Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 69 & 70

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 69 Lesson – Knitting the world together 

Good morning, everybody. I hope that you are doing really well. 

Today the pace continues, the activities continue. Yesterday morning was a real treat for me, as we went to visit a Kalari Center, where Mohanji had some marma treatment. They put on a show for us as well. I’ve never actually seen or experienced that, so it was really something special to see.  I took a video I can share with you all.

Something which has been emerging over the past days and has been really impressive to witness and watch are the connections that are coming together around Mohanji. The people who we are meeting are all fantastic and great people in their own right, starting from the first group of people we met, the entrepreneurs and businessmen, and continuing with the Kalari practitioners and the owners of the centre, which has a 45-year long tradition. 


This morning, we were meeting other people as well. As we meet family, relatives, old friends in this area, other connections are coming forward, and it’s almost as if Mohanji is stitching together one big family of all these people, the global family he talks about. All of these people have a good, positive outlook on life and also a philosophy towards what they want to see happening and changing in the world. 

So, rather than a lesson, it’s more of an observation today. As we’re moving, bringing people together and meeting people, it’s almost as if deep connections are being formed or being re-established. I’m very excited and interested to see what comes from this, because so far on our trip the people we’ve met have been fantastic and great in their fields. 

If I think about all the volunteers and the people we work with within the foundation, all of them have a similar mindset. As the momentum is picking up, as we’re growing, and as the Mohanji centres in Ganeshpuri and Slovenia are coming along very soon, it feels as if there’s a real change happening. 

Even though this year we’ll have the COVID restrictions, there are still many activities that are moving forward and becoming more established. For example, at the book release function, we were able to present well the Mohanji Global platforms. In around five minutes, we succinctly presented everything that we were doing. When you look at it, when you look across everything that’s happening, right from the teachings, all the book publications, the programs, and then, on the other side, all the selfless service activities, supporting people with food, shelter, clothing and everything else, disaster relief – it’s really great to work. When you put it down to figures, it’s been happening for 18 years now, and there’s still much more to come. 

So, that’s it for today. A bit of a short one, as we’re preparing for a spontaneous interview. This seems to be the case travelling with Mohanji; things just happen. A news reporter wanted to come and take an interview with Mohanji. We’re busy preparing for that and making sure that everything’s arranged for when they come. Also, please enjoy the Kalari video.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you have a great day ahead.

Day 70 Lesson – How much have I given to earth? 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing very well. 

Like the previous days, yesterday was another packed day, right from the early morning until the evening. We started off with breakfast with a prominent architect in the area. This was another reminder for me that when travelling with Mohanji, I should always be prepared for the unexpected. I had thought that we’d have breakfast, then go back to the room, and I’d be able to do this morning message and everything else I needed to do. But, we were invited to go and visit the architect’s property, where construction was taking place, just to see the style of architecture which he created. 

So, straight after breakfast, we were in the car, travelling. It was a great experience to go there because it showed how quickly, after meeting Mohanji for the first time, a very strong connection was built. 

What I’ve witnessed throughout this whole journey is that there are many people who have come to meet Mohanji for the first time. A lot of them have come to know him through the 4 am Club talks which he does. He sends those out daily in the morning. However, for everybody that comes to meet him, an instant connection happens, like a renewal of a relationship. 

I’ll share some photos of the area because it was quite a nice location. I think Mohanji really likes that style, too, so it could be an inspiration for future buildings. 

Also, we had a surprise interview yesterday. An advertised article appeared in the paper about the book release function, and then, a journalist wanted to speak further to Mohanji to do a feature spread. They came to the hotel, and the interview took place. And again, it was amazing to see people connecting with all the platforms, all the activities we’re doing across the world. I am looking forward to that feature coming out. 

As always, witnessing all of this and Mohanji’s schedule from early morning to the evening, I admired that all this is done for the benefit of the platforms so that we can serve even more people. For me, it was also a reflection on my own life. I was thinking about how much I have contributed to earth in my time here. Up until three or four years ago, I was just living life, taking, consuming, eating, drinking, travelling, and doing all the things which I wanted to do. It was a complete contrast to Mohanji’s activity and schedule. I know that we shouldn’t compare, but it was a reminder of how much I have actually been contributing and also an inspiration for how much more I can contribute in the future. 

I was witnessing what he’s doing, all the activity that he goes through, often at the expense of himself, because it takes a toll on his body. I’ve shared in a previous recording that after he’s met people or done a Satsang, his belly swells. Once, it got almost three times the normal size. Also, with different types of food here, he is very sensitive to spices. So, he’s going through all that too, taking a lot on while still giving his time and dedication to all who come to see him. It’s really admirable.

Yesterday, when we were travelling, it was good to see a side of Mohanji that I hadn’t seen before. The four of us, Moti, Madhu, Vipin and Mohanji, spent four or five hours in the car. . Although I couldn’t speak Malayalam, it was just like a road trip with the guys. That was the feeling because the connection that they have with him is very much like that of a friend, a companion. They were sharing stories, joking, laughing. We’d stop on the way to eat at the roadside cafés, and Mohanji was sharing lots of stories and jokes too. So, although I couldn’t understand the language, it was quite easy to catch the feel of the trip. 

Now we’ve arrived in another place, and there’ll be more people scheduled to meet on this trip. 

I hope you have a great day ahead. That was the main observation I was musing on today and yesterday: how much I have personally taken from the earth and how much I have given back.

Have a great day.

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