Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 7 – “Mohanji – The Incarnation of Compassion”

This story  in Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 7 highlights what Mohanji means  about presence without presence! He is ever present with us, taking care of us irrespective of our awareness. Enjoy this beautiful narration about how Nirupma recognised His presence in her life!

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“Mohanji – The Incarnation of Compassion”

by Nirupma Chowdhary

Mohanji’s presence in my life is indescribable! Each time I meet Him,  He says,

“Keep doing your work. I am with you”

His words motivate me to keep going.




During a recent visit to the UK, I developed severe pain in my left leg. I was not sure if it was because of a Vitamin D deficiency or my rheumatoid arthritis that had made a comeback. My blood tests did not reveal anything problematic.

I met Mohanji at the Rishikesh Retreat. Whenever I met Him, He would ask me to sit on the chair, rather than on the floor as I would be uncomfortable. I wondered why He never asked about my leg or the limp in it. As I read testimonials of many who have recovered from various illnesses,  I would think about myself and also wonder why I did not experience any relief.

mohanji homa

I work at Mohanji School of Supplementary Education for underprivileged children at Jammu. In time, my pain became worse, even walking around was difficult. It was becoming impossible to go to school. I tried to ease my pain and improve my mobility using compression socks. My husband supported me immensely by dropping and picking me up from school.

I am also a Mai-tri practitioner. While performing healing for others, my leg would hurt and it was quite ironical that I was performing healing for others, while in pain! I attributed my pain to my karma and kept going through life.

On the night of January 7th, I saw Mohanji on a chair, like a doctor, examining my leg. I was lying on a bed and appeared to be in great pain. After some time, He asked me to do yoga and added that I would be well.  As instructed, I resumed yoga and in just a few days I became free of pain! Life was normal again.

What does it mean to be Mohanji?

Mohanji was visiting Jammu and one day after a satsang, we were discussing issues relating to the school. As we were leaving, Father smilingly reminded me that I wished  to say something to Him. It was true! I told Him that my leg was well after He examined it and that I had no pain now! He said, “Go tell Chachi Revaji. She keeps complaining that I do not come to Jammu. But I am always there for all of you. I may not be here physically, but am here astrally.”

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Blessed are we to be part of the Mohanji family. My koti koti pranaams to my Guru, who takes care of our physical and our spiritual needs!





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