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By Charles N.Londi

Mohanji empowering without power

Those without a spiritual view of life think of empowering in mundane terms, especially when they hear that a spiritual master will be holding an empowering seminar. They might imagine that he’ll confer magic wands and brooms to those who attend the seminar of the nature Harry Porter and other wizards use to zoom through the sky. This stems from a warped understanding of the word ‘spiritual.’ In the EMPOWERED seminar with Mohanji from the 2nd to the 12th of September, he handed out some invisible magic wands and brooms, which would disappoint those who want to see only tangible things to be convinced they are in possession of something. But before anything, let’s look at the title of this article.

Empowering without power? Isn’t it oxymoronic to say Mohanji empowers without power? It sounds like he has nothing to offer yet wants to empower people. Can you give what you don’t have? However, he has so much to give that those from the material level of life cannot appreciate. Yes, he empowered people during the last seminar without trying to have any power over them by being bossy, commanding, condescending, looking down on the audience, having feelings of superiority, authority, etc. Aspects that people in the human consciousness like to exercise over their fellow beings to show they are in control. 

”But isn’t that normal as a spiritual master,” some may ask? Without being critical or putting down anyone, but just for the sake of conveying truth, I want to say that I have come across instances where some masters may try to bind the student to themselves with threats of dire consequences if they leave, and they consider it a betrayal of the master, and state that the student who abandons will suffer for eons in the hellish realms of the lower astral plane until the master takes pity on him and rehabilitates him. This is in sharp contrast to Mohanji’s pronouncements. He stated very clearly that everyone has to mull over what he says, contemplate it over and over, and if they find it useful, only then adhere to his teachings. His attitude is discretionary. 

He doesn’t say, ”Look, lost souls, what I am telling you is the highest truth, and you must take it, or else my wrath will descend on you.” He tells you that if you are not satisfied or not sure of what he is presenting, then you have the freedom to leave and seek truth elsewhere. How wonderful to also hear him say that no one actually needs a master until the need for one happens, in which case the master is actually only a guide directing the individual back to his own true self, the inner master, and that the moment anyone starts looking to connect with something/someone out of themselves, then they are lost. To hear these words is to be empowered personally, which is in sharp contrast to the cultivation of a personality cult by centering all attention on himself. Then he added that his job is to create or mint more masters, actually realize the inner guru in everyone, and that it is a collaborative effort with him for all who seek truth and freedom with him. 

Wow! So you want more souls to stand in the divine light instead of standing in it alone and having the spotlight of unique and exclusive glory, Mohanji? Is this not empowering others selflessly without seeking any control over them?

Mohanji demonstrated during the 11-day seminar that love and freedom are not based on authority but on demonstration being selflessly proactive. The act of throwing the ball back on the courts of seminar participants could have been disgusting to those who want others to chew, and they just swallow without effort. But the cornerstone of Mohanji’s empowerment during the seminar was to bring out the good hiding in most people because of fear, not wanting to leave their comfort zones, and unwillingness to exert energy creatively to exercise their dharmic responsibilities and those who seek social approval. Yes, some people are easy-going with dictators and were certainly very disappointed as Mohanji’s modus operandi is DIY (Do it yourself).

A lot can be said about the 11-day seminar in regard to Mohanji’s words, but suffice to say that he subtly intimated that the quintessence of true spiritual freedom could only be realized through self-empowerment. Mohanji provided many of these tools, the use of which is discretionary. You may use them, or you may not.

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