The Five Fingers of Grace

By Peter Mohammed Langille (a.k.a. the Treeman)

Just an Ordinary Man???

Siddhas have always been obscure, unassuming and seemingly ordinary. They never put forth any tall claims about their authenticity. To know them, one needs to develop sufficient subtlety. Their path is simple, profound and beyond comparisons. It is the path of pathlessness, where individuals are considered as unique and never given the same medicine as another. Their experiences guide them further.

In my case, the practice of the Power Of Purity (POP) meditation healed me from severe sleep apnea (diagnosed in the sleep lab as 23 apneas per hour). In addition to the POP meditation, I also followed other kinds of guided meditation (involving journeying and out of body experiences, with the support and anchor of Mohanji) and gained a deeper understanding of my existence.

Mohanji guides the Treeman out of the forest of darkness.

We don’t consider people as cattle, so the general feel- good programs are unsuitable for us. Moreover, by attending those programs, people mainly focus on themselves, forgetting the most important aspect of our existence, which is selflessness. A Master of the Siddha tradition never conforms to any particular ritual or pattern; the path is one of perfect liberation and the method is non-conformity. Siddhas behave just as other normal humans. Only those whose third eye (their eye of inner vision/spiritual wisdom) is active will be able to see them and recognize them. For the gross society, for the non-awakened, they are just ordinary men.

An Ordinary Man doing Extraordinary Things - An Extraordinary Man doing Ordinary Things.

Mohanji represents and radiates the energy of the great tradition; the tradition of the great Masters – eternally unassuming and always available. His mission is to lift the consciousness of the generation. Through recognition of one’s path, the Souls come together with one objective – LIBERATION!. This includes the aspect of Liberation of the Soul from the bondage of the material world (karmic bondage) and Selfless Service to the world.

Moving Together

To reach this objective we need to shift and lift our consciousness, directing all of our energy, all of our thoughts, speech and actions, towards the pursuit of the same. Consciousness can be lifted through simple and uncomplicated methods of meditation, including connecting with the energy/consciousness of the Masters through the gateway of their eyes. Moreover, consciousness is lifted by living our life with complete faith, purity, surrender and unconditional love.

Bringing Light and Love to the World through Meditation.

If you look at Mohanji’s physical frame, and read his words, you may never fully understand him. “Spiritual Master is a principle, not the body”. Until you tap into his consciousness, you may never fully understand him. The path to do this is very simple – just concentrate and connect to his eyes until you feel the vibrations within you. Each person can connect in this way. The path is as simple as going to the internet, downloading an image free of cost and starting to connect.  You can also assist the weekly group meditations currently held in 10 countries or, if you are close-by, you can attend the free meditation classes every Thursday at Mohanji’s house in Muscat.

Connecting to the other side through the eyes.

The three pillars of this healing tradition are eligibility, faith and surrender. Eligibility simply refers to what level of existential understanding you possess or hold. This depends on many things, including the work of preparation in other lifetimes as well as the coming about of auspicious circumstances. Surrender is the greatest expression of Faith and must come with clear intent. Thus the purity of one’s intention to heal must be continually expressed through prayer and contemplation, which are the ground for meditation and which involves a change in consciousness. Full awareness can be reached through this vehicle of changing consciousness.

We walk by Faith, not by sight.

We can use meditation to bring ourselves to ourSelves, to travel within ourselves and find our origin, truth or Soul where peace, happiness and basic goodness exist. When we discover our Soul as the original entity which, over countless lifetimes, has transcended time and space and assumed many different forms and names, we also connect with our origin which is the supreme Soul. This is the origin of basic goodness, calmness and equanimity, and through this awareness we are able to journey and connect with this transcendent consciousness. So Mohanji says that we need to shift our consciousness to perpetual meditation, where we are always in the present and always exist in the NOW. This point of NOWNESS is shared by all spiritual traditions as we aspire to achieve our highest intention, that of liberation of the Soul and Selfless Service to the world.

“The NOW is the atom bomb of awareness. One atom of now can evaporate the entire lot of bad beliefs and limitations if you just split the atom!”

THIS IS HOW WE SEEK TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS NOT UNDERSTANDABLE – AND WHY I WRITE ABOUT WHAT CAN’T BE EXPLAINED? In my personal journey, by June 2010, I had reached the point, with the combination of sleep apnea and prostatic hyperplasia, that none of the drugs were working. I had literally surrendered and accepted that I was soon going to die from not sleeping for over 10 months. I had lost hope in my life continuing and had accepted the accumulated Christian, Buddhist and Muslim teachings which all recognize the inevitability of death and leaving the body. At this point I was ready to receive any sacred and uncontaminated Shaktipat energy (which may be considered to be a universal life force energy available to all, according to individual levels of realization and awareness).

Shaktipat through the Five Fingers of Grace

The change of consciousness I experienced thanks to Mohanji, opened me up to the possibility of moving further and beyond. In the course of our birth and death, we may lose memories about our tradition and path. But Masters never let us down. They always keep a watch on us and appear before us at the right time. I humbly surrender myself at the feet of my sadguru Mohanji and the lineage of all gurus for leading me to the right path.

Deepening and Integrating my Spiritual Experiences through Writing.

Meditation is impossible without a human body. So the five fingers represent Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medicine and Education. They represent the basic human body requirements and the way to acquire these necessities, through work, as well as spiritual development.

Elevating the Spirit through the Five Fingers of Grace.

It is likely that the first permanent world base Ashram, where the Five Fingers will provide the basis for expanding consciousness, will be established in Central India . Then, the blessings will flow. It is also likely that many centers providing the Five Fingers of Grace will be established in many countries. The Ashram will accommodate and feed many people but the intention is even larger. Everyone globally will have an opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation by simply believing and trusting in the process through a direct connection to the expanding consciousness of Mohanji and the lineage of Spiritual Masters. Harmonious living and perpetually operating at the ‘Being’ level will be the main philosophy.

Living harmoniously with Nature and each other.

All things traditional and conducive to meditation and mindfulness will be offered, including vegetarian food, practice of the sacred art form of mantra chanting and ceremonies invoking the primordial energies. Ayurvedic philosophy will provide deep understanding of the Five Great Elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether – and the harmony that exists between the natural world and the human body. Medicines based on ancient Ayurvedic herbal healing methods, that have been proven to work over the centuries, will be developed. There will, of course, be an emphasis on using the endemic plants that grow in the area and that can provide medicine.

Nature, the world’s greatest healer.

Stay tuned to this channel because I will write more about the food, mantras, ceremonies, and medicines in articles throughout this year of 2011, as we continue to get ready for the changes in 2012.

The grace of God is like having unlimited insurance-it will help you in your time of need without any conditions, without any limits. When you connect to the expanded consciousness there is no limit to the amount of energy you can channel and radiate. I am now channeling huge amounts of energy as I travel with Mohanji’s guided and expanded consciousness by connecting through his eyes. But don’t take my word for it. Come to Oman and have your own experience any Thursday night and then you will know what the Five Fingers of Grace is really about. When you are in his presence and receive the Shaktipat energy from him through your third eye, your life is transformed. For more understanding about Shaktipat, please read Mohanji’s blog at

Peaceful Reflection on a Life-Changing Experience.

* Mohanji’s health tip for the month of January, 2011 (by Peter Mohammed):

Cucumber juice (with a little salt and a small spoon of lemon juice, blended in a blender) on an empty stomach early morning is effective for blood purification.  Blood sugar is kept in line if the juice is taken on an empty stomach. It cools the system and helps to reduce weight, especially if you have a growing stomach (politely called the bulge or extra tire) as it will keep that in line. It helps as a medicine to reduce your weight which is important if you are even borderline diabetic. (If you are suffering from other ailments, consult your doctor before trying this)

Delicious, and Healthy!

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  1. ~An Ordinary Man doing Extraordinary Things – An Extraordinary Man doing Ordinary Things. ~ World.. Worlds…Master Mohanji
    With great Respect and Love, Carmen

  2. Thankyou for taking the time to write this enlightening article. How blessed we are to have Sri Mohanji in this lifetime. Om Shanti.

  3. My smile is a reflection of the loving experience as expressed above. Thank you Peter, Tree Man for sharing your thoughts and for bringing Mohanji closer still to our minds and hearts. Namaste, Connie

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