Pain and suffering – Part 4

This is the 4th part of the blog “Pain and suffering” by the closest witnesses of Mohanji’s recent car accident. In this part, we share more people’s experiences from the perspective of Mai-Tri and possibly predictive dreams.

Mina Obradovic, Mai-Tri practitioner

I found out about Mohanji’s accident the day after it happened, on 8th October, around 3 pm. Milica texted me, told me what happened, and told me to do a Mai-Tri session for him.

Mohanji’s body belongs to the world. The MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) and Mai-Tri sessions are for what he does in the world, not for him as a person. In Mai-Tri, his body looks like a huge space enveloping many people connected to him, who he is cleansing every moment. Their pains and karmas are inside his body. His body, as ours, doesn’t exist. If I see a particular problem during his session, it is always what he collects from others. The size of such garbage that I often see inside him is not the same size as in regular people. It is much larger because he cleanses many people who are connected to him globally, including their families. A Mai-Tri for Mohanji is for what he collects, and it’s huge. From my experience, Mai-Tri, for him, is like trying to remove the ocean’s water, bucket by bucket. It makes a change, but the amount of garbage he collects is terribly difficult to comprehend.

I saw that Mohanji’s body doesn’t store data like our body. It is not entangled in the number of karmic strings, emotions, or blockages. His body belongs to the whole world, and it has no personal karma. As I experienced it, he had no meridians where thoughts are stored, no vertical strings connected to personal desires, and no chakras as such. Different parts of the body seemed to have different purposes, similar to chakras, but not the same. Inside him, there was a huge space, much different from other people. Like an entire universe inside, different places in the universe represent different purposes for his work.

A couple of days after the accident, Mohanji came to Serbia. When I met him, I felt relief. I asked if the doctors knew he was a globally known humanitarian and that he was important. I asked if they treated him accordingly. My strong desire has been that everyone treating Mohanji knows how much work he is doing in the world and that they should treat him with the best care and respect. He said that they didn’t know but that they were polite and treated him well. He was very happy about the behaviour of the hospital staff of Maribor.

His acceptance of the situation was phenomenal. At one moment, He said, “For one short moment, I was a bit annoyed. One small feeling of annoyance. That is when I had to go to the toilet, and they insisted I should take a wheelchair. I said it’s just a few feet from my bed. They insisted, saying I was in bad shape and I shouldn’t walk. That is when I got slightly annoyed, but then I understood they were just doing their job. So I accepted.” For him, there is no resistance in life, no blaming, over-analyzing, suffering, or victimizing oneself. His invisible message was that in every situation, we could choose to accept. We can choose to have understanding and keep walking.

By afternoon, we were sitting with him, and he was talking. He asked Subhasree to call a few more people to come and said that we would have a satsang. The pain was not at all visible on his face. It was not there. Many of us always resist life. On the contrary, Mohanji’s life is a pure example of acceptance.

Every conversation of that day awakened gratitude and a deep feeling of uncertainty, and an urge to appreciate every moment with him while he was still here. He also shared that there won’t be any alerts or hospitals the next time he decides to leave the body. It will be a sudden exit. He said he never wants to be a burden to somebody, attached to machines, half dead. Next time, it will be in one go.

I hope this blog, beautifully shared by witnesses of Mohanji’s recent accident, will inspire us to have more gratitude and care for our guru, who works tirelessly to serve us. I hope we will recognize the avatar while they are still alive because there had been many struggles before we got this treasure. Their words are sacred; their presence is here for us. If we don’t catch the bus, the bus will not be affected, but we will be at a loss.

Djurdja Bojovic, had a dream of Mohanji’s death a few weeks before the accident.

I dreamt we were at some gathering, and I was with a friend. It was like a celebration. While sitting, she was reading something on her phone, telling me, “Did you hear that Mohanji died? It says here.” The current reality is that everyone knows about his recent car accident, similar to the dream. It was as if she found out about it from somebody online. In the dream, I just said, “Oh, really? Okay.” In the dream, that information was totally irrelevant to me. I just ignored it and continued with the celebration. It didn’t touch me because I thought, “This lady does not understand Mohanji; she is not even connected to him. Who knows where she read it? Maybe it’s not even true.” 

Then I separated from my friend, and the thought that he could really be dead started bothering me. I started experiencing the pain of loss from other people who were also connected to Mohanji and loved him. I saw other people who took it very badly and realized that it really happened. 

When I realized that it had happened, I felt regret. I felt some disappointment, and I was unpleasantly surprised, very shocked. I didn’t know how to feel, and I felt there was no going back. I didn’t have a feeling that I could fix something now. It was really hard for me to face that he really died; I didn’t know how to assimilate it as a fact. I felt I didn’t experience and do enough while he was physically here. 

In the dream, I remember I was telling myself that there was no going back now. I knew that he was never angry at me for anything, but it was my simple inner feeling of guilt, sadness and regret that I didn’t use our time together well. I felt, “If I knew this earlier, that he would go, I would have acted so differently.”

Another thing that I felt is this. When I understood that he was really gone, a clear image appeared to me of the full potential, what could have happened, if I had used the time well. I felt regret not only for myself but for many other people.  

For a couple of days, I didn’t feel completely well after this dream, all these feelings were still there, and many thoughts came. Trying to understand this experience, I didn’t know anymore why it happened, and I just knew that it was not an ordinary dream.

Then I realized after judgement and fear stopped, only gratitude remained. That potential reality was like a light at the end of the tunnel because it gave me hope. In that reality, I felt abundant in every way, together with the whole Mohanji family, with no guilt or feeling of victimhood, just a feeling of unity and celebration of life. It empowered me and reminded me of the highest truth.

We are beyond blessed to be on Earth with Mohanji right now. Sometimes I run away from that fact because I feel guilty and not worthy enough of his presence. Through that dream, I realized that I was just wasting my life by feeling like that. I can’t live my life with the fear of being unworthy anymore. We should all claim this life as a huge blessing, that we are worthy and capable of living. We should really celebrate it by having every thought, word and action from a place of gratitude for what we are. Mohanji, as a presence, came to this planet to remind us of who we are and to guide us home by being a living example; to show us that there is no separation between us. We must remember this with great respect, love and gratitude. We are Mohanji!


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