Meeting My True Family: Trip to India, part 2

MEETING MY TRUE FAMILY: Trip to India, part 2

Written by Annette Human-Durga-Adamson

Rishikesh, Mumbai and Bangalore:

After our whirlwind time in Delhi, we had a few days “holiday”, and Daina, Bilja, Hein and myself decided to go to Rishikesh.

The Ganga in Rishikesh, as seen from Mataji Vanamali Devi’s, (one of Mohanji’s gurus) balcony

Rishikesh is where Swami Sivananda’s ashram is, and tracing back to the origins of our Vibrionics system of healing. Swami Sivananda, guru of Swami Venkatesananda who in turn was the guru of Mataji Narayani. Mataji is the author and pioneer who created this particular Vibrionics course, which Mohanji (Baba) is reviving and going global with.

Mataji Narayani

I loved Rishikesh from the moment of arrival. It felt absolutely familiar, to the point where the thought crossed my mind to get a little piece of land there instead of in South Africa! Anyhow, the future belongs in the future…. That was also where Mother Ganga made Her beautiful face visible to us for the first time – that was amazing. She is amazing. Her water was freezing, but Hein went in all the way while my old bones protested and wouldn’t have it! I had a half-dip only! Afterwards there were folks selling a little container with flowers. Inside it, a gee candle that was lit and then placed on the River – a most befitting and lovely ritual. The Mother’s holiness was deeply felt.

Though the water was freezing, Hein entered into it completely! It is believed that the Holy Ganga washes away ones karmas…

At the river Ganga, Rishikesh, india131[1]

I never saw the more modern commercialized part of Rishikesh, I’m happy to say, but barring the Datta Tapovan, our Mohanji’s ashram outside outside of Wai, which is utter untouched paradise, I think Rishikesh would be my second choice of places in India….thus far.

A girl and I on the Ganga

It so happened that Mooji was in Rishikesh at the time that we were there, so we attendended a few of his satsangs. That was an unexpected bonus. The satsangs were lovely. Mooji is a treat indeed. I had a wonderful experience while at Mooji’s satsangs. Mooji’s face kept changing, not vaguely or subtly, but absolutely (to my eyes). He kept changing into Mohanji, then back to Mooji, and when I look again, there is Mohanji; clearly. The teachings were the same as our beloved guru Mohanji’s teaching, obvioiusly, for truth is one, and merely delivered with different flavors, as each Master has His/Her own feel (slant), its a beautiful thing, to witness such a demonstration of oneness of all that is! The phenomenon of the changing of Mooji’s face into Mohanji’s, was a very pertinent message.

At this juncture, I have to make an observation of how fickle the human mind is. Very recently I completely “fell” back into duality and was in complete turmoil – drawing comparisons between Masters and the likes (the absolute folly!!) – which caused so much unnecessary and absurd doubts and agonies – how hard the Masters work to rid us of these illusory notions, yet, how easily we forget what we’ve learnt and sink into the illusion of individuality, repeatedly, ad infinitum, ad nauseum – speaking strictly for myself of course!!

We also met Mohanji’s Mataji, Vanamali Devi, at her little ashram in Rishikesh, a few minutes walk from our hotel. We met “other” Mohanji, a delightful gentleman who lives at Vanamali Devi Ashram and who was a wonderful conversationalist. The view from the ashram is indescribable. It looks down on the Ganges, and across from the river, the beginnings of the Himalayas are seen. We saw the sun setting over this magnificent view – again the timing was perfect!

“Other” Mohanji, a delightful gentleman who lives at Vanamali Devi Ashram and who was a wonderful conversationalist
Sunset on the river Ganga, from Mataji Vanamali Devi’s balcony



A fun train trip back to Delhi (we’ll avoid discussing public ablutions in India for obvious reasons, haha)! Another night at Nandita ji’s lovely home in Delhi, and from there we flew to Mumbai for another Vibrionics presentation.

Namrata single-handedly arranged this vibrionics presentation at a most suitable, comfortable and lovely venue.

In Mumbai we met lovely shy Namrata Rajgarhia. We were dropped of at the hotel to freshen up. We had a magnificent view of the Krishna temple – perfect. We were then invited for a magnificent meal at Namrata’s parent’s home. We thank Mr and Mrs Rajgarhia for their hospitality, and for also going to the trouble of attending our Vibrionics presentation. Namrata single-handedly arranged this presentation at a most suitable, comfortable and lovely venue. Thank you Namrata, a lot goes into arranging such a professional event.

We had a fantastic attendance in Mumbai. I met delightful Shernaz and many other wonderful folks, including Dr Agarwal who is already deeply involved with Vibrionics. He was wonderful to speak to. We had an invitation to have a meal at lovely Shernaz’s home, but had to cut our visit in Mumbai due to circumstances. Another incredible surprise was to see our beloved brother Phaneendar at our Mumbai presentation. What an amazing gesture on his part to attend. Thanks to you Phaneendar and all the lovely people of Mumbai for a joyous though short visit. And we’re grateful for such intelligent interaction. Hein did all the demonstrations of the Base 44 machine and how the making of the remedies work. He did this with great aplomb at every location.

Hein demonstrating the machine Base 44 and answering the questions after the presentation

After the presentation, Namrata and Hein went out for dinner. They had a lovely meal and according to Hein, great company! Thanks again Namrata for your hard work – it certainly payed off and we deeply appreciate your commitment and excellence.

By this time, I had a raging fever which happens regularly – yet this was not a “normal” fever, this was fire. Something more was happening. However, it was decided that the best place for me to rest would be at the home of our sister Dana Rhadonic Bhandari. Well, that was indeed, and will always feel like a place of safety, rest and regeneration!

Danijela Radonic Bhandari welcomed us wholeheartedly, she was so sensitive to our needs

One our first morning there, Dana strolls in, no make-up, no frills, no hair-do. That was the moment I knew we would get on like a house on fire. When I saw her doing her own ironing, I felt even more at home (if that’s possible)! Then there is lighthearted, fun and funny Ranvir Bhandari and his dog Nero. These two provided much laughter and entertainment in the evenings when Ranvir made his way home from work for dinner. Nero in his element (and out of his skin) that his master is home, and a delightful back-and-forth between Ranvir and Nero was a hilarious spectacle, much to our delight and much to the chagrin of our Dana, hehe. Dana was incredibly sensitive to our needs – gave us much time to rest and she gave us the run of the house. Their art and book collection is anyone’s dream. I spent much time perusing their paintings; a true joy for anyone with an eye for art! Hein couldn’t leave the bookshelves alone of course. All the while, our Bilja was working flat out on admin, filming and more! Nose in the PC, wow she is amazing and incredibly disciplined!

All the while, our Bilja was working flat out on admin, filming and more! Nose in the PC, wow she is amazing and incredibly disciplined!

Dana told us that we were to visit a saint who lives in Bangalore – Devi Amma…..its almost impossible to write about Devi Amma, about the bliss of sitting at Her holy feet! This was the second utterly blissful experience of the trip. She asked whether we had any questions/requests. I could find absolutely nothing to say except that She must please protect our Master, Mohanji (Baba).

I asked Devi Amma to protect our beloved Master

I gave Her a coffee mug with Mohanji’s face on – She loved it and SHE LOVES MOHANJI!! She promised to keep Him safe for us and predicted that much envy will be coming His way from now on, and that He indeed does need protection. I humbly request each of Mohanji’s devotees to also do what is necessary to protect Him. It was so hard to leave Devi Amma – I just wanted to stay forever…When it was time to depart, She chanted for us. I was on such a “pluck” when we left there, I don’t know how we got to the car.

When I “came back to my senses”, we had arrived at Christel House, a school for abused and orphaned children in Bangalore for another presentation. What excellent care these particular children receive. A colorful and very loving environment.


Group picture after the presentation for the children at Christel House

The children were very responsive and especially enjoyed Hein’s demonstration. One little girl came up to me and asked me to be her mother as hers had died many years ago…I can simply say to everyone, our planet is in deep trouble and despair. Our people and animals are suffering terribly. Now is the time to jump on the seva bandwagon and think less about ourselves and our little terrestrial families! Every living being is our family and its time to spread the love far wider than those whom we call “our own”. Everyone is us, and we are everyone. Sohum!

One little girl came up to me and asked me to be her mother as hers had died many years ago…I can simply say to everyone, our planet is in deep trouble and despair

Our final presentation in India was held at Dana’s beautiful home. It was an intimate and truly loving interaction. Everyone comes to mind, but I’ll mention two people in particular that linger pleasantly on my mind here. Mr Babu S. Rajan, a super intelligent gentleman who came up for a diagnosis (assesment). A very dignified and reserved man. Babu is a hypno-therapist and showed great interest in our Vibrionics studies. I felt a deep and longstanding familiarity with him, and for a suspended moment, there was a letting-the-guard-down and there was absolute openness. Such unexpected moments of trust is very humbling and beautiful and I thank you Mr. Rajan and sincerely hope you’re on board regarding the Vibrionics studies!

Mr Babu S. Rajan, a super intelligent gentleman who came up for a diagnosis (assesment). A very dignified and reserved man. Babu is a hypno-therapist and showed great interest in our Vibrionics studies.

Then there was dear Mr Deepak Mullick and his charming wife. Mr Mullick has had unbelievable physical suffering, yet, he walked up to me in such high spirits, and there wasn’t an iota of self-pity to be detected in this amazing being. He was making fun of his painful and damaged body and was so full of beans! He had had a massive stroke and many other physical challenges to deal with and was a tremendous source of inspiration for me personally. I thank you for that sahib! There was also Dana’s fashion designer friend, a delightful free spirit.

To conclude (for the moment), Bangalore is a beautiful city – the trees there are breathtaking and the parks in Bangalore are also aesthetically very pleasing. To top all the “eye candy” in Bangalore, we walked on art in Dana’s home! Glass tiles with art below them! I kept on hopping, skipping and jumping to miss walking on them. Trampling on art was just not something I could wrap my head around, haha.

Dana introducing vibrionics presentation in her house in Bangalore

Thankyou our sister Dana for providing a place of peace and beauty. Our stay there can be likened to a sabatical – a place to exhale… Thank you fun and delightful Ranvir also, for your hospitality and for an unforgettable meal at your gloriously lush ITC Hotel!

In the next blog, we’re on a train towards Shirdi. The journey starts ‘heating up’ from here onwards…

Shirdi, Wai, Datta Tapovan, Pune and Dubai to follow in the next blog.



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  1. Oh our dearest Annette, I could read your writings forever – the witty child-like spirit behind these words is what I love so so much, into eternity. You did such an amazing job here, regardless of your health problems and bodily pains – I am so deeply touched and humbled whenever I think of it all… A beautiful journey, true heroism – ACT is ever grateful to you. Love u so, your Biba

  2. Thank You for these write ups Annette, I appreciate them deeply. Although I haven’t as yet had the chance for grace at my masters feet, reading your words makes me feel as though I have. Although these are trying times I will not give up and will continually smile whist thinking of Mohanji. Again Thanks.

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