My Mohanji story

Written by Zoran
This is my story of how I met Mohanji, and how He helped me with my addiction. Hopefully, if it inspires at least one person it will serve its purpose.
I was hooked on LSD and Mohanji saved me. I may have taken it around a 100 times within the period of 2010-2012. This is a potent psychedelic drug opening up many hidden layers of consciousness. In November 2012, with just one single Shaktipat Mohanji destroyed all the links and addictions. It’s been one year now since I’m off drugs.
I was addicted to the experience that these psychedelic drugs open me up to. In order to have the experiences I needed the drugs, but I wanted all of that to stop. It was leading me nowhere. I was seeing same inner landscapes, and after 6-8 hours from taking the psychedelic I was back as the old me with a memory of just another fake Satori experience.

A photo of Mohanji pops out in the google search results
A photo of Mohanji pops out in the google search results

One day in April 2010, I was high on LSD, and MDMA, having one of my many sessions of inner explorations, with intent of having one more insight and “evolve” further. While I was googling images with keywords such as Babaji, Enlightenment, etc. a portrait photo of Mohanji popped up in the search results. I ignored it, since there was something plain about it. 🙂 Then after some few hours later another photo of Mohanji came out again in the search results, and I felt I have to see where it leads me. It lead me to his blog post on Nithyananda Scandal. Wow, I was in for a great surprise. Someone seemingly looking so plain and ordinary speaking pearls of Wisdom and Truth. A Supreme Master disguised in a veil of Humility. If the drug did not sharpen my consciousness I would have most probably missed Him. Usually we notice things that glow and shine. But only the inner eye can recognize the stature of a True Master.
The effect of the LSD and MDMA was at its peak. While having the peak experience I was reading Mohanji’s words, and each word struck a cord as Absolute Truth. In that moment I knew I found a Supreme Guru. He spoke with so much Love, Clarity, Objectivity, Knowledge, Humility, and Power.
From that moment on, every day, I was reading Mohanji’s blogs. He became my daily companion and a Supreme Guide.

First Shaktipat, (Belgrade, 2011)
First Shaktipat, (Belgrade, 2011)

In 2011, Mohanji was coming to Serbia. Wow, a True Master coming so near by. Belgrade is 500km distance from where I was living. I arranged everything to attend the Power of Purity meditation in Belgrade. I drove to Serbia with my wife and a friend. At entering the city, I started looking for a parking spot. I found one just 50 meters from the place where the meditation was organized. What a “coincidence”. 🙂 I never used the map, didn’t asked anyone, or even have idea where I’m driving to get to that place. And, I arrived exactly at the place of Satsang in a huge city such as Belgrade. Interesting.
We entered the meditation place, and sat at the back since it was already all packed with people. When Mohanji entered, one thought entered my mind and  stuck in my head: “Finally I met My Master”. He was emanating white light. Each word he said I already knew inside of me. As if my soul was one with Him and all His words had a flavor of déjà vu. At the end he was giving Shaktipat. After he delivered Shaktipat to me, he just said: “Stay connected.” “Oh, You bet I will, Master” – I thought to myself. 🙂
I came back home fulfilled. Days went by, and I still was reaching out to LSD for experiences. The connection to Mohanji was steadily growing day by day. I  was being silly, and at times I was hiding his picture away not to see me that I’m taking LSD. 🙂 As if He sees me through the photo and I’m being naughty doing drugs. I felt Mohanji would not approve. This was making a conflict in my mind.
Addiction destroyed by a single Shaktipat, (Lifestyle Retreat, Serbia, 2012)
Addiction destroyed by a single Shaktipat, (Lifestyle Retreat, Serbia, 2012)

It was an inner conflict waiting to be resolved at the first Serbia Lifestyle Retreat with Mohanji in 2012. Over there, I told Mohanji about my LSD abuse, and asked him what he thinks I should do about it. He said he’s against drugs, of course. Oh, so that is why I felt the conflict. 🙂 He advised me to be aware of the process if the craving comes, and that I should just try to watch it objectively, and do nothing about the whole thing. He asked me: “Who is in control, you or the LSD?” At the end he told me: “If you want, I could finish it tonight during Shaktipat. You just hold the intent, and I’ll take care of it.” I said – “Yes, please Mohanji, I’ll hold the intent, I want this to stop.”
That night during Shaktipat, Mohanji completely destroyed the addiction. It was gone. When I got back home, I was a “clean slate” person. All the people I was connected to through the LSD, miraculously went different ways. My thought processes changed, and the cravings were very few, bearable and quite easily ignored. I was born anew.
Words cannot describe the infinite gratitude I feel.
Deeply humbled by the gifted book "Sreepada Sreevallabha Charitamrutam", a Divine Biography of the Dattatreya Avatar
Deeply humbled by the gifted book “Sreepada Sreevallabha Charitamrutam”, a Divine Biography of the Dattatreya Avatar


14 thoughts on “My Mohanji story”

  1. Dear Zoran, the Love eternal knows no conditions – I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with all of us so humbly and sincerely this most intimate experience. May you be blessed with the real inner experiences of the highest nature. Love always, Biba

  2. Dear Zoran
    We are living in a world of pretensions. It takes a “lion’s heart” to tell the truth to the world without pretensions. I congratulate you for being real, being courageous enough to be real. This attitude towards life is enough to reach the highest pinnacle in detachment and evolution. When we keep one face, when we are sincere and honest to ourselves and the world outside, there is no room for any fear, apprehensions, insecurities and negativity. You are ready for the highest. I wonder how many people have the guts to declare their addictions, let alone their inner secrets, including their spiritual inclinations and experiences!. Many people shy away from sharing their own real experiences with the world, which would have helped many. The scripture says “If your conviction in yourself, your path and your guide is loud and clear, it must show. You will shout from the roof top for the whole world to hear – Eureka – I have found the TRUTH!
    Love You

    1. I loved this statement Mohanji. It brought tears to my eyes. I am one of the system and introverted ones so this resonates deep with me. Hopefully one day with your blessings I can have a lions heart and not be shy about sharing my true feelings.

  3. Dear Zoran,

    Congratulations on your dedication and ability to surrender completely to the Master without which this huge transformation could not have happened.

    With Respect and Hope You Continue to Progress with Shiva’s Lightening,


  4. Dearest Father, you never told me not to take LSD anymore, you never imposed anything on me. Even if I continued with the drugs your love for me wouldn’t diminish a bit. But this same love of yours gave me the strength to persevere and do what is right. Love You.

  5. A true and sincere opening of your heart and guidance to others.
    As Mohanji used to tell us at the right time the Masters comes to our life
    to AWAKEN us. Only things we have to do is to put our unconditional LOVE
    and love this life and support others as much as we can including animals and birds. Lokha Samstha Sukhino Bavanthu and my sincere Good Wishes to you and please progress further by Mohanjis guidance……

  6. Biljana Vozarevic

    How much honest effort
    does it take just to be
    truthful to yourself
    to be real, to be free

    You seem to be invulnerable
    having opened vulnerability
    sticking to the untouchable
    unmovable inner stability

    Unshakable faith you showed
    without saccharin, in the bare real
    acid challenges rode
    but you allowed yourself to heal


  7. Wonderful Zoran… This is what we call it purity… you have chosen the White Path under the guidance of our beloved Mohanji… Hold the divine feet forever. You will be taken care… Thanks for sharing… Wishing you all the best…with love

  8. Dear Zoran, I am only now reading this article nearly three years later. Not realising the impact of what you were going through even though I was in Serbia with you at the time! Thank you for sharing such an inspirational experience. Your honesty and openness is a wonderful ample to us all! Love Vijay

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