Mohanji – Infinity

Written by Sanja Obradovic (Serbia)

Sanja 1

This is a story of Sanja Obradovic, who suffered the presence of a horrific entity in her body for most of her life. Through a dramatic excorcism that Mohanji conducted in his physical absence, through Shaktipat instruments – Devi, Hana and Dejan in Feb 2016, Sanja was free to start a new life. Her experience sharing after one of the Power of Purity meditations in Serbia in February was really touching and inspiring. This is how she described this experience: (Remember, while this is happening, Mohanji was physically absent in Serbia. He was in India and not in Serbia)

I was born on 16th February, 1968. I’m not very talkative, but will, briefly, in my own way tell you about the road I travelled with Mohanji. I will tell you the story that has its beginning and end. Unfortunately, and fortunately, our road started at the dark side of the universe, the space where there is no peace, light, flowers, trees, mountains and nothing of all those wonderful earthly and divine beauties.

Since I was three months old, there was a presence of a being of high intelligence and multiple transformations, which settled in me when I was 12 years old and turned my life into chaos and madness.

There was only one way for him to leave, and that required faith, serenity and love. I have acquired these in the meantime, but above all I needed Mohanji, because now, I was ready to let go. 

What is this man? Who is this man? Where did he come from? What is the reason? What is this human mind? It is infinite.

While kneeling in front of Mohanji, half-conscious, lost in space and time and in the distance, I heard a voice, “Let go, Sanja”.

“I would gladly let him go, but he is refusing to let me go,” I am not the one saying it. And it continued, day after day, year after year.

On a beautiful sunny day, 8th February, 2016, Mohanji (Non-physically), Devi, Hana, Dejan and I, made the circle, the final round and brought this story to the end. The being of high intelligence was asked to return to universe with love and find its peace.  I am thankful it has gone and taught me a lot. This soul is saved and I was born again. I see the light and I see the light of the day.

Now I sing mantra, I hear chanters – they do not disturb, dogs’ barking – I am not afraid… I cry and smile, grateful for everything, everything that is. I am.

A firefly, a spark and a busy bee,
landed on my palm,
made my day, my life,
sensible and calm.
And as Pava listens quietly,
looking for a solution,
I see in him my salvation.
Now I can continue, from where I paused
for this road,
many a stumble and fall has caused.
Surrounded by people, silence crushes me,
pain is in my chest, and the din follows me.
What’s going on, how it happens,
that even with them, there is loneliness?
Ring tightens, squeezes ever stronger,
who was it that made my happiness bitter.
And I asked myself, “Is there happiness at all?”
In this waste bin, over flown.
As I call on God and pray for salvation,
from waste bin I hear the voice of redemption.
I listen a little, defy the din,
and take that friendly hand that offered has been.
And so I walk slowly
to meet the sun, on the road of happiness,
not all in this bin is ugliness.
When I clear this life’s swirl,
then my soul in peace will hurl.
A life novel for all of us writes,
but not all in a book fits.
Passing thoughts are mighty fast,
but sometimes they stop and last.
They create a film, frame by frame
when all is considered there is a sense of almost fainting.
While looking at life as if on painting,
it seems it takes place in quick sand.
Dragging me slowly, ever more deeper,
and the fear grabs me, madness at hand.
I accept all as God’s gift,
for this is a mental shift.
Mire pulls me, fills my mouth
and all my life to my eyes is brought.
I cannot see, I am left without hearing,
whose quiet voice is to my soul hollering.
There is no firm ground beneath my feet,
only this soft muddy seat.
But then comes God’s own gift,
my Guardian Angel pulls me from mud swift.
His strength throws me in a deep whirling abyss,
here in the darkness, there is no peace.
The demons of darkness are tightening the ring,
and my hands and feet strongly binding.
My voice was stolen by an apparition,
I beg of you, dear God, grant me salvation.
A cry tears from the blackest dark,
extinguishing every soul’s spark.
I woke up not so long ago,
but do not see life as a permanent flow.
The attack left no mark,
the memories are not so stark.
But still, when I close my eyes,
before them monsters arise.
It has been long and I’m wasting,
how many monsters this maze is hiding?
The feeling is here, but slight
God, lead my soul to the road to light.
My verses have a dreadful cast,
because the soul feels a cold storm’s blast.
That’s life, one might say,
because in the darkness he did not stay.
Has anyone stumbled in rain,
while a stranger his thoughts tried to rein?
I may seem to blunder,
but life is full of wonder.
All this may not make sense,
but the fear grabs my soul with suspense.
Such weight, I could not have imagined
but strength I have recovered.
I’m spinning out of circle,
the others are stronger lads,
intelligent being’s descendants.
Now it spins me like a cat
but to that I will put an end.
Beholder you are, and artful,
but you will be defeated by my love’s pull.
I love myself and all that is mine,
you’ll go back to dark chambers thine.
There is love in me and happiness and brightness,
you will be chased away by God’s holiness.
God is in everyone, he has me strengthened,
go to your master in the wasteland.
Shine, you creature cunning,
because in me love is dwelling.

Sanja 2
Sanja Sharing her experience at the POP meditation

Sanja 3

And so, Mohanji and I have come to the very end – knowledge and awareness.

Love yourself
for once,
you will be alone.
Know yourself,
for dark is frightening.
Hug yourself,
to avoid monsters attacking.
Rock yourself,
thank your mom.
God is in you,
you are not alone.

Thank you is not enough, there is no word, there are no words which can describe it, but if you could gaze into my soul and my heart you would see eternity.

I am grateful to all spiritual fathers who have shown me the way I was to tread, the way to Mohanji, the Master of love, light and simplicity.

Born again

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