Oh Dear Love Divine, Will You Be My Valentine?

Written by Biljana Vozarevic

(Dedicated to Mohanji)

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Oh dear love divine

please be my Valentine!


My thoughts are no more scattered

they are focused on YOU

you can’t be touched when flattered

you only value what is true


Then accept this my devotion

accept whole me onto you

I celebrate what you mean to me

I’m attached to you like a glue


When my heart beats you hear that

How possible? How sophisticate!

You’re an epitome of silence

peace, bliss and non-violence


I have that one main goal

to see I’m one with your soul

Let me be freer and freer

let me love without barrier


Even a second I won’t hesitate

to use each moment to celebrate

love that you amplify, magnify

till all identities nullify


We’re one yes, yes we are

I’m always there where you are

stars sparkle while hearts dance

in eternal God’s romance


Oh dear love divine

please be my Valentine!


8 thoughts on “Oh Dear Love Divine, Will You Be My Valentine?”

  1. So beautifully written. I was really touched. I think echoed what many feel and don’t know how to say. Thankyou sister for sharing your love and talent.

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