The Inspirational “Saptah Seva”

Dear friends, We are happy to share with you another amazing story about the Seva activities of Sumit from Jammu, who this time conducted seven consecutive days of Seva, also called Saptah Seva.


Healing the sadness of the desolate


Dr Deepali:


Sumit from Jammu is a very innocent and dedicated soul. He was introduced to Mohanji only 5 months ago. This connection, however, was made at a very deep level. What attracted Sumit to Mohanji was the message of selfless service, unconditional love and understanding of life.

December is a month of extreme cold in Jammu. Sumit could not tolerate seeing poor people on the streets and in the railway stations, freezing in the cold due to lack of adequate warm clothing.

Guarding the vegetables for the next day's market & sleeping on the road

Sumit felt the pain of the slum dwellers, especially children and the elderly, huddled around small fires, struggling to keep warm. The message of Ammucare – ‘Help the Helpless’ resonated with Sumit deeply and motivated him further. He had already distributed blankets and food in the railway stations and slums twice in November. However, this did not satisfy him. Touched by the need of the helpless, Sumit decided to do more.

Blankets for the children and the elderly

For a few days around Shree Dattatraya Jayanti (20th Dec 2010),  Sumit decided to distribute blankets and food. Indeed, what better way to honor the Masters of this great tradition, the Siddhas known for their caring and unassuming nature, despite their amazing spiritual powers. Mohanji called this activity ‘Selfless Saptah’ (7 days of selfless activity) and promised Sumit that his presence would be felt during the distribution.

With full surrender and great inspiration, Sumit thus carried out this Saptah of blanket and food distribution in various slum areas of Jammu from Thursday Dec 16th to Thursday Dec 23rd, 2010. The contractor, Mr Bharat, helped Sumit identify the slums in Jammu.


Divine presence amidst the slums

Sumit and his friends just dashed into the slums and covered all those they found with blankets. They entered houses and covered shivering children with blankets and woolen caps.


Gift accepted with joy and gratitude


The photos speak for themselves, telling the tale of selflessness, purity and motivation. Moreover, these images show explicitly the Master’s presence and guidance. This is yet another example of how Mohanji operates!


The loving orb and a child's joy, outshining the living conditions


The Ammucare Charitable Trust and BTW family appreciate and applaud Sumit and his friends Ravinder Sing, Umesh, Ashwini, Vipin, Wani, Rajesh, Tarun and Dheeraj for all the efforts they put into this pure, selfless act. Many thanks are also extended to the shop owners for their kindness and generosity, expressed by providing the blankets at a reasonable cost. Everyone’s contribution counts. Imagine the beauty of this world if all agreed to play their part as Divine instruments…


Masters patiently waiting for us to awaken to our higher purpose...



4 thoughts on “The Inspirational “Saptah Seva””

  1. what seva! beautiful sumit bhaiyya! thank u and ur friends….so many of our brothers and sisters must be feeling warm and protected and secure! love u bhaiyya for all this seva…u inspire me to do so much more here in pune…. 🙂

    love and rgds,

  2. “Saptah Seva” during Christmas time.I am really moved to see how Mohanji is spreading the message of love in a subtle way.I feel really blessed to understand the deeper meaning of his words and actions.Dear sumith you will always have the blessing of lord Krishna.Those who understand the omniscient nature of guru/god will not do any seva to prove anything to guru.Being selfless,not taking the authority of your actions you are a true follower of our guru in the “Path of Pathlessness”.May the grace of masters flow to you uninterepted.

    With Love

  3. Dear Sumit, you are a true angel in human form.
    May your serving hands & pure heart always be blessed with love & divine guidance while you tread on the journey of blessing the world. You are a great inspiration for our youth.
    Love & Light

  4. Krishan Kumar

    Mohan Ji,
    Namskar, I am moved by your commitment to keep this world free from all types of agonies. Kindly shower your blessings on me also for the same. I am passing through very disturbed conditions.

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