Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra

Written by a Russian Devotee

Mohanji Gayatri Mantra

One night I was sitting in my bedroom and started chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra. After several seconds I realized something was different… I was feeling younger and younger and younger, as if time went backwards. I began chanting as I was in my thirties, then I transformed into myself when I was in my late twenties, then I became 18, 15, 10 years old. I kept on chanting while this transformation was happening. To be clear, I can’t say that I saw myself as a younger girl, it wasn’t a vision, I actually became this girl, I was step by step turned into myself 10, 15, 20, 25 years ago… My consciousness travelled through my past. This was so vivid, and even feelings, emotions, perception of my life were changing according to my age. I travelled through my whole life, recognizing and recalling myself at every point in the past.

Although there was a difference between me at different ages, I felt that this Gayatri Mantra was something that connected everything. It was like a base in my life. I sensed it as a string that went through all the stages of my life, it was always there. I realized that all these years since I was born I had been emanating the vibrations of this mantra, without even knowing the words. I didn’t chant it as it is, but somehow I was producing the same vibrations that chanting of this mantra creates. These vibrations were like a thread, and my personality at different ages was like some beads on it. And holding on to this thick thread, I travelled into my past, going through these beads or my different ages backwards, until I reached the first day of my life. While I was traveling I figured what exactly were these vibrations about. I realized the meaning, the core of the Mohanji Gayatri Mantra, which I was being produced without even a sound, without even a single word. I realized … I was just calling my Guruji. Since I was born I have been calling him, sending my message to the universe, sending my call to Him. I started crying when I finally understood this truth.


Meanwhile, I kept on chanting… When I reached the moment when I was born, I saw myself as a baby and in the area of my third eye I had a crystal in a form of rhomb, and a huge blue-crystal ray of light was coming out of it. I knew it was the ray that was supposed to give a signal to Mohanji that I was born in a new body. The ray of white and blue light went out to the universe announcing my dear Guruji that I was there. As I was deeply immersed into the feelings of this newborn baby girl, I again experienced all the frustrations and emotions: in the first seconds, minutes, days of my new life. I was crying, looking for Mohanji, and I was so desperate not being able to see him. I was calling Him, looking for Him as a baby, as a child, as a teenager, as an adult… my whole life I felt I was missing something/someone. And finally that night when I was awakened to this knowledge, I remembered everything. I remembered what I had been missing and who I had been calling since the first day of my life.


No separation anymore. Always in your Consciousness…  Forever One with you.


Jai Mohanji!

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  1. It is only when the ascended masters love and grace is showered one realises his/ her past live connections. The experience is beyond words for the soul has met its ultimate destiny. The vacuum is over and there is nothing else to know which is worth while. When I met supreme Master Mohanji I felt years of longing to be with my guru has actualised. Aliva

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