The Living Pictures of Mohanji

Written by Sabrina Koletić 

I carry memories of those early days when I was establishing contact with Mohanji over the photograph. Back then I did not even realize the wisdom the infinite intelligence of His consciousness. I think He knew how much I am related to Sai Baba without my telling Him. Each time I took a picture of Mohanji in my hand, instead of Mohanji I always saw the face of my beloved Baba. It was like magic, a delight for the eyes , but I was not aware that this was only the beginning of a journey to some hidden depths in consciousness that are waiting for my awakening. The experiences of connecting with Mohanji over the photographs are indescribably beautiful. There were days when I saw him open his mouth and say something. But I did not or could not hear him. Perhaps I was not ready to hear. My heart was full of love, my eyes were enamored by unusual scenes, and my mind did not know how to explain what was happening. And the soul? The soul was patiently waiting to be expressed in all its beauty.

The experiences of connecting with M over the photograph are indescribably beautiful.
The experiences of connecting with Mohanji over the photograph are indescribably beautiful.

A few days ago I took another photograph of Mohanji, and I told him, “Thank you for all your teachings Guruji. Words are so small or weak. Look here, look into my heart; I am sending you all the love in this world.” I looked at the photo from which love radiated. Suddenly, his eyes filled with tears. (Either he was happy at my affection or sad at the ingratitude the world constantly returns to those who love unconditionally.) “I know you’re sad, I can feel it” – I told him! And the communion started. In my head I heard a clear voice while the eyes from the photo watched me lively.” So many blind people with healthy eyes, so many deaf people with healthy ears, so many of those who were killed and those who are killing.” I’m holding the photo aware of the strength of emotions coming out of it. Suddenly, Mohanji looked to one side, then to the other.

Guruji, I continue, I know that you direct us constantly towards unconditional love. How does it look like when you are unconditional love? How does it feel? What is this state of consciousness, to be unconditional love for 24 hours a day? Suddenly his eyes were directed at me with a lot of intensity. The photograph was alive! While the body was seated holding a picture in hands, the consciousness was reaching new heights. Mohanji was no longer in the picture, he was in front of me and took me into a state of consciousness that I had never experienced before. I do not know what words to use to describe it to you. As if I was not in the body, aware of his presence, not asking questions, he took me on a journey that I will never forget. I felt a true unconditional love, like I’ve become one with the Mohanji’s state of consciousness. Nothing else mattered any longer. Just that moment in existence, which has neither beginning nor end. I touched the beauty of existence that I do not know how to explain. Where have I been? I do not know, but I do know I want to go back to that state of consciousness, where everything is somehow beautiful, holy, every atom radiates with love, all around me is love.

Mohanji lives this beautiful state each moment. He gave me a glimpse of his state of perpetual bliss. He gives unconditionally each moment. How many are ready to receive it whole heartedly? How many have gratitude for what he gives? How long do we maintain gratitude? Even gross  ingratitude of people cannot stop the flow of unconditional love from Mohanji. Sabrina has never met Mohanji physically. The connection is beyond physical. It is in the unlimited realm of metaphysical. It is reality. It is truth.


How does it look like when you are unconditional love? How does it feel?
How does it look like when you are unconditional love? How does it feel?

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  1. So beautifully expressed dearest Sabrina. I am deeply touched… The blessing of having such profound inner experiences, such depth of connection is truly priceless… Love you always, Biba

  2. Dear Sabrina, the beauty of your experiences is underscored by the fact that you have not as yet MET Beloved Mohanji in person! The connection is timeless and beyond measure. Thank you for sharing.

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