness) of my mother. I dipped nine times. Everytime I came out of the water, I was re-born. After the nine dips I continued to stay in the water. Maa was caressing me. Then I dipped again and stayed inside for a longer time. My whole body was immersed. And I saw Mohanji’s spine merged with Maa Ganga’s spine. It was Shiva-Darshan. It was WOW!.

Mohanish continues- After the darshan in Vashishtha Cave, we were blessed by Swami Chaitanyananda. We also did the pooja in Vashistha cave and received prasaad. It was simply amazing to realize how grace works. Something more interesting happened. And this reminded us about something that Mohanji had told us a few days earlier.  Mohanji was telling us during the train journey from Delhi to Chandigarh that, “In the Himalayas there are many masters who don’t even look like saints. But they are really great. One must only have the eyes to recognize them, understand them and take their blessings.” So, as Sumit and I were leaving the premises, one old saint; he looked poor, walked out of nowhere. He looked at us and said, “So you did the pooja also huh? Ok. And did you eat the prasaad? Ok. Bless you.” And he walked away. We too kept walking. And just a few meters ahead another man walked out of nowhere and asked us whether we ate the prasaad or not. This time it struck to both of us about what Mohanji was telling. We offered our gratitude to both the Masters and walked further. Many such experiences were given to us in these 8 days. Well, He also gave us the eyes to see miracles.

THE POWER OF PURITY is a compilation of Mohanji’s teachings up until the year 2011; his essays, correspondences and transcribed Questions & Answers during spiritual gatherings. It comprises all you ever wanted to know about spiritual paths, progress and liberation. It is published by Authorhouse UK.

Sumit’s wife Sakshi and daughter Svasti along with friend Ashwani had joined the group in Rishikesh from Jammu. Sumit says, “Though, Mohanji could not physically come with us, but at the Ganga, we all felt his distinct presence. Once at the Vashishta cave, I went inside to meditate and on top of the Shivlingam there, I had the ‘darshan’ of Sathya Sai Baba. Baba was in a yellow robe and appeared as he looked in his younger days on top of and in front of the Shivlingam. The energies of that cave are so powerful that even while outside the cave if you close your eyes you are immediately transported to another plane. We then waited outside for the Swamiji who is very close to Mohanji, (Swami Chaitanyananda) and presented him a copy of Mohanji’s book, The Power of Purity. In the evening we boarded the train to Jammu.

23rd August, 2011- Arrival in Jammu

Sumit narrates-

Our train was to arrive at the Jammu station at 4 in the morning. It was initially planned that a few people would receive Mohanji and then he would be taken to my house to take some rest before the morning’s activities started. But before we reached, the news of the powerful meditations at Delhi and Chandigarh had already reached and people poured in to receive the Master at the train station. We were pleasantly surprised to see 8-9 cars and at least 15 people who had gathered at that early morning hour to receive us. They presented flowers to Mohanji, collected the luggage and then we left for my place.

Mohanish shares his different understanding of the event. He says, “It was a hectic travel till we reached Jammu, at Sumit’s residence. It was early morning 4 A M when people love to sleep and yet Mohanji was given an extremely loving welcome by all devotees. All were awakened more when they saw Mohanji. His energy made them physically drowsy but still all of them were awakened enough to remain receptive. Intense cleaning had already begun. Actually I witnessed Mohanji doing some work in the train itself. He had “reached” Jammu before the train arrived in Jammu. He, along with other higher entities, was working out situations in Jammu. Work was happening in all dimensions, not only in Jammu but just for experience-sharing purpose Jammu has been highlighted.

Mohanji, instead of taking rest, said that he would come along and we would have a small meditation session at Sumit’s place as those who came to receive us were waiting for Mohanji as he took bath and made himself fresh. Mohanish adds that, “Mohanji took bath and was ready within minutes. I was tired and lazy. Slow. And, thus reached for meditation when it was just about to begin! Now when I recall everything, I feel that, for Mohanji, pain and physical fatigue exists but has no value. For all of us too it’s the same, pain and physical fatigue do exist, except we all tend to give it much value. Now while writing, I am learning this lesson”.

Sumit continues- This totally unscheduled meditation turned out to be a very intense experience. Mohanji gave us some breathing exercises and techniques to throw ‘tamas’ (inertia) out of the system. This group of people had fought ‘tamas’ to get up early in the morning and be at the station at 4 am, and here they were immediately being taught a Divine way of doing so when and where they desired.

Mohanji being Mohanji, there is not a single privilege he keeps to himself. He asked us all to join in and we all did a similar abhishekam for Ridraksha Shivalingam in Jamvant Gufa, Jammu.

Abhishek to Shivalingam at Jamvant Gufa

After having breakfast, we went straight to ‘Jamvant gufa’, an ancient cave shrine temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This cave has a natural Shivlingam in the shape of Rudraaksh, which appeared at this place on its own. That is why it is called a ‘Swayambhu Shivlingam”. Normally nobody is allowed to touch this Shivlingam and is always covered with flowers etc, but seeing Mohanji, the priest himself said that Mohanji could do anything he liked, and even allowed us to take pictures. It was but natural- Shiva worshipping Shiva. Rajesh was already there with the ‘samagri’ (goods required for pooja) for Mohanji to perform a ‘Panchamrit abhishekam’ with milk, curd, honey, ghee and Gangajal (holy water from Ganges). Mohanji being Mohanji, there is not a single privilege he keeps to himself. He asked us all to join in and we all did a similar abhishekam at this magnificent ancient temple. The priest also handed over the basket of Prasadam to Mohanji for distributing to all. We also performed abhishek to “Naga” snake deities and Lord Shani, one of the most dreaded planet. Shani is very famous for destroying one’s ego through providing helpless situations and bringing its subjects closer to God.

Annadan at ‘Balwari center’ in Jammu for underprivileged children

Balwari centre for underprivileged children

After this, we went straight to ‘Balwari center’ for underprivileged children. Here we distributed Uniforms and shoes to the children and served food and ice-cream to a 100 children. We washed feet of every child and then served them. Mohanji said, “Each being is Divine. We respect each being as representation of God.” Children were deeply touched, our hearts were touched too. As if by a miracle, we also had the visit of Hanumanji ( A man dressed up as Hanumanji)while the food distribution was happening. He wanted to have a picture with Mohanji. 🙂

At the planning stage we were concerned how everything would be managed. Now I realize that when the intention is purely to serve; one does not have to look for help because the whole creation supports the manifestation of that pure intention... says Sumit

Meditation in Jammu

At 4.30 pm, we had a meditation session with around 55 people. Shaktipat was given by Mohanji and a question and answer round followed.  Here, an incident happened which none of us knew about. Ashwani had discovered some mistake in the generator being filled with kerosene oil instead of diesel. He tried to take out the kerosene and in the process, accidentally swallowed a substantial quantity of kerosene oil. He vomited some out, but fell very sick immediately after. Nevertheless, he sat for the meditation where he had a very intense experience. So much so that Mohanish while giving the Shaktipat and Rajesh sitting next to him also experienced that powerful energy in Ashwini.

24th August, 2011- Kud

The next day we went to ‘Kud’, located about 6000 feet above sea level, on the way to Sri Nagar. A winding up road of 90 kms from Jammu leads to Kud. We left Jammu at 7 in the morning. It took us three hours to reach Kud. We had planned ‘Satsang’ with about 4-5 people, but as the news had spread, more and more people joined in. The moment we stepped out of the cars, it started drizzling, as if Mohanji was greeted by the Masters. Raining is considered very auspicious. Many questions were answered during the ‘Satsang’. Mohanji asked Mohanish and me, Sumit to share our experiences. I didn’t know from where the words were coming while I talked. Talking had always happened earlier, in Mohanji’s absence, when we conduct meditation programs. When I had to speak, Mohanji always took over and spoke, but this was the first time I was asked to talk in his presence. Still, Mohanji took over and all questions were answered through me.

Such a short span of time but so much we did in North India. We were beyond time and space. All happened because of grace and presence of Mohanji. If we think about Mohanji, be it positively or through criticizing Him, we are still ‘connecting’ with Mohanji. Children at Belwari, so satisfied with their ice cream. 🙂

Mohanish adds- We all drove up to this special divine and celestial-like place named Kud for Satsang with Mohanji. Mohanji too loved to witness that place and be there. We had a great satsang. I wasn’t much attentive but I know that whoever asked Him a question got a perfect and precise answer. Then someone asked about other dimensions and planes where Mohanji works. To which Mohanji said, “If I tell you about the happenings in other planes then may be, you may doubt me. I could be bluffing or lying, right? Someone who has witnessed me operating in other dimensions should talk about it. Let Mohanish and Sumit tell you about the other dimensions.” And He called us. I asked Sumit to speak because I was a bit hesitant. I thought people may not accept this small 21 year old sharing such high experiences. And doubting me would be like doubting Mohanji’s expeditions since it’s because of Him that we get to see all that. Sumit spoke well. He spoke with lot of involvement and passion. Actually even he was a bit hesitating in the beginning, perhaps due to Mohanji’s physical presence. Mohanji was sitting silent. I remember Sumit telling me, “Yaar (dear friend in Hindi); when I went there and sat next to Mohanji and saw all the people, I forgot the question. So I asked for the question to be repeated. Then I don’t know from where I got the insight to answer. Initial couple of sentences, I analyzed. But later on I was comfortable and knowledge was pouring.” I was watching all this happen. Then suddenly Mohanji commanded, “Eh Mohanish come here and tell them. Why are you sitting there? You should talk. Share with them. They need to experience your understanding too.” Hearing this I silently walked there with trembling feet and shared a few experiences. All of them received it well. Few people later told me that their doubts were cleared about some things. All what is written above is definitely an interesting experience for you all, but for me it’s more than that….. I learnt that whatever experiences we get, they are given to us due to eligibility. Each of us gets something different. So we must have gratitude for that and share it whenever required to elevate others consciousness. I also learnt that when Master commands, just follow. Be sure that each of your next steps are calculated and pre-set. The point is not that ‘you’ are sharing the experience; it is that ‘they’ are receiving it!

Jammu Team with Mohanji in Kud

Sumit continues-

This satsang ended at 2:30 pm, we realized that nobody had anything for breakfast! Nobody was hungry! We carried home-made packed food for breakfast but the satsang was so intense that everyone just forgot about the breakfast. The only thing on group’s mind was to make the most of this special opportunity to be with Mohanji. After the satsang was over, the drizzling scene that welcomed Mohanji was replaced by beautiful scenery. It appeared the whole creation was also helping us to welcome and serve Mohanji.

There Ashwani’s health was deteriorating. He had a lot of pain in his lungs’ area. We took him to the hospital enroute, where he was referred to Jammu for further checkup. But Mohanji asked him not to worry and said that he would be fine. Mohanji blessed some vibhuti and gave it to him.

25th August, 2011, Jammu

This morning things again happened very spontaneously. We had a totally unplanned meditation session after Baba’s Aarti at 7 am. All of us were taken to a different plane during the aarti. There was so much love in the air that it is not describable.

Ashwani sat through the meditation but was very uncomfortable. On being given the Shaktipat he felt better. He was again given vibhuti and water and was reassured by Mohanji. He replied that he was not worried, but instead, reflected on an old prediction by an astrologer, which said that Ashwani might encounter some physical accident, or ailment, which could lead to a paralysis or death. Ashwani was sure that this entire episode had taken care of that karma.

Another team member, Sachin had a very deep experience. Even after 10-15 minutes after the music stopped, he was still in deep meditation. Mohanji took Sachin to a different world where he met all the gurus and Masters and bowed to them.

That afternoon when we left our place to drop Mohanji to the airport, Ajay Kher and other Jet airways staff gave HIM a very warm and cordial welcome. The Jammu airport falls in a very high security zone, one has to go through lots of checks and other formalities even after the boarding pass is handed over. Ajay Kher perfectly took care of this.

Mohanji left for Delhi. Next day he was to travel back to Muscat. However, Mohanish and Moushami stayed back at Jammu and we went to Mata Vaishni Devi the next day.

Mohanish writes- Visiting Mata was an enriching experience. Before setting out for this trip to Vaishno Devi, one great guide called Sumit and said, “Do hear what Maa has to tell you and once you hear it, let me know. Also convey this message to Mohanish and Moushami.”

Dear All, we heard Her. When She called She took care of us. Till we reached and took blessings everything was managed perfectly and smoothly by Her. She made us feel extremely comfortable. She showered on us love and kindness which came from everyone around us. She blessed us with a magnificent experience. All the way up we were comfortable but all the way down we had to take efforts. Climbing down was not easy. We heard her saying that, “When you came. I picked you up as my children. I showed you where I live and let you play in my garden. Now you all are grown up. You must walk all the way down into the world. Carry the fresh flowers of love from my garden and plant them in the world outside. Be blessed.”

Mohanish continues- I am sorry friends but I cannot write anything further. There are many more experiences I received in these 9 days like the visit to Vanamali Mata Ashram, Laxman Jhoola and shopping, vomiting incidence while returning from Kud, Aparrna didi’s lost camera being miraculously found, great moments in The Attic (Connaught place, Delhi), Chandigarh school meditation, Kilkari Seva etc. Such a short span of time but so much we did. We were beyond time and space. All happened because of grace. It always happens because of grace and presence of Mohanji. If we think about Mohanji, be it positively or through criticizing Him, we are still ‘connecting’ with Mohanji. So every step we take we are churned. All experiences we are given are because we have the capacity to witness them and go through. Maybe, most of us will not read these experiences again, ever, but I feel we should remember always that whatever happened in this Delhi trip is just a large rock fit into a pair of socks. It is not that when Mohanji is around all this happens. This has happened with me before too, but I never had the insight to interpret it. Through regular meditations and shaktipath transfers, all of us are getting that insight.

Sumit and Mohanish with Mohanji at kud, Jammu

Sumit deeply feels and concludes that, “At the planning stage we were concerned how everything would be managed. Now I realize that when the intention is purely to serve; one does not have to look for help because the whole creation supports manifestation of that pure intention. More than 500 people could actually attend the meditation session and receive individual Shaktipat from Mohanji. When Mohanji was giving Shaktipat, we felt as if time is standing still. The Past, Present and Future were all in front of Mohanji. Mohanji took care of us without telling us that he is taking care of us. Mohanji, we are waiting for you to be in North India again.

I thank each and everyone who contributed selflessly to organize these 7days. I thank all those who attended meditation and Annadan. I am presently witnessing the transformation happening in Delhi, Chandigarh and Jammu. Mohanji, you moved all of us. You shook us and connected us to this Pure White Tradition and The Path of Liberation which beautifully taught us value of selflessness, unconditional love, gratitude and faith in Masters. Mohanji, please forgive us if knowingly or unknowingly we made mistakes.

Ever in gratitude and surrender at your lotus feet,


Dear Mohanji, North India is awaiting your next visit. With deep gratitude, complete surrender and faith ... Delhi, Chandigarh and Jammu BTW Teams

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