Walking the Talk

By Nameshri Chetty

Jai Mohanji!

The grace factor flows through so effortlessly if we allow ourselves to feel and see beyond the mind.

Our lives are filled with lots of life lessons, but along with that are the most divine experiences of the Self. I now see, feel and learn about life in ways that I (the Nameshri before meeting Mohanji) would never have fathomed. It has only been through the grace of Mohanji that I have come to start to understand or rather am starting to see the magic.

I write this as my proof that Truth is Real! 

As many of you know, I have been very active in the Mohanji family for about 6+ years now and not once has Mohanji’s grace not been evident. All along, there has been one underlying trait that shows up for all those who are with Him. He truly cares and loves without limitations.

Leading up to mid-2018, my karmic experiences seemed to be on hyper-drive! Gosh, I am so serious; it’s not funny but I pulled through, leaving me with some wear and tear. Just to fill you in, my son had left to live on his own; my daughter left with her dad (taking my dogs); my helper of 17 years passed away and I sold my home, packed up a home of 15 years all by myself, all in the space of 6 months.

Many a time we see our lives unravelling before us and think “Oh my God, why is this happening, why me and what now,” but little do we understand or see the grace in those experiences. All that happens is perfectly coordinated so that we can be the best version of ourselves, always giving us opportunities to rise above and succeed.

During this time and leading up to these events, Mohanji advised me to come to India. Once all my responsibilities were complete, I packed two suitcases and left for India. Please note I had no idea where I would be staying or what I was going to do there. It was the first time I flew abroad alone. My family in Durban questioned me about where I was going to stay and what I would be doing and all I said was that it did not matter (as I knew Mohanji would not put me in a mud hut.

As I took off, en route to India, I had no expectations but had a sense of courage that this was a new journey. I was received so lovingly at the Bangalore ashram. The first few days,  okay honestly, the first week, I was a zombie,   I just ate and slept, I felt as if I was out of my body. In truth, if you had seen me then, your jaw would have dropped.  As the days went on, Mohanji advised me to rest, have no agenda and just be. He advised me not to travel or do anything that needed effort but rather to be in that sacred space. I had completely disengaged from my life in South Africa (besides my children). I was totally off the grid, as they say. Mohanji opened His home to me so that I could heal and rest. He did not ask me for anything in return and neither did any of the others; they just showered me with love. As the days went by, I began to find my flow in the house, helped out and began to be myself again.  Life seemed to go on, everything had total transparency and everyone had respect for all as there seemed to be an understanding of a family (seeing that by grace you are there). I felt at ease with a sense of peace. Even when He was not physically there, I felt no pressure to deliver (which is how we all live our lives each and every moment). There was just an abundance of compassion, love and care shown. He knew I needed a place of safety during my transition period – hence India. Mohanji had made sure that I was comfortable at any given time. Mohanji had mentioned many a time about doing things that were karmically correct. On asking what this meant, He said, “Where your mind is at ease” (I was so accustomed to saying yes even when I did not approve). He allowed me to be vulnerable and speak my Truth without judgement as I was going through different phases of life. All that I knew had once again been ripped out from under my feet; I felt totally devastated. Mohanji filled my space with understanding of my situation, empowering me to accept my situation without victim hood. I cried for many days, but that too ceased only to be replaced with laughter as Mohanji’s presence dimmed the sadness and filled it up with hope. Mohanji showed total respect for my space and my priorities. Not once was I made to feel like I was not capable or insignificant. The energy at the ashram was something that I had never experienced; there is a sense of immense gratitude and security when entering. Imagine after a long trip, having carried a heavy backpack, you reach your resting point where you can remove your baggage – “Ahhh! What a weight off your shoulders!” One can feel and sense Masters and beings around. I felt totally in the lap of the Divine, I had a knowing that all was taken care of for my highest good. I lived there without any questions, expectations or pressure; only a feeling of pure acceptance. This was from Mohanji as well as the other devotees who came and went from the ashram. None of them pried, questioned or bothered me, they allowed me to be. They went out of their way to make my stay comfortable in India seeing that I was a foreigner, starting from food, shopping, entertainment, travel; in fact, it was a collaboration of all to assist me. I actually saw this trait in each individual where people got together to help each other out to get stuff done without any complaint. An example: I needed medicines for my mom who had suffered a stroke. The Mohanji family rallied together from getting a prescription to contacting a pharmacist to get it for me (definitely Mohanji’s example). Mohanji Himself called to enquire about a space at a clinic for me (now really who in today’s world would take time out to do that.) I had such profound experiences during my stay but that will be shared later.

mohanji expression

Those who know Him have heard Him say, “I take full responsibility for my people, I will not let you fall, I will not leave your hand, I walk with you. THIS IS ALL TRUE. Mohanji is always there! 

In today’s world, it is very hard to find an individual who epitomizes TRUTH. What I mean is –


Mohanji 1

In my small capacity, I am proof that He is unconditional beyond measure. In these times that we are living in, many a good deed goes under scrutiny, with lots of frills added but in truth it’s just being good. It took me some time to write this as feelings of grace cannot be put into words, but in saying that, I know that those reading will feel through the words. Before going to India, my faith was tested in many ways (there was lots of noise all around me and I could not feel my Truth).  I was totally depleted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually (which Mohanji knew about), but this did not deter Him from taking care of me. Through this period of my life, I saw how many life times of karmic bindings were dissolved and how He gently made sure each individual was safe , so we can go on to our next chapter. I saw how He dissolved attachments to relationships, ideas, concepts and judgements; so that I could be free to BE ME (as He knew that I was never free). To many it would be, “Oh my gosh! How sad,” but for me, I say, “Thank you, Mohanji.” He made sure my son was working and independent; my daughter was safe, and my responsibilities dissolved; only for me to be free. Acceptance of my current space without any baggage – be it shame, regret, blame or guilt is where I am. Basically, I have no agenda but just to be! HOW AWESOME! I am still on the mend like many of us but I am definitely a lot stronger than before I went to India. I have always been a very strong individual but this life lesson literally brought me to my knees and the only person to pick me up was Mohanji!

Mere Mahadev (my Lord Shiva), I surrender graciously and humbly at Your feet as You are the beginning and end of all that is and is not.

“I glide on the breath of Your grace”

(Please note that sharing MY JOURNEY has left me vulnerable (open for anything) but the bigger picture is that if I can inspire/help or make a difference in someone else’s life, why not. Only then am I living my Guru’s teachings.)

Mohanji Silence



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4 thoughts on “Walking the Talk”

  1. Ganapathy G.Srinivas

    Feeling very grateful and loving to Mohanji for all that immense moral support he gave to you and gives to all of us. Really at loss of words to describe it aptly. Jai Mohanji.

  2. Beautifully written Nameshri! This is so inspiring for all the readers, especially the ones, who are going through many ups and downs. Its reassuring to know that he is indeed taking care, though we feel, the terrains are extremely rocky! While he holds our hands, he also makes sure, we build up our confidence in ourselves, to face the tough situations in life. While many of us might ask, why me, every time we face a tough situation, at the end, we emerge as completely new,strong individuals, all polished to face the next situation with greater strength and vigor. As he always says, Keep walking. That’s all we need to do, but with faith and surrender.

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