Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 7 – “The grace of Kriya”

In this chapter of Mohanji Satcharita – 7, we present a heart-warming write up which shows how the Guru’s grace is at play. Various tools are available for us to connect with our beloved Guru Mohanji! The biggest and the most precious of these is Consciousness Kriya. Regular practice of Kriya helps the seeker to connect easily with the Master, bringing about a change in awareness in the way we perceive things. Thus we reap huge benefits in terms of spiritual upliftment and an enhanced lifestyle. Many so called stumbling blocks of life seem to fall into place. Read further on how Consciousness Kriya helped Kanika in her life.

The grace of Kriya

By Kanika Gupta

I live in Jammu and I am a Consciousness Kriya initiate. I was initiated by Mohanji in February 2017. However, I started practicing Kriya regularly only from April 2018.

Since then, there have been amazing changes in my life and I would like to share my experiences.

Firstly, with consistent practice, I have started becoming aware of my activities. This is a process and it continues to improve and evolve, even as I write. To give you an example, if I reprimand my child, I wonder why I do so. My thought is, “Why do you scold him? See yourself in your child!”

Another important change is that some of the misunderstandings with my in-laws have started to resolve quite easily. I have always tried to have a smooth relationship. But now with regular practice of Kriya, I notice that my in-laws take steps on their own to settle things! The atmosphere is peaceful.

Watch this video where Mohanji explains, “What is Kriya ?”

Besides, I now also follow another advice given by Guruji (Mohanji). Whenever we perform yagna / homa (sacred fire ceremony), He told me to give as ahuti ( offering) to the agni (fire) any problems or misunderstandings I might have with my in-laws. I follow Mohanji’s advice and the results are astounding. I feel so relieved!

Mohanji Homa

After practicing Kriya regularly for around 4 months, I noticed that I had some stomach irritation and did not feel like drinking tea. Hence, although I could not understand what was happening, I stopped consuming tea. It also occurred to me at that time, that I should become vegan. I have always been a vegetarian. So I have been consuming cow’s milk, ghee, curd (yogurt) and paneer (Indian cottage cheese).

Veganism – a growing trend!

In October 2018, I was fortunately able to attend the Kriya Intensive programme in Bengaluru. Because of Mohanji’s grace, this programme was a wish fulfilling session of sorts! After returning from the programme, there was the Navratras (festival of 9 nights of the divine feminine) and I was able to keep up all the fasts during the period. I also became a vegan on Ashthami  (day 8 of the lunar calendar).  I was able to prepare myself and told myself that I would not consume dairy products, at least at home.

Mohanji Ahimsa

Mohanji explains compassion for the world around us through this story.

Mata’s kripa (grace of Mother Goddess), Mohanji’s grace and regular practice of Kriya have made my life a blessing!  Mohanji is full of love. He protects us at all times and is ever willing to help. Faith, patience and surrender to our Guru can work wonders in our lives.

Jai Guru Jai Guru Mohanji 

Sabke pyare Mohanji 

Humpar apni kripa kardo 

Humpar apni daya kardo

Jai Guru Jai Guru Mohanji 

Jai Guru Jai Guru Mohanji ….




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  2. After reading this experience shared by Kanika, I hav tears of gratitude. I have almost similar experience. Things have changed for good after practicing kriya for about 3 months now as I was initiated on June 1st 2019. My relationship with my Mother in law was not so smooth earlier. We had difference of opinion in many cases and that always created a cold feeling towards each other, but during her stay with us this time for 2 months has changed so much within both of us. I would say its just the effect of Kriya and Mohanji that I now feel that we both are connected since ages and I can feel that she is my own mother. No more words to express my gratitude towards the Tradition and the Guru Mohanji 🙏🏼

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