Living with a Master, serving a living master

Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 3

I share today a continuous lesson of living with Mohanji, a lesson on being flexible in all situations and on breaking comfort zones. Working with Mohanji is extremely dynamic, and activities can change daily, if not hourly. I have had to develop the ability to be flexible and move at very short notice, and this has given me practical experiences on the importance of being flexible.

Guru Raksha Homa, Homa experience

My experience with Guru Raksha Homa and Intuition

I am sharing this because I used to be that person who always used to wonder, “Why not me”, “When will I get such an experience”, “Oh, I wish I had that too”. I think the shift happened when I started to let go, surrender and began to experience others’ experiences as my now, I could feel their happiness and be with them in their experience. With Mohanji’s grace, I have started having awareness and recognition of his mystic ways.

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