Radiating Love – My Experience and Contemplation after The Croatian Retreat

Written by Biljana Vozarevic (Serbia)

Biljana Vozarevic
I met Mohanji in 2010 and since then not only each time we meet, but also every second, I feel am a new person

Day 1

The retreat began with Mohanji reiterating as always, to bring the focus of our attention on the feeling. Feeling is crucial during the retreat, not sight, smell, mind’s games. Feeling has real effect. Sanjay Sir asked Mohanji today, “When will you shift gears?” He laughed and replied, “When people come out of water” and continued, “Most people go away from home to relax. We take a decision before we leave: I’m going to enjoy. Then it becomes a big pressure in the head. It is a pressure for pleasure and it makes you tired. Let us not be pressured for anything.” Once he estimated the energy and spiritual needs of the group, he added the customised schedule to be covered, the intensity which was going to best suit the group and possible physical and mental effects of cleansing.

I decided to be feeling oriented without pressure for upliftment or any other experience. I just intended to stay connected as deeply as possible and be in my heart.

NIKON D7100819
Sunrise Yoga session at island Iz

Day 2 was the first full day program. Initiates into Consciousness Kriya including me began our morning practice in the auspicious Brahma Muhurta hours. Then the whole group had a 2 hour Yoga session with Sanjay Sir.

Sunrise Yoga with Sanjay Sir (43)
Angelic play of colours in the sunrise sunshine, I recognised blessings and accepted them with gratitude

The first Yoga day started with easy exercises and postures so that the whole group could slowly get used to it. Simple to understand and do, as per Traditional School of Yoga – including even jogging simulation to boost circulation, the session ended happily with loud, unrestrained, boisterous laughter. I could feel the depth and level of silence inside. The echo of this laughter helped me to laugh and cry more freely and loudly, penetrating deep into my system.

2016-06-29-Cro, Iz-sunrise Yoga with Sanjay Sir (80) a
Happiness is an inside story

After Yoga we had a refreshing, fulfilling, confusion dispelling, soul addressing Q&A session by Mohanji. He answered participants’ questions with utmost clarity. The cleansing process began the moment participants met Mohanji and later during the Power of Purity meditation. The whole experience left people speechless from the overwhelming feeling of expansion in their hearts.

I also enjoyed memorable afternoon advanced Yoga classes with Sanjay Sir. It took right about 4h after lunch before this session without food so that we could stretch properly.

During the sunset, we went for a Conscious Walk along the beach, which was a very auspicious time for meditative walk.

CW on the beach (32)
Splashing of waves and persistent stridulating of crickets started coming from the inside, not outside.

Day 3 and 4 were real cleansing days with energy building up steadily. Some people felt sleepy from the high energy during lungs meditation that followed an exhaustive breathing routine.  Some felt emptiness or levitation. Some felt synchronicity of lungs and the heart. Some felt very sad or jealous because these negativities were sitting in them and were pouring out. The release had begun accompanied with an inner mental conflict e.g. “Everybody else feels better than me“.

Power of Purity meditation (9)

Power of Purity meditation (29)
Mohanji’s gift of Shaktipat

On Day 5 Sunrise Yoga pushed our limits with 24 sun salutations as per Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) along with new asanas for stretches, strength and stamina. We did them at a moderate speed of 45 seconds/cycle, which was challenging for a few, but with the guidance of Sanjay Sir everyone completed the routine. He demonstrated how it looked to do it even in 24 seconds! In general, the experience of Sunrise Yoga was surreal, pure joy and bliss. I am grateful to Mohanji to have brought such a great Yogi, Sanjay Sir to Croatia and grateful to destiny to have brought me here, too.

Sunrise Yoga with Sanjay Sir (117)


After Sunrise Yoga filled us with energy and freshness, we continued with 360° meditation. Hearts opened and tears starting rolling down.

360 meditation (164)

The Mantra chanting which followed had a further cleansing effect too intimate to show in public.

We also listened to sacred music with vibrations directly touching the soul and opening up the heart.

Opening the heart through music Govinda.. (6).JPG

People felt like they were on a roller-coaster, and some claimed they were born again. Later, to top it all, Mohanji gave Satsang during which he related a wonderful story about a doctor who was a sincere seeker and was looking for a true guru. He went through many miraculous events with his conviction being severely tested. Ultimately, destiny brought him to Mohanji and he was finally initiated into Consciousness Kriya in the way his soul had asked for a long time.

Day 6

Releasing continues… During the satsang Mohanji reminded that every moment is completion of what we planned before birth.

yoga postures Sanjay Sir and Biljana Vozarevic (24)

Even what situation seems to be the same, is never the same as it is a different day, moment, personality experiencing because you are dying every night and getting born every morning. What makes us negative are negative patterns – this is what we addressed during the retreat. When past gets released, life is new, there is a change in the path of destiny, you are fresh. It takes an environment like this, a master whom you trust, to create energy and vibration like this.

Mohanji solo (40)
“Don’t search for me outside of you. Search inside you. This body is just a projection.” Mohanji


Subtle and Omniscient

All the time, He knew what was happening with each one of us on an unimaginably subtle level. On Day 6, he started addressing us in a determined and straightforward manner, without being asked questions. He explained about the foolishness of suicidal ideas and agonising consequences which this destructive inclination has on the soul’s journey. Why was he talking about this very topic? He pointed out that among the things people were releasing he had seen a few suicidal tendencies, guilt from abortions, over-protection and possessiveness or over-dependency. All these burdens were coming out of people and he had taken care of it. On the surface there was chanting, dancing, shouting, crying, laughing, groaning, moaning, etc. How could he know all these so precisely and even more, how did he handle it all?

As he climbed up the terrace for the satsang, he addressed a lady at the entrance whom he had not met since morning “Was the cigarette good?” She was not even holding a cigarette in her hand. Smoking was not allowed, as we were supposed to go through detoxification and not intoxication! The fact that He wasn’t physically present did not prevent Him from knowing about the hidden smoker.

As I was translating during one-to-one consultations, having finished one, he asked me, ”You didn’t go for a swim today?” “No, I didn’t” I said. “I took a nap.” He knew even that.

M shaktipat (42)

The Essence of Love

As I returned home from the retreat, I thought about the significance of maintaining love in the heart, not directed at anyone in particular but remaining the invisible thread binding us all beyond perceivable existence.

The taxi driver who was taking me back home, told me about a terrible and cruel murder that had happened in a nearby town. Five people had been killed and twenty injured. Twelve days of mourning had been declared because of that incident. He started to accuse, complain, get angry, be desperate and judge. Instead of getting depressed and angry with him, I told him we should forgive that man and pray he finds real happiness and peace within as he didn’t know how to love and overcome his frustration. We can pray to keep our heart clean and hope that the man will be jailed soon before hurting any more people. There is one sun and it shines on everyone, even on the murderers, and we should not poison our hearts with resentment and judgment nor should we hate even the worst criminal.

island Iz (16)

Guru Bhakti

The power of radiating love within is important for our own well-being. When directed only towards the Guru, it could be a double edged sword, as one can become attached to His form and crave for physical proximity. However, this never lasts as nothing from the earth can survive for long, including the relationship that arises out of attachment to a physical form of a Guru.

Although it is directed towards the Guru, He has nothing from it nor does He need it instead He patiently nurtures that feeling in a disciple so that the disciple can grow. When a person gets stronger and more stable in love then everything else becomes less important. The most important thing becomes love within. We are the first ones who feel that love along with our surroundings. And of course, Guru feels it, too, yet His aim is that you shine and radiate first, so that you are the light to your surroundings. His aim is that you love yourself and hug yourself completely and to overflow this love on your fellow citizens. To kiss each event as a gift from God and to spread spiritual culture around. How? Not by preaching but by your own example. Not by renouncing the world, hating and alienating from it, but setting oneself free from the world within – to become free from attachment to worldly things, to become free from binding, limiting beliefs, self-imposed clamps, shackles that we were carrying unconsciously. His aim is that you recognise the difference between worldly and spiritual, transitory and permanent, mortal and immortal, dual and single, sensory and extrasensory, gross and subtle. Also, to accept the rules of terrestrial behaviour, e.g. “Born to pay“, as was written on one T-shirt.


Let’s not take His love personally as we may become possessive and suffer (or leave like some did). He does a service to the society. When we shine more, the society shines more, too.

Post Retreat – Living His Teachings 

When the retreat concluded, I was seeing people around me as if they were my old, faithful friends. As if we have known each other for at least a hundred years. I approached everyone with childlike trust and innocence. Although introvert by nature, I felt more open and free. People said, “You look like a girl” and I felt that way too. I felt a childlike, leaping playfulness, full of enthusiasm for new experiences, not craving for any but full of joy welcoming each divine new day.

Mohanji loves us a million times more that we love ourselves or others as His capacity to love is a million times bigger. The key is not to expect from Him to give love while we are passive with an attitude of asking, demanding, needing, as if we miss something and would like to fill it with something from outside. Instead, we need to work on ourselves so that we can go deep within and see how much love we can radiate filled with Mohanji’s energy and blessings. This is a continuous effort and we can try to increase our capacity to love so much that we reach His capacity to love wherever we are. Reach that purity of the heart, purity of one Guru, one Brahmarishi, one Raja Yogi, a sage, a spiritual master. Forget ourselves for some time and be that love. Be Him.

I love to see when people understand that Mohanji’s teaching is universal, beyond all concepts, embracing all religions and raising awareness to a level beyond all religions. Instead of a compartmentalized love, one should love everyone. The purpose should always be inner liberation from everything. And in order that happens, we should identify and become that immeasurable LOVE beyond all limits and boundaries and express it towards everyone who come to us.  Also, instead of being passive, if we are proactive and take responsibility for our actions, the energy level also increases.

When we connect with Mohanji every moment, we receive tremendous blessings and we must not take them for granted. We should recognise and validate these divine, precious gifts which our destiny or Guru principle sent to us. The ultimate consciousness has manifested into a living master who serves to bring dharma back to the Earth, and establish harmony with natural laws leading souls from darkness to light. Mohanji is here for the well-being of the Earth and elevates anyone who is honest, yearning to strive for a higher cause of love and immortality.

Whenever a problem comes – I surrender it to Mohanji. I think, “You are with me, do you see what is happening? You take care of it; I trust everything will be fine. I love you – Love for You is the most important of all.”

When we radiate love, what is best comes to us without even asking.

I cannot finish this without giving a lot of thanks to Marko Milovic, who tirelessly shot the right clicks of precious moments. Furthermore, he drew sketches of Mohanji along the way one of which is this:
received_10154352341652390 a

Jai Mohanji!

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  2. V.subramanian

    Very perceptive article ! ” Radiating Love in other words mean Radiating His Grace ” ! Ofcourse this is a constant integrated process and awareness !In my brief Association , I have found that we really need to step up at all levels ! First and foremost receptivity -Receiving His Grace in attunement ! Secondly Retentivity-Retaining the Grace by being grateful- this doesn’t mean being just Mohanji centric but in harmony with His Consciousness which is all encompassing ! Now Ofcourse we are stepping onto radiating His love !Radiating His Love is the best gift that we can ever give to His Consciousness !

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