Tradition of Objectivity

Written by Phaneendar Bhavaraju


I have been interacting with Mohanji since the past 3 years. The 1st meeting with Mohanji has been at Dana’s residence in November 2010. Since then I have been blessed to receive direct/indirect instructions from Mohanji at various points in time. I have also travelled to Arunachala, Kailash & Pune with Mohanji during the last 3 years. I had a very close glimpse of various aspects of Mohanji’s expressions and communications. One thing that has been constant is “OBJECTIVENESS”. So I name this blog “Tradition of objectivity”.


Being objective at all times is as difficult as to stay without breathing for a few hours. Human relationships are woven around subjectivity. My father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my husband, my wife, my child etc. make our subjectivity evident at all points in time. 95 out of 100 parents would hoard for or favor their own child. This is especially so at the time of crisis. Almost all mothers are quite subjective towards their own children. This can also be seen in animals. All beings are so protective towards their own children. Hence, subjectivity is so deeply integrated into relationships.

 Mohanji. Bless the world family

Now, being objective is the sign of liberation. How do we practise it? How do we develop it?

Mohanji says, “Objectivity is a state derived when man attains equanimity. When that balance is achieved in his mind, where happiness and sorrows mean the same to a man, he spontaneously becomes objective. “Me” or “Mine” will disappear. When man becomes objective, his whole outlook changes. All his possessiveness, bindings and selfishness will drop by itself and disappear. He will not be emotional about anything. The sense of grand justice takes place within himself. All he will see around himself will be his own reflections, multiple expressions of one soul. That makes him totally universal.”

“When awareness develops into objectivity, man evolves beyond his mind to perfection with the vibration of the universe. He becomes one with all beings.”

 Mohanji Kumbh_2013

Signs of Objectivity in Mohanj

I have observed that he always operates in the present. He always tends to talk to whoever is in front of him even if the instructions are for someone else. This is by no means undervaluing or discriminatory towards anyone. This is his way. He would catch vibrations of something and will give solutions spontaneously. So, it becomes the task of those with him to note it and convey to those the message is intended to be delivered. Most often than not, he never picks up the phone and conveys a message directly to the recipient. He is spontaneous and does not have any formalities. The recipients also need to rise to his level and stop expecting that he would personally call and tell a thing. They should keep their ego down and accept Mohanji’s message through whoever it comes from and can always check back, if clarity is needed. This is probably his intention.

Unless the recipient has absolute surrender and faith it will be difficult for that person to understand the purpose otherwise he/she will be lost in ego created by hierarchy. That’s the beauty of father’s method. All the barriers of ego, hierarchy are broken and unless the person soaks himself in the “Purpose” – “Objective” he would not be able to enact his role to perfection!!!!

He always considers everyone alike. Even his own family members are not given any special consideration. He respects them and that is obvious. But, he respects everyone anyways. He never has any personal preferences. As he says, “All are karmic beings; various concoction or combination. Who can be called better than the other?”

Privacy is another key aspect. I have always observed that if it is a private discussion then even the spouse or the father of a child doesn’t get involved in the private discussion. The freedom of all is upheld at all points without sacrificing privacy. He always considers everyone as individuals and not in context of relationship with one another. He treats everyone as an individual karmic being, totally separate from one another. He never discloses the matters of one with another, even if the other person is his wife, or father or son. He maintains total neutrality with each individual. Even when a child discusses something with him, he will never discuss about that with his father or mother, unless there is something important to do for them about it. Otherwise, total objectivity and neutrality is maintained. This is amazing. And this is also why he always handles his mails and messages himself  and maintains extreme privacy. This is total objectivity at work. This is tough to understand and accept for those who cannot go beyond their subjectivity.

Objectivity is one of the key aspects of the path of Shiva or Dattatreya, as far as I know. The moment people become subjective, they fall. If you read the stories of Shirdi Sai Baba or Akkalkot Swami Samarth, you can see this point loud and clear. Maintaining objectivity is not easy. But it is a sadhana or practice. Objectivity itself can be called the path to liberation.

In short I have my learning is as follows, hope to put it into practice with Mohanji’s grace:

Undiluted absolute existence and not relative existence is the key to become objective i.e. we are in absolute awareness at all points in time. Purpose is the focus not personalities.

 Mohanji and the team

9 thoughts on “Tradition of Objectivity”

  1. Phanee Bhai this is so so great! So happy that you wrote this Utmost and Primary message of the tradition.. of Mohanji’s teachings. If one can’t be objective, it’s difficult to follow the path. Yes Mohanji many times gives instructions through other people.. and it’s completely spontaneous because in His eyes.. All are one.. and then it’s always upto us to remain completely in surrender mode and unconditional.. that’s also an amazing way for us to always put the teachings into practise forever.. it helps us expand and surrender more and more.. Everything is so fluid with Mohanji.. that how does one become everything? By always being objective and focusing on purpose rather than personalities. If ever the focus goes on personalities then surrender to Mohanji even more deeply, totally and completely and He removes any subjectivity from us. Love You!! Thank You so much for writing this. It’s one of my favorite blogs of all times.

  2. Shashank Jaitely

    Dear Phanee Bhai, you have captured it in its perfection. As it is said, what oft was thought, but never so well expressed…lots of love

  3. Thank you dear Brother Phanee for your expression of Truth. Reality over personality … as simple as that … sadlly we keep losing sight of this through mind-mired-madness. Thank you for underscoring Mohanji’s messages with such loving insight and depth. Love Ami

  4. This is so very crystal clear written. So simple and true, straight to the point. It also came as a reference point to where I stand at this point in time. The ego thinks and imagines one thing but the reality is completely different. This Zoran has so much more to shed and discard and unlearn. Such a great reminder and pointer dear Phaneendar. Great timing as well. I have also experienced what you say about Mohanji conveying messages through other people as well so many times. He operates on so many levels, it’s so subtle, one can miss the message if not connected and humble. Thank you Phaneendar for this eye-opener.

  5. Dear Phanee, what a beautiful pearl, thank you for sharing it.
    One cannot come even close to the doorstep of Oneness before passing the tests related to objectivity and equanimity, and yet remaining firmly established in Unconditional Love. Reaching the stature of a Master is the greatest achievement a human being can have. But how many are ready to walk the thorns on the way and truly say ‘Let it be Thy will’..?
    I testify the truthfulness of these words: “He always considers everyone alike. Even his own family members are not given any special consideration. He respects them and that is obvious. But, he respects everyone anyways. He never has any personal preferences. As he says, ‘All are karmic beings; various concoction or combination. Who can be called better than the other?’ ” A woman who is not on a spiritual path, that too with all her heart – to put it bluntly – would be crazy to marry a Master 🙂 – as Mohanji always says, you can’t own/contain the Ocean, you can only merge with it..
    But for a genuine spiritual seeker, direct presence of a Master as one treads the path is the greatest blessing possible. That was one of the main points that really stayed with me after reading Paramahamsa Yogananda’s living book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, the book that changed my life…
    With love and gratitude for all the blessings, Biba

  6. Hi Phani, what you wrote could also be akin to the universal consciousness or Kutashtha Chaitanya where in there is no difference between your son and my son, all the sons are like my own sons. The concept of universal love as was taught by Paramhansa Yogananda Ji……vasudeva kutumbakam…as it can be put in other words. But ordinary beings like me are striving to achieve that state…..Yogananda Ji describes the experience so beautifully..which he had at the Kali temple at Dakshineswar…where the whole creation becomes a part of one’s own self and one becomes one with the creator. Need blessings to reach there some day. Please be in touch and keep sharing your wisdom and help me also meet Mohanji. Lots of love.

  7. Dear Phaneedar,
    Thank you for sharing one of the key aspects of Mohanji and the Tradition in such a beutiful manner. It is important for everyone in the family to understand this dimension of Mohanji and to live it. He leads by example and we just need to follow with faith and surrender. As He always reminds us …. “Act as Mohanji would!”
    Love to all, Lata

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