Living with a Master, serving a living master

Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 77 & 78

One of the conversations that caught my attention yesterday was something that I’ve heard Mohanji speak about before, but yesterday, there seemed to be a different intensity. There was also a shift in his general state yesterday; it was much more intense after all the rituals. It was a simple question that caught my attention and stopped me from doing my work: “What are you doing for Earth?” The way he said it was profound. He continued it in the Satsang, and I thought it was an interesting perspective that I wanted to share.¬†

experience of grace, Life experience

Walking with Consciousness

As far as possible I have always kept my silence and anonymity and as such, I have never discussed my spirituality with anyone. I thought it was far too sacred to express in words, as words are too limited. However, I have realized after meeting Subhasree that perhaps I have been wrong. Certainly sharing is caring. With this thought in mind, I surrender all my thoughts and words at the feet of the Masters. All I am trying to do is to humbly attempt to describe my experiences following an opportunity to participate in Mohanji’s Conscious Walking at Pinner Park. If at all this creates an effect in you, the credit goes to Mohanji!

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