“A Blast In All Directions” – Stunning Experiences and Experiments of Goran from Serbia


Dear friends,

It’s been one month since, for the first time ever, I had the pleasure of having Mohanji’s company during the long-awaited trip to my country – Serbia (former Yugoslavia). His was a very brief visit of only 4 days, but it had a powerful, transformative effect…

Mohanji conducted two Power of Purity meditations, one in my home town Novi Sad, and one in Belgrade, the capital.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to be able to share this beautiful, intimate inner experience with the people from my own country ‚Äď it was kind of surreal‚Ķ

I will write about the experience of those meditations in my next post – would now like to share with you the experience of Goran from Novi Sad¬†who connected with Mohanji and me very deeply ever since he attended the first meditation in Novi Sad (on April 16th, 2010). A beautiful, sincere communication/connection ensued ever since –¬†I was deeply touched with all the developments.

A Brief Intro about Goran

It’s an honor to¬†¬†introduce this unique, multi-faceted individual – a Tai Chi Master, Marathon runner, a Cardiologist, currently doing his PhD in Sports Rehabilitation, practices ‘Gong and Tibetan bowl therapy’ ‚Äď but more than anything, ¬†a sincere spiritual experientialist¬†and a lovely human being! It was clear to me from the first encounter that¬†he was indeed ‘ripe’ for in-depth experiences during BTW and Shaktipat because his sensitivity/purity level was already high. He stood out as¬†the only person who was continuously smiling from within after ‘POP’

Goran was deeply impressed with the meditation Mohanji conducted in Novi Sad and said:

“The purity and Love that emanates from Mohanji¬†is so incredibly high. It is unconditional. Shaktipat was a surprising and incredible experience, first of its kind for me. The effect of Shaktipat amazed me. I am under deep impressions, so grateful… Indeed, when the student is ready, the Master appears.

After Goran found out about the meditation that Marija (in Serbian language, ‚Äėj‚Äô is pronounced as ‚Äėy‚Äô ūüôā – please note¬†) was to conduct in Belgrade on May 7th, he decided to travel from Novi Sad and join in.

Before that happened, he mentioned to Mohanji¬†that his son Dusan¬†has a remarkable sensitivity to energy and wondered whether he should bring him along, although he is still only a teenager. I asked Mohanji and he said:¬†“Tell him to bring Dusan. He is a high soul, a divine child. He will benefit a lot from ‘POP’.”

So friends, without further adue, this was Goran’s experience, starting with the BTW meditation on May 7th in Belgrade :-):

“Dear Mohanji, you were so right when you said I should bring my son Dusan for meditation as well. I may not be able to express my joy, gratitude and depth of the experience so well in English, but I’ll try.

I liked the meditation venue ‚Äď full of positive energy. The first time I saw Marija, I felt, from the moment we met, that the instant communication at the level of Chakras was established! Her youth and serenity, inner glow… Immediately I liked her.

People slowly arrived. I stared carefully, trying to penetrate more deeply into their essence. I went to change my clothes, because I have my special clothes that I like to wear for meditation (with some black and white ornaments that I wore when I first met Biba and you in Novi Sad. I feel that this suit has absorbed great energy and creates some beautiful space around me when I wear it).

Moving on to the meditation – Marija¬†said that she will start by invoking Mohanji’s energy and presence. Then, I can freely say that she was the right medium ‚Äď it was felt immediately!

We slowly started relaxing. What happened after a while, I feel, words cannot describe! A complete feeling of weightlessness, like floating above the chair! Incredible sense of ease. Almost unreal. I had the impression that one could insert a thin cushion between me and the chair.

I enjoyed this incredible feeling, and then it happened! – I felt a gentle touch at the top of my head, my crown Chakra. What a power connection! I had the impression that I am a big energy ball, a balloon held by a tiny thread – and then the incredible joy spread up, in all directions, like a ray, but without stopping! What a feeling! What strength and sense of bliss…¬†

And when Marija put her finger on my forehead, the third eye, I can’t describe it – I’m feeling a strong stream of light rushing through her finger at me! A blast in all directions!

Goran: “A Blast in All Directions”

I kept feeling this flow of energy, but any expression through words is too poor to describe it! As there is a “Sun Gaze”, this has been, shall I call it, a “Divine Gaze”. Something happened to me, beautiful, and the incredible feeling of peace and tranquility, it followed me constantly.

And that smile ‚Äď it was literally as if I was smiling from inside myself.

Meditation ended. After opening the eyes, I exchanged with Marija a long look that said it all. And then, something even more interesting happened. When the lights were switched on, I saw quite clearly, as if it was painted, around each participant individually, something like an aura. But then, there was more to it ‚Äď I could see/feel their thoughts and feelings too! Amazingly, I could almost touch them physically, their mind! I’ve seen that surreal living blueprint in each one of them individually and the reasons why they were there!

Aura around the person shows different qualities and emotions expressed in different colors…(sourced from the net)

Four of them especially stood out ‚Äď they gleamed¬†from the sincere emotions of love. Two were females, one of them my best friend Biljana, second a lady called Tijana, and one was my son Dusan. And the fourth one, of course, was Marija – so pure and bright!

There was one gentleman who looked at my son Dusan, who was silent all the time, and said: ¬†“He was sent here with a special purpose. Does he have something to do with Far East?‚ÄĚ I told him that his mother is half Japanese and that he is thus quarter Japanese. And he said to that: “He is special, he is sent with some kind of a big task. He radiates so much energy.”

I was so happy, and yes, proud – as any father would be… And when I told him that Mohanji¬†said that Dusan is a “divine child” and should definitely join us for meditation, then he was thrilled!

We stayed at the venue for another hour ‚Äď time was just flying.

Dusan then spoke to me privately and said:¬†“Daddy, I have already seen¬†all these people who are here somewhere before, including that man and Marija.” I know that is true because it is clear to me that he can tune into the higher realms of consciousness with ease‚Ķ

I shared with him my experience and he surprised me even more when he said that he too felt and saw the same ‘auras/living blueprints’ around people as I did during the meditation. My joy knew no bounds!

Then another interesting thing happened while we were outside, in front of the door. There was a man with a dog on a leash. The dog suddenly began to wag its tail in great joy, overly excited, and went straight to Dusan. The man tried pulling the dog back, thinking he may harm Dusan, but the dog was attracted like a magnet, that was obvious.

(I know from before that Dusan¬†has a special communication with dogs, so it was really interesting to observe this ‚Äď thank you Biba¬†for sharing with me Mohanji‚Äôs experience with the dog Happy in Dubai. Dusan¬†read the story and felt very inspired¬†by it. The next day, he tried communicated telepathically with another dog and it worked ‚Äď the dog immediately came to him and started licking his palm! Mohanji‚Äôs story left a deep impression on him‚Ķ).

Post-meditation experiences

During the following few days, I saw many changes in myself and Dusan. I started having visions at night and a whole lot is now happening in my inner space.¬† And Dusan’s¬†sensitivity level increased manifold. His piano classes were one sign of that.

Dusan’s piano teacher said that never during the last 5 years of practice was he able to play piano with that much feeling, beauty and subtlety. And guess what, the teacher decided that next time, Dusan should play in public!

Intrigued by all this, one evening, while holding Mohanji’s¬†visit card and looking at his eyes, Dusan noticed something very interesting. He ran to me and said: “Daddy, I can clearly feel that this card is radiating energy – it is alive!”

Due to many years of biomedical engineering and thermovision experience in medicine, sport and industry, the scientist in me¬†immediately decided to test this visit card of Mohanji‚Äôs through Thermovision Photo (pls¬†note, this is not a Kyrlian¬†photography, but something more advanced ‚Äď it is done through the latest Thermovision Camera, a recognized scientific method, which is used to show visually body temperature and any kind of energy which can be transformed into heat).

Thermovision Analysis (very short and clear, simplified, so that everybody can understand):

Image 017: Thermal photo taken after holding Mohanji’s card for 30 seconds, and Image 018:¬†Thermal photo taken after holding Mohanji’s card for 60 seconds:

Rectangle R1:¬†Max Temp. in that area is 37.1¬†Cdeg ‚Äď jumped to 37.6 after 30 sec!

Rectangle R2: Max Temp. in that area is 36.2¬†Cdeg ‚Äď jumped to 37.2, entire 1.0 Cdeg, in just 30 sec!

Max temperature on Image 017 is on the small right hand finger,(37.4 Cdeg), while after 30 sec (see Image 018), Max temperature shifted to the right thumb (37.6 Cdeg).

NOTE: Two spikes on the thermal profile indicate thermal convection of the heat from hands to card. This is normal conduction process in nature. BUT, a rise of temperature for 1 deg in 60 sec, without external source of heat… not possible in strictly controlled thermal area without strong light sources, sun, or air conditioning. No pressure in fingers can produce that temperature rise, because with pressure blood goes out of the pressured area, and temperature falls.

That was a little scientific game. In the future I intend to conduct serious type of experiments to measure indirect effect of chi and divine energy.

Of course my friends, we do not need that :-). I feel all that with my heart. If you enjoyed beautiful music, you do not care which sort of wood and materials was used to build that piano. Magic is in the Maestro, not in the tools.

So sorry for my heresy of using the camera in that divine process. Some branches of science are also art, and I use my intuition to bring those divine processes to the people who do not understand. If many people understood that, all of us would be in the world with more smiles. That is why I opt to apply the science for this purpose.

To further make sure this experiment is correct, I asked Dusan to hold any other ordinary visit card in his hands (the top photo). He did so, and even concentrated to produce Chi flow in the hands. But after 1 min., the temperature remained the same – 37.4 Cdeg.

We repeated the experiment with Mohanji’s card (photo below). At the moment of taking the card in hands, there was the same temperature as above, 37.4 Cdeg. But after 30 sec, I measured a rise to 37.9 Cdeg. So, Dusan very fast, in only 30 sec experienced the temperature rise in his hands.

After Dusan, I did the experiment myself and the result was also amazing. I registered 1 Cdeg¬†rise after 60 sec with Mohanji’s card! But then again,¬†I am also sensitive to Chi. So I asked my elder son Nikola, who does not share this interest in Chi, to do the experiment –¬†and we recorded a rise of 0.4 Cdeg.

For the time being that is enough of science. Now it is time for love and hugs.

Lots of love from Serbia to all of you,


7 thoughts on ““A Blast In All Directions” – Stunning Experiences and Experiments of Goran from Serbia”

  1. Thank u for sharing this. Being from the field of medicine myself it was interesting to read about your experiments. Of course it proves what we already know yet it gives us those brief moments of joy when we see the evidence of energy at play!
    Indeed humanity would be greatly benefitted if all just became a little more sensitive..
    And I am glad that through BTW we are achieving that and much more..
    Thank you Mohanji. Thank you Providence.

    Lots of love

  2. Dear Goran,
    Wonderful proof of energy fields. Spirituality also means experimenting with your concepts.
    You have proved that divinity is everywhere.. in animate objects too.
    You have also shown that divinity flows irrespective of your faith and connectivity; otherwise temperature would not increase with Nikola.
    You have given a big shift in understanding that energy flow can not only be subjective but it is also objective. Many people feel that these kind of expereinces are subjective or they depend on mind projection and feel factor.
    I appreciate and respect your creativity and intuition in blending chi, science and energy flow.
    If visiting card can radiate so much of energy, actual Shaktipat will definitely make wonders.
    Dear Goran, publish this finding in a scientific journal if you can. It would be pleasure to work with you in future.
    Lots of love to Dusan.
    With sincere appreciation and deep love

  3. Dear Goran
    Om Sai Ram
    Beautiful, amazing post! Thank you so much beloved Goran ji for sharing this wonderful post. Being a doctor myself and interested in scientific data and proofs,…… I find these amazing results of the Thermovision Analysis of the Mohan ji’s card… as highly inspiring and it clearly indicates the supernatural abilities of our Mohan ji and also points to the link between science and spirituality.
    I am also planning to do some research in Energy medicine in future with the intent to search the link between our modern day science and science of spirituality. Currently I am doing molecular work here in Delhi in my research lab, so if required will be needing further information and guidance on the subject.

    Dusa and Marija’s divine pictures are radiating peace, love and bliss. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    A supernatural person (a Buddha) is not easily found, he is not born everywhere. Wherever such a sage is born, that race prospers. Dhammapada (Muller) Chapter XIV: The Buddha (The Awakened)

    We all are lucky to have Mohan ji, Buddha amongst us ! Charanvandana!



  4. Natalia Kollarou

    Dear Goran Ji and Vishwajeet Ji
    I am not a scientist, I am not a doctor, I am just a nurse and a reiki healer!! Yet every time I experience the energyfields that penetrate and heal wounded parts of the physical and non physical bodies, everytime I see the smile of a suffering person and experience God talking to me through the the Light, the heat and the bliss this Chi conveys, I really cannot understand all those scientists in Europe that close their eyes to spirituality, to energy, to human awareness!! I do congratulate you for your openess to all this!! God bless you always for what you bring in humanity!!! Vishwajeet ji, I am so interested in your research of these energy fields!! Be sure they will bring fruit for all the world!!! There are people who are thirsting for what enlightened scientists like you con bring forth with there researches for the good of all this planet. Today we had our first communication, yet, you can be sure that you are going to be in my prayers always!!!
    In The Light of God
    with Love,
    Natalia Kollarou

  5. Dear Goran,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and results of your experiment,its really amazing. Though there is no doubt
    in Mohanji ‘s energy but its wonderful to know ones personal experience, which really boost your faith to the next level.

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jaio Sai !!

    With loads of love

    Anita Puri

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