My destiny with Mohanji – Part 2

Aditya Nagpal, India

Real shift

My real shift started happening in 2019 during Mohanji’s satsang in Hyderabad. I was a part of the organizing team, and afterwards, there was a huge transformation and a significant shift in my connection with Mohanji. I started seeing Mohanji inside me. This was becoming stronger by the day. I started seeing and feeling Mohanji everywhere. I started connecting to my spine spontaneously. The same year, I attended Kurnool seva (2019) and was fortunate to be with him and spend one night at his Ashram in Bangalore on Guru Purnima. 

I spent three days with Mohanji in Kurnool, where Mohanji shared a story about an old man who really wanted to meet him before leaving the body, and Mohanji fulfilled his wish. I do not remember the entire story, but in the end, he said to the man, “You need to intensify your connection with me gradually.” This was the summary of the story, and this message was so apt for me, “Keep intensifying your connection to me until you completely merge into me.” 

In the seva, we were supposed to serve pilgrims who traveled hundreds of kilometres from Karnataka and Maharashtra to Srisailam, a very famous Jyotirlinga temple in South India. We had to serve them food, and water, provide medical aid and give leg massages. Serving food was fine, but I was uncomfortable about giving leg massages. 

My mind and ego came into play, and I tried to escape doing it. But it did not work, and I was made to do it. I started with a prejudiced mind, but after a few massages, I enjoyed the seva. On return to Hyderabad, I realized that my ego had taken a big hit, because of which Mohanji had gone deeper into my system. 

The same year, there was a Guru Purnima satsang planned with Mohanji in Bangalore. One day in the morning, after meditation, I was looking at Mohanji’s picture and had the urge to attend the satsang. On Guru Purnima day, I reached the venue early and got an opportunity to help with the arrangements. 

After some time, Mohanji arrived at the venue. It was wonderful to see him. I prostrated at his feet. The satsang started, and people asked questions to Mohanji. After some time, Devi Amma also arrived there. My mind went into some other thoughts during this session, and I was not listening to Mohanji. Suddenly Mohanji looked at me and said, “Nagpal, do you agree with me?” This was after he had answered someone’s question. I was dumbfounded. I was sitting at the back, and everyone was looking at me. I said, “Yes, Father.” He did this to bring my mind back to him, and after that, I listened carefully. 

That night happened to be a lunar eclipse night. Mohanji had suggested chanting throughout the night. Somehow, I learned that full-night chanting was happening at Mohanji’s Ashram. Very few people knew this. This was an invitation for me, but I could not decide to go there as I had already booked a bus back to Hyderabad. After the satsang was over, I got an opportunity to help clear up. Mohanji had already left for the Ashram. 

Mohanji Acharya Aishwarya insisted that I visit the Ashram for some time, and then she would drop me at the bus stop. On the way to the Ashram, I got a strong pull to spend the night there. Mohanji and Devi Amma were at the Ashram, and as we arrived, Devi Amma hugged everyone there and left. It seemed as if she was waiting for our arrival. 

This was the first time I went to Mohanji’s Ashram. I cannot describe the energy of that place; it was unimaginable. I stayed back that night to chant. I was a little tired, but the energy there kept me awake all night. Next morning at around 5.00 am, Mohanji came down from his room, looked at me, tapped my chest and said, “Oh! You are here. Good to see you here”, as if he did not know I was there. 

After completing the chanting, we went out for Conscious Walking. I had a wonderful time at the Ashram. This was totally unplanned, but it was indeed his plan. After returning to Hyderabad, I was in a different mode altogether, something I had never experienced before. There were very few thoughts in me. I stayed in this mode for a few days. 

2019 was the year of transformation for me. My connection with Mohanji was intensifying. Serving Mohanji and his mission became my purpose in life. I was doing seva with full dedication. Later that year, I got selected for Mohanji Acharya training (October). I was delighted but couldn’t attend because of passport issues. That disappointed me. I desired to become an Acharya and serve the mission to my best capacity; instead, I got another great opportunity. 

One month later, I was made the country head of India. I was empowered and was allowed to serve the mission, which I really wanted to do. Guess where I was announced as the country head? In Shirdi, when I was with Mohanji! This was another miraculous meeting with Mohanji in Shirdi, which confirmed the oneness between Sai and Mohanji. 

I was deeply connected to Mohanji now, and many things were changing. Still, I used to visit Shirdi frequently to do seva. I planned to go to Shirdi in December for a weekend seva and booked a room in a hotel where I usually stay in Shirdi, right opposite the Chavadi, which is like being in the aura of Baba all the time. 

One day earlier, a Mohanji Family member called from Pune and said she would also be visiting with a friend and needed a room to stay in. It was hard to find a room as it was the weekend, and they had planned only a day prior. So I offered them my room as I am a regular to Shirdi and can easily stay elsewhere. I started looking for another room near the temple, but I could not get one. 

I then tried Jivanta Hotel as I had no other option. When I called them, only the most expensive room was available. I requested a discount on the pricing, and luckily they accepted it. Still, the cost was very high, which made me restless. But was there something behind all this? I reached Shirdi the following day. Someone told me that Mohanji was visiting Shirdi around the same time. I learned that Mohanji was checking into the same hotel that night. I was overjoyed. I realized that this was all arranged by him. But was that it? 

I went for darshan at the Sai temple in the afternoon. After darshan, I went to that hotel to see if my friends had checked in. But to my surprise, the hotel owner said that the room was not available as they had given it to someone else by mistake. I was agitated as this was very unprofessional of them. I was also worried for the two ladies as no other room was available. I went to my hotel and found that both the ladies had gone to my room and were resting. I was relieved. By then, I realized that this was some divine play as Mohanji was also supposed to check into the same hotel. All of us ended up staying there. Luckily, the cost of the room was not entirely upon me now, and I have to confess that it was a big relief for me. We eagerly waited to see Mohanji, who came in around 11.30 pm. 

What a blessing it was to meet and prostrate before Mohanji. I learned that Mohanji’s room was on the 4th floor, and ours was on the 2nd floor. Surprisingly, after searching for his room on the 4th floor, we found that Mohanji’s room was right next to ours. This was an absolute miracle. The next day, we had the good fortune of spending the entire day with him. That day, I was announced as the Country Head of India. Mohanji gave me suggestions and guidelines on how to approach this role. It was huge empowerment!

Usually, in Shirdi, I would spend time in Baba’s aura, but I was in Mohanji’s aura that day. I would stay in Dwarakamai at night, but that night, I stayed next to Mohanji. I felt fulfilled, and there was no need to go for Baba’s darshan. Even while leaving from Shirdi, I would go to Dwarkamai and take Baba’s leave, but I took Mohanji’s leave that day. I firmly believe that nothing can happen in Shirdi without Baba’s will. Baba had indeed sent me to Mohanji.

 After this, I felt that I had found everything in Mohanji. I found my Sai in Mohanji. There was no need to look anywhere else. I was able to see my path clearly, and merging with Mohanji became my only goal. All the distractions dropped off, and the purpose of life became very clear. I dedicated myself to him completely. 

Country Head

In November 2019, Mohanji Foundation CEO Madhusudan called and offered me the role of Country Head of Mohanji Foundation, India. My immediate reaction was that of scepticism; how would it be possible? Mohanji had a deep impact on me by that time, so I accepted the offer after about 30 seconds of thinking. I knew if something had come from Mohanji, he would handle it. I could not attend the Acharya training, but I was given another great opportunity to serve, and I was excited about it.

A Global Summit is conducted yearly around Mohanji’s birthday, in which future plans are discussed. In 2020, it was in Sri Lanka. It was my first Global Summit; the only roadblock was getting leave from office as I had already taken too many that year. But I booked my tickets anyway and left the rest to Mohanji. I did not tell my manager about the holiday and wondered how to go about it. 

A few days before the Summit, my manager called me to his room and said, “The client really appreciates your work, and they want to take you on permanently. So if you are ok, you can join them.” This was a miracle. Not only did I get to join a new company at a higher package, but I could easily avail the leave to go to Sri Lanka as I was leaving the company. My path to go to Sri Lanka with Mohanji was cleared.

I reached Sri Lanka as a part of the Global Summit team. I developed an inferiority complex looking at the other participants there. They were professional with great presentations. I was very new to all this and did not know how to deal with it. During the first two days of the Summit, I did not speak to anyone, thinking I would be judged. But as always, Mohanji knows everything. On the third day of the Summit, he randomly called out my name and teased me in front of everyone. He said, “Speak something; no one will judge you here.” 

As he moved out of the conference hall, he tapped my chest, “Are you open now?” He did that to open me up and remove my inferiority complex. After that, I could communicate easily with others, and my confidence increased immensely. Mohanji removed the blockages within me, which made me free. After this, there were profound moments of deep silence and no thoughts during this trip, which cannot be described. 

During the initial months of my tenure as the Country Head, the Covid pandemic struck the world. As instruments of Mohanji, we had to take up the responsibility of bringing positive vibes to the world during the chaos. I was busy with many activities starting and many volunteers coming forward to provide support. 

I was kept busy in a very positive way. I worked from home alone for more than six months before going to my hometown Jammu in October. As guided by Mohanji, I took up intense early morning sadhana, which helped me stay stable. 

In December 2020, Madhusudan offered me a role in the Global Management team. I gladly accepted it as it was another opportunity to serve, and by that time, I knew Mohanji would handle everything. Now, my role has expanded to the global platform. This role has expanded my horizons as I interact and work with our global family destroying my limitations of being restricted to serving one country.

As I progressed in my role as the Country Head, I realized the reason behind the position. It was done to eliminate a lot of my baggage and take me closer towards my goal of total dissolution. Situations were given, an understanding to handle the situations was given, and it was up to me to implement the teachings and rise above or detach myself from all the situations. It taught me how to deliver without ownership, which I can now observe and accept. I strongly feel that whenever Mohanji gives a task to anyone, he gives us an opportunity to surrender our actions to him. This needs constant practice. The role of the Country Head helped me practice acceptance and surrender in all situations.

With his grace, I am still serving in both roles, but aware that these roles are temporary. They are given to me as per my individual requirement on the path of liberation. When the path is complete dissolution, Tradition arranges everything for you at the right time as per your constitution and capacity. You don’t have to ask for anything, it is delivered to you as per your eligibility, and it could be different for different people depending on the individual constitution. This is why we cannot compare. Our beloved Master ensures that every individual deeply connected to him is moving towards the same goal of complete dissolution. All we need to do is accept whatever is given to us with complete faith and surrender.


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  1. Really beautiful and inspiring testimonial Aditya. Wonderful to get to know you and your journey better. Thank you ♥️🙏

  2. Jai MohanJI..Acharya Aditya, Really felt Blessed to read your experience with the Divine..Love You Always, Baba..

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