EMpowered by Mohanji – 8

We have another series of testimonials by participants of the empowered program as we march towards Empowered 2.0.

Andrijana Ristovska, Macedonia

Empowered – ‘A journey from fear to freedom’ was a very powerful event, and again I have the feeling that every answer is for me, and I cannot put the pen down of trying to write down everything. For me, this event is also a confirmation of our connection in consciousness. One month ago, I was writing in my spiritual journal about ways to feel more empowered, covering different topics that could benefit me because I needed them so much. Now, Mohanji is leading an event about empowerment and going into depths that I would never have gone alone. So beneficial, so precious, and so powerful. I feel very grateful to attend it. Thanks to all of you who made this happen.

Sandra Sankar, South Africa

The RAWness of absolute truth is as elusive as the clouds on a hot summer day. Like wisps of fleeting consciousness teasing our whimsical mind, we sometimes miss the importance of eternal connections that bring us to this life.

If all of us are connected, what does it mean? Our paths cross, playing out the imprinted patterns we have picked up along the way. Mohanji says we never learn. We repeat and come back. Knowing this, do you?

‘Telling it like it is’ comes with bare-faced courage to be yourself regardless of the expectations of the world. Yet, it is easier to hide behind a facade of illusionary displays, judging each other without knowing the truth.

In Kaliyug, what we see is not what we get. Yet do we get it? We go where our mind teases us, forgetting we are the magnificent ‘unbound consciousness.’

Mohanji tells us that our body is but one-eighth of our majestic etheric make-up. We live; we die locked into a tight frame of illusions conjured up by the genie of the mind. Look again. Who is pulling the strings?

Mohanji also says that when we create frames or boundaries, he will run away if we want to put him in it! The Master knows the way to be fearless, unbound and free yet here we are so easily distracted. All are tests.

Why are we so preoccupied with the external world that we disregard internal calls of the intimate lover of SELF. Consciousness is speeding us up, but our busy mind is in reverse. It’s time to check out which lane you are on? I know mine.

An Anonymous participant

The power-packed 11-day workshop with Mohanji left everyone in deep awe. From ecstasy to gratitude, people had all sorts of emotions pouring in throughout. Everyone felt healed and transformed. Mohanji not only delivered profound knowledge with laser-sharp clarity but worked on people’s blockages and deep-rooted patterns of lifetimes. For me, it was a very special experience, an experience of my journey from fear to freedom. Layers and layers were peeled, a lot of contemplation happened as I came face to face with myself. With more and more practice of the techniques which Mohanji gave and his immense grace, my energy level soared really high. Towards the middle of the program, I noticed how situations around me were gradually harmonizing, especially a bad relationship, which was suffering for many months, was beautifully healing. To me, it was a BIG thing because otherwise, however hard I would try, I would end up in more misunderstanding. I am really thankful to Mohanji for lifting this burden from my heart. I am looking forward to Empowered 2 in December. Jai Mohanji.

Nirupma Chowdhary – India

In today’s session, I was just flowing. Recognizing my distractions, accepting them and through awareness, eliminating some was what I was doing. At the end of the session, Mohanji gave us a technique, ‘SILENCE METHOD’, and it was an eye-opener. It was a direct connection if we are observant.

Normally, we are working, doing many activities throughout the day and even during the session. Do we ever think to pause and be in the present, connect and be there to imbibe the treasure Mohanji is sharing?

This is a technique, if practised, can transform us and lead us deep into our inner self. Thanks, Mohanji!

Preeti Duggal – India

Yesterday we started with the Empowered online retreat with Mohanji. It was such an amazing experience. There were around 700 participants, but many felt that it was like a one-to-one connection with the Guru.

Mohanji spoke about our journey together and the hurdles we faced during the journey. Personally, for me, it was a session for contemplation and self-analysis. The whole night those words echoed in my mind, and this morning I found myself taking the first step towards self-discovery. So powerful are these retreats with our Guru. So grateful and blessed to have joined the program.


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