Yatra with Mohanji

By Ulla, Denmark

Yatra with Mohanji – a song of gratitude offered to my dear Mohanji, on this blessed occasion of Guru Poornima, 16th July 2019.

The video for this song prepared by dear Neelu, here.

About a year ago I was visiting the Somaskanda Ashram in the Swiss Alps. Mohanji had participated in the inauguration of the Temple Murtis there in the previous year.

Having a dinner conversation with two of the Brothers, we talked about Mohanji, whom none of us had the opportunity to meet yet. Until then I had only read a few of His blogs but never thought of meeting Him. Now I felt a growing urge to connect with Mohanji, to see Him in person. For the rest of my stay in the Ashram, every day at every puja, I would see Mohanji standing in the Gopurum next to the Somaskanda Murti which consists of a huge Lingam and three Naags. First I thought it was an act of my imagination, but I felt a connection was being established.

When I asked how I could meet Mohanji, people said: “Don’t worry, just wait until next Summer, then He will probably visit the UK again.” But I felt there was no time to waste, that I was not going to sit and wait for things to happen. That is why I went to India for a retreat with Mohanji in Rishikesh. That was the beginning of a journey beyond my imagination.

At the retreat, I met a part of the Mohanji community from around the world, but one thing they had in common was that they all seemed very authentic, natural, loving and unassuming.

Was it the satsangs, the Shaktipat or the mere presence of a Master? I am not able to say what happened, but my life has changed drastically. A lot of stuff has fallen away, relationships, people, fears and anxieties. But, so many blessings have followed in the form of awareness, strong sense of purpose, love and connection to Mohanji, and to the Mohanji global family.

My wish is to share His gift of consciousness, love, and awareness with all the people I meet. On the day of Guru Poornima, we celebrate our connection to the Master. It is my humble wish that this music may become a means for us to always remember you Mohanji, always surrender everything at your feet and realize that we are inseparable.

I have never composed a song before. Since I uttered my wish to learn to compose music, things took shape at rocket speed. Two weeks ago one morning, words came to me and a poem happened, and in the afternoon the melody came. The next day I went to a friend’s house where we put some chords together and she told me about a friend hers, who has a recording studio in his flat. A few people have been involved, some came by and dropped out again due to the deadline and other people replaced them, but the doors remained always open.

So fasten your seat belts when Mohanji is behind the wheel. This shows His efficient manner of getting things done.

Please click below to hear the song.

The process of making this song has been such pure bliss. Thank you for making it possible, dear Mohanji.
Love you always

Ulla with Mohanji



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