Mohanji gives DNB exam!

Never Away from the Warmth and Protection of a Satguru...
Never Away from the Warmth and Protection of Satguru…

Nobody goes empty-handed from Sai Baba’s darbar, same is true with our beloved Mohanji. His divine presence can be felt by his disciples every time. He is so concerned about each and every one of us which is beyond imagination. I would like to share one of my personal experience in which you will all see how Mohanji played an important role in clearing my important medical qualifying examination.

I am Shruti Gupta – a medical doctor, I am doing DNB Anaesthesia. I have a lovely son who is 2 yr old. I had my final exams in December and just 2 months were left for the final exams. I had a family and little baby to look after along with my hospital job. I was struggling between the two and I had no clue as to how to study for the final exam with so little time left.

My only lifeline was Mohanji. I always used to pray to Mohanji to guide me and help me. My prayers were heard and I was lucky enough to meet him in person. He told me not to worry and go ahead. He is always with me. His magical words were enough to give me courage to start preparing for my exams. I used to keep his picture in front of me while studying. As exams were approaching, I was feeling no stress, which was unbelievable. I could feel that Mohanji is working very hard for me. One early morning while I was studying, I looked at Mohanji’s photograph and I could see alphabet ‘S’ on his third eye. First I thought that I was hallucinating but then my mother could see the same. I was feeling so blessed at that time that how Mohanji is working day and night for me. Then the final day arrived, best part was I was not at all nervous.

Mohanji's radiating eyes
Mohanji’s spiritual card on which Shruti saw The “S” and “3” that Shruti saw on Mohanji’s Third eye

I was to write 4 long papers in 2 days. I gave my 1st paper keeping Mohanji’s picture in front of my desk. In the evening I had to give my second exam. I was feeling quite exhausted. I requested Mohanji to help me. When I started writing my paper I felt an aura of energy around my hands. It was quite unbelievable, my hands were so light and the flow was smooth and I finished the whole paper in just 1.5 hours instead of the allotted 3. I was thinking in my mind then ‘Mohanji were you not too fast? Hope you have not missed something’.

My third paper also went well and then came the last paper. I was shocked to see that out of 10 questions, I knew only a few. This paper was very important for me. I requested Mohanji to help but had no clue at the same time as to how I shall answer the questions that I did not know. How could I doubt Mohanji? My invigilator in the room came to me asked if I needed any help! I told her that I did not know the meaning of a particular word and to my surprise she told me the meaning of that particular word and I could there after write the complete answer. I was able to finish my paper thus with Mohanji’s help.

Mohanji's eyes_Shruti's exam
Congratulations Shruti !!

After the exams, I was eagerly waiting for my results. I was lucky enough to meet Mohanji in person again and he told me not to worry as I will pass. I had full faith in Mohanji but still in the corner of my mind I had some doubt on myself.

Two months passed and there was no result. I was looking at Mohanji’s picture one day, the alphabet ‘S’ was there and I could see the number 3. I did not realize its significance then. Due to my foolish self-doubt I thought that may be… I will pass in 3 or fail in 1 or vice-a-versa. I realized the true importance of number 3 on the 3rdof April, when my results were declared and I had passed!

I called up Mohanji immediately and thanked him for everything and his smiling words were ‘You had doubts but I had none’.

Thank you Mohanji for being a constant support.



3 thoughts on “Mohanji gives DNB exam!”

  1. It is unbelievable for me that in 21st century there are people who believe that such things will happen. Utter foolishness !!

    1. Dear Gaurav,
      Excellent point. If I may ask, what do you believe in? Tell me one thing, from a simple egg to a full fledged entity who possess the capability to change the course of the life in the world, if it is nothing but miracle, then what is it? I believe that there is miracle that puts together the right things at the right place and make it happen. The same divinity that works the universe works the microcosm too. When we close our faculties such as our mind and senses towards the immense possibilities of our very existence, everything is coincidence and everything is foolishness.

      I am a medical doctor and a tutor in an university medical college. A hard core intellectual! I consider myself as totally science oriented. There was a day when I realised the limitations of science and I myself woken up to the possibilities beyond the obvious, this is no small wonder in any sense. I urge you to explore yourself. And as mohanji always says, “You are the universe that you have been waiting to explore. You are the only universe that you could explore; everything else lies within you. The path to the universe lies within you”.

  2. I too have a very analytical and intellectual mind. 21st Century science is mere measurement with reproductability. Pscience however is the power of knowing. I know which has the greater power. I for one am very Happy she found her peace.

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