Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 – “The unseen Healer

In the concluding part of Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6, we share two experiences from Mai-Tri practitioners on how Mohanji’s divine energy cures people and protects them. It is indeed the will of the Master and the connection of the soul with the divine that brings about unbelievable miracles in our lives. Just when we give up on ourselves and our dear ones, the Master steps in and in His compassion shows us anything is possible if it is meant for the highest good. Mohanji is the unseen healer, whose miracles can only be experienced. His grace protects the devotee and generations of the devotee’s family. These two experiences speak about the power of Mohanji’s healing energy.

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The Unseen Healer

By Tina Arya

Tina Arya shares this beautiful experience of a patient who is on the road to recovery from stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

mohanji on diseases

Mai-Tri is a very powerful healing modality and as Mohanji says,

It’s a healing method of the White Path.

Mohanji’s divine energy is blessing people with miracles and as a witness I am blown away by these miracles.

I was approached by an acquaintance at the end of December for her husband’s healing. He has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was bed ridden. When I went to their home for the first healing, he was mentally alert but had multiple complications because of the pancreatic cancer. He had severe edema in his legs and could not walk without support. Mohanji guided me and told me that he will get better only if the edema goes down. So I told his wife that she should consult with the doctors to make sure that the excess build up of fluid is drained with the help of medications. At this time, doctors were saying that his condition is not treatable and they can only keep him comfortable.

We had 4 sessions of healing and during the last healing at his home, he drifted in and out of sleep and his condition seemed to be getting worse. His wife was not able to take care of him and Mohanji again guided me during the healing to have him shifted to a hospice. After 3 days, I went to give him healing at the hospice and his condition was much worse, he was barely conscious and his wife said he had stopped eating 2 days back. He had also stopped talking.

His parents called up to video chat with him as I entered the room, so I went out to give him privacy. When the call was over, his wife came out and said that she wasn’t even sure if he could hear his parents, let alone recognize them. Then I went in to give him healing and as I was healing along the third eye and throat chakra, he said, “I want water.” His wife was shocked as he had not spoken for two days. He was so weak at this time that he was being fed through a syringe and swallowing even 5 ml of water took him about 20 seconds. So I stopped the healing and his wife gave him some water. As I healed along the throat and heart chakras, he made a loud sound as if he was in pain so I stopped again and asked him if he was in pain and he said, “No I am not in pain, I feel uncomfortable as if something is holding me down.” Hearing this, his wife was speechless.

There was more guidance from Mohanji during the healing….. his pain medication should be cut down and no one knows how long a person will live. I completed the healing and he calmed down and slept. His wife and I stepped out to talk. She told me that the hospice director said that looking at all the symptoms and his condition, he was not going to live for more than 1 or 2 days. I gave her Mohanji’s messages but she didn’t sound very hopeful at that time.

Amazingly, he started getting better from that day. He started eating with a spoon within a couple of days. His appetite grew and he became mentally alert. It has been two months since I gave him healing at the hospice. Doctors and health care professionals had said that he was not going to make it. He is getting better every day and his wife is going to move him to a rehab center so he can be on his feet again. His edema is completely gone but his muscles are weak so he needs physical therapy. There were so many times that this person seemed to be getting worse but survived way beyond all the doctors’ expectations.

As a healer, I was a witness to these amazing miracles. We are so blessed to be connected to Mohanji and to be given this platform to serve. I have felt my faith and surrender grow exponentially since I was initiated into Mai-Tri healing. My connection to Mohanji has become deeper.

mohanji with Tina
Mohanji with Tina

Eternally grateful to Mohanji.

Jai Mohanji!

Preeti Duggal shares her experience of Mohanji’s infinite love and compassion not only curing a devotee from her pain and suffering, but protecting generations of the family.

By Preeti Duggal

preethi with Mohanji
Mohanji with Preeti Duggal

I would like to share another incident that I experienced today, while doing healing for a lady which left me spellbound. Each and everyday, Mohanji is giving us proof of His grace and magnanimity. I have no words to thank Him enough.

This entire family is closely connected to Mohanji. The mother who is 60 plus has been suffering from a swollen ankle and pain for years with nothing working for her. She requested me for the healing today. As I started the distant healing, I saw that it was just strands of fear which was the cause of her pain. She was carrying certain fears from past lives and not only did they get healed and cleared by Mohanji, but four generations in her family, her mother, she herself, her daughter and son, and also her granddaughters received Mohanji’s grace.

It was overwhelming to see how Mohanji was working on them. It left me speechless. It proved that if you have total surrender at the feet of the Guru, the Guru not just takes care of you but your entire family from this lifetime or past lifetimes, without expecting anything in return. I surrender and bow down to His lotus feet in gratitude for letting me experience this.



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