Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 167 & 168

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 167 – The Sons of Brahma (Prajapatis) 

Yesterday (27/04/2021) was Hanumān Jayantī, and in the afternoon, I visited Mohanji with another volunteer helping us with Mohanji Slovenian registration. We’d gone there to share the day’s updates, as we’ve made significant progress, and to speak about activities/priorities for the week ahead. It’s exciting that we will have another Satsang on the land this Thursday, which people are already signing up for.  

One thing I would say is consistent about Mohanji is that there’s an element of inconsistency. He flows, and that means one never knows when he’ll speak or what he’ll share. You always have to be alert, aware and ready. Yesterday was another one of these surprise moments, and it was nice; as we sat in the room (Devi, Jelena and Mila), Mohanji spontaneously started speaking. This was prompted by the fact that Mohanji loves animals. He follows many good Instagram accounts with various animals and people who rescue animals and gives it his support.

He shared this picture of what I think was a goose, a gorgeous goose. It was delicate with unique colours. It was a close-up photograph. He asked, “Do you think that this was created by evolution? No way.” Thus began a Satsang, where he spoke about the Prajāpatis – the sons of Brahma who had the power to create. 

They could bring together all of the elements we have here on Earth, water, fire, space, and Earth itself. They had the power to create; infuse the creation with the intelligent energy of the universe, the same energy as our soul. Similar to how ritualistic priests can bring the energy of a specific deity into an idol when they consecrate the temple. This is what they did. He explained that there were many creators, many beings that had this ability, such as Sage Agastya, who brought Mohanji here.

They found this platform conducive to creation, a beautiful Canvas, a delicate balance of all these elements, Earth, water, air, fire and space. They set out as sculptors, as artists creating their masterpieces. Some are created in the air (various birds), others in the water (all marine life) and others on the land.

I share this because this was the conversation that was happening. I share as I heard and understood and obviously Mohanji’s opinion. He said that many beings had visited Earth from various planes, various lokas of the universe. These Prajāpatis, or creators, used this canvas to create with only one condition – the only rule they had was that they could not disturb the balance or the harmony of nature. Everything had to be complementary. There was nothing that could overpower anything else. There had to be something corresponding for every species to keep that species under control.

You have deer, lions, etc., so everything was in balance. The corresponding plant life for all the animals had to be created. The food was provided and medicines, in the form of plants etc. Most were programmed with this instinct that animals have to recreate, so everything was balanced and could look after itself.

Then degeneracy began, particularly in humans, with our “refined” human intellect. This mind, unfortunately, was then influenced by greed, ownership, me and mine, which started the degeneracy. Frequency began to fall from the higher aspects of love, kindness and compassion. This was when these beings left for other realms – somewhere more suitable to do the work.

I’d heard Mohanji share this before. He had spoken about it a few times, and it was great to listen to it again. I thought I’d share it this morning, so I took notes, and I can share some more over the following recordings too. Mohanji was in good humour, laughing and making jokes. He also shared his views on Rāvaṇa, which are really unique. Rather than the demon that people portray, Ravana was a great scholar, a great devotee, a great warrior, a great king, and so many great qualities other than his ego, which caused his demise/downfall.

Day 168 – Let it flow

I find one of the most beautiful aspects of walking this path, The Path of Pathlessness, of being with Mohanji is that it’s a unique journey. Whilst we’re all together, we’re each walking in our way; uniqueness is respected and encouraged. I enjoy the condensed teaching from Mohanji, which is: “Be you. Be you unapologetically, with all the strengths and weaknesses that you have. Recognizing that some people will like us and some will criticize us, the most important thing is that we fully accept ourselves as we are.”

It’s remarkable to watch Mohanji meet people because he meets them as they are. He fulfils everybody as they are (as they desire to be complete). Every time the interaction is unique, which I find amazing. The flip side of living with him, he’s never asked me to be a certain way, to act a certain way, or to change who I am. From this, I understand that he’s guiding me to completion as I am.

When we look at karmic beings, the fact is we have pending karma to clear. Mohanji has spoken before about the impact of suppressions and denials. I wanted to share that again today; reiterate it as it came up in conversation. Even though we have this path of liberation, liberation from this existence, he says all the karmic stuff must be cleared. Otherwise, there’s no movement. We all have that to work through. He says that when this stops, when the movement stops on the path, it’s usually because of denial or suppression of experiences which can cause this karma to be stuck.

In our conversation, he shared that it’s good to be aware of this because if something is denied or suppressed, it has the potential to bounce back just as hard. Like a spring, you’re pushing it down, suppressing it; once you release it, it can bounce back with as much force as was used to push it down.

Say, for example, someone has decided that it’s time to renounce the world; they’ve had enough and want to be in complete silence, meditate and not speak with anybody around. If this action amounts to suppression, then it has the potential to bounce back, even stronger, into this life, or maybe even another. But, if everything is being cleared, everything’s happening automatically – there’s a flow, then it’s good because eventually, silence happens naturally. 

If desires are all packed away and stored, then they have the potential to come back. I was curious because, at times, it feels as though desires have reduced, but then an event or situation may trigger something again. I asked Mohanji, “How can you know if we are clearing what we need when our destiny is already laid out? What if an event in the future prompts more desires?” 

He quickly closed this down for me. He said, “We don’t need to know what’s happening because everything’s just happening over time like a candle doesn’t know that it’s burning. As we live our life, it’s happening. Simply let it flow without resistance.”


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