Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 7 – “Faith is the Key”

by Olivera Miškić

In this series of Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 7, we bring to you a powerful testimonial from the Bosnian Pyramids (2018) by Olivera Miškić.  The Bosnian Pyramids is a powerful energy center where she understood and experienced the true meaning of Faith in a Master. Just by surrendering her doubts and fears to Mohanji, she not  only fulfilled her wish of going to the Pyramids for the Kriya Intensive programme, she also fulfilled her duties towards a close relative.

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I had a deep call from within to go for a  Kriya Intensive programme, in particular to Visoko. I only had a chance to feel the energy of that place during an earlier visit. What a powerful place! How powerful it must be in Mohanji’s presence! I applied immediately, as soon as it was announced and I got to know of it.

However, as life would have it, unexpected things happened. The thing that was happening in my life was extremely painful, or at least my mind wanted to perceive it that way.

Long before the retreat, I found out my aunt was terminally ill from a fast-progressing lung cancer. As the time of the retreat approached, her condition was getting worse and worse. Just before the retreat, she became bedridden. That meant she needed help 24 hours a day because she couldn’t sit or get up from the wheelchair on her own.

I had only one week to find a trustworthy person who would sleep in her house, since she lived alone. Among the close relatives, I was the only one she had.

I was hectically trying to find a solution and I would start panicking with the thought  of leaving her alone and travelling to another country for 5 days.  The question if I should go or stay was burning in my head. I found a caretaker, but she left us after a few days.

The pressure in my head was getting bigger and bigger. The main question I asked myself was: “Am I a spiritual person? Why am I going to this retreat? What is real spirituality –  when you help someone who is helpless or you wish  for one more answer, one more experience to satiate the hunger and add another piece of puzzle to your spiritual journey?”

In the end, not being able to take the decision on my own, I sat one evening looking at Mohanji’s photo and completely surrendering to Him, I said quietly: “You lead me, you know better than me! Let thy will be done.”

I found a caretaker, arranged everything with my aunt’s neighbours and set off to Visoko. I was still really nervous during the journey. My brain kept questioning if my actions were right. What if they call me to say she died and I wasn’t there with her in her last moments? I was praying she would stay alive and not die while none of her close family were around, since I knew that was her last wish.

The Kriya Intensive programme started with a satsang with Mohanji who immediately asked us: “Why are you here?” I couldn’t believe it! That was the exact question I asked myself. I had goosebumps.

mohanji and olivera

As the next day arrived, I started relaxing slowly through Kriya. I surrendered to it completely. Those were really powerful group meditations. I would sometimes feel tears spontaneously flowing down my face while we were meditating. We were lucky to do Kriya in various energy spots, as well as at the Pyramids of the Sun and of Love. Each was different. As the days were passing, I was surrendering more and more. I felt the strong Yang energy of the Pyramid of the Sun, which expelled immense anger from me. I was becoming more and more aware that I was supposed to be at that place in Visoko with the Master.

Everything culminated with the one-hour meditation in the tunnels, a hidden place where no tourist had yet set a foot. We remained in complete darkness and an image from a past life flashed before my eyes. I knew it was true. At that moment, everything became clear. I understood why I kept going through this life with a certain conviction which was only doing me harm. That revelation came peacefully, with no emotions, crystal clear. This meditation was crowned with a Shaktipat in the tunnels, which was so powerful that it seemed to me I was under its influence, in complete peace, for the rest of the retreat. The fears disappeared. I simply knew that things were going exactly the way they should and my aunt would welcome me alive. I knew I had to be there in Visoko, at the Pyramids with Mohanji, and went back to Belgrade more stable, rooted in the faith in myself and in my Guru, being able to truly help her and bring a bit of light into the last days of her life. That’s how it was. Despite the painful end of her life, I said goodbye to her in peace, with prayers and mantras, fulfilling her last wishes.


Now that I’m writing this, my aunt is no longer in this earthly dimension, but I know with certainty, deeply rooted in peace, that I was supposed to be at the Bosnian Pyramids then, in May 2018. It was a big test of faith for me and that’s why my whole being was urging me to go to that powerful place despite all the outer obstacles, and experience a huge transformation with the strong guidance from my beloved Guru, Mohanji. Now I know that everything is possible in His presence, and that everything is happening just the way it should.

At this retreat, I truly experienced and felt in my own body the truth Mohanji keeps repeating: “Faith is the key.” I realized faith is the key which unmistakably leads us to discover not what we think we are, but who we truly are.

With deep gratitude, I deeply bow in front of Your feet.




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