Precise Planning by Divine Saviour, Mohanji



Precise Planning by Divine Saviour, Mohanji

Written by Neeti Nagapal Roy


Thinking of what could have happened over the last weekend gives me an eerie feeling. But when the Master’s Grace acts as a shield, even with some turbulence in between, all ends well. 


Last Friday morning saw my son with a mild fever. I thought of showing him to a doctor at noon, after returning from the first parent-teacher meeting for my son. He has recently started school and is three years old. My husband left early morning for his official meeting scheduled out of town and was supposed to return the next day evening. 


As planned, I took my son to a Pediatrician (his clinic is on the 5th floor of our building), who prescribed some medicines for my son. The thermometer showed 36.8 degree C (98.2 F), which meant my son did not have any fever then. My son and I returned home and he had started getting a little cranky as he wasn’t feeling too well. His body was getting warmer suddenly. I went to the kitchen to quickly prepare a chapatti for him for lunch and switched on his favorite cartoon channel to keep him occupied in the meantime. All this hardly took 5-7mins. I came out of the kitchen and called my son for lunch but he appeared busy with his eyes firm on the TV. Like a lot of times this time too he didn’t respond to my first call as he was watching his favorite toon show. I thought it normal. I called him for the second time and I don’t how or why my second call was very loud. He did not even look at me! His eyes were still on the TV. I got a little anxious and wondered how engrossed this little child is with the TV! I went closer and clapped my hands to draw his attention. I was shocked when he still did not look at me. Now, I got worried and called out his name real loud. His eyes had now started drooping and as I went shook his shoulders, he fell on the sofa with his eyes rolling upward. I FROZE!


I kept calling his name loudly but he had got unconscious by then. Everything around me seemed to have stopped! I am not in my country, have no relatives or friends around, don’t know my neighbours – what do I do now? Whom do I call for help? What has suddenly happened to my little son? I started shivering with fear. Did not know what to do –  I changed his wet clothes as fast as my hands allowed and rushed down to the same doctor. As I waited for the elevator, I cried and called Mohanji for help. I just said, “Mohanji you had promised me that you will always be there with me and you will always protect my son. How can then anything like this happen to him?” 


My omnipresent Master had arranged everything even without my little knowledge! As I ran down crying, the same doctor was already standing close to the entrance talking to someone. By Mohanji’s grace, he did not have any patient with him else we would have lost precious time. He rushed to me as soon as he saw me with my son in my arms. Emergency aid was given to my son instantly but his condition was unstable still. I asked him if my son will be ok. He said, “I can’t say anything right now. We need to rush to the nearest hospital” – this reply froze me inside. Hearing this I frantically started calling on my husband’s phone but he didn’t answer as he was in his meeting. The phone was on silent. The doc called an ambulance immediately and put my son on oxygen. I told the doctor that since my husband is out of town, I did not have enough cash on me so I am worried how would I admit my son to the hospital. He said, “Do not worry about money. We first need to rush to the hospital.” He, along with a nurse carrying the oxygen cylinder, and a security guard of our apartments accompanied my son and me to the nearest hospital. I suddenly remembered that I had casually  taken my son’s Medical Healthcard from my husband the same morning, before he left. This Healthcard would take care of all the expenses at the hospital and it was with me that very moment, too. I thanked Mohanji! How precise was the Divine planning!!! 


This doctor assured me that he will explain my son’s condition to the resident Pediatrician available in Emergency and leave only after my son was in safe hands! He did what he said. My Master arranged for such a noble doctor, too! And the building guard was too trying to tell me to be patient and not panic. But despite all this I was inconsolable as my son was still unconscious. My emotions had taken the front seat and even when I was unable to ‘feel’ the Divine presence that minute, It was still playing its part. As the resident doctor took charge, things started getting under control. My son regained consciousness, though he wasn’t stable yet. However, by now I had realized that my dear Master is keeping His word and always will. With this thought, all my fear vanished. I felt miserable for my little child going through so much of pain due to the Glucose drip, and blood tests, but deep down my heart I had faith that Mohanji is right there with me and looking after every small detail. I was no longer afraid and was firm that Mohanji is taking care of everything. Later in the night my husband too arrived. The next two days were difficult as my son’s fever fluctuated between very high and high but I was much calmer and knew that he would be fine.  Sunday afternoon my son got discharged with his fever under control.


Thank you Dear Divine Father for your love, care, and protection. Words are not enough to express gratitude ….


May we all continue to receive your love and blessings and tirelessly walk on the path you show…


Love and gratitude Dear Master,



4 thoughts on “Precise Planning by Divine Saviour, Mohanji”

  1. Dear Neeti
    V wish your son a healthy and a speedy recovery.I can understand what you would have gone through as I am also a mother. I was literally in tears while reading your experience.

    But by now you would have known that he is there with us as he always says “Iam with You”… “Main hu na”.
    So just keep faith be happy 🙂 Stay blessed!

  2. Annette Adamson

    Mohanji never lets go of our hands, whether we’re in surrender or not, His love is absolutely unconditional and never ever wavers! Jai Mohanji, Jai Jai!

  3. Unconditional Love from True Gurus always flows at the time of our needs. Always have faith and surrender to their feet. God Bless you to overcome difficulties. Jai Sri Mohanji !

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