Mohanji: Our Silent Force behind All Seva Activities

Written by Palak Mehta and Joga Singh

Palak’s experience

Palak Mehta

It’s in the giving that we receive, and Unconditional Love of our Divine Father is what makes us experience this. His Love is beyond words… We all know the Consciousness behind Ammucare and ACT.. . our dearest, most respected Ammu, who came to the Earth to reawaken Unconditional Love during her short period here. It’s the force of Ammu and Mohanji which is lighting thousands of lives across the world. Needless to say, the silent force behind Ammucare and ACT- Ammu and our Master Mohanji  are with us holding our hands, guiding us through each Seva activity and letting us do more and more even if the karmic push in our lives is at it’s peak. He doesn’t let us stop… big or small He ensures we take at least one step each day. (Obviously this means that food is on our plate, but we need to do the chewing… so we need to take the first step and Mohanji takes so many towards us)

Mohanji 3032

On New Year’s day, we decided to do Blanket Distribution in Pune. I’m new here, live alone and haven’t bought a vehicle yet. I also know very few people here and my friend Kirti with whom I’ve distributed blankets, was out of the town. However, she had another friend Nikhil, a noble soul, who was drawn to this seva. As decided, 1st January was the blanket distribution night. I happened to mention it to Mohanji that we were going for the distribution. He wished us good luck and said HE was with me. And we all know that when He says it, He means it more than we know or understand with our unidimensional approach.

What to say next, Grace FLOWED! HE was actually with me… I could feel the consciousness engulfing  me… inside my whole body, my spine, I could feel Mohanji looking through my eyes for the needy homeless people on the road out in the cold without blankets or with very thin ones. I kept seeing signs like Sai Baba’s statue, Dogs, and could feel His consciousness as nudges in my spine so strongly… mostly I could feel Him looking though my eyes as if I was just a robot who was being guided.

I wanted to take video footage during the distribution… we were two people carrying blankets on a bike at night (yes, Pune is a bike-friendly city where bikes/scooties are the most popular means of commuting… I’ve always done distribution in Delhi with a larger group sitting safely inside a car before)… But in my entire 3 years of blanket distribution this was the first time where excellent shots could be taken. No disruption. In fact at one time, the light was very low and not much was visible in the video, at that moment a truck came and light fell on the distribution taking place for exactly that much time. I couldn’t ask for more signs of Mohanji being with us. Nikhil, was extra cooperative. That certainly happens when Mohanji’s consciousness is at work. 

How can one see this and not give?
How can one see this and not give?

A lot of people feel awkward taking pictures of the seva… But the domino effect of that is so powerful and triggers compassion in so many hearts that each picture or experience shared is worth it… much more than hundreds of pictures we share of our parties!

blanket distribution 1

Sharing the blanket distribution video the blanket distribution video which was made last year.

We were led to places where we could cover all the truly needy ones on the roadside at night. When I came back I HAD to thank Mohanji for His unfathomable grace. Our sweetest undefinable Master replied,”I told you I am coming with you. Now drink some water. I was with you.” Mohanji always keeps his word ;). Nikhil kept thanking me for the seva and I kept thanking him! And we both kept thanking all the people on the road for receiving the seva!! He, he, that usually happens when we do seva, we don’t know if we’re doing it for others or for ourselves because the joy we receive from it is too profound and completely transforming. The giver and receiver become one. Mohanji has written the Blog The Art of Giving which had opened up whole new dimensions of seva for me.

Most of all, gratitude to our Father, holding us ever so firmly… making all of this possible with no limits to the love and compassion He has for all beings. This is just a tiny sharing I really felt like doing with everyone, but all volunteers have had countless transformative experiences filled with grace during each seva. 

Aum Mohanji Namah!


Experience by Joga Singh

Joga Singh

One chilly winter night in Delhi, I felt the urge to step out of the house after dinner and take a ride on my scooter. Though it is unusual of me to do so, I followed the urge. I asked my sister-in-law not to lock the house (as it was getting late) and told her I would be back shortly. The moment I was out of the locality I live in, I felt as if a force had taken over me and I wasn’t driving anymore. It was all at a conscious level. I was completely aware that something unusual was in the process and that I had to allow it to happen.

In those days, the Delhi blanket distribution program was in full swing. Earlier during the day I had been thinking about how I wished to contribute, but did not have enough money to do so. Even at that moment, when I stepped out of my house that night, I only had Rs.300 in my pocket.

As I gave in to what was happening to me, a strong thought of Mohanji passed through me. I mentally asked, “Mohanji, is it you guiding me?”. I felt an internal affirmation. I decided to surrender. As I moved on, several visual signs started to catch my attention, guiding me clearly when to turn left, when to turn right. I followed. Before I knew it, I had done 10 kms. My curiosity started to grow and again I asked Mohanji, “What is happening?” Just then an auto rickshaw passed by me and in big bold words was written ‘SHAANT’ (a hindi word which means ‘peaceful’) on it! I got my answer, yet mind was curious. Mentally I kept asking for more clarity. The next word I saw was ‘SHUBHAM’ (a hindi word which means ‘auspicious’). I said “Something good is about to happen, but what?”, and then my attention was taken to the next word ‘MANGALAM’ (another hindi word which means ‘welfare’). I almost laughed. Mohanji was giving clear signs that something good and divine was about to happen. I surrendered my curiosity and drove on J

It was about 11.15pm, and while driving my scooter almost unconsciously, I reached a night market and found myself standing in front of a blanket shop. With only Rs.300 in my pocket, I walked into the shop to check the blanket price. I wanted to keep Rs.50 for any emergency expense at that late night hour and could spare only Rs.250 for the blanket. The blanket at this shop costed Rs.300 and the shopkeeper wouldn’t negotiate! I suddenly felt an internal voice asking me to go to the next shop. And no surprises, I got a blanket for Rs.250 there. Just the amount I had J

I continued my journey, with Mohanji’s consciousness guiding me, and soon I saw a group of rickshaw-pullers sleeping by the road. I mentally asked Mohanji if I should give the blanket to them. I received an answer. “NO, they already have. Also there are too many of them, they will be all over you. Move ahead”. I drove another 5 kms before I received the guidance to stop. I was urged to look at my left. There it was! A man was lying by the roadside, with no covers, no warm clothes, in that bitter cold Delhi night! I covered him with that blanket, without realizing that tears were streaming through my eyes. I started my journey back home. Even today I have no memory of my ride back home, as if someone had driven me back. I was not aware. I reached home and the moment I looked at the fuel meter, THE NEEDLE HAD NOT MOVED! No fuel spent. I drove over 25kms, and NO FUEL WAS CONSUMED! My tears didn’t stop that night. My desire to contribute to the blanket distribution was fulfilled! All His Grace. Gratitude Dear Master!

Ammucare Charitable Trust. Copyright

Ammucare Charitable Trust, is an Indian Charity founded by Mohanji in 2003 in honour of his daughter Ammu who passed away at the age of four. It is through the love that continuously flows through ACT that little Ammu indeed lives on. As of 2012, ACT spread internationally under the name of ACT Foundation which operates in a growing number of countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and USA.

The Blanket Distribution programme is done annually among many other activities like , blood donation camps, medical assistance, financial aids, disaster relief, education programs and vocational training, vibrionics and more. Please find the details at the links below:


FB: Ammucare

ACT Foundation

FB: ACT Foundation

FB: ACT Foundation (group)

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  1. Nice to read about your experience. Indeed, the joy when someone receives what he needs is un describable and the satisfaction what the giver feels is also beyond description.

    Sai Ram.

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