The Divine Symphony

Written by Jelena Pribicevic (Serbia)

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I heard about Mohanji in 2013. The first thing I read about Him is that He is a Guru who finds you. when the time is right (it was a text in “Life Positive” magazine). Drawn by the text and its vibration I continued to follow Mohanji and his writings online. I started practising the Power of Purity meditation on my own.

The following year I had the privilege to attend Mohanji’s Satsang and meditation and to receive Shaktipat. He also hugged me and that hug expanded my heart and rejuvenated it. Since then an incredible and intense inner connection with Mohanji began. I would receive answers from him through dreams and various ideas/suggestions about my energy healing work and ways of spiritual progress would usually come during meditation.

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During our last Power of Purity meditation I saw Shiva, Vishnu and then Mohanji appeared.  When I rested my head on his heart I saw/experienced his true form and size. I saw that his body is just like a shield that he uses to communicate with us in an easier way. He is not that body, he is the entire Universe. Endless. I was like a baby rocking in the bliss of the Universe and the Grace I experienced made me cry from joy. I could see the way in which Mohanji communicates with us, how he guides us and leads us Home. Words fail any attempt to describe something so grand and omniscient.

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When the meditation completed, I saw vibhuti had appeared on my trousers. I was completely amazed and dumbfounded. I just knew it is a very great blessing. My mind objected and tried finding other explanations. I asked Mohanji and he said, ” Presence can be manifested in various ways. Let your faith lead you.” Indeed, faith is all it takes for grace to flow.

Mohanji is like the one who plays his melody all the time and we are like radio receivers. It is necessary that we get tuned properly to be able to communicate with him. Once we get connected, we begin to sway in that blissful rhythm in a Divine Symphony.

I am grateful for all the grace and blessings.

With love


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