Mohanji’s visit to North India: Part 2- Chandigarh 19 August 2011

Dear All Family Members,

The BTW Team had gathered on the morning of 18th  August in Delhi from their various destinations and was immediately ready for two meditations in Gurgaon early morning. Hardly had they time to sleep. Even after hectic day in Gurgaon, everyone was still fresh and boarded train next day at 5am to Chandigarh from Delhi station. Being with Mohanji, who would feel fatigued! The journey continues.

There has been on going discussion on whether to share experiences or not. Once, someone was not ready to narrate his experience in Muscat during our Thursday meditation. Mohanji told, “Our path is of Liberation. Any kind of binding will slow down your soul’s progress. We stay in the present. By not sharing the experiences, you are holding on to the experience. Holding on to anything is binding. Please, share the experience and then drop the experience and progress ahead. You never know, who will benefit from your experience.” That person immediately shared his experience. So, friends, we also continue share experiences.

Aparna explicitly describes her unique experience of organizing Mohanji’s meditation in Chandigarh. She has been through the chaos of cancellation of meditation venue at the last moment. But, later with Mohanji’s grace, everything got superbly organized. Organizing meditation Chandigarh was memorable experience for Sumit, Aparna, Ravinder and Ajay.

Love and regards,

BTW Team


Many first timers for meditation were also astounded experiencing powerful energies. At one point, my mother turned to Rati and asked- “Is all this really happening?”

Aparna writes-

Kabirdasji says-

Akath Kahani Prem Ki, Kuchh Kahi Na Jaye
Goonge Keri Sarkara, Baithe Muskae

Meaning- Inexpressible is the story of Love, It cannot be revealed by words, Like the dumb eating tasting sugar can only smile. The sweetness he cannot tell

How does one describe what it is to be with Mohanji? Mohanji, I believe, is not a Master for me, but an experience. Perhaps I have lived all my life just to experience this.

There were exactly three of us, at Chandigarh (Panchkula) who felt a connection with Mohanji after we received the Shaktipat from Sumit in January 2011. Since then Mohanji was just a connection, energy and that pulling voice on the CD for us. We had not seen Mohanji and we didn’t know when or if ever we would actually see him in person. So when we heard about his India visit due in August, a quiet prayer must have gone forth from Rati, Puneeta and I.

With Sumit’s encouragement, I had been organizing BTW sessions at ‘Aashiana’ orphanage in Panchkula for a few months. I believe it was the combined aspiration of those little ones which pulled Mohanji to this city on 19th August, 2011.

Since there was nobody really to do the organizing bit, so the visit was almost cancelled at one point of time. Everybody declared that it had to be cancelled since I alone could not have managed things owing to my long office hours. They were right in a way. But my only thought was that I had given my word. I would continue to try. With blessings of Sathya Sai Baba, we got the beautiful Sathya Sai Seva Center as the venue.

Subsequently, all other things kept falling into place one by one. How, out of the blue, Sumit received a lead which led us to an excellent guest house, an excellent vendor for food, transportation, video, generator, taxi…..everything.

Sudden cancellation of venue but the Mohanji’s Grace continues

The evening before the event 18 August 2011, an announcement was made in the Sai Bhajan intimating them about the meditation the next day. Almost immediately, things started going wrong. Individual egos clashes within the Sai organization led to the cancellation of the venue at 9.30 at night.

I was totally shaken. I informed my dad who said: “Inform Sumit and cancel the program.”But Sumit, even though he was in the midst of hectic activity, was totally unperturbed. Not once did his voice waver and he simply asked me to check out the Banquet halls in near by hotels. Again, Sai smiled and we got an offer to hold it in D C Model school free of cost! This is a school founded and run by a long time Sai devotee, Mr. Gupta and most of the teachers and students are Sai devotees. Since it was to be a working day for school, I was very apprehensive about the noise but we agreed anyway.

The next morning Murphy ’s Law was in full play – “If anything can go wrong, it will”. Right from shifting stuff from the old venue to the new, to the taxi, to juices and chocolates for the kids……everything faced hiccups. I realized that everything was getting stuck only to get resolved more beautifully than before. Many God-sent people appeared. Ravinder and Rajesh traveled for 10 hours all the way from Jammu only to do the leg work here in Chandigarh.Puneeta took care of accommodation.  Rati set up the altar. Mr. Gupta gave us the school’s Travera car along with a driver. All my gratitude goes to Sumit’s firm faith on Mohanji. Sumit said, “The Masters will do everything. Be fearless.”

so, small, but his innocence was touched by Mohanji.

Meditation in the school hall

Whereas only 29 persons had registered initially, over a 100 ended up attending the meditation.In the new venue, many school children and teachers could also attend. The meditation was extremely powerful. I usually connect with Krishna or the Mother during meditation but that day there were only and only Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai and Mohanji, totally palpable in the entire atmosphere. Many first timers for meditation were also astounded experiencing powerful energies.At one point, my mother turned to Rati and asked- “Is all this really happening?” Whenever Sumit gives Shaktipat, he usually gently places one hand over your head. But I have always felt it at two hands tightly gripping my head from all sides and a finger on my third eye.

Long after the meditation I finally gathered my bearings and decided to go out and check if the lunch vendor had arrived. What I saw was the lunch had already been cooked, served, and Aashiana kids were ready to leave. “The Masters will do it all.” As I said, people appeared from nowhere and took charge and everything was done.

“The Masters will do it all.” People appeared from nowhere and took charge and everything was done. Heartfelt thanks to Ravinder and Ajay.

Later, we accompanied Mohanji to the Principal’s residence where an impromptu question and answer round happened. Here I would like to mention that the Guptas, had acutely been feeling the loss of Sathya Sai’s physical presence for the past months. But in Mohanji’s presence, they received a Divine connection and answer to their longing. I only saw gratitude writ large on their faces. Now we are having weekly meditation sessions at the School every Friday.

Divine plans in advance; we get to know later!

During the Q&A round Mohanji mentioned the next two days’ meditations at Delhi and asked me to join in. I had been very hesitant to ask my parents for permission since my son had his exams. Mohanji said “Ask, ask now.” Dad agreed and I packed my bags. Next was to get to Delhi without any train booking. Shashank, who had to travel back had already left. I wasn’t finding any other means of transport. Again, Sumit declared, in his characteristic soft voice: “We have an extra ticket”. Actually he had been trying to cancel the extra ticket all night but somehow, every time he tried, his computer would hang. Out of nowhere, I had an itinerary, a purpose and a ticket in hand.

Mohanji said: “I had told her, you just get the permission, I will get you there”

The next day at Kilkari, in Delhi, I took over Moushami’s role to hand out sweets and picture cards to those receiving Shaktipat. Sitting close to Mohanji, I could feel powerful energies and it seemed my forehead was oozing out fire.  I went and asked somebody to touch my forehead. It was so hot that they thought I was running high fever. Again and again I’d sit close to Mohanji and again and again ask people to touch my forehead and i loved watching their shocked expressions. :p

I further wanted to accompany them to Rishikesh, booked a ticket but was on 90 waitlist. By Saturday night it moved to 72 waiting. On Sunday morning, just a few hours before the train it still showed pretty far on the wait list. My friend suggested canceling the booking while I decided to wait till the meditation got over. I was pretty sure that SOMEHOW, I WOULD be taken to Rishikesh too. So, I had already carried my bags. We had successive meditation sessions, Shaktipat and Annadaan for over 200 children at an orphanage. Sure enough, by the time we were to leave, my ticket had been confirmed and that too in the same coach as Mohanji.  It was truly mindboggling the way things were moving. I told him on the way to the station, that I had ardently wanted to make this trip but was too scared to ask either my parents or my boss. Mohanji replied: “But whatever you want keeps happening!!” This was absolutely true. And then he said: “It will keep happening”

Divine plans in advance; we get to know later! Children of Ashiana.

Aparna’s camera

There was more drama to come. Once we had boarded the train, a good half an hour later I realized that I had left my precious new Camera on the railway station at the luggage checking counter. The train had already started and I was distraught as I had bought this expensive camera after long months of waiting and had not even paid the full installment as yet. There was no way you would get it back from the most crime prone city’s most crowded public place. I stood in front of Mohanji, directly looking into his eyes telling him to get me back my camera. We called up at least ten friends in Delhi to go to the station and check for the camera, but incidentally either they were hours away in other cities or they didn’t take the calls.  Just then a co-passenger heard the commotion and offered to ask his relative who might be on the station if his train had not already left. That train was delayed by the Masters, and the gentleman, himself a railway employee pulled the right strings and got my camera back. And out of all cities, he was going to Saharanpur, where my return train was to stop the next day. I got my camera back and ended up making friends with complete strangers.

In the train, I finally got long hours to talk to Mohanji. For all these two days I hadn’t asked any of my personal questions to Mohanji, but while giving answers to others he had been answering each and every personal problem of mine. Those few hours spent interacting so closely with the Master will probably shine for eternity in this lifetime of mine, even on the other side of the grave.

It’s true that what we call the Divine Grace may be too strong for human mind to comprehend, but it is just right for human soul to experience.




Sumit about Chandigarh

What I learned from the Chandigarh session, how the venue hall was cancelled at the last moment and the venue shifted to this school. Apparently we couldn’t understand the deeper reason behind. Because at this school, the way the Principal and his wife, hosted Mohanji, offering every bit of their life, every possible service at his feet was extraordinary. That respect, the sheer love and gratitude on their faces and in their acts was palpable. How lovingly Mohanji gave shaktipat to each and every person, including the orphan children, the school children, the school staff, Chandigarh team and innumerable people from all around the city for hours after the meditation. Not bothering about the heat, whether he had had even a glass of water or not, not showing any sign of fatigue, focusing only on his Dharma, he was the last person to leave the hall. Those children were very loving. It was overwhelming to see how the orphan children responded to his love. The moment he would place his hand on their heads for Shaktipat, they would burst out crying.  Seeing this, many other people cried. Purity was at its peak there in that hall.

The Principle and his wife had been feeling the strong vacuum after Sathya Sai Baba left that only disciples who have had such proximity with the Divine, can feel. Mohanji stepped into their house to completely fill in this gap. It was then we realized the entire purpose of the venue shifting to this school. Mohanji was served lunch and a spontaneous question and answer round followed which lasted for almost two and a half hours. Many individual questions were answered right from the rituals and methods of performing Shraadh, to somebody’s entire life purpose to their family’s fortunes or misfortunes- Mohanji gave answers to everything from past present and future.

Mohanji presented 'The Power of Purity' book to Mrs. Gupta for school library.

There were two important things I witnessed here.

First – The way Aparrna and her team worked, with full heart and the way they had been conducting meditations in Chandigarh without having met Mohanji even once-this work was well rewarded in Chandigarh. More than 100 people saw Mohanji for the first time and many even meditated for the first time. The tremendous experiences they had were evident in the expressions. This Shaktipat opened even further doors in Chandigarh.

Second – It was a very special moment for the Principal couple when Mohanji graced their home and spent the rest of the day there answering questions, giving unconditional love. After Mohanji’s visit we have been using this venue regularly for the meditation with all their support.

Once, during the preparation period I was talking to Aparrna on phone, conscious that she was single handedly trying to organize things. Ravinder and Rajesh were sitting next to me and suddenly I happened to assure Aparrna that both of them would join her at Chandigarh to help out on the day of the meditation. I realized the purpose of this promise much later when on the last day the venue got cancelled and everything was in chaos. At that time, we realized how beautifully both of them managed everything on the day of the event. The most wonderful thing was that both of them did everything totally selflessly, traveling the long, rough bus ride to Chandigarh, managing everything behind the scenes and then quietly came back to Jammu to help with the organizing bit here. Not a word of their efforts nor any desire for recognition marked the purity of actions of these two wonderful persons.

We later realized the entire purpose behind the venue shifting to this school.

To be continued……

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  1. Would just like to add that one line:
    The next day, in Delhi, I took over Maushami’s role to hand out sweets and picture cards to those receiving Shaktipat. Sitting close to Mohanji, I could feel powerful energies and it seemed my forehead was oozing out fire. I went and asked somebody to touch my forehead. It was so hot that they thought I was running high fever. Again and again I’d sit close to Mohanji and again and again ask people to touch my forehead and i loved watching their shocked expressions. :p

  2. To Aparna Di

    A Collection from Sri Sai Satcharita

    “Why fear when I am here?

    I am formless and everywhere

    I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space.

    If one devotes their entire time to me and rests in me, need fear nothing for body and soul.

    If one sees me and me alone and listens to my Leelas and is devoted to me alone, they will reach God.

    My business is to give blessings.”

    All you require is Faith and Patience
    Om Sai Ram.

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