The Master Consciousness – Beyond what the eyes can see

Written by Sabrina Koletic

On the day when Rishi Prabhakarji left his body, I had a vision of Mohanji dead and lying in a white sheet of cloth. Traditionally in India, dead bodies are kept on a fresh white sheet of cloth with lamps lit around the body at all corners. I never knew or heard about Rishi Prabhakarji or about the rituals in India associated with death, such as white cloth etc. This vision of Mohanji’s death was totally unexpected for me. An indescribable peace radiated from his face. I was puzzled and restless on seeing this.

The next morning I was amazed when I read this status on Mohanji’s Facebook profile:

Rishi Prabhakarji
Rishi Prabhakarji

“Woke up with the news of Rishi Prabhakarji attaining Maha Samadhi. Natesh Mahadevanji was organizing my meeting with him later this year. That could not happen. I have not physically met Rishi Prabhakarji. But, I have conducted a short satsang to his disciples and answered their questions a few months ago. Rishi Prabhakar has contributed a lot to the spiritual world and many spiritual teachers of today have gained a lot from him. He has always been silent and in a way behind the curtain refusing sensations and glitters which comes with a price. He never craved for name and fame. He always performed his dharma with absolute conviction and equanimity. He was ever ready to guide anyone who contacted him irrespective of his position in the society. A true Yogi. A true gift for the world. I sincerely believe that the generations to come will acknowledge and respect Rishi Prabhakarji’s contributions to the modern day seekers who are deluded with glitters. I deliver my humble homage, prostrations and respects to a great saint who walked this earth. I respect you and love you, Rishi Prabhakarji. You will always remain as a guiding force, a beacon of light. May you continue to guide the real seekers of the world who seek the truth and not sensations. I love you.. M”

So I asked Mohanji whether this was a dream or a vision, and it’s meaning. He very kindly explained it to me. That night (morning in India) a great yogi, Rishi Prabhakarji had attained mahasamadhi. All enlightened teachers walk on the same white path of total liberation and share a united consciousness. So in his death Mohanji’s unity with his physical existence also died.

Unity in Consciousness
Unity in Consciousness

He said to me, “In the context of united consciousness between all those who walk the white path, the path of total liberation, what you saw is not a dream. When he left, a part of me died – the part that was linked to him as an entity in flesh and blood. You saw the aspect of me witnessing the event and manifesting it like a mirror. It will seem like my death to someone like you who is deeply connected to my consciousness without barriers or constant doubts. In unity of consciousness, all units have the same relevance. Just like the cells of our body get replaced with new ones, there is constant appearance and disappearance happening simultaneously in the manifested level of consciousness. This is visualized as physical death in this realm (realm of earth). Hence, what you saw is my connection or vision through my eyes to that wholesome consciousness; it’s manifested state and the death of that state, in the form of an event. You saw my death, which is true from that angle. Hope I did not confuse you with this explanation. All are one. All are purpose-bound. All are relevant. Everything matters.”

Mohanji has been guiding us in the path of pathlessness or total liberation. Even though we do not understand the levels and realms of operations of the master, we have seen his numerous expressions of kindness, love, compassion and seeming anger only for the sake of kindness and love.

When anger is expressed out of pure love, it is unconditional and totally benevolent to the receiver, if only he accepts it with surrender which will lead to his total transformation. When anger happens out of selfish expectations, it is conditional love. Mohanji’s expressions are always unconditional and to shake up tamas or inertia of people who come into contact with him. As Mohanji has explained time and again, all the masters of the golden tradition of great Yogis, work in united consciousness. There is an intranet running between all these gurus. They do not meet or talk often, but they support each other at their chosen work. They work hand in hand towards raising the consciousness of the planet without expectations. They are one in many bodies. This does not happen with various other teachers or exponents of spirituality that we see in the world today. They do things to convert people to their way of thinking while masters of the golden tradition of liberation only transforms people to higher awareness. There are no second agendas.

Mohanji is guiding us in the Path of Pathlessness or total Liberation.
Mohanji is guiding us in the Path of Pathlessness or total Liberation.

The golden tradition never binds while cults bind. Cult gurus always operate in isolation while the gurus of the golden tradition always operate together even though seemingly separated. In this context, when I saw Mohanji’s death, it only signified another master linked to him has left his body. It immediately reflected through Mohanji to those who are connected to him. It signified the unity of consciousness between masters of the tradition. All are one. Mohanji demonstrated to us in real life, his eternal message of unity in consciousness.

I sank deep in contemplation. As one of your family, I want to know how it feels to be a guru? Mohanji receives thousands of e-mails per week and respond to all, who pray to him to fulfill their needs. People adore him because he has achieved a state of consciousness that every man craves for. Guru is love – unconditional love.

What does the guru want from us? Nothing! Guru always gives. He gives himself fully to each of us. And what do we, His worshippers, do? Do we really live his teachings? Can we achieve a state of consciousness where Mohanji is? I believe we can, and I believe that Mohanji wants that for each of us. Every day presents to us the opportunities of learning and acquiring the wisdom, which are signposts towards a higher level of consciousness. Are we aware of its infinite possibilities? Everything is energy and energy is composed of light. Each of us is pure light, distinguished only by the frequency of oscillation.

Guru is love – unconditional love
Guru is love – unconditional love

It can’t be mere coincidence, there is good reason why our souls gathered around Mohanji and chosen Him to be our teacher. We all experienced his love, felt His presence when we remembered Him, and received His guidance. Is not it time that our Father felt our infinite respect, gratitude and love for him? Shouldn’t we prove ourselves His worthy disciples? We must consider, what else we can do for him or the world which is him? We should try to give back much more than we constantly take from him.

In gratitude to our Father, let us always feel, become and spread unconditional love!


5 thoughts on “The Master Consciousness – Beyond what the eyes can see”

  1. You can not compare the earthly love with divine love. Divine love knows no bounds, she graciously flowing, nourishes the soul and heart. Divine love is my father. By the grace of my Father, I am blessed again. His unconditional love is my guiding star. My dearest, beloved Father, I surrender myself at your lotus feet now and ever.

  2. Dearest Sabrina, it’s been a privilege to immerse in the beauty of your blog. Thank you so much. The humility of our Beloved Mohanji belies his Divine Royal Stature. He never turns anyone away. His kindness and compassion are legendary, also a stern but oh so loving hand when a situation demands it. The depths of His Liberated Soul are unfathomable. I would certainly not underestimate His unassuming demeanor. Glorious ineed is His Transcendent Radiant Light, transforming all who are willing to transcend their limited nature.
    My EverLoving Pranams to You Beloved Mohanji.
    I Love You

  3. Though, have been controlling myself to comment on this post, but today would like to express my feelings. Though the experience of Sabrina is true, we can’t imagine or think of Mohanji’s death at this moment.There are people having connected with Mohanji for more than last 4-5 years but I know him since last October.Now our lives are being transformed slowly. We can’t imagine Mohanji’s absence in all the lives connected to him.Though we are connected to his physical form now, slowly we will get transformed by His blessings.

    He has to live long with good health spreading the kindness. Entire world should join his path of spreading love, non-violence and helping the helpless to keep Mother Earth happier.

    Even Sathya Sai Baba left his body saying that people are not understanding his mission of spreading love even after 89 years of his tenure on earth. Until the child walks properly, every parent continues to warn and guide the kid. Same way, I want Mohanji to be with us guiding all the living being fraternity.
    Love you Mohanji _/\_

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