Being with Mohanji – Retreat in Virginia, USA, August 27-30, 2018 : Part 2

This is the continuation of the experiences from Being with Mohanji – Retreat in Virginia, USA, August 27-30, 2018. You can read the Part 1 of this blog with collection of experiences here.

We continue to bring to the readers the ever-flowing gratitude in the form of testimonials from the participants of the Being with Mohanji retreat in Virginia earlier this year.

Speaking to Divinity Itself – Rick Rosenzweig, Sedona

As a student of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings for the past 48 years it is new to be singing the praises of a spiritual teacher I have known only for a year. When I first met Mohanji in Sedona I felt he was looking right through me. Not realizing what I was missing, however, I did not attend the Sedona Retreat!

When Mohanji blesses us, it is not just Mohanji doing the blessing but Spirit flowing through him! In everyday affairs Mohanji seems like any one of us, wearing jeans, laughing and talking about mundane subjects. But when it is time for blessings, or when a spiritual aspirant asks him a sincere question, we suddenly get to observe the real Mohanji: a pure instrument for Truth to flow through! This is one of the great mysteries of Spirit…how we can be talking to our spiritual teacher as a friend one moment and the next moment realize we are speaking to divinity itself! It is like Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita!

 The retreat itself is a great privilege to attend, being surrounded by like-minded devotees and having a wonderful time learning, playing, exercising and of course eating delicious food. And yes, I gained seven pounds! In this retreat we were also blessed to be able to participate in a homa!

The most important events at the retreat are Mohanji’s talks and the question and answer sessions that follow. We then need to utilize what we learn (or unlearn) to help eliminate the ego, which is of course the chief obstacle to self-realization. It is also important to ask questions, because it is not every day we get to ask questions of a Spiritual Master and get the true answer.

The icing on the cake is the blessing at the conclusion of the retreat, which in our case was followed by joyful singing in a circle. Everyone I have spoken to received immense benefits from the final blessing. In my case the blessing bore fruit in the following way: During the blessing I felt frustrated as my ego was acting up during the blessings. I didn’t feel anything in the blessing and consequently forgot to look into Mohanji’s eyes afterwards. When I watched others getting their blessings I noticed that everyone looked into Mohanji’s eyes after the blessing and shared heart-felt smiles. This made me further annoyed with myself. I even said something to Mohanji about it later and he smiled in acknowledgement. However, a day or two after the retreat I noticed an increase in inner strength and confidence. This feeling has not gone away and is still unfolding. It shows that the powerful shaktipat delivered in the blessing is far greater than any petty thoughts we might be having during the blessing.

I love and appreciate all of you. Jai Mohanji!

Rick Rosenzweig

Miracles in Charlottesville

Lakshmi Nair, Texas

Many years ago, when I was looking for something, which I myself did not know what it was, I came across Mohanji’s website with His email address. I started writing to Him via email. I was so surprised when He came back instantly with reply to my mail. I am immensely grateful for what He is doing to help everyone especially people like me who is constantly searching. I kept in touch with Him via mails and via Prathibha who is close to Him. Also I started meditating regularly, but still I was not feeling complete. After about 5 years of wait, I was destined to meet Him this year when He came to US in Charlottesville, Virginia. Then began the miracles!

I began my journey to Charlottesville with a skeptic mind, to be honest, thinking let me give it a try. When I first saw Mohanji physically on 27th August 2018, believe me, I strongly felt I already know Him very well. The feeling was so strong that I started to think why I should even talk to Him since I know Him, but my friends were insisting that I speak to Him since it was the first time I met him physically. Ok, I did go in front of Him and I introduced myself with my name so foolishly …. It was joke! He already knew me and I am telling Him my name. Hahaha… :).

The next day Mohanji performed Homa and it was very powerful. After Homa my friends told me that my face had changed and that I looked lighter. Honestly, I was happy to hear that. I always wanted to look better 🙂 and secretly I knew Mohanji was working behind us to release us from bindings. I ran up to Him after the Homa and told Him these words exactly “I think I already know you ” and He said “Yes, it is true”. These words are still ringing in my ears and I was dumbstruck and went on a High but still confused. I felt closer and more comfortable with Him and I thought I could share my feelings with Him.

I had a number of questions to ask him and I had noted them all on my phone.

Just after this a little while later my phone just turned off and I couldn’t turn it on even after charging it. It just wouldn’t turn on in spite of charging. I had saved all my questions on the phone to ask Mohanji and I didn’t remember them. Later that day I had a chance to speak to Mohanji. This had to be spontaneous as I had lost my questions along with my phone refusing to wake up.

I was a bit nervous, I went up to Him and rattled off my entire life story like a small enthusiastic child looking for toffee. He tried to stop me, but I went on and on and on I said whatever I felt I had to say. I had some issues with my mom right from childhood and it was troubling me kind of very badly and I was not able to accept that. Mohanji was very kind and patient and listened to my blabber. At the end of it, He advised me. Honestly, I felt so relieved just by talking to Him. I felt closer to him, more love, and less fear. Later that night, when I went back to my room to sleep, I felt a strong presence as I closed my eyes. I felt Mohanji was there and I prayed for Him to help me. The next day, Oh My God!!! I was floating. I felt so light, so fresh and so much of peace that I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “I am glowing”. It was such an unexplainable feeling that I didn’t look at myself in the mirror after as I did not want that feeling, that glow, to go away. My friends at the retreat also said that I was glowing. That night I felt that all of us are one and this feeling was so strong and deep. The next day another other lady named Andra told Mohanji in the Satsang that she felt a strong sense of oneness with all others. WOOHOO!!! I had the same feeling last night and she just confirmed it. What I felt was indeed true!!!

Now comes the best part, when I reached home in Houston and charged my phone it immediately turned on!!!  This was so surprising. Why did my phone not work in Charlottesville? And how did it work here, when I came back? I think the answer is pretty straight forward. If it had worked there I would have asked Mohanji those written questions on my phone to Him and my talk with Him wouldn’t have been spontaneous. I would not have been able to empty myself completely.  This is my second assurance.

And now, comes the most unbelievable part! My mother unexpectedly called me two days after I came back from the retreat. She asked me what I was doing. I told her about my trip to Virginia and the homa and about the time we spent there. She told me that the week I was in Charlottesville, she couldn’t sleep. She lives in India and she said she was often woken up midnight thinking about me. She was crying over the phone and said she felt a strong sense of love for me. Now, I don’t know how Mohanji did this, but it was the first time my mother has spoken to me this way! Usually she is more like a teacher, but now she was speaking like a mom and this is my third assurance. What else do I need for confirmation about Mohanji’s love and grace. I am truly blessed and loved and protected.

Love you dear Mohanji.

Lakshmi, Texas.


Eos Yolanda, Sedona

In 2017, I met Mohanji in Sedona through Natesh and Monnie Ramsell. Their compelling stories and reverence for Mohanji aroused much curiosity within me. I went to two Satsangs, and a retreat. I normally don’t do such things, as I am very reclusive.

Mohanji’s presence left me speechless. I felt so much complete and total silence that transcended many planes of consciousness. The core of his teachings are the same teachings I have lived by in this lifetime. Those teachings were handed to me from Masters in spirit since I was a very young girl.  It was just such a relief to be around a human being that I resonate with on such a deep level. “Finally, someone really understands!” I found myself thinking that quite often. After the Sedona retreat, I connected with a few others in the area that also resonated with Mohanji. We started coming together for monthly Mohanji Satsang.

Fast forward to the summer of 2018:

I had a dream in which I was sitting with Mohanji on a picnic table that was in front of a building that resembled a house. He looked at me and said, “Why are you always so silent? You never ask questions.” I said, “I just like to be. That is all.” After I said that, Mohanji gave me shaktipat. It was an unusual kind of shaktipat. He was pressing his thumbs into a spot 3 inches under my left and right collar bone. The feeling was so intense, painful, and vivid. I decided to breathe through it, since something major was happening. After he was done, he took me to this brown cylindrical building on a plush green property. I heard a voice tell me that there is a message for me on the WhatsApp. I woke up from the dream in a startled sweat. I felt pain underneath my left and right collar bone from where Mohanji pressed his thumbs. I immediately sat up to check the WhatsApp. There were messages about Mohanji coming to Virginia. I heard the voice tell me to go to the retreat while I was looking at the message. That would have been the only way I would have attended. I didn’t even have the funds to go at the time, as I had just taken three weeks off for vacation. I have learned the hard way that it is just better to listen to Divine Guidance than ignore it, so I made plans to go.

At the time, I honestly had no idea why I would even go. I have felt so content and at peace with my life, as well as feeling content with the connection I have to Mohanji on a mental and spiritual level. Why would I need to go? I figured I would wait for him to show up in Sedona, even if that happens a year or two later. What’s the hurry?  I felt like he was with me all the time anyway.

Well, after I committed to going, I experienced what I would call the emotional cleansing of all lifetimes. At least that was what it felt like, I honestly don’t know. It lasted an entire week. I was grieving the deepest grief that I have ever felt in my life. I am so used to accepting all feelings fully by being in the present moment, so I allowed the feelings to flow even though I had no idea what they were about. I felt them fully. It was such a joy to be the witnessing presence to this unexplained emotion. After the seventh day of deep grief, I realized it was grief over the realization of believing that there is a such thing as a separate self all these years. I felt like I was dying a great death, the illusion of separation. I had wondered if the dream shaktipat experience initiated this situation. It was like dying the greatest death of all. I have always felt that we were all One on the planet, but that was just a concept in my mind it turns out! Otherwise I wouldn’t have grieved so profoundly for a whole 7 days like that!

After the profound grief, I felt profound awareness, joy, and gratitude. I also felt that whatever just happened to me, is preparing me for what will happen at the Virginia retreat.

I have always felt that keeping my mind in the present moment without thoughts of past or future would burn up karma completely. I don’t know if I have karma left on this Earth, but I also don’t care. I feel that the evolution of my consciousness will naturally arise without me doing anything but staying in the here and now. If emotions arise, I embrace them with total compassion. In my mind and heart, every moment is the best moment, even the uncomfortable ones. I came to this conclusion after having a very difficult childhood, as well as adulthood. One day I realized that the way out of suffering is through the suffering. Offering no resistance became my daily mantra. I watched how resistance creates more pain in people’s lives, as well as my own.

Over the course of many years I have noticed that many people around me struggle to live life in the manner in which I live it, so I began teaching them how. I am used to being a source of help for clients, friends, and family. It has always been a deep honor and gratitude to lend a helping hand in this way.

The Virginia Retreat:

I went to the retreat with the desire to just BE with Mohanji. I just felt like just BEING. That was it. No questions, no need for anything other than just BE HERE NOW with Mohanji.

Well, to my surprise, I left the retreat feeling like I knew absolutely nothing, but gained everything.

Every moment Mohanji began to speak during the retreat, I closed my eyes to stay present with the truth spoken. I felt the truth permeating every cell in my body. I found myself going into some kind of blissful trance in which I was no longer in control of my body movements. My eyes would roll to the back of my head, I would sway back and forth, and I felt my body jerking. I also couldn’t stop smiling.

This happened every single time we would get together with Mohanji. It would last the entire duration.

This trance state would build with intensity each day we were together. By the last day, my mind came to a complete and total stop. I began to feel such deep expansive freedom, and deep peaceful nothing. I lost the ability to see any separation from animate and inanimate objects. Often times I became the ceiling, the trees, or the couch. I became all the people in the room, or the city for that matter.

After returning home, the expansive freedom of being One life, One love, One heartbeat continues to strengthen, and deepen. I drive around the city, and experience 360 degrees of awareness. The more I experience myself as the entire city, country, world, universe, I feel more ever pervading bliss. I feel nothing but the deepest gratitude for Mohanji to exist as the all-pervading One Flame that ignited my soul spark. I feel endless gratitude. I had no idea there was a state such as this to exist in while on Earth. It was a good thing I didn’t have any knowledge, because it would have been thrown out the window to be replaced with experience. And the words I use to describe this state of consciousness that I currently have united with do no justice to it at all. All I can say over and over is Sat Chit Ananda. I didn’t even know what that meant. I looked it up, and that sums it up right there: Truth Consciousness Bliss. If you experience truth, and you are able to just BE with that truth, bliss is the end result.  So what is it like to BE with Mohanji? I think the Amazing Grace song sums it up:


Amazing grace! How sweet the sound

That saved a soul like me.

I once was lost, but now am found,

Was blind, but now I see.

‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,

And grace my fears relieved.

How precious did that grace appear

The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares

I have already come;

‘Tis grace has brought me safe thus far

And grace will lead me home.

The Lord has promised good to me

His word my hope secures;

He will my shield and portion be,

As long as life endures.

Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,

And mortal life shall cease,

I shall possess within the veil,

A life of joy and peace.

When we’ve been there ten thousand years

Bright shining as the sun,

We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise

Than when we’ve first begun.

 Jai Mohanji – Eos Yolanda, Sedona



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