Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 – “A dream that transformed me”

Rakshitha Ananth shares a beautiful dream experience that was a wake-up call for her, in which Mohanji reiterates the importance of sadhana on this path of liberation.  Sadhana helps increase our devotion and through that our connection to our Guru remains steadfast. Enjoy this realistic story in our series: Mohanji Satcharitha – Chapter 6.

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A dream, but not a dream

by Rakshitha

Mohanji says, “if there is no transformation in life, then there is no use in meeting Masters or listening to them. Inner transformation is the key.”

However, my dream is proof that it is not just physical presence, even a message conveyed in the dream can bring in transformation.

An understanding of my background and spiritual practices is a good place to begin. I was a very inconsistent practitioner, be it Kriya, chanting or meditation. However, I do like helping people and sharing the knowledge, whenever and however possible. So I maintain some Whatsapp groups where I share Mohanji’s messages every day. I also maintain a Facebook page to post positive posts. etc. I love to listen to stories of saints, read powerful books and blogs and watch documentaries, all of which keep me inspired. They help to keep the fire burning within me.

I was initiated into Kriya on Dec 12, 2016. I felt it was like a new life given to me after the initiation. But I did not practice Kriya. In the entire 1 year and 9 months, I might have practised Kriya only around 10 times. It reached a point where I almost forgot what I was taught. I attended the Kriya Intensive program in Bangalore in October 2018 and learnt the steps all over again. However, even after all this, I was not consistent. It seemed to be a challenge to sit down and do Kriya. I was able to complete 45 days of chanting the Mohanji Gayathri and 45 days of the Power of Purity meditation; but practising Kriya….. seemed difficult and I never could reason why!

A few weeks prior to the dream I describe below, I had watched Sant Tukaram’s movie and heard a soul stirring and  fulfilling discourse on Tukaram’s life. I prayed to Mohanji to bless me also with such unshakable devotion and that HE should guide me for the same. In short, I asked HIM “How do I increase my bhakti towards You? What can I do to have increasingly greater devotion to You? “

Mohanji speaks on when inner transformation happens

On 4th November early morning around 5 am, I had a dream. In the dream, I was with Mohanji in a tent like set up. It appeared there was a satsang of some kind, with people having their snacks and taking blessings from Mohanji before returning home. After all of them left,  only Mohanji and I were in that tent. It had few white chairs and a couple of tables. Mohanji was wearing His usual jeans and an orange jacket on top and had a black laptop shoulder bag with him. He was about to leave when I started having  this conversation.

Mohanji on dream state – it is very important!

I don’t remember exactly how it began, but within few minutes we were enveloped in an intense conversation where I was trying to convince Mohanji that I was doing good things and helping people and that I wish to do more. Mohanji counters this and says,

“What is the use? I am ready to give everything of mine to you? How will I ever get  the confidence that whatever I give you, will come back to me?”

I was shaken hearing these words at which point I was crying in the dream and in real life too! He continued saying,

“All good things that you do will add up to your spiritual bank balance. No doubt. But what that spiritual bank balance can give you is – to be born in a good family, to have good friends, a stable life, to get a guru and to have a path laid in front of you. But if you do not walk the path, what is the use? Your own sadhana is the only one that will take you further from here.  Else you will come back to the same point. And you have been at this point many times now.”

At this juncture I woke up from the dream crying in real as well and realised it was a dream, but I was in shock. This message touched me deeply and I  contemplated on it for a long time. Soon enough, I understood his words with greater clarity.

Mohanji’s QandA on Let this be your spiritual practice

As I write my experience, I am glad to say that I have completed 43 days of Kriya successfully, without a break. The message in the dream was strong; it felt like a kick in the back and I needed it, in fact  it was an urgent necessity.

Mohanji on moment

Now I have the answer. Bhakti intensifies only when our sadhana intensifies. Having only devotion is like watching a movie and getting emotional. It is doing sadhana that makes you feel alive and present in devotion. With Kriya, I have now added chanting twice a day, Hanuman chalisa once a day, aartai once a day at least, reading Satcharita on Thursdays etc. I am now happy and confident about myself.

Mohanji Arati

I now understand why sadhana is very important alongside involving oneself in numerous positive activities. Positive activities are great, they raise your vibration. But sadhana makes it more meaningful.

Thank you Mohanji. I cannot thank you enough and I am sorry for trying to convince you in the dream. The all knower you are, what is there to convince you about me? I am a small piece of dust at your feet and you are as huge as this cosmos itself. Nevertheless, I had no control over what happened in the dream. But the transformation is what matters most.

At your feet always!

Meeting Mohanji _ Rakshitha with Mohanji


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7 thoughts on “Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 – “A dream that transformed me””

  1. “Having only devotion is like watching a moving and being emotional” – what a beautiful sentence. Exactly like what Krishna said to Uddhava ” devotion is not following and praising the master, but following his teachings in life practically”. Have a blissful journey Rakshita.

    1. Gopikrishna M S

      You are blessed and very rarely people get such experiences with their Guru maharaj. It’s very clear that bakthi is the only way in this modern world to attain his lotus feet. It cannot happen without guidance of a Guru. I have seen Sant Thukaram movie and i cried. Have thought when god will me such devotion, dedication towards him. For addition the actor who acted as Sant Thukaram was a wealthy man and after this film he donated his entire wealth to poor and took Sanyasa ashramam. That is the power of devotion towards God.

  2. You are indeed very blessed to have incredibly up close and personal trasnformational encounters with Mohanji in dream state.
    Thank u for sharing your inspiring experiences with is.

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