Masters Speak – after BTW on May 14th

Dear friends,         

After the meditation session on 14th May 2010, Mohanji looked totally different. He was in a complete ‘Shaivic mode’. The energy was so strong that the pull to remain with eyes closed was felt for a long time after the meditation. There was strong presence of the Masters and the Q&A that followed gifted us a deep understanding about the present time.
I sincerely request all of you to read each word of this Q&A, understand and implement this knowledge in your daily life. This is the urgent need of the time.         

Present Time - all that we have


  After the meditation, Mohanji spontaneously started talking about the ‘Present Time’:         

Present time is turbulent. The best way to go through this time is to keep a very low profile. Just watch. No reactions. Performing through the intellect. No confrontations. So it will help you out of this moment.         

Some people are waiting for an opportunity to explode. The whole summer will be like that. Be in the present. You cannot escape. You have to go through it. You have to experience it. That is why situations are created to give you experiences and for you to learn to respond.         

If you see the whole universe, you see calamity in every aspect. There are upheavals at financial, political and familial level. This is the year of changes. All states and statuses are changing. Situations are changing. If you try to fast-forward now, it’s not going to help. It will only create trouble. Even at the unit level, family level, there will be a lot of pressures and chaos. There will be frictions and fights in the family.         

Turbulence on the horizon


  Outside world will also be the same way, even at political and country level. It’s a shakeup to collapse the weak. It is inevitable. With this shake up, things will change for the better. The weak will collapse. Those who can’t survive will perish. Those who can survive are of higher consciousness. Those who cannot survive are of lower consciousness. They are more future oriented and are materialistic. Those who live in the present, future will be brighter for them.         

If you cannot live in the present, future is going to be very dark for you. So, the more you expect from future, the more troubles you will have. You have to tackle the present with the intellect, with BUDDHI. Be aware of the time and relax.         

Marching confidently into the Bright Future


 Q: If someone finds him/herself in a  high position/profile, then what can be done?         

A: Exactly this is what I am saying. Whether it is a top of the family or the country, all people have their minds in agitation right now. Just watch how things are evolving. Do not react. Just respond. In this type of situation, if you think you can hold the reign, it’s bound to slip out of your hands. So just watch. Use BUDDHI and not emotion because using emotion will be bad for you and also for others.         

Everyone’s mind is like a battlefield – one spark is enough to ignite. At whatever level you are – junior or senior, in unit as well as in public, at all levels, just watch, observe and move carefully. Understand that people are creating problems for you because they are insecure. It is not because they want to create a problem for you. Insecurities are at highest level for everyone now because of the upheavals in energy levels in the world. So they would not know what to do. When they are imbalanced, the imbalance will manifest outside as well. Wait – watch – observe – respond. The more you react the more calamities will happen. It will not reach anywhere.         

Be composed - wait, watch, respond


 There is a saying, “In the feast of Ego, everybody goes home hungry.”  So that is what will be happening. More egos will come, more egoists will come up, and everyone will be/remain dissatisfied.         

Q: And how NOT to React?         

A: Ok. If you are using your intellect more than your emotion, then it automatically becomes a response. If you are reacting then understand that it is the ‘emotion’ which is working. Intellect is blocked and so unavailable. When you are using your ‘response’ power it is basically your ‘intellect’ which is in command; ‘emotions’ are not in command. Observe Your Self responding and reacting.         

Go to your spine more. Practice 360 Degrees meditation. Your push of senses will not be there. If senses are pushing you to react that indicates that emotions are in command. When emotions are in command, always the catastrophic reaction happens. It will happen at micro and macro level. Be very careful. You have to survive. Not that if you go somewhere else it will be better. NO. It is everywhere that this is happening. Read newspapers and you will know. How many people are dying every day? How many calamities are happening? Consciousness shift is clearly visible now. Those of the higher consciousness will only survive.         

Practice 360 degree awareness


  And how do you operate in higher consciousness? Start using ‘intellect’ more than ‘emotion’. You will get all sorts of questions. Just drop them. No other way. Just understand that if you are getting questions then it is your ‘ego’ that is working. You cannot do anything with ego. The more you use the ego, the more calamities will be happening.         

Message is thus: You have perfection; you have strength, rely on that. Keep the connection of the Masters – Sai Baba, Bhagwan Nityananda, and all those masters whom you are connected with and keep surrendering everything to them. They are definitely available and they are protecting. Sometimes self-reliance is not possible especially in such situations so then rely on the Masters, rely on God. Faith should not be conditional (i.e. if this happens to me then I have faith in YOU, if this doesn’t happen then my faith will be shaken). Our mind works only conditionally. If you have money I love you, if you don’t “thank you very much.” – That is how human mind works. No; it should be unconditional. Once we look at the whole perspective, higher awareness will automatically act. Before things happen we will know – that is the whole story.         

Ours is the path of pathlessness - read the subtle signs, have faith, you are always taken care of...


  Everything is temporary situation to situation. Use your intellect. BUDDHI is the stick you should walk with. Emotions must only be watched. When you are emotional, you should know that it is not essential. For instance, when you are angry, you are not involved in the anger. Whenever you want to cry, just cry because that is a sort of cleansing. You need not cry in front of all. Go to one place, be to yourself and when the clouds are too many, let it rain off. If you want to get angry, get angry – BUT, then watch yourself getting angry. Do not involve in anger. So the impact will not be there, it will not be stored.         

Q: Can we completely restrict our emotions though?         

A: Yes. Only through observation can you do that. Letting go of emotion is more of a ‘theory’ to most people. How do you do that? By watching your self getting emotional and accepting those emotions as part of yourself. Because we usually say we are emotional in a positive way all the time, but it is not so. You are emotional in the negative aspect too. So BOTH you have to accept. We can be this and we can be that; BOTH are fine and are part of you. Watch that. In that way you will lose the attachment with them. So whether it is a GOOD EMOTION or a BAD EMOTION you will not be attached with it. It will not bother you. Otherwise you will become ‘egoist’ at some point of time.         

(Question continued) So if the emotions hurt you, should you just Let Go?         

Yes. But let go does not mean theoretically. Letting Go actually; by blessing, or by forgiving, or by being detached from the emotions deep within. We are undergoing every situation. Understand that this is a part of our existence. Give importance to the situation to decipher the learning and then thank and forget. Some people stay on with the situation. Emotions are to be taken as emotions, because they are a part of you. There is nothing bad about it because it is your constitution.         

Good and Bad - integrate and move beyond...


  There is good and bad in everybody. No one is complete and perfect. Duality is part of our existence, it is like day-night, or sleeping-wakeful state. Emotions are part of duality. Everyone has a unique constitution with a bright side and a dark side. But only the bright side is shown. That does not mean there is no dark side. It is hidden. People like to present themselves properly. But your acceptance will be of your bright side as well as your dark side. You WATCH both of them….how it all works. So you will be the witness of your own emotions…. always. This will minimize the impact. Impact happens only if you are involved. The ego is hurt if someone scolds you or abuses or curses – emotions are bursting and we develop a feeling of revenge against that person. So the thoughts, words and actions become ugly and disproportionate. It will become a problem for you. But if you watch and accept them, then you are very balanced. Nothing touches you.        

Look within, laugh and rejoice - nothing can touch you!

4 thoughts on “Masters Speak – after BTW on May 14th”

  1. The sense of urgency is unmistakable.
    Lots of heat – and clarity – in this message. And it also extracts what I have observed and experienced particularly over the past two weeks.
    I understand that this is not an article to cause panic or pessimism. It’s all about awareness. And increasing higher vibrations. I hope everyone gets the intention and understands the timeliness of this signal.
    Lots of love

  2. I like this saying: “Ours is the path of pathlessness – read the subtle signs, have faith, you are always taken care of…” . Faith is very important in being present and calm.

    Thank you for this post and message.

    Jolita A.

  3. very well said mohan ji…. here is some of my learning on this subject..

    emotions have motion but motion is beyond time and space. It is for this reason, emotions of last any birth remain within us and seek evolution…

    the only way to deal with emotions is to accept them. sit in meditation and begin to observe what thoughts, feelings come… stay with them without indulging…soon, you will see that all your emotions felt expressed and disappeared into some wisdom for you… it may not happen on day one… but within 21 days, you will see miracle happening to your wisdom level…

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