Things were All Coming to me

Written by Jyoti Bahl

Aum shri sai nathaya namaha
Jyoti BahlI
How to explain the grace and blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba which is continuously bestowing on His children and I am one child of His who is dependent on Baba only in good and bad times. My journey with ohanji started when I was looking for a meditation from Baba in my prayers. The intensity of asking was so high that Baba made plans and arrangements in my life to meet Mohanji.

One of my student’s mother Neena, who is an elevated soul, became the medium. We went to Vrindavan together and after seeing my love for baba she told me to go to Mohanji as she knows Bharti, a wonderful person who is a live example of surrender and devotion towards her guru Mohanji. It’s so surprising that a person who had never met Mohanji before became the medium for me and that too in Vrindavan which is the place of Krishna and known as Mohan which is another name of Krishna.

I got a chance to meet Bharti and Palak who are wonderful souls and attended Power of Purity meditation at Bharti’s house… it was amazing as the quest for meditation was fulfilled by Baba and I always I used to pray for the purity of mind and soul. Bharti and Palak told me about the wonderful experience they had with Mohanji. I felt really nice after experiencing the meditation. In June 2014 I got a chance to meet Mohanji, which was like a dream coming true. You can feel the work of masters in my life here, as things were all coming to me just like that… I received shaktipath from Mohanji and for a few days I was in a different world. Furthermore, I got a chance to read his book “Kailash with Mohanji… Meeting him in person is altogether different from talking to his consciousness. I realized this when I experienced his powers and how he is working on each and every disciple. After meeting him my urge to talk to him became very strong. I started discussing about him with my Sai family. “Kailash with Mohanji” is a book beyond appreciation. I started feeling very close to Mohanji’s conciousness as I started going to Bharti’s house for meditation every Sunday. Mohanji 1

In October 2014 I was talking to Ashutosh Bhai who is in Toronto about Mohanji and he told me, “If Baba wants then only I will be able to meet Mohanji” and to my surprise Mohanji’s meditation session was in Toronto, which was announced on facebook. I called up my brother and told him about Mohanji’s visit and the mandir where the session was supposed to take place was near my brother’s house. He not only visited the temple but he was quite lucky that Mohanji blessed his house when he asked Him to visit it… as it was my desire to talk to Mohanji, my brother asked Mohanji to talk to me and I received a call from him at 3pm his time which was at 1:30 am in Toronto. I was jumping with excitement as I could hear Mohanji’s voice. I received His blessings and he also read the message which I sent to him. Again I was in bliss for a few more days.


Sai Baba 1
First, the quest for meditation was fulfilled by Baba and I always pray for the purity of mind and soul. Second, it was my desire to talk to Mohanji and Baba made it possible for me.

Second time I was sitting in Isckon and aarti was going on. Suddenly I received a call from Ashutosh bhai to talk to Mohanji as he was in U.S. and would take my call for sure. I was little hesitant but I didn’t understand which divine energy was making Bhai the medium, and I called up Mohanji. He talked to me and laughed as he could understand the amount of my excitement and thrill while talking to him. He blessed me again as this is what I always ask from Mohanji. The ultimate thing he told me and which still echoes in my ears was that how he is with me, I will realize that soon. I am still hanging on to the experience which brings freshness within me whenever I feel low. It was my desire to talk to Mohanji and Baba made it possible for me.

Once I was sitting and thinking whether I am from Datta tradition and within few minutes my sister called up and during spiritual discussion she told me that maybe I am from Datta tradition!
On Guru Poornima day I told Baba if I am meant for this path I would surely attend the satsang and meditation held by Bibaji, Mohanji’s wife, and in spite of busy schedule I managed to attend the satsang. I also got a chance to sing two bhajans. I loved the meeting with Bibaji as she is full of warmth and a lovely person. She really appreciated the bhajans and the voice given by Baba. When I sent thanks message to her she sent me a warm message filled with love.
In August 2014 Mohanji and Bibaji along with BTW family went to Kailash and as I was connected to them every moment an amazing thing took place … per my daily routine I applied udi on the forehead of my son Shivinder before he leaves for school and within seconds udi took the form of trishul, a symbol of lord Shiva. I sent the picture to Bibaji and even she was happy to see the miracle. It’s all Baba’s blessing to give a lovely guru like Mohanji to us.
You can imagine how I would have felt at receiving this lovely message by Bibaji.
Mohanji is grace and a symbol of love. His selfless love for each and every creature on this mother Earth depicts the traits of God. A real saint who is leading so many people to the path of purity and I am one of these blessed souls. Automatically a river of love flows whenever I get connected to his eyes. On 24th January it was my 16th wedding anniversary and as Baba wanted I invited Mohanji by sending him a message, although I knew that a saint who is always devoted to the work given by his masters can’t be present physically but in spirit he can definitely be there to bless me. He assured me of His presence and told me the same will be felt by me during Sai Sandhya. My spiritual mother Veena Maa who is also a true Sai devotee also came and as she prayed to Baba. There was big amount of udi on the photo of Baba’s dwarkamai, as it happens whenever she prays to Bbaba. The most amazing experience was that out of all the five photos the udi came on the picture under which I have fixed Mohanji’s eyes picture! He actually came and I felt his presence again when I saw his smiling face four times during bhajans. He kept his promise and then I realized that Mohanji is not only a name but much beyond which can’t be expressed in words.

Sai Baba
The most amazing experience was that out of all the five photos the udi came on the picture under which I have fixed Mohanji’s eyes picture!

Once in my dream I saw myself in Shirdi Sai mandir and I was eager to have holy water given after holy bath to Baba… I saw Mohanji standing in front of baba. The next day I got to know through Bharti that Mohanji was in Shirdi when I saw him in my dream… in 2nd dream I saw Mohanji and I saw him giving spiritual discourses and in that dream I saw someone going ahead of me floating in the air I asked the saint not to leave me and to hold my hand and the saint looked back and held my hand. In January 2015, I saw in my dream Mohanji and all disciples having fun and we were eating chocolate cake and I had a chocolate cake twice as I found it very tasty. Someone in the group asked me the occasion and the words that echoed were it was Mohanji’s birthday. Mohanji, on your birthday I am giving you my bhav and my experiences as a gift to you. I can express my love again by this message.

It’s very difficult to convey my feelings to you as I am not getting a chance to express it… after my continuous prayer to Baba to teach me meditation I got a chance to meet you. ..for me seeing you is seeing my Baba present in you, the one whom I love the most and without whom my life is useless. Mohanji, bless me always as so many negative energies stop us to connect to the supreme. Please bless me with inner strength, unconditional love and without Almighty’s grace it can’t happen.

Mohanji, for me, seeing you is seeing my Baba present in you
Mohanji, for me, seeing you is seeing my Baba present in you

Love you Mohanji ❤

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  1. Dear jyoti , reading your experiences gave me goosebumps because I too pray to sia baba for help in meditation and purity in my thoughts and actions and unconditional love for all. I too came across mohanji a website due to babas grace but have not yet had the chance to meet mohanji. I’m sure baba will bless me to do so when he knows the time is right. So happy to have read your experiences. God bless , simi

  2. Wow. Such a blessed Soul you are.
    Got goosebumps reading your experiences.
    Waiting to meet Para Brahma Mohan Ji 🙏❤️

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