London Calling … Mohanji Visits England

Mohanji and Vijay in London

Mr.Vijay Ramanaidoo and his wife Ranjana found out about of Mohanji from their friends. After reading his blogs sincerely they had a deep urge to meet Mohanji in person. And ultimately they got to host Mohanji in their house, take him around as well as to organise two meditations in London in a short period of time!  Here, Vijay lucidly writes about his overall experience of being with Mohanji. Also, Ranjan Premchandra, who is a very active Sai memeber and looks after the whole organisation and instrumental of setting up of Sai centre, writes his breathtaking experiences with Mohanji. It was a very short trip. Mohanji arrived on November 4th evening and left on November 9th evening. In between, he was completely busy and absorbed in official meetings for three days. Hence, it is amazing to note how much is achieved in such a short span of time. A big thanks to Vijay and Family, Jolita Kelias and all others who open-heartedly received Mohanji and made good use of his time and presence in London.


Mohanji's meditation organised at Oxhey Wood Primary School at Watford, Herts, London on 6 Nov 2011

Vijay¬†Ramanaidoo Writes…

I came to know about Mohanji’s impending trip to the UK less than two weeks before his arrival. He was coming to the UK for five days between the 4th and 9th of November 2011. The primary purpose of his visit was for a three day shipping conference but he was happy to conduct meditations or satsangs in the two days before the conference commenced for people who were interested in experiencing his meditations. There was no compulsion or expectation whatsoever.

In a very short period, as if guided by unseen divine hands, everything got organised! Prior to his arrival, at very short notice, we arranged two meditation programmes (one public programme and another one at my home), a visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace), as well as some sightseeing around London before the conference started.

Mohanji passes emigration in record time!

Mohanji was scheduled to arrive on November 4th evening at 17:45h. I arrived at the airport at around 17:55h together with my son Vivek. I took my time, bought some flowers to welcome him and sat down, not even looking at who was coming through the terminal as I was fully aware of the long time taken at Heathrow airport for clearance through the emigration desk. On the same evening, a few people wanted to meet him and we had scheduled a meeting at my place. Therefore I was worried that we would be delayed especially as it was Mohanji’s first trip to the UK.

Usually it takes at least an hour to come out from the airport after landing, especially if you have a non-EU passport. To my absolute astonishment he arrived in the arrivals lounge thirty minutes after the plane landed, this is extremely unusual for Heathrow. In my long experience in London, 30 minutes is a record time for someone to come out through baggage hall, passport control, customs etc!! Thus, we were then able to come home in good time for the meeting.

Even though Mohanji had an 8 hour long flight, he showed no signs of jet lag or tiredness and looked fresh and cheerful. This was a real surprise because he had been ill due to flu, cold and fever the day before and could not even speak properly while at Muscat airport, awaiting the flight for London! These small but significant incidents set the tone for how the whole trip went on with divine timing and not even a minute wasted.

Vijay and his son Vivek with Mohanji

It is said that there is no need to seek a Guru because the right Guru will come to you when you are eligible. However my wife Ranjana¬†did not expect the Guru to arrive home in jeans, trainers, T-shirt and casual jacket!¬†When we discussed about Mohanji‚Äôs visit toLondon, she was quite worried and anxious as to how to take care of him, or make sure that he was comfortable at our place. But, when she saw him at the door, all her worries and anxieties about hosting someone of the stature of Mohanji completely vanished. Mohanji did not look like a demanding Guru at all! When we had previously asked him about his preferences, he replied that his needs are very small ‚Äď simple vegetarian food and a place to sleep! This was 100% true. He needed nothing else.

Our meeting that evening was with the founders of the Light in London Association. This is a group formed to disseminate details of spiritual programmes held by gurus, saints and masters in London. They wanted to meet him prior to informing their members of the public BTW programme. They had previously communicated with Mohanji while he was in Oman.  Mohanji had told me in an earlier email that he was happy to meet them even on the day of his arrival, not for the sake of publicity but just to serve the needs of those who have been waiting to attend the meditation. We had a wonderful Q and A satsang which lasted until midnight and Mohanji still looked fresh! No jet lag. No tiredness! No sickness! They asked Mohanji lots of questions about his programmes and whether or not he charges anything for his programmes. He confirmed that there is no fee and that all his spiritual programmes are performed as SEVA or Selfless Service. He works for his living! They asked about other Gurus and also posed questions on various spiritual topics. Half way through the meeting, one of the team members was sufficiently satisfied and used my computer to post details of the public programme we had organised inLondon on their website and send an email out to all their members. This meeting was to prove very significant as many of the Light inLondon members subsequently attended the meditations and many sought Mohanji’s help and guidance. Some even travelled a very long distance to meet him.

Mohanji and Vivek at Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon and Meditation at my place

The next day, I took Mohanji to Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avona ccompanied by my son Vivek. It was a two hour drive from Londonon the M40 motorway. Stratford-Upon-Avonis a beautiful town with a lot of history and tradition. We had a really nice time, visiting the Shakespeare centre, Shakespeare’s birthplace, the place where he lived, his daughter’s place, the chapel and the church where he and his family were buried. The place is steeped in history, very beautiful, very peaceful and very scenic. Mohanji enjoyed the positive vibrations there and the quietness of village life.

Mohanji Loves Shakespeare's Works and Wisdom. His reverence at the grave of the great poet William Shakespeare

We arrived home by 17:30H, just in time for the programme that we had scheduled at our home. Ranjana and her sister, Rajshree, had done most of the preparations and cooking. The programme started at 19:00H. We had a beautiful meditation and this was followed by a very nice question and answer satsang. Mohanji’s answers were lightning quick, insightful, humorous and informative. This was followed by Shaktipat given by Mohanji and then dinner. After that, some people stayed behind for a further satsang which lasted until 01:00H in the morning!

Sightseeing and Meditation in London

The next day, Sunday 6th of November, Vivek, Nilam¬†and Jolita¬†and I took Mohanji¬†for sightseeing. We visited various sites including Waterloo bridge, Westminster bridge, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Horseguards¬†parade, Trafalgar Square, Tower bridge and other sites such as Millenium¬†wheel and the wonderful London architecture. Jolita has also written about Mohanji‚Äôs visit to UK from her heart. You can read it at this link –¬†

After arrival home and a late lunch we travelled to our Sathya Sai Baba centre where Mohanji performed the Aarthi. Then, we got ready for the public programme which was held in the same hall. The hall was rearranged and the altar was set up with pictures of Sathya Sai, Shirdi Sai, Mahavatar Babaji, Paramahamsa Yogananda and Lord Jesus. Mohanji expressed deep reverence and gratitude towards all the Great Masters.

Pilgrims started to arrive and it was quite significant to note that many of Light inLondon¬†members¬†turned up. The programme started on time at 18:30H¬†with a short introduction by Jolita¬†followed by breathing exercises and a beautiful meditation. This was followed by Q & A satsang¬†and Shaktipat¬†given by Mohanji. After this we had some light refreshments which had been lovingly prepared by the volunteers. The whole programme finished by 21:45h. Some people had¬†traveled¬†long distances, to attend the programme ‚Äď from places like Weymouth and Birmingham which are about 100 miles away. All enjoyed it and some people wanted to know more details of BTW meditation programmes.

Tuesday the 8th was conference day for Mohanji. We went together by underground train (tube) to the Grand Hyatt which was the conference venue. He spent the whole day there and I picked him up in the evening after the conference. We then proceeded to the house of our good friends who help to run the Sathya Sai centre. Various friends from our Sai group had gathered there to meet him. Mohanji was welcomed with Kalash and Coconut and led to his seat. Children led the chants such as Gayathri mantra followed by chanting of the first Anuvaka of the Rudram. We could see Mohanji entering into a trance state with the Shiva chants. Some perceived the smell of sandalwood from his body.  The satsang went well and Mohanji answered all the questions with lots of humour. There were some wonderful questions from children too. Mohanji seemed never tired of answering questions and showed immense patience, especially after a whole day of conference and business meetings. As he started performing Shaktipat, Mohanji increasingly developed a cough. Obviously, he was cleansing people and taking their negativity out through his own body. When Master’s cleanse karmas of people, Masters do suffer physically for a short duration of time. Mohanji must have removed a lot of things from people which had caused his condition to worsen throughout the session, but he soon recovered. This was amazing!!!

In spite of his hectic schedule, Mohanji untiringly attended everyone and their questions.

Mohanji untiringly attended everyone!!!

After the meditation programmes had finished, on the days that Mohanji was working and attending the shipping conference, I received many calls and requests to speak or meet with him. I did not want to disturb him as I knew that he was quite busy with business meetings. Yet, when I met him after the conference and informed him, Mohanji was happy to accommodate them all, as best as he could. Therefore, on the car journeys back from the conference or in the late evenings after work, Mohanji either met with or spoke to people until late at night. Even on the day he was leaving forShanghai, people came to meet him at the hotel where the conference was held prior to going to the airport! If Mohanji had stayed here longer, more and more people would have come to meet him. Many were referred by those who met him in the previous days and had great experiences.

As Mohanji says ‚ÄúAll those who come will not have experiences. One needs to be fully open and receptive. Some come to test. Some come to taste and discard. Some come to watch. A few do come with empty cups, open for experience. I fill their cups up till the brim. They get the most. All the flowers of the tree cannot become fruits. Many drop off and dissolve in the ‚Äúmud‚ÄĚ of existence. Those who did not have an experience may turn around and criticize. This is human nature. They project their deficiency on others. Those few who had real experiences, will never leave. They have understood and absorbed the message and the path. They have found their real home. ¬†They evolve higher and higher. This needs a free and open mind, free from prejudices and binding¬†conditioning. One needs to have ‚Äúeyes‚ÄĚ to see and a mind present with the eyes to understand what one has witnessed.‚ÄĚ

During Mohanji‚Äôs visit, I was uniquely privileged in being able to see Mohanji in various guises: as a guest, a host, a commuter, a tourist, a businessman, a friend, a guide, a Guru and a Master. One of the main things that surprised me was how everything, every activity ‚Äď even those totally diverse in nature, fell into place on each day so that there was no time wasted at all. NO WASTAGE! Any potential free time rapidly filled up with people coming to see him. It was also enlightening to see that Mohanji exhibited no stress, tension or worry at the demanding schedule. He needed no rest. He was relaxed all the time and never rushed anyone. We also enjoyed his positive energy in our home. Both my wife and I could feel a very positive energy activating the chakras just by looking at him, talking to him, being with him or even sitting in the chair that he had just vacated!¬†

Mohanji‚Äôs¬†lifestyle is unique. He literally flows through various aspects of existence effortlessly. A Spiritual Master, a professional at work, a husband, a father, a friend etc, etc. Yet, he seemed relaxed and unaffected by anything. His life is an imitable example to those of us who struggle to put the pieces of diverse existence together. His professional life is extremely stressful. He works for his living. He conducts all his spiritual services completely free. He does lots of charity. He is married. He has a child. At the same time, he is highly spiritual. Just imagine how much work he does each day! He is available to all those who seek him. Well, this is true all-rounder-ship¬†in its absolute sense. Mohanji¬†says ‚ÄúOne should not run away from his given responsibilities. Work is Worship. Never be an escapist. You can never escape from the life that you have created. So, enjoy life, enjoy all its ups and downs, be a witness and flow with it, through it. Gratitude is the key. Unconditionality is the path. Love is the life breath‚ÄĚ.

Ranjana did not expect the Guru to arrive home in jeans, trainers, T-shirt and casual jacket! With Jolita, Vivek and Neelam with river Thames in the background.

Unique memorable experiences of people – Testimonials

The highlight of the trip for most people was of course the satsangs and meditations that were held over the two days, even though almost all of them had never heard about Mohanji until his to the UK. Usually, it is human nature to have some apprehension towards someone whom we do not know about. Yet, during the two meditation programmes, people had a great variety of experiences. These ranged from feeling the chakras, feeling a rising energy up the spine, feeling true blessing, feeling a touch on the head, seeing light and seeing various masters such as Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba moving around blessing and talking to them. Some devotees had profound experiences during the Shaktipat. They were given insights into their karmas and past lives, solutions to problems, loving guidance, divine healing, positive energy and blessings and a lot more. Many people had emotional experiences and wept with joy and gratitude.

Even now, all these days after the departure of Mohanji, people who attended the meditations are having wonderful dreams, visions and experiences. Some have had a complete transformation. One of our friends was astonished to discover a picture of Mohanji’s eyes at her workplace computer between the mouse and the mouse mat! This was definitely not there before and no one in her workplace knew of Mohanji! Where did that picture come from?!!

The highlight of the trip for most people was of course the satsangs and meditations held over the two days, even though almost all of them had never heard about Mohanji before.

Ranjan, my friend witnessed Shirdi Sai Baba coming out of a picture during bhajans. Ranjan also dreamt that he was performing Aarthi to Sathya Sai Baba, then, as Baba walked away, Mohanji appeared. He therefore stopped performing the Aarthi and covered the flame with his hand. Baba then turned around and told him that it is OK and he should continue to perform the Aarthi to Mohanji! You will read Ranjans’s detailed experiences below.

There is a divine plan in everything and we eagerly wait to see how this divine plan evolves. I understood that Mohanji is not restricted to his body, we can contact him at any time by connecting to Him through his eyes, into his vast consciousness.

In the couple of meditations that we have had since Mohanji¬†left, some people are still clearly seeing faces of Mohanji, Sathya¬†Sai Baba, Shirdi¬†Sai Baba and ancient masters who they do not even recognise! We believe these are the masters of the tradition that Mohanji¬†represents and a clear indication of our tradition, lineage and path. Mohanji says ‚ÄĚImages will come and go. Consciousness stays for ever.‚ÄĚ

Some others are seeing divine lights of various colours. During the meditation when the arm is raised in blessing position, one person witnessed a divine blue light coming into him, circulating within him, exiting through the raised palm and then surrounding him. Like this, people are having many experiences. As Mohanji told us, this meditation is a communion with masters and masters do come, therefore we should do it with total reverence. We truly experience this. No words are wasted. Everything made sense.

II was privileged to see Mohanji in various guises as a guest, a host, a commuter, a tourist, a businessman, a friend, a guide, a Guru and a Master. One of the main things that surprised me was how everything, every activity ‚Äď even of diverse nature, fell into place on each day so that there was no time wasted at all.... Vijay

On reflection

The time has flown by. The moments we have spent together with Mohanji will always be treasured. Many questions were answered and the opportunity to just be in his presence was a great blessing for us. He has been so unassuming and approachable. So much is done in so little time! Numerous people were blessed and their hearts touched by Mohanji’s visit. We started feeling the sadness of his impending departure well before he left for Shanghaion 9th November, and we pray that we can always be connected so the absence will not be felt.

He always said ‚ÄúWork is Worship‚ÄĚ for him. We saw that in practice. He never compromised on his official appointments, as well as spiritual. All was performed with ease and effortlessness; and with total application. He was never tired either. Moreover, even though our schedule was so hectic, packed with endless appointments and Tube train travel, none of us felt any tiredness and, surprisingly enough, even the need for food was less! The divine gives us plenty of extra energy when we whole-heartedly perform selfless service.

On the subject of rest, Mohanji has said ‚ÄúWhat is rest? The body is taken for performing on earth. Rest means death, lack of body to perform. While we are in the body, what is the need for rest? Work is worship. Work selflessly, truthfully, with dedication and unconditional love. That makes life complete.‚ÄĚ He could shut himself from the outside world and sleep in seconds, if he wants to. Then, even the sound of his breathing does not exist!! He truly lives his teachings. Like any true master, his life itself is his teaching. No tall claims. No vague promises. No pretensions. Just natural and spontaneous always.

All in all, Mohanji’s visit to the UK was one of the highlights of our lives and it is an experience that we will never forget. We feel very blessed, privileged and extremely grateful for this divine experience!

Love to all,

Vijay Ramanaidoo


My Breath taking Experiences During Mohanji‚Äôs Meditations in the UK ‚Äď By Ranjan¬†Premachandra

I have been wondering for some time whether it is good to share personal experiences in meditation with others. Sometimes it may not be appropriate as not everyone may appreciate or accept them. However, this morning I had some free time and for some reason I went into Mohanji’s¬†website. I started randomly reading some articles and found one that specifically caught my eye where Mohanji stated how important it is to share the experiences received during meditation, and how holding back accumulates attachment. Having been hesitant to do so all this time, I have now decided to share mine.

Our family (together with a group of other Sai devotees) have been hosting weekly Rudram chanting and study circle sessions (an activity recommended by Sathya Sai Baba to discuss his teachings) in our houses for over two years now. About a year ago we added a regular session of Swami’s light meditation in these sessions. I have always wondered what I should expect and experience from these meditations. This has been a topic that we have discussed at length in many Study circles sessions, but I have not yet received satisfactory answers. I often ask Brintha (my wife) what her experiences were, and as I compared mine to hers and everyone else, I thought that maybe I was not yet ready for the higher experiences. Also when I try to visualise Swami during the meditation, He only appears for a short while and that’s about it.

When I first heard that Mohanji was coming to the UK and staying in the house of my friends Rajesh and Ranjana, Brintha and I decided to attend the meditation session at their home with an open mind. The fact that they were so excited and overwhelmed by his impending arrival convinced me that we should attend. Nowadays there are so many different Gurus around and some of them do mislead people. But as we are trusting devotees of Sathya Sai Baba we always try to appreciate and take part in all spiritual activities, no matter who is conducting them.

This is my personal experience and I am so enlightened by the events that happened within a very short time after being with Swami for long. I feel that this is a very strong message from Swami to accept and follow Mohanji's guidance. ... Ranjan

On the day of the meditation at Rajesh‚Äôs house I came in late as I had to pick up my daughter from her tuition class. The meditation had already started and I was not sure whether to come in or not, but Nilam¬†(Rajesh‚Äôs daughter) prompted me to go in and sit down. I sat down at the very back and it took me a short while to settle down, but then my mind started connecting to the process of meditation. We were in the ‚Äėsilent slot‚Äô of the meditation where you call upon and thank all your Gurus. I went through the list of all my Gurus, from first standard to university, and the very last was Swami, our sweet Lord Sathya Sai.

Unlike all my other Gurus, who just came and went, I had a whole experience with Swami ‚Äď I was in Prashanthi, and Swami was walking around. He came to the Men‚Äôs side, and stopped in front of me, put His hand on my head and gave me Padanamaskar. Then I was walking behind Him into the Interview Room, and my whole family was there. Swami sat down on a swing, and as the swing moved back He went into darkness so we couldn‚Äôt see Him, then, as the swing came forwards, He ‚Äėreappeared‚Äô. This happened throughout the interview. Towards the end, Swami got up from the swing and showered my family and I with streaks of blue light. Normally He just holds His hands above His head, but here He was ‚Äėpulling‚Äô the light from the sky, and it was landing on our heads like lightning. This was definitely the most profound experience I have ever had with Swami and this meditation was the first one where I experienced Swami with me the whole way through.

The question and answer session after the meditation was very enlightening. Mohanji¬†answered all the questions in a topical and practical way which can be easily understood and accepted by the younger generation ‚Äď the Theory of Relativity, Big Bang Theory, formation of Lingam,¬†how we all have unconditional love and how we can give and receive this love. An example Mohanji used was that of us as customers ‚Äď we all have an unlimited supply of money (i.e. love) which we use to buy only what we want from the shop. Whatever we don‚Äôt need, we don‚Äôt buy (i.e. you only receive love from other people. You are unaffected by their jealousy or anger etc, because you don‚Äôt accept it or buy it).

Mohanji’s¬†visit to our Sai Centre the next day, where he conducted the meditation workshop, was another beautiful experience, with so many people sitting together in meditation. The amount of ‚Äėblue light‚Äô energy I experienced through my meditation was amazing and unexplainable. Again, Swami was with me throughout ‚Äď walking, talking and giving me endless Padanamaskar. Amazingly, all of this appeared to be taking place in Prashanthi¬†Nilayam. The Shakthipat at the end was a soothing divine tonic for cleansing the internal body.

Mohanji’s visit to our house was another unexpected and unforgettable experience.¬†As He walked into the house, I felt the divine presence. I was so pleased that Mohanji¬†accepted our request to chant Rudram in his presence ‚Äď we were all so happy but nervous at the same time, however we were overjoyed at chanting it. Mohanji‚Äôs explanation of why Rudram has to be chanted not just from the throat, but through the spine was amazing.¬†The quotes He related from Adi Shankara, Babaji¬†and Swami (Sathya Sai Baba) made me feel that it was a message from Swami directly, and was delivered to us personally.

A few days later I had a dream ‚Äď our Rudram¬†group were busy preparing for some event, and all of a sudden Swami was coming. We quickly got ready for the Aarthi, and as I was performing the Aarthi¬†to Swami, He smiled and in His usual manner slowly walked past. As He turned around, I saw Mohanji¬†coming behind him, so I stopped doing the Aarthi and was not sure what to do. Swami turned around to me and said these Golden Words: “You can do the Aarthi to Him”.¬†I then woke up and looked at the time ‚Äď it was 4.24 in the morning – Brahma Muhurtha!!!

On Fridays, Brintha¬†normally performs the Kubera Maha¬†Lakshmi Pooja, and this has been a practice for a long time. Unfortunately on this Friday (18th November), she was unable to perform the Pooja. Usually my eldest daughter Dhivyaa¬†and second daughter Dharpana¬†perform in her absence, but on this day Dhivyaa¬†came back from university late, and my son had gone away for some training. Dharpana¬†and I had to perform the Pooja, and it was my first time leading it. At the end of the Pooja, after offering the Aarthi, we read a thought for the day from one of Swami’s books, usually read by my youngest daughter Sathya¬†‚Äď usually we just open the book at random and read it, and there is always a message for us. This time Sathya¬†was not there, so Dharpana read it instead. She picked up a book entitled ‚ÄėMy Dear Ones‚Äô and she started reading this extract:

“No Matter Where You Go, Always Know That I Will Be There, Inside You, Guiding You Every Step Of The Way. In The Years To Come, You Will Experience Me In Different Manifestations Of My Form. You Are My Very Own, Dearer Than Dear To Me. I Will Protect You As The Eyelids Protect The Eye.‚Ä̬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†~ (S.S.S. Vol XXIII, Pg264)

As she was reading this passage, Mohanji¬†suddenly came in to my mind. I honestly don‚Äôt know why, and He came into my mind just as Dharpana was reading the very words “You will experience Me in different manifestations of My Form”. It may be difficult for many of you to believe this, but this is what I experienced.

Soon after the Pooja, we went to our Friday Rudram¬†Chanting session which was hosted that evening by one of our friends called Skandha. We started preparing for the meditation after chanting.¬† Unfortunately the CD we were playing was somehow corrupted, and Mohanji’s¬†voice was coming out distorted from the speakers. I was a bit annoyed and disappointed at the beginning, and thought I would stop doing the meditation, but I couldn’t, and soon I felt myself being in Prashanthi¬†and the SAME experience began ‚Äď Swami was there with me, and we were talking and walking around the Sai Kulwant Hall, and he was blessing me and giving me his darshan.

During the part of the meditation when the arm is raised in blessing I witnessed a divine blue light coming into me, circulating within me, exiting through the raised palm and then surrounding me.

At the end of the meditation, when Mohanji¬†says to focus on your feelings, Swami came in a Blue robe. He was young, and he was smiling all the way through. As the meditation was just about to end, I quickly asked Swami “Swami please take care of my family and guide us throughout our lives.” He winked at me and went away.

This is my personal experience and I am so enlightened by the events that happened within a very short time after being with Swami for long. I feel that this is a very strong message from Swami to accept and follow Mohanji’s¬†guidance. I am very thankful and obliged to¬†Mohanji for being with us and providing me with a simple and powerful way to connect to God.

Can’t wait to see Mohanji again.
Koti Pranam at Swami’s Lotus feet.
Jai Sai Ram.

Ranjan Premachandra

What is rest? This body is taken for performing on earth, aided by the mind and intellect. Rest means lack of body's readiness to perform. Work is worship. Work selflessly, truthfully, with dedication and unconditional love. That makes life complete. Escapism is not a solution; it only amounts to postponement - not eradication from the system...‚ÄĚ Mohanji

7 thoughts on “London Calling … Mohanji Visits England”

  1. Knowing Mohan bhai since many years,as his house is very near to mine in Palakkad,Kerala,I am not a wee bit surprised at the experiences that many had while he was in London!! Spiritually evolved, selfless and with immense know how of this world he is the right person to lead us in future – that is supposed to be the Kali Yug. Wish you all a very happy-meaningful evolution-Krishnan>m- Palakkad – kerala-

  2. What a bliss To have Mohanji around with Miracles touch. Magic in the Life. And yes, new Guru for Millennium 21 is in T-shirt and blue jeans..and high level of Wisdom.& Authenticity.
    This is just Because a Miracle to appear do not ask a dress code..:), but ask the Mastery of the Heart beyond any Human rules..ask Courage to Exist..being a Model for Humanity..beyond what people can believe.
    Now on the Earth, Masters are casual:)..I mean they wear casual code..or business they feel, and this is because there are no rules for an Authentic, Generous.. Altruistic One, as Mojanji is..and his beautiful Wife, Biba (my special friend, too). So honored to met you again special special Friends of the Soul. Everyone who met Blessed. So Blessed.
    With deep love, Appreciation & an Humble Bow, Carmen

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful account with us. Thank you for the effort. Thank you for Love ūüôā


  4. My first visit to London. It was truly wonderful. Especially, the purity, dedication, sincerity, selflessness and unconditional love of Rajesh, Ranjana, Nilam, Vivek, Ranjan, Jolita and all others have been truly overwhelming. Rajesh even took leave from his work and did everything possible to make sure I am comfortable. My heartfelt thanks for everything to Rajesh and family. I really felt at home in London, because of you.
    While I truly appreciate the honest expressions given above, I would like to re iterate on the key points that we discussed in our satsangs. The formost point is LIBERATION. Liberate oneself from the birth and death cycle. Lord the Baba and all the true masters, true representations of the supreme father Parabrahma, always guided us towards liberation, through words and their own lifestyle. Use this life to get out of the traps of our own mind, emotions, ego and overcome desires. Never suppress them. Just swap them for the higher until, everything gets nullified. Senses and mind always wreak havoc. Let them do so. We should be completely focused on liberating ourselves, Serve All, and if possible guide others towards light of wisdom. We should never force anyone. Faith and Purity are pillars in the path of Liberation, just like Patience and Devotion.
    Many people are image oriented. They will accept messages only when they hear it from the person or mouth that they are used to. They shut their minds towards any new person or image. This is human nature. Let us not blame them or force them. One can only accept the path that suits them. So, we should never force anyone to any spiritual practice. We should not force ourselves either. Just follow the path, teachings or Guru that suits you. What ever we force, eventually becomes a burden to us. Be spontaneous, and flexible. The supple tree can survive any storm of life. So, images do not matter, including my image. Only consciousness is real. That is permanent. Images will come and go. All live images have a prescribed longevity. Even this body will go sooner or later. Please do not be attached to images or be affected by them. Just stay with your truth, your soul – which is your personal Guru, and your path towards liberation. All true masters rendered the same truth; “Tat Twam Asi” (YOU ARE THAT) You are the universe. You are the creator too. There is nobody higher or lower. All are children of one consciousness. All are one. Plants, animals, birds and humans. All are expressions of one entity, the supreme father – Parabrahma. All are HIS children.
    All the true masters who ever walked on earth operated from the platform of unconditional love. There is nothing new. There is nothing special. It is the same age old truths and time and again, various mouths have re iterated them, to remind the truths to the people of their time. Everyone knows the truths. Every soul knows it. Since we got so caught up in illusions of our own lives, Just a brief reminder by these masters and the sun shines again, in your consciousness. You become aware of that huge consciousness that you always belonged to, the spark of that you have always possessed and randomly accessed; but had temporarily got disillusioned or disconnected because of the identifications that you have newly acquired when you inherited this new body.
    The effort of sharing experiences are perhaps only for the sake of explaining the dimensions that you had experienced and could actually operate from, for the sake of oneself (one’s own doubting mind) and for the understanding of others who might want to know. Nothing more. I consider that there is nothing special with me, as a person. This facility, electricity that we spoke above, is accessible to all. When you share experience, first of all, you recognize the existence of different dimensions which are indeed accessible to you and others, but, unused or ignored by most of us primarily due to lack of awareness. Suddenly, we realize and through us, the readers realize that as well, that there is much more potential that we could actually use and experience, in our everyday life. Our tradition is that of selflessness, unconditionality. Keep walking the path, beyond images into the consciousness. You will “find” yourself there. You will find everyone there. We all truly possess the abundance of the state of SHIVA. Shivoham!
    Love and Love Alone

  5. Anitha Sreekumar

    Dear Mohanji,
    I see in you only the Purity of Love and Simplicity. You are both these. Your words are heart penetrating. Be with us always in this confused path of selflessness. Be our Charioteer in our journey to eternity so that we won’t we wont lose our way…..


    Anitha Sreekumar

  6. Feeling blessed by reading about Mohanji’s trip to the UK and all the experiences shared. Thank you for showing us all a way Mohanji.


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