Written by Yashik Singh
on 7th July 2015


Mohanji says that he always delivers. And he did it again. His mercy has no bounds. The Ashram had not had rain in a long time. It was getting dry and because of the water restrictions, I did not water the Ashram garden more than once a week.
During the Stanger program, Mohanji asked if anyone had any questions. One lady softly said that there was no rain. Thereafter, during supper, a temple official lovingly described the effect of the drought and asked Mohanji to do a Homa for rain. At that moment I smiled. Mohanji does not have to do a Homa… Every breath is an offering to his inner sacred fire… Every bite of food he takes is an offering to that inner fire. Mohanji himself is the Homa!
The next day I saw clouds gather in the sky. I had seen that a few times over the last few months but it never rained. So I did not think much of it. But then the greatest blessing happened.
The skies parted and it rained! It rained the entire night and is still raining right now!!!! This divine amrit is pouring from the sky.
But there is something different about this rain. It’s purifying. I can feel the sigh of relief from the land. I can feel the purity flow and an immense relief from blockages happening. This is not just water. Our Mohanji has opened his jatta and from his hair, the sacred Ganga is being showered upon Durban.
Thank you Mohanji. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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