The Healing Power of Purity – sharing by Dana

Dear friends, 

I just came from BTW meditation conducted only five days after my surgery and felt like sharing an experience about the healing power of our meditation. 

Dana and the Tulips - Embracing the Light


Being a part of ITC Ladies Social & Welfare Society, last week I promised to conduct this meditation during our monthly meeting on Tuesday (today). Meanwhile, I had triple surgery on Thursday afternoon and didn’t want to cancel the meditation since I already committed to conduct it. Besides that, I checked with Mohanji and he told me that Shaktipat would heal me further, so that I should feel free to go ahead and conduct BTW today. 

Just before leaving for meditation I didn’t feel good at all, since body is still weak after general anesthesia and even to get ready for the event was tiring for me. My neighbor Gita, who already came for the meditation in my house earlier, went with me in the same car. We reached the venue chatting, which helped me stay awake and forget how bad I was feeling. She was the only one out of around 20 ladies who knew that I had a surgery. During the committee meeting I wanted to sms Mohanji to ask him what to do since I was feeling as I will pass out any moment, but I didn’t want to be impolite sms-ing during the meeting. I told myself “Why do you need sms or Internet when you have InnerNet”(as Dr. Maya used to say) :-)? I just prayed and they already announced the meditation, so I got up giving them introduction and setting up the place. That was the last time I remember any weakness or pain… 

Absolute Purity of the Heart - makes us fly in joy


Since I was asked to finish in about half an hour, we had to skip the intro breathings. We just chanted OM thrice and I played the CD… BUT after initial 10 deep breaths which Mohanji asks us to do, power cut happened and power was back immediately, so I played the CD again. We HAD TO do 10 more deep breaths. It was a lesson for me to follow our regular pre-meditation procedure no matter what. One more reason for this power cut was there – one lady was late and the very moment she set down, and with my body language I showed her to keep her eyes closed and palms open, the power cut happened. So the since we had to play the CD again, she has done the meditation with all of us from the very beginning. 

Those who perform Shaktipat know the feeling of floating without feeling your body at all while moving from one person to another. I was so light and my tired and painful body didn’t exist at all. The only difference was a huge amount of heat which got generated – I was literary sweating while performing Shaktipat. I even felt some strange odor on my body which was not mine. I guess that all the toxins were getting released, as well as all that medicine which I got during and post surgery (and which was strange to my system since I haven’t taken any allopathic medicine since 2003). I was in a different plane altogether – old light Dana performing Shaktipat was back, and the last thing I could expect was one more power cut just before Mohanji says to bless ourselves at the end. I couldn’t play the CD again since it was almost the end of the meditation, so I just stopped with Shaktipats, set on a chair and started guiding them to bless themselves with everything that Mohanji says on the CD (I didn’t even know that I would be able to say all that! 🙂 ). I finished the last Shaktipat and told them to open their eyes (all in the same way Mohanji usually says, of course). Once the eyes were open, I asked them “So, how is your New You?” and I was actually thinking about My New Me which had no pain at all, felt so light and rejuvenated as if I never had any intervention done. Bubbly chatting started and nobody felt like getting up for quite some time. We had such a lovely experience sharing, questions which had to be answered, thought sharing,… 

All in all, nobody was bothered with the power cuts (actually Mrs. D. shared that this was the first time ever that they had power cuts during the meeting) and experience was ‘the most profound’ for everyone. Few of them shared how light they felt after the meditation, few of them shed tears while receiving blessings from their parents. Lady who came late actually practices Buddhist chants and felt so light and happy after forgiving and blessing everyone, since she was enjoying the presence of those who only smile, are joyful and relieved from any heaviness of negative thoughts and emotions carried from before… Experience was different for me (and I don’t know why I didn’t share it with them at that time). 

This was only one of many healings which I have experienced with Mohanji on my beautiful life path. Needless to mention that He (His blessings and prayers) was with me during and post my surgery which went off very well and doctor is very happy with the process of healing. Yesterday my husband asked the doctor who operated me if I should conduct meditation 5 days after surgery, since I might get exhausted. I said: “Meditation can never exhaust me, it can only rejuvenate me”… And that is what happened today… 

Gratitude at the microscopic level - sheer beauty!


At the end, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who were with me during this surgery, starting from my loving husband who neither slept, nor ate, Mohanji whose presence was constant, Dipak who was sending me Reiki healing from Delhi, Jelena who was doing bandhans for me from Rome, as well as all of you who were praying and sending me all your love and support which meant a lot. Once again I realized how blessed I am… 

And for all those who are still reading this elaborate experience sharing, I thank you for it and would like to announce that my husband got promoted and we are shifting to Delhi this Sunday. Let’s see which roles we are meant to take in this chapter of Creator’s divine play… 

With tears of joy (not pain any more), I’m sending you all my gratefulness and love, 


2 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Purity – sharing by Dana”

  1. Dana U are very precious to all of us and everyone in this world comes with a part to play and U R doing urs beautifully and we are indeed blessed to have u as our Channel of love and peace

    Ranveer has been promoted -Congrats and God has been kind enough to shower his happiness as dear u shfted to Delhi–everything is inter connected here

    and God has again blessed us all with his kind gesture

    Looking forward to meeting u

    Love u all


  2. Natalia Kollarou

    What a unique experience indeed!! You are such a blessed discipe Dana!! I am sure that you are ofcourse coming with a very special mission and you are so breaming of Faith and enless Light of the Divine Plane!! God Bless you always
    Love and Light

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