Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 7 – “Conscious Dancing – A stairway to higher consciousness”

Mohanji always assures us of His presence and guidance in various ways both physically and astrally! His omnipresence can be felt through dreams, in visions, during meditations and chanting, while in the midst of a chore or an activity, during conscious walking and in almost all aspects of our lives. Shyama Jeyaseelan had a divine vision of Mohanji during Conscious Dancing. Enjoy reading about this beautiful dance and rest assured in the knowledge that He is always walking with us.

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Conscious Dancing – A stairway to higher consciousness

by Shyama Jeyaseelan

Mohanji’s visit to UK in August 2018 was 12 days long, but the days flew by so quickly that it felt like 12 minutes! Every moment in Mohanji’s physical presence was truly blissful. Words cannot begin to describe how precious and cherished these days have been. Cooking some of the meals for Mohanji, doing Paada puja, having Him visit our home and seeing Him sing are some of the many joyous moments I was blessed with. Having our Deviji and sweet little Mila with us was so wonderful too and I would like to share something that happened during Conscious Dancing with Deviji at the retreat.


Conscious Dancing with Deviji is always a wonderful experience as we all know. On the day that we had Conscious Dancing, I was enjoying the music and the movements while focusing on each chakra as Deviji was instructing. As we were focusing on the spine at one point, I remembered Mohanji saying focusing on the spine helps us connect to the higher consciousness.

At that moment I had a beautiful image come to my mind. I saw a long flight of stairs where my spine was, wide at the bottom (base of the spine) and becoming narrower towards the top (top of the head), leading to a small arched doorway. Half way up the stairs, I see Mohanji climbing in orange and white robes, His left arm extended and holding my right hand. Mohanji was looking over His left shoulder at me as I was also climbing the stairs, one or two steps behind Him.

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That image, so full of grace and unconditional love was a beautiful assurance for me that my beloved Guru is holding my hand every step of the way to the destination this soul desires. I’m truly humbled and filled with endless gratitude to Mohanji and Deviji. Thank you so much for your presence in our lives.

“When you sit down quietly, just close your eyes and feel the spine. Automatically your consciousness, your awareness will shift to the third eye, the space between the eyebrows. This is the proof. We are going beyond the normal senses to the higher dimension. Third eye is the higher dimension, it is the pathway to the higher dimension.” Mohanji

mohanji orange and white



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