Mohanji’s Talk at the Sai Centre in Durban

Written by Biba Mohan

Dear family,

Now that the year 2013 is behind us I feel I could not possibly ‘close that chapter’ in linear time without honoring one indescribable blissful experience that we had during our trip to South Africa in Sept 2013.

Aside from the opening of Mohanji’s Merudanda temple in Durban and our very first ACT Fusion charity concert, there was one experience during that trip that really left me in awe – the love with which we were welcomed at the Grassmere Sai Centre in Durban, which has been the venue of amazing miracles and blessings of Sai for more than 10 years now.

Mohanji at his Father's abode
Mohanji at his Father’s abode

Based on my previous experiences in Puttaparthy, India, I was expecting strict rules and discipline, which was a bit of a concern cause I now had a naughty and curious 2-year-old baby with us who is always into mischief.

However, from the very first moment when we entered, we were welcomed by so much love by Devan and his family, that I instantly had a warm feeling of home coming..

Devan, Mohanji and amrit..
Devan, Mohanji and amrit..

We first went into their pooja room/shrine in which mind-blowing miracles were displayed one next to the other – amrit (nectar of immortality, by texture similar to honey) dripping across a framed picture of Sai Baba, materialized sacred ash (vibhoti) at several places, strand of hair in the shape of Om on another picture of Baba,

A strand of hair in the shape of Om...
A strand of hair in the shape of Om…

materialized turmeric powder, red powder, sugar candy, holy water, brass figurines representing deities, constantly flowing oil around small Ganesha statue, a big pot with coconut water and a couple of coconuts inside continuously refilling itself for years now

Blessed coconuts with big pots of coconut water self-refilled on daily basis!
Blessed coconuts with big pots of coconut water self-refilled on daily basis!

– all these shared from the heart abundantly, bringing blessings of healing and joy to all those who visit the centre. It’s like visiting a Museum of Living Miracles!

Devan said he noticed that the amrit flowed from the centre of this rose flower the moment we entered the shrine, which was a clear sign of Baba’s blessing. He gifted me that rose…

The special rose with amrit
The special rose with amrit

Devan shared with us many amazing experiences so humbly and from the heart that it was a true joy listening to him. After some time, I could feel the gratitude and excitement overwhelming me. The moment that followed was even more sweet  – Devan took a glass, mixing all these miraculous delicacies into a drink concoction and offered it to Mohanji and each one of us. After mixing all these ingredients together, the final concoction ended up being pink in color and Mila immediately named it “strawberry juice” :-).

Baba's loving smile and materialized turmeric
Baba’s loving smile and materialized turmeric

We then went to the bhajan hall where we saw many more large size framed pictures of Sathya Sai and Shirdi Sai with loads of materialized vibhooti and amrit sprinkled on them, plus two red velvet-covered throne-like chairs with a little stool in front (reserved for Baba of course) near which vibhuti footprints on the carpet were clearly visible. All this is just the visual effect, but how can one describe the energy of the place – it instantly expands one’s heart chakra and Divine sweetness fills the inner space…

Basking in the purest energy...
Basking in the purest energy…

Devan was very respectful towards Mohanji and I could tell two of them ‘bonded’ straight away. He brought a special chair for Mohanji and asked him to sit facing the audience that soon filled the entire hall and conduct a talk. That meant that he would be seated near Baba’s throne with his back to Baba – unheard of!

Baba's presence - the mighty orb and His leela...
Baba’s presence – the mighty orbs and His leela…

I was amazed, remembering my first ever experience with Sathya Sai way back in 2006 when I first sat within his gigantic sun-like aura and for the first time felt that I can co-create a different reality and live a life I always longed for, life of higher purpose, life of service and spiritual evolution. This was the time when Baba blessed me with Mohanji’s presence in my life.

I wrote about it in the following blog:

Mohanji’s talk was very Shaivic and straightforward, with arrow-like words freshly arrived from higher consciousness realms, words that could not be ignored. As I was seated (with Mila in my lap) in the corner near Mohanji, I could also observe the facial expressions/reactions of the audience. I could tell that initially some of them had very stern expressions on their faces obviously reflecting the thoughts like “Why do I need to listen to this man when we have direct blessings from Baba available here”, but after only a couple of minutes they started to mellow down and soon enough were fully engrossed and bathing in Grace.

The audience
The audience

The full talk can be viewed from the following link on You Tube: (Part 1)  (Part 2)

I missed a part of the talk as I had to attend to Mila’s needs and that is when I met aunty Ashy, the caretaker of the ashram, who simply showered us with love. I really felt like having a chai (black tea with milk) and before I even said anything she welcomed us to their kitchen with a big smile and offered us chai. Even Mila asked for it and then started running around exploring the toys that she found in the hallway. I soon became like Mila – totally relaxed, blissfully bathing in this beautiful energy, feeling totally ‘at home’.

A loving embrace – Biba with aunty Ashy and her sister

Mohanji’s talk really touched the hearts of people and went so well that, as the word spread, they requested Devan to invite Mohanji again saying that they are “missing him already”.

Devan shared with us how he and his team prepared the venue the previous evening and thus already positioned the chair dedicated to Mohanji. In the morning when he walked into the bhajan hall, he saw a new vibhuti footprint of Baba’s right in front of Mohanji’s chair – a beautiful way of conveying his blessings.. Therefore, when Mohanji was seated on the chair, his foot was right next to Baba’s foot imprint and that alone was enough to send one straight into the bliss state…

Mohanji's foot next to Baba's foot imprint - Sai's symbolic message...
Mohanji’s foot next to Baba’s foot imprint – Sai’s symbolic message…

That is how, three days later, we returned to this beautiful Home of ours, this time in the morning, and bhajans were just about to start. Devan asked Mohanji to sing a bhajan and that is when he, for the first time ever, sang ‘Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam’ bhajan, which was the first bhajan Sathya Sai Baba ever sang and one of his favorite.

Here is the video recording (done from my mobile phone, so please pardon the quality):

After the bhajans, Devan invited us to do the Arati to Baba as the band played the blissful tunes of Sathya Sai’s arati. I felt even more intense expansion of my heart chakra taking place with every ‘Narayana’ word of the Arati and at one point just couldn’t hold the tears of gratitude, overwhelmed with the experience…

M family performing Sathya Sai Arati
M family performing Sathya Sai Arati

Devan then invited Mohanji to speak again – this time all were very receptive and beautiful energy filled the hall. Shaktipat was explained and Devan then invited all present to line up to receive Shaktipat from Mohanji.

The long line for Shaktipat and Sulosh soaking in the sacred energy
The long line for Shaktipat and Sulosh soaking in the sacred energy

That was another out-of-this-world experience. Many people very already very tuned to Baba’s consciousness and very receptive to Shaktipat. Experiences were outstanding and surely left a lasting effect.

Mohanji delivering Shaktipat at the Sai Centre in Durban
Mohanji delivering Shaktipat at the Sai Centre in Durban

The following video (again, from my mobile phone) captures some of the blissful moments:

As Mohanji got up to leave the bhajan hall, we noticed something that earlier wasn’t visible cause there were many people around – there were fresh new Vibhuti footprints of Baba’s all around the chair on which Mohanji sat! They were definitely not there before. I was speechless! Yashik said he could literally see them manifesting out of thin air. How could one ever express the extent and profundity of Baba’s love….

After the bhajans, the beautiful Lola invited us to the kitchen for a breakfast and served us, I must say, the best breakfast I’ve ever tasted! One vegetarian delicacy after the other, we just couldn’t stop eating.

Lola's veggie delicacies cooked with love
Lola’s veggie delicacies cooked with love

We ended this blissful experience with most loving discussions, experience sharing, Mila’s blissful playing all over the courtyard, including their neighbor’s Saiurie’s house.. – all these moments will be treasured as precious memories of Baba’s endless blessings.

Lola's veggie delicacies cooked with Love
Mila totally ‘at home’ – playing in the Sai Centre neighborhood

While leaving Durban, on our way to the airport, Devan called Mohanji and said “When you left the ashram, everyone felt sad. Many people have visited the ashram before, but it never happened like this before. All people felt as if a dear relative has just left. Please consider that you have a home in Durban. Please do come back to your home soon.”

How could one ever express the gratitude in words… Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Eternal Padanamaskar at his Lotus Feet,


Mila and mama at the Sai Centre in Durban
Mila and mama at the Sai Centre in Durban

7 thoughts on “Mohanji’s Talk at the Sai Centre in Durban”

  1. Sai Ram, what a wonderful experience to read on this Thursday. I have prayed to Satya Sai Baba, I just hope my prayers have reached them. The last picture of Biba and Mila is wonderful. Their face reflects purity, no doubt they accompany Mohanji as his wife and daughter.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. In reply to the following BTW yahoo group message sent by Tamara:
    “Thank you Biba so much for this article!
    I felt immense energy and Baba as I was reading the text and looking at the photos (the pulsating and tingling sensations in my body that are still present). I’m very grateful that you shared your experience of this event with us and just felt a strong need to thank you 🙂
    Thank you also for all your commitment and the love you give out every day. It helps us all stay in touch and it’s deeply appreciated. 🙂
    Have a great New Year full of love and peace,

    Thank you dear Tamara for this beautiful message. I must say, whenever I see you, what I see is an old soul in a young woman’s body… So happy Existence connected us and may we have more chances to share the joy and bathe in supreme energies – in Serbia or elsewhere.
    I have seen several amazing souls like you during our Retreat in Serbia in May 2013 and that really filled me with a unique kind of joy and pride – I know there is a reason why my soul chose to be born in former Yugoslavia and this is now slowly becoming clear…
    Beautiful people and so much genuine thirst for spiritual growth – that makes a Master’s time well utilized for the benefit of all and the joy and energy that is felt while witnessing that is truly amazing..

    Similarly, as Mohanji just said in the last message ‘Time is Precious’, those who don’t have this thirst can’t fake it, no matter how socially appropriate their verbal expressions or body gestures are. Only when the cup is empty and the urge/thirst for liberation comes from deep within can one really benefit from the presence of a Master. Otherwise, no problem, feel free to go after worldly pleasures , ego-satisfaction and endless entertainment options designed to temporarily fill the emptiness one inevitably feels within..
    All of us are doing our bit to support this beautiful mission – as Phanee has so wisely expressed in the recent Tradition of Objectivity blog this is about a higher purpose beyond personalities. Some people come, some people go, some come back, some never do – the choice to ‘plug in or plug out’ is theirs, as on this path we respect one’s free will 100% and, unlike religious dogma or profit-oriented spiritual paths, we exercise no explicit no implicit binding of any sort.
    Moreover, whatever we do for the mission is not transactional or measurable, as in the end, we are doing it for our Self – if some feel they have not been recognized or praised enough for their contribution to the mission, this is a wrong, ego-based understanding. No seva/selfless service ever happens without the reward as we definitely reap whatever we saw – this is the Universal Law.
    A couple of us got together in an impromptu way 2 nights ago to welcome the New Year together – so many entertainment options were available, but we just didn’t feel the pull to spend our free time mixing with the people who drink, smoke, fight… (not to mention that 1 Jan is a working day here in Oman..)- once the awareness dawns on us that this precious time that we got while in the physical body is such an amazing opportunity for spiritual growth, being in the Now, dancing in the Now (no alcohol required!), sharing Love, serving Love, practicing the teachings, deepening our intellectual understanding of the Truth… – we won’t feel any satisfaction in mixing with the energies of lower/grosser vibration in any shape or form.
    In other words, we become a misfit and have no choice but to be the change we want to see in others, assume higher responsibilities and spread the Light in whichever way possible, embracing the purity and eligibility required for the ultimate aim – Liberation.
    With love,

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