A Message on Datta Jayanti – Part 1: The Helping Hand

by Jack Barratt, UK

Today is Datta Jayanti. It is the day that we pay our respects to Lord Dattatreya and His principles of non-violence, inclusivity, unconditional love, deep transformation and complete liberation. From the time of the great Avatar, Shripad Shri Vallabha, and up until today, Dattatreya has been continuously present through the forms of his Embodied Emanations. Indeed, up until the very end of this present era, of Kali Yuga, Dattatreya will continue to manifest Himself through the presence of Perfectly Enlightened Avadhootas in order to keep the flame of Sanatana Dharma burning on this Earth.

Lord Dattatreya is not like an ordinary soul that floats around the various dimensions of created existence before deciding to take another birth. He is rather an all-encompassing Principle – He is That which manifests the Truth of the Supreme Consciousness through a distinct signature that is designed to connect to sentient beings of a certain karmic constitution. Thus, in order for Datta to manifest, he sacrifices nothing of his own all-pervading, all-knowing and all-powerful stature; just like when we use a candle to light another candle, Lord Datta simply parts off a part of His own Nature and encases it within the five sheaths, or koshas, of manifested elemental existence. This is how those Sublime Beings that are known as Datta Avatars take birth in this world time and time again.

In this day and age, we have been blessed with the presence of Brahmarishi Mohanji. He is the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in history to fully modernise the Tradition by creating various methods, practices and platforms that allow people to connect their consciousness to the Supreme Consciousness of Lord Datta and his Tradition of spiritual perfection. The higher stations of this great Tradition will always remain the same and are unalterable. They are reached through the process of total dissolution – which is to be accomplished through gradual absorption into nirbija samadhi, which is that state where there is no-mind, no personality and no karmic pattern – a state of absolute interior silence that must, in order to be perfected, be seamlessly integrated into a natural benevolent life in the world. Now, in this day and age, Mohanji has provided a path for all pure and sincere beings to eventually reach this state from wherever they presently stand. This is a tremendous, unfathomable grace and blessing from the higher realms of existence.

The Datta Tradition

There is a reason why Mohanji has been sent at this present time. It is because we are approaching a time where a deep divide will manifest within the collective consciousness of humanity. Beings will either go one way or another – towards a future of continuous war, interspecies violence and technological slavery, or towards the eternal bliss of what is real and its expressions through unconditional love and selfless service.

As certain forces in the world, and the overall vibration of this Earth becomes denser, there will be less of a middle-ground between these two extremes of divine living and ignorant, violent, miserable existing. Brahmarishi Mohanji has been sent as a lifeboat from the higher realms – he has been sent as a hand for people to grasp onto in order to lift themselves up. The Tradition will always continue, and as long as there remains beings who long for Liberation, Avadhootas will be continually be sent to provide a path for them, to provide the necessary grace, power and guidance.

But there will perhaps be no Being that makes this path as easy and accessible as Mohanji has made it. Future Emanations of Lord Dattatreya, due to the times that we are heading into, will either remain hidden in complete or partial physical seclusion, working in the subtler realms, or they will manifest in such an unassuming, unexpected or apparently ordinary way that only those with an already highly refined and subtle spiritual perception will be able to recognise their true stature, and thus take their blessings.

Mohanji has appeared in a highly accessible form. He has travelled the entire world giving methods, teachings and blessing to all living and non-living beings continually on levels that may be entirely imperceptible to most people. No one that has come to him has been turned away. He has even allowed people of all kinds, without prior qualification, to touch his divine body and lotus feet, to hug him and take pictures, etc. This is unprecedented behaviour for an Avadhoota, and it is yet another sign that Mohanji has been sent as a helping hand, as a true ‘Friend of the World’, to allow as many people as possible to tie themselves to this Tradition, to begin building their foundations in the realms of spiritual perfection before it becomes a lot more difficult to do so in the times that our approaching.

The time to connect is now. Those who do not connect themselves to the Consciousness of Mohanji right now, with full love, sincerity and the genuine desire to become Liberated Beings will struggle to hang on to the Path and Tradition of Lord Dattatreya in the times that are to come. This is the Path of Fire, where we must continually be in the process of relinquishing, to the degree that we are capable, all patterns of personal karmic perception, thinking and acting in order to stay connected and merge ourselves into the Consciousness of the Higher Realms on ever-deepening levels. If we cannot do that, then when the Tradition ‘shakes its tree’ by triggering people’s egos and making them increasingly uncomfortable within their rigid, self-limiting prisons of conditioned thinking and perceiving, then such people will be thrown off unceremoniously.

It will never be as easy as it is now. The Path, the Tradition will be there. Lord Datta will be there. Sai Baba will be there. Mohanji, albeit in a subtler form, will be there. The helping hand will certainly be there. But it is now an undeniable fact – those of us who wish to hold on to that hand will have to do more.

Mundane karmic life is eternal – but it is unconscious and ultimately unfulfilling. The divine life is also eternal – but it is experienced consciously in, and as, the Sublime Light-Ocean of Sat Chit Ananda. The great Avadhoota, Brahmarishi Mohanji has provided a way for all beings to reach those illumined shores of perfection in one lifetime. May all sincere, worthy beings grasp onto his golden lotus feet whilst there is still time.

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Experiences with Mohanji, India 2022 – Part 4

Linda Abrol, Netherlands

Yesterday afternoon, on the 31st of August, I had the unexpected good fortune of attending the Ganesh Charturti event with Mohanji, and I was still staying with Harish and Neetha, two dear friends I had not seen for a decade. Harish was, in succession to his father, Dharmadarshi NC Nannaiah, the Managing Trustee of the People’s Trust, a charity that had incessantly worked the past forty years for the welfare of eighteen of the poorest villages in the countryside around Bangalore.

After waking up at 4.30 this morning, I did my daily sadhana practices. When I opened my eyes, a beautiful surprise awaited me. The reflection of the candlelight, shining through the transparent frame of a small Shiva picture, created a cross of light on Mohanji’s heart on the picture behind it. From a physical point of view, the appearance of the cross was perfectly explainable, but it was a miracle for my heart and gave me an intense feeling of being connected. Born a Christian, the very first thought I had during the satsang with Mohanji in Onderdijk last year in 2021: ‘This is how the disciples of Jesus must have felt at the feet of their Master by the waterside two thousand years ago.’ I posted the picture on the Mohanji Netherland app, and this was the immediate and astonishing reaction that followed from Selma, one of the devotees: 

This is really remarkable… Early this morning, I did a prayer to Jesus. I said that I just wanted to be in his presence; I closed my eyes and just kept seeing Mohanji in front of me, I often feel Jesus and Mohanji as one energy, so I jokingly said to Jesus: ‘You will have to give a sign with a cross or something hahaha’.I fell asleep…and see this picture now that I just woke up!

After visiting the People’s Trust project in Sriramanahalli that day, we went to Mohanji’s home address, where we were expected at half past three. Because the main road to the airport had been blocked, it became a bumpy ride through small villages and fields, which made them silently wonder if we would be too late this time, too. But no, we were kindly received, and Mohanji entered his reception room after a few minutes, dressed in white cotton trousers, a plain cobalt blue t-shirt and his hair in a ponytail that had been twisted into a bun at the back of his head. It looked casual and gave us the feeling of talking to a good friend. He inquired about my trip to Kerala.

At Mohanji’s right hand was a beautiful, lifelike painting of himself. To my surprise and amazement, the booklet In Silence with Mohanji, which I had only recently written and was published by Gurulight, was leaning comfortably against his picture. It gave me an enormous feeling of connection and also recognition of the – for me – life-transforming experiences that are described in the book. Rajesh told me afterwards that Mohanji had placed the book there himself a few weeks ago and, in the meantime, had shown it to several people and also given it as a gift. That touched me tremendously and made me think of Swami Gopal Baba, my deceased Master. He, too, did not give direct compliments, but through others, one heard how happy he was with your work. 

A week earlier, a spontaneous thought had come to me: how wonderful would it be if Mohanji would come and visit the People’s Trust project. After all, People’s Trust had already committed itself for forty years to social work for eighteen of the poorest villages around Bangalore and had provided children from poor families with free schooling, nutritious food and much more. One never knew what cooperation or inspiration from both sides with Ammucare (Mohanji’s charity foundation in India) might result from it. Harish had brought a leaflet of the Trust and handed it to Mohanji. Mohanji looked at it calmly and agreed to come. The condition was that there would be no ceremony or garlands, gatherings, speeches, etc. He just wished to come incognito as a mere guest. That, too, is great, so Harish had no problem with that commitment. 

Soon our conversation became what could rightly be called a satsang. Mohanji visibly enjoyed answering the in-depth questions that were asked. When Milica came and pointed out the time and that his next meeting would start elsewhere, he replied nonchalantly: ‘Just tell them I’ll be there in twenty minutes. No, tell them to start already.’ The importance of silence was discussed at length, and briefly, he explained daily life techniques. Freely translated, the technique went like this: Imagine a busy road (symbolising all the mind matter and daily concerns), and on the other side, you see a quiet bench. Now stay focused only on the peace that the bench radiates. As if you were looking right over the passing cars and buses. After a while, there will only be silence. No matter how many cars pass by.

Mohanji also told us about the tremendously beneficial effect of Pitrupaksha, freeing you from the karma and inclinations of your ancestors. And he also said that even without giving annadaan to saints and the needy, you could already experience a great difference in your life by simply offering all your food and drink to the following six forms of Gods: 1. Ganesha, 2. Kul Devatas (to the God who your family worships), 3. Naga Devatas (High souls who return to earth in the form of snakes – nagas – because then they are most likely to be left alone and to function unseen as saviours of the consciousness of the world), 4. Ishta Devatas (your personal form of God), 5. Pitru Devatas (the ancestors), and 6. Gurus.

He spoke about how Mina (a devotee from Serbia) sat next to him on the floor in Novi Sad, Serbia, while he was busy with the messages on his phone. He heard her inwardly repeat the question: Who is Mohanji beyond the physical body? He looked up from his phone and told her to touch his big toe. Finally, after wondering about this question for five years, she got a fulfilling answer when Mohanji took her on a wondrous journey to the sun and through the universe. She has described her experience in a three-part blog. Mohanji asked me to share the link to her experience with one of the attendees, and now I am sharing it with you. Read the first part of her incredible experience: https://minaobradovic.wixsite.com/understandingtruth/post/mohanji-the-universe-a-true-experience 

He took all the time for us and, when a few more people arrived, for them too. Calm, interested, clear and loving as always, he asked us not to leave yet, but to remain seated while he spoke to the other guests. When he finally had to go, he asked us to stay for a meal. We felt at home and welcome and accepted the invitation with both hands.

The arathi in the house mandir started and was similar to the arathi during the Ganesh Chaturti event one day ago; anyone who wished could participate in the flame-waving. Being able to experience this sacred ceremony at Mohanji’s own home will certainly add a special dimension to my daily Mohanji-arathi at my home temple. Mohanji’s parents were watching with shining eyes, and I felt strongly attracted to them. Realising at that moment that calling Mohanji my bada Bhaya (big brother) included them to be my parents as well! While the others were in the living room, I had a long conversation with both of them. They did love the bustle in their house. There were people coming and going all the time. Mohanji’s father had been a surgeon and had worked till old age. If I remember correctly, he was seventy-two when he finally stopped performing surgeries. 

He told me that when he saw me, he thought: ‘I know her. I have seen her before, but where and when?’ Then he went to his sleeping room and returned with a triumphant look and a copy of my booklet. He pointed at the picture on the cover, showing Mohanji and me. That was why I had seemed familiar to him! Now he knew! He smiled. He had even read all my testimonials and therefore felt he already knew me. I was delighted. Mohanji’s father wondered why I did not write a thicker book about Mohanji. His idea was to add new experiences to the book and let it grow. Both parents were so sweet and involved. Mohanji’s mother was a woman of great integrity, and when I mentioned that because of their great example, the world had gained such a Divine Friend, tears ran down her cheeks. We looked deep into each other’s eyes and shared the emotion.

We had a delicious meal of dosa and puri, and when I asked Rajesh why he was not eating with us, he said that he had eaten before, and that his current habit was to eat no more than two meals a day. I smilingly asked him if that was difficult for him because I knew from translating Miraculous Days how fond he was of food. To which Aditya, president of Mohanji Foundation India, said that Rajesh had changed a lot. So he had not only given up smoking (as he wrote in the same book) but also eating a lot since he was with Mohanji. Transformation with Mohanji is unforced and lightning fast; I have had the feeling (and the experience). 

Rajesh, as coordinator of Gurulight, helped enormously with the process of translating and publishing MAST and In Silence with Mohanji, and I had never seen him in person, although we must have exchanged dozens if not hundreds of messages with each other. So he got not one but more than four hugs spread over arrival and departure. After which, I asked him if he had already received a hug from me. After a short photo session with all of us, we said goodbye smiling, satisfied, grateful and happy.

Three beautiful days with my friends later, my flight was leaving at 6 o’clock in the morning of the 4th of August. My loved ones at home were joking that they were doubting whether I was coming home this time or making a new impulsive decision again to stay in India. But this time, I arrived safe, grateful and immensely happy. Being inwardly connected to Mohanji all through the process, I felt safe, loved and cared for, and I was guided to the right people and given the right inspirations and prompts at all times. I had continued my daily Shiva Kavacham listening sessions every night in Vedasudha Hospital, and I felt confident that nothing untoward could happen to me. 

To be continued after the coming blood test results from the hospital in the Netherlands are released within two months…

Links: Pitru Paksha: https://www.facebook.com/sacredbharat/posts/pfbid0XFgpugrVEfhsVNbKv5EvSjeA1ywZAsZ81chctPPcXzUnBKvP7hxNZktFiacLoRFel(https://spiritualpracticecalendar.wordpress.com/)


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From antiquities to awareness

by Vipin Koodiyedath, Kerala, India

Water droplets do not know about the ocean. But those drops of water are not satisfied until they become the ocean. Every drop of water is a journey in search of the ocean and the journey of that water droplet to dissolve in it. The water droplet can only be completed on target when it reaches the river.

Mohanji is like a river, and it keeps flowing. When we drown in that river with our minds full of the filth of antiquities, we become aware of our purpose.

Overcoming all obstacles, the first water droplet begins its journey through the cliffs of the mountains, and its life journey through the valley is always challenging. Mohanji’s life was like that. By the time Mohanji had flown into the abyssal valley of enlightenment, much of the value of his talking life had left him. One thing we do not remember is the pain of the river when we enjoy the beauty of the great waterfall.

Researchers and philosophers can only be found in the timeless tradition of India. Overcoming all worldly desires, they will carry out their enlightenment work quietly and unselfishly and complete their mission, and they will be fully realized. Mohanji is the Guru of that series.

Mohanji says that it is not time but the conviction that heals your wounds. That conviction is not merely physical. It’s about recognizing who we are.

From the Indian subcontinent, Mohanji’s journey spans 92 countries. From a place called Puthur in Palakkad, his mission has now spread worldwide. For some, Mohanji is a friend; for others, he is a guru. For many, he is a guardian; for some, he is worshipped as the incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, and for those who rejoice in the play of an avadhoota, he is an incarnation of Dattatreya Maharshi.

The life picture of any person is never static; It is subject to change over time. Those changes must be in pursuit of his purpose in life.


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Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Through the ACT platform, we have a great opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in Ukraine at this time of need. With more guidance and inspiration from Mohanji during his recent visit to the UK, Mohanji ACT Foundation President Jay and Mohanji Foundation, UK President Vijay are leaving on a journey to the borders of Moldova, carrying food, clothes and medical items. Driving in the ACT/MF van (and supported by TEECH, a UK based charity that supports us in various ways), they will be taking the ferry to the Netherlands and driving through Germany, Hungary, Austria, and Romania to reach the northern borders of Moldova to help those displaced from Ukraine.

The Balkans ACT team and other volunteers from the UK will join Jay and Vijay in Romania a few days later. A lot of planning and preparation is taking place, and it is wonderful to see how grace works in facilitating activities for smooth travel, and I share some incidents below.

Yesterday, Jay and I took the van to Skanda Vale to collect food hampers for school children. During the previous two trips, we had collected 2 tonnes of food from Skanda Vale for those displaced from Ukraine. Their kind and generous support have enabled Mohanji ACT Foundation to feed thousands of people over the last decade, and we are so grateful for their loving support.

As we got in the van early in the morning, my eyes fell on the cards Mohanji had placed in the van a few days ago. The most beautiful light emanated from his hand on one of the cards, giving us tangible evidence of his presence, protection, and blessings for all activities we carry out using Mohanji’s platforms. I was reminded of what he had told us one morning, “When we serve using Mohanji platforms, which are based on purity, the merits that we and our lineage receive is manifold.” It was also a wonderful reassurance that his energy and protection are with the van and the drivers as they serve the world, whether it is a short drive down the road or a long trip across many countries.

While I was driving, Jay spoke with Priti to organise the ACT4UKRAINE sweatshirts to be printed. Since we only had two working days to get them done, the printing company we recently used quoted us a very high price. Our hearts sank at the cost involved, and we decided to try another place outside of London. This lady not only agreed to do the sweatshirts for half the price, she actually came home the following day to show us samples of her work and also offered some free t-shirts printed with the same design! How amazing! Mohanji brought the right person to us at the right time, someone with the same mindset of helping others, with whom we will work together for our future printing needs.

Hanumatananda was doing the ACT4UKRAINE design, and he had sent the initial design to Jay. When shared with Mohanji, he asked for the silhouette to be added. While driving in the van, Jay was messaging Hanumatananda to request if it was possible to make the necessary changes, hoping he would see the message before reaching Skanda Vale, where wifi is not always available. As always, it was a rapid response and the design options were sent within the hour, shared with Mohanji and the correct one sent to the printer despite all of us communicating from such different time zones!

After spending some blessed time with the Skanda Vale community (with blue skies and sunshine, nature and animals) and collecting the food hampers, we returned the same day, reaching home at nearly 1 am. Before going to bed, I went into the prayer room to say goodnight and offer my gratitude to Mohanji for the beautiful day. I was very tired and wasn’t really paying much attention to the other pictures or figures at the altar, but somehow my eyes fell on a small picture of Baba encased in glass.

I noticed a beautiful light in the area of his heart, a pink heart in front of the glass and small golden wings near the heart. It was so very beautiful and unmistakable even to my eyes which don’t normally ‘see’ subtle things even after a circle is drawn and an arrow points to it. I remembered reading some time ago that Baba’s aura is huge and a beautiful pink colour, which was shown to me in the pink heart.

Both these tangible experiences on this wonderful day were really magical. The day started, continued and culminated with love and light. Immense gratitude to Mohanji and Guru Mandala (Guru Subramanium, Sathya Sai Baba and all the Masters); they bless us to add value to the world through their teachings, example, inspiration, guidance, energy and protection.

And our heartfelt love and gratitude to all who have supported the ACT4UKRAINE initiative.


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EMpowered by Mohanji – 2

by Snezana Jovanovic

Translation: Maja Otovic

Empowered – A journey from fear to freedom

We are at the end of eleven incredible days of daily empowerment, negating our dark sides, understandings, insights, confrontations, contemplations, questionings, answers, surfacing of our old programs, deep fears, and self-observation. We got an insight of ourselves from a different viewpoint, clearly detaching from what we are not and melting into our true being. Rewinding of all the recordings that we carry inside of us sends us strong messages of who we really are. The reason is for us to remember ourselves – descending into our hearts and opening ourselves towards unconditional love. 

In my opinion, Mohanji, (for those who do not know him) is one of the greatest living Masters walking this planet. I have been following him since the year 2012, and luckily I didn’t give up. Simply put, he is a father, a brother, a son, a mirror which shows me my own reflection.   

Mohanji gathered us through his unconditional love and grace so that he, as pure love and light, would show us our path in a clear, honest, direct, and elegant manner. There are no words to express the gratitude and love I have for him for everything he has given us through this program and for everything he is giving us. Thank you, Mohanji.

How come I attended this program after all the programs and retreats I have been through with Mohanji? I’ll have to admit that this was something that I cannot miss, something very important. I intended to finally set the ground for my further journey through this program. I was ready to face all of my deepest fears boldly, suppressed since who knows when and due to what situations. They were waiting in my system so that in the perfect moment set by the universe, they would surface; they would be lit, realized, looked at and let go of, as I no longer needed them.

That’s exactly what happened. Since day one, Mohanji’s every sentence resonated deeply in my being. It’s not something I didn’t know or haven’t heard before, but I needed to hear again. The process started even before the program commenced, on a subtle level: letting go of everything that we were ready to release, and at the same time, empowerment of our true being to live its truth, to live itself fully. 

Through love and light that was descending into us all these days, I gained clear insights into my journey, existence, old patterns, and fears that I gladly want to get rid of now. 

As the program continued day by day, the journey within was getting deeper and brighter. When you are with a true Master such as Mohanji, all you need to do is be receptive and brave, open and truthful. We need to allow everything within us and no longer serving us to the surface, to emerge and show itself clearly, so Mohanji could do his job and dissolve it with his light. That is exactly how Mohanji is helping this world and each individual who trusts him. 

I’ll go back to Day 6. We were halfway through the program, and so much had already surfaced and could be clearly seen, understood and felt. Some weight, heaviness, was present that morning. As Mohanji instructed us through his teachings, it’s exactly those states that we need to observe and try to penetrate deeper to understand why something is (not) happening in our lives. 

All morning went by in such deep contemplations. Fears (some deeply suppressed fears) were an obstacle for me to live what I truly am, what I believe in, freely express and speak up for it, and fight for it. Now with the powerful presence of Mohanji’s light, I could feel all those fears. All those lost battles, where I gave up somewhere along the way; I gave up on life, myself, and God. The responsibility I took then, for the fearlessness and lost lives of the people I was guiding, on some subtle level, left a few imprints: give up on any battle, don’t take responsibility, surrender…. and who knows what else. It did not matter; what mattered was that I no longer lived on those patterns. 

Then the program started, and once again, each sentence hit the spots. I felt expansion, lightness, Mohanji’s energy that flowed like a current through my body and expanded – beautiful energy. This warmth radiated from my palms, a feeling hovering over my body. 

At that moment, I was on the road through Belgrade. Suddenly, out of nowhere, strong messages started coming to me, as if a movie was unrolling in front of my eyes. I can’t describe the speed of small events that this movie was made of. 

Then came the indication of the ancestors through one strong personality from Serbian history; an ancestor who showed himself in front of me in natural size, on the wall of a building that I was passing by. There was a message written in big letters to emphasize the meaning and importance of those words for me. The message said: 

 “Who dares, he can. Who knows no fear, goes forward.”   

Fieldmarshal Zivojin Misic

At that moment, I was completely filled with the powerful energy of this ancestor and his message. This message of a brave, decisive, wise duke, while connecting and merging with his energy, gave me his blessings and great support so that these values become part of me from now on. I could feel that strength, stability, clarity, fearlessness, all that Mohanji spoke to us about throughout the program. 

Once again, I got confirmation that ancestors are always there for us and how important it is to remember them and send them our love and do all it takes to liberate them. We would then have mercy, support, and power that their energy carries for ourselves and future generations. With deep gratitude for the given moments and with the flow of that supporting energy, I moved on. 

Through the entire event, I could feel Mohanji’s strong presence and guidance. The feeling of gentleness, love, stability dissolved into a romantic dance of my soul with the existence. 

On the seventh day, I received a job offer from my colleague. It was not easy in the past year without a job, without an income. But, that was the way to get out of my comfort zone completely and master the lesson on letting go, complete trust in guidance. For that, I needed to start to accept myself unconditionally, love myself, respect myself. It was a great blessing during the times of transformation. On the following day, I had a job interview. And on the day of Ganesha’s birthday, I sent a CV for the new job. What to say?

This program has shed a lot of light on me, as both Mohanji and I intended to set the ground for my future path. Endless gratitude to Mohanji, the Tradition, all the wonderful Acharyas, and all the participants. Immense GRATITUDE to everyone and everything. 

See you in December.

Big hug to all.


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Empowered by Mohanji – 1

By Subhasree Thottungal, UK

11 Days with Mohanji! Yes, we have just finished one of the most amazing workshops with Mohanji – “Empowered, The journey from fear to freedom.”

Nearly 900 people attended this program with Mohanji. Many have been connected to Mohanji for some time and others for the first time. But by the end of 11 days, everyone was mesmerised by the power of this program.

Today, I am going to share my own experience, my journey of this program, from a different angle than the participants. But before I do so, I convey my deepest gratitude to Mohanji for giving me the opportunity to experience all that I am going to share now and allowing me to witness that I did.

So here I begin.

On 20th August night, Chris (Christopher Greenwood, Mohanji’s Executive Assistant) gave me a call and said, Mohanji would like to do a 21-day event himself and that he would like the event to start from 23rd! Wow, that was some news! We all know, Mohanji would not say anything just like that. We were going to announce another global Acharya program for the end of the month, so this sudden decision from Mohanji was surely for a higher purpose. But I didn’t have much more clarity on how and what.

The next morning we had a call with Mohanji, and then he gave clear instructions, 11 days, one and half hours every day of deep processes, and he will himself conduct it, every day! Wow! I was zapped. I had to pinch myself and even asked Mohanji, “You will do the process, Mohanji? Every day?” “Yes,” came the answer. Unbelievable! 11 days, every day! Mohanji had also given this instruction to Madhu (Madhusudan, CEO of Mohanji Foundation). After the clear instructions, we then went away to do our homework of what preparation, planning execution etc. The program couldn’t start in two days, but he agreed for it to start in about ten days, so the 2nd September date was finalised.

Ten days is nothing! We knew hundreds of people would come, not just from Mohanji global family, even from outside too. Who will not like to take advantage of such a golden opportunity? But it was also our duty to make sure that we conveyed the details of the program properly and on time and to far and wide. Mohanji’s speed, his precision, his perfection! We were all on a roll!

We had to make sure to reach far and wide, and we also had to ensure the program could cater to a large audience, probably the largest so far! While Mohanji would deliver the program himself, we needed to ensure that we had the right technical support in every sense, technology, translations, communication etc., the list wasn’t a small one. And we had only ten days in hand!

Well, just a month back, the Festival of Consciousness in Belgrade was also organised in just three weeks! So the team by now knows the speed at which things will need to happen, and all we need to do is flow!

Soon the day arrived. 2nd September, the commencement of the EMPOWERED 11-Day event with Mohanji! We were prepared with the simultaneous translations (in 6 languages), webinar set to handle more than 900 participants, audio-video equipment etc. We had been rehearsing for a few days earlier. That morning, Madhu, Chris and I discussed about the opening of the program, who would start with the intro. Both of them suggested I do so. Not something that I was expecting, but well, if that’s what is needed, I would do so, I said to myself. The program opened, it was overwhelming as many people were meeting Mohanji for the first time.

Mohanji didn’t waste a moment; his delivery to almost 700 people on the live webinar session that time uniquely addressed everyone and made sure that every person was receiving it as per their frequency. It was not a “one size fits all” way; but customised uniquely. That session, of course, I was hovering between the six language rooms in the webinar to see if all translators were comfortable doing their work.

By the time the session finished, I had a feeling of bubbles rising from molten lava, molten lava, within each participant. That’s when I realised, Mohanji was not just imparting knowledge through his talks, but there was a much different impact at the energy level for everyone; that’s what I was witnessing. I was feeling the bubbling, emerging hot molten lava.

The next day, as soon as Mohanji came, looking at him, there was a sharp light from his 3rd eye. Suddenly, I got flashes in my left eye. Usually, I get flashes in my eyes when I am about to get a migraine, which grows unbearable if I don’t take a painkiller!

I was already sitting in front of Mohanji with the video on, so I couldn’t get up for a headache pill. I tried to ignore it and kept focusing on Mohanji and listening to him. But the brightness was growing, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on Mohanji’s 3rd eye. Almost after 30 min, I felt normal and opened my eyes, and yes, I was normal, no headache. I then realised that flash in my left eye was not because of my usual migraine; I was witnessing the brightest glow in Mohanji’s presence.

The previous day’s inner awareness of the bubbles of molten lava and now this bright light confirmed to me that this online workshop with Mohanji was much beyond just a webinar teaching or discussion. Beyond words and explanations, Mohanji was working at the energy level, beyond the physical dimensions.

That day, Mohanji must have received thoughts and questions from many people, so before leaving the session after two hours, he said to the entire group to stay on and discuss, and he called out my name said, “Subhasree, please continue the discussion and question answers for some more time.”

This was a command coming from my Guru; I had no time to react to the surprise! The moment his words hit my ears, they hit my consciousness, I guess. What happened for the next 2 hours was magical. People were asking questions, and I was speaking… well not me, clearly Mohanji. I had no sensation of my body, my speech, my knowledge at that time. Words were flowing. When the session was over, there was an outpouring of appreciation messages from so many. From our internal group to participants, how they all felt that Mohanji was speaking through me!

The next day, during Mohanji’s live session, while I was concentrating on what Mohanji was teaching us, I noticed swelling in Mohanji’s face, especially in his left jaw area. Mohanji was constantly speaking, flowing spontaneously, with no sign of pain or uneasiness or anything like that. I felt that Mohanji was absorbing, taking on all those oozing bubbles from everyone… that’s his style of giving all of us protection while letting the deep cleansing process happen. I witnessed how Mohanji shields everyone, including me, and takes some of the effects on his physical body.

This day also Mohanji asked us to continue Q&A and discussion following his session, and we all would flow in his consciousness. I was feeling Mohanji’s presence in me. That time, I had no feeling of myself. The only awareness I had was that Mohanji was in me, driving the car, I was just holding the steering, and he was controlling everything, absolutely everything.

Every day, we started the session one hour earlier to test with the translators, then one and a half hours with Mohanji, followed by the discussion sessions for 2 hours afterwards. Usually, after the sessions, later in the evening, we had to complete some other tasks regarding communications, Q&A submitted by email or texts etc. And I also had my office work to do. So there was no counting of waking hours or food or other terrestrial things. My fingers, elbow, shoulder all would pain all night and be stiff when I woke up in the morning too. But as soon as I got ready and sat at the altar ready for the program, the 5 hours would pass like 5 minutes. I had the energy to work again till late in the night.

There were many hindrances, too, technical glitches, but none of these had any impact on the program. Problems were coming; they were dissolving. I felt as if we were doing an obstacle course running race. Obstacles appear; we jump over them and continue running.

As we were growing day by day, the effect of the deep process was getting more and more intense. Mohanji’s presence was evident. By making me anchor the sessions in his presence and the discussion session after he left, Mohanji had given me a different awareness, the awareness that Mohanji was working directly through me. I was reminded of what Mohanji had told me recently when I was with him in Serbia. “I work through you directly, in real. I work through you in actual and in factual.” These words of Mohanji were still vivid in my head. I was witnessing this happening now.

I was feeling the Mpowerment. I felt immense gratitude for this; Mohanji had put an ordinary stone from the roadside as a crystal on the podium! I didn’t ask, “Why?” I didn’t ask, “Do I deserve it?” I only melted; I dissolved. I realised this ego, this identity called ‘Subhasree’, had no meaning because I was not operating from my own physical body. For me, this was an experience of merging with Mohanji, going beyond physical dimensions.

Mohanji had empowered me in such a way that my fatigue, my physical pain, my lack of knowledge, my incapability – nothing mattered. Because he was in me, he was directly performing. He gave me a tiny taster of his huge capacity.

My inner voice was crying, “I am nothing. I am nothing. I don’t exist, Mohanji. Please let me stay merged with you forever. I am a bundle of mistakes, weakness, and naivety; please let me melt in you and let these impurities burn totally.”

As our discussions were flowing every day, the attendees would give such sweet compliments that though I felt honoured and grateful, I also was embarrassed. I am not used to such compliments and that too for something that Mohanji was doing! But I also knew they were seeing Mohanji exactly as I was feeling.

With the growing praises and appreciation from people pouring for me, I had another realisation. I realised that what Mohanji had showered on me without me expecting consciously or asking for it must be a deep-lying desire from the past that he is fulfilling and thus exhausting it!

These realisations of how Mohanji was empowering me, protecting me, fulfilling my unrealised desires and probably removing my karma, allowing me to witness a tiny glimpse of his multi-dimension work on everyone else, had a deep impact on me; the impact of gratitude to this greatness, the grandeur of my Master, my Guru.

At this stage, all I wish is to just stay in that state of being merged with Mohanji forever.  

Thank you, Mohanji, for everything you do for all of us in so many truly indescribable ways. 

Love You! 

Mohanji – my friend, philosopher & guide and beyond that, a connection in consciousness!


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My Musings on (Mohana) Krishna


by Rekha Murali, India

With Krishna Janmashtami (the birthday of Krishna) celebrations happening all over the world, I listened to and learnt some Krishna bhajans/songs. I came across a chirpy Tamil folk song of Krishna as a child called ‘Maadu Meikum Kanne’. This song is a conversation between Krishna and his mother, Yashoda. Yashoda pleads with Krishna to not drift into the forests with the cows by cajoling, threatening, frightening and tempting him with goodies. But our chirpy Krishna retorts with clever answers to each of her pleas. It left me giggling and amused.

After this, my mind drifted to my dear Mohanji, and I could see Krishna in him in all aspects. Little wonder that I think of him as Mohana Krishna always. I could draw many parallels to Krishna. Just like Krishna, he is amusing, witty, friendly, easy to communicate with and immensely down to Earth, pulling people’s legs and making everyone feel totally at ease. Endearing and loving, he is highly compassionate and melts in the love of his people. Krishna leelas or antics of Krishna are told as stories in every Indian home, and I am sure each one of us in the Mohanji family has our own experiences of Mohanji’s leelas.

Mohana Krishna (Mohanji) lives in the moment, enjoys the moment and as Krishna lives as an ordinary human being in this incarnation. In his many roles, some people see him as a child and enjoy taking care of him. They attend to him, admonish him when he ignores his health issues and are strict with his diet and routines as a loving mother.

To some, he is a friend – a friend who can be trusted, a friend who doesn’t judge you and a friend who accepts you as you are with all your weaknesses and strengths. As a true friend, he honestly guides and supports unconditionally and can show a mirror to them in a loving way. He appears as the go-to person in times of happiness and sorrow. Devi Amma has called him Jagatmitra – the friend of the Universe.

In contrast, he is also an enemy to some, as Krishna was to Duryodhana, the king of the Kauravas (in the Mahabharat). Mohanji recently mentioned that a man once told him that he hates Mohanji. Mohanji had replied, “You don’t hate me; you hate yourself.” His equanimity, the unconditional love he displays for all beings of the Earth, was also seen in Krishna.

A strict father to another group, Mohanji can admonish, scold and show anger at deeds. Does this mean he is angry with the person? Definitely not! He shows his anger at the action but not with the person. This scolding or anger removes baggage/patterns/blocks that we carry based on our constitution. A shout or a scold is always a blessing to the person.

Can Krishna be without his Radhe or Gopikas? Mohanji has a large group of people who love him as Krishna, consider themselves as Radha (a woman who was the closest to Krishna, a lover) and are drawn to him like bees to a flower. He attracts the Gopis (women enchanted in their love for Krishna) and Gopas (men) who are enchanted in his presence and love him as the divine in their hearts.

The Guru aspect is recognised instantaneously by some people as they see him in the role of a Master. “Every disciple creates a master”, says Mohanji, and as disciples, we have drawn him to us as our Guru. And to connect to the Guru, we use various paths, such as Jnana, bhakti, and karma yoga. Through these, Mohanji represents the path of Dharma and Ahimsa. He leads by example and reflects what the devotee seeks through knowledge, devotion or selfless action.

Above all this, he is the Para Brahma, the supreme spiritual Master. Mohanji speaks the simple truth and guides each spiritual aspirant to the inner Guru, to recognise the self within. The self within is the Krishna, bright and luminescent like a million suns. The truths laid out by Krishna in the famous text, the Bhagavad Gita, is brought home to us by Mohanji in baby food format, so all of us easily digest it in this Kali Yuga!

Whatever the form or Avatar, Mohanji is a personification of unconditional love, compassion and kindness. He lives for the world and helps in ways that we can never be aware of. No one goes empty-handed when with Mohanji. Unknown to us, he fulfils our wishes and works on us in subtle ways based on our constitution. What is required from us? We need to connect with his consciousness by thinking about him with faith. We then become his responsibility.

To me, Mohanji has been all these at different times based on my state each day. I recognise this through the various experiences I have had of his playful leelas and the tests he has put me through. These tests have been unbearable, painful but I have emerged strong, unshaken and stable. It has helped me shed all the leaves, and I stand bare and empty for fresh leaves to sprout as the Guru fills me up with what I need. A fresh lease of life bringing in the spring towards a purposeful, empowered life.

Mohanji reflects what you are within. He may appear as Shiva, Vishnu, the divine Mother, Jesus, friend, philosopher, etc. He has taken this incarnation only to guide us towards liberation!

In simple words, Mohana Krishna is the Supreme consciousness, the Para Brahma. He is in me, and I recognise that Krishna is me!

Happy Janmashtami! May Krishna be born in our hearts, and may we drop our identities and merge into this supreme consciousness as Mohanji says, “Krishna is you!”


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 13

Day 13 lesson – Blessings from Sathya Sai Baba

By Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday when I went to speak with Mohanji about the Invest in Awareness program I had conducted that day, he told me that Devi Amma talked to him to say that something very, very important had happened. Devi Amma is the saint/Siddha who gave Mohanji the title of Vishvamitra (Friend of the Universe). 

Devi Amma was conducting a full-fledged honour to Sathya Sai Baba for his birthday on Monday, 23rd November, and he appeared personally to receive the offering. There were only her niece, nephew and two German people with her.

He (Baba) spoke to her and told her that he was really proud of the work that Mohanji was doing in the world and how he is doing it. He (Mohanji) has his full support. She could then see Mohanji in a subtle form bowing to Baba. Baba blessed Mohanji and showered him with flowers. 

It was very important for Mohanji and all of us in the Foundation/platforms. We are often unaware of the support, the grace, and the backing that Mohanji, the platforms and all its people have from the Tradition.

Good morning, everybody. I hope you had a great day yesterday. 

For me, yesterday was really busy. And as sometimes can happen, it was also busy for Mohanji. So we didn’t really speak too much. Some days are like that because I don’t want to disturb him and there’s plenty of things to be doing. 

But in the evening, I had some updates to share. I had conducted a program for Invest in Awareness, which I mentioned yesterday. It went really well, and I wanted to share how it went – who attended, any feedback, this type of thing. When I spoke to him, he told me that a very important thing had happened yesterday and he relayed this story. He said that Devi Amma had been trying desperately to reach him. His phone was being unavailable, so she eventually connected to Rajesh. For those that don’t know Devi Amma, she’s an established saint. Mohanji says she’s a living Siddha who’s deeply connected to Sage Agastya and other Masters. And it’s she who actually shared that Mohanji is a great Master who has been sent here to spread unconditional love, both on Earth and beyond – Vishvamitra, or friend of the Universe. 

So Mohanji told me the story – that Devi Amma had called, and he said that he would take the call from his room. She told him something very, very important happened yesterday. And this was on Sathya Sai Baba’s 95th birthday on 23rd November. She was performing a full-fledged honour to him, and he actually appeared. She was with her niece and nephew, and also two German people were there. But other than that, there was nobody else with them. 

Sai Baba came, and Baba actually accepted the offerings from her. He said: “By the way, I’m really proud of Mohanji. I really like his work and the way he does it, and I’m fully supporting him.” And she said she could then see Mohanji in subtle form, bowing down to him. Then Baba touched Mohanji’s head and blessed him, and put a lot of flowers over him. He basically endorsed the activity – our activity, the Mohanji Foundation’s activity. 

This was really big for Mohanji and the whole platform because it’s endorsed then by Satya Sai Baba. And he said these kinds of things are what keep us moving because it’s not easy to walk against such negativities and obstacles. People might not understand that’s the support that all this has behind it. Those who matter, like Sage Agastya, have told Devi Amma numerous times that he’s really proud of the way that Mohanji works. And it’s because Mohanji doesn’t take nonsense, he’s full-action. 

Devi Amma also said that Sai Baba had told her to say this. And she was very, very proud. 

Now, obviously, I’m somewhat naive, and so I asked, “What do you mean he physically appeared – like in front of her, like as you’re sitting in front of me now?” And he told me, “No, no, it’s in an energy form, the same way that other people around the world feel Mohanji’s presence from time to time. And it’s the subtlest visible as the gross can perceive”. So Devi Amma probably could see a lot, but the Germans might not have been able to see, but they would have felt the presence. And apparently, he spoke a lot about Mohanji. And that’s why Devi Amma really wanted to connect, to tell Mohanji about this. 

And so for Mohanji as well, he was saying that he really appreciates it coming from Devi Amma because when all of the people were talking bad things about him, she was the one that supported him. And she said that’s because it was her duty.

He shared as well something of the time before (I think 2014) when Mohanji suffered a really big attack, and many people were out to tarnish his image. And he asked Devi Amma, “Why is all this happening? Is there something I’m doing wrong?” And it was really, quite a difficult situation. And although he’d never spoken to Agastya before, he really wanted to this time because he was disturbed. And he told her that a group of people had turned against him, cut off his money, spoke tremendously bad things, and his partner took away the company. Mohanji just wanted to know if there was something wrong he was doing and if there was, then what lesson he should learn. 

So at that time (2014), she had a discussion with Sage Agastya, and the next day, she and Mohanji met. She relayed what Agastya had said, saying: “I’m really proud of Mohanji; he is my son. Why this is happening is because I have to remove certain things from him. People are not letting him grow. They’re not letting him do his job or progress. And he has a big job to do on Earth. And some of these people are very small-minded, and they’re not allowing him to take steps forward”. So he (Agastya) had to take them off his path. 

And when she asked what lessons he should learn, Agastya said, “No lessons for him. He came accomplished in this life, and he has nothing to learn in this life. He only has to reveal, and he will reveal at his time”. And then he said, “They have to learn, the people with him (including us), because he is sent by us to bring people back to the Satya Yuga, to raise their awareness sufficiently to enter into that Satya Yuga frequency. So they have to learn, not him. And if they can’t handle him, it’s not his problem. It’s their problem”. 

So there was the answer. And I can see a big resemblance to Mohanji there in style. And if Mohanji is the son of Agastya, then – like father, like son – no beating around the bush, straight to the point. 

That’s the story from yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy the day ahead. Speak to you soon.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 7

sandra 4

Day 7 Lesson: Get it moving!

By Christopher Greenwood

“Get it moving” is a phrase you hear Mohanji say a lot when you are working closely with him. He is practical, and rather than discussing ideas, he wants to see action. Results. Because that means people in the world are being benefited. 

“True wealth is what we give to this Earth and not what we take” is one of my favourite quotes from Mohanji, and I’m learning by living with him to increase my capacity to move into action.

I have also learnt that he has a vision, a purpose and a mission to fulfil. He is uncompromising in this. He does not judge anyone, but the work has to happen, which means if I’m not willing, able, or delaying, then the task will be done another way. The first time he asks, and I agree, the details will be given with full clarity, all the details. The second time he asks will be a reminder. The third time the task is with someone else. 

This is not a nice feeling as my ego takes a big hit, but it shapes my attitude and understanding that we all have a job to do together, for a higher purpose. The more we can apply, the more people are benefited in the world. 

Also, none of this is to benefit Mohanji. It’s for the people. 

Less discussion, more action, “Get it moving!”

Good morning everybody. Today, I wanted to talk about an aspect of Mohanji – an attitude related to his sheer relentlessness of activity, driven by a very clear sense of purpose, a vision to raise people worldwide with the highest awareness possible. The highest possible qualities that a human can have is kindness and compassion. If you observe Mohanji, he acts more than he speaks; he does more than he says. All his platforms exist, and they’re each powerful in their own right. The philosophy is very simple, and that’s action. Get it moving. ‘Do it’ and ‘Get it moving’ is something that we, the people close to him, more often toggled. Just get it moving, move, get the momentum going. For him as well, if you can’t do it, then there’s no point in talking. In fact, he will quite often say to me if I come for an idea: ‘Don’t speak to me, they’re just words. I want to see the action.’ That’s how he is. He doesn’t entertain just chitchat, discussion, theorizing philosophy; he’s more about practical action. Are you doing something? Especially for me: ‘What are you doing? What more are you doing?’

So, everything that he talks about in his teachings, he’s actually doing himself. The platforms that he’s created, if you look at them, are so vast and varied in number that it’s amazing witnessing what he’s done. And this is living by one of his quotes, which is probably my favourite – ‘True wealth is what we give to this Earth and not what we take.’ 

red jacket

And every day, he’s delivering this. People will be aware of the main platforms we have, such as the World Consciousness Alliance, EBC, Mohanji Foundation, the teachings, the meditations, etc. But right now, as we speak, there’s much more being planned and executed too. For example, on the 23rd of October, he signed the land registry in Ganeshpuri, on which the first ashram or Center of Benevolence will be placed. Since then, he has been giving absolute clarity on how that can be set up, how it can be established, and how it will be a complete reference point for the Tradition. 

When he gives vision to people or has an idea, he’s giving absolute clarity. It always comes with something new, something innovative that’s bringing value. So again, he doesn’t just philosophize; he gives direct, actionable clarity. He is uncompromising when it comes to getting work done. And what that translates for me, here in the office, working closely with him, is fast-paced, dynamic. It’s completely aligned to a purpose, which means he’s going to make it happen one way or the other. But this doesn’t mean he thinks bad about anybody or that he judges people; that is definitely not what he does. But with or without you, with or without me (I include myself in this), he’s clear about what he wants to achieve. 

So how he generally works is that he’ll ask me once, and that first time he’ll give me all the vision, everything that needs to be done about it. I love the opportunity to ask any questions, clarify everything. The second time, he’ll remind me: ‘Have you done this?’ And then the third time, he’ll speak to somebody else and get it done that way. There’ve been some small tasks that I may have forgotten, or I didn’t give as much importance as I should have. And sooner or later, I see that someone else has done it. 

So that’s when I get the message: First time, asked, given the clarity, opportunity to ask all the questions. The second time reminded. The third time, it’s gone to somebody else. Sometimes, he will even take it on himself, which is not a good feeling when you know how busy he is already. I know how busy he is, and then, because I forgot something, I find him having done it himself. And it’s a message in itself. 

So, this reminds the close team and me that we have to have movement – we’re creating movement, and it’s phenomenal, really. And it’s all under that one sentence: ‘Get moving.’ If you look around at the platforms, each of them has that diversity. And if you take ACT Foundation, or Ammucare, which has been running for over 17 years now, serving people all over the world, it’s based on those three principles: First, focus on the right action, do what needs to be done now. Second, the right presentation of the activity, which can become an inspiration for somebody else. And thirdly, we discuss, talk about what we can do. So, first is always the right action. 

And another thing I’ve learned in this, which was a real benefit for me, is that it doesn’t always mean perfection; it means getting moving. That means that once something has started, we can always change it, it can always be improved, and it can always evolve. I used to get stuck on really making sure that everything was right; everything was correct; I had everything in place before starting. This habit is gone now, which brings a real sense of esteem. Because, if I think back, and maybe people listening can also think back, how many times you would have put off starting something, or made up a reason why we couldn’t begin: like believing that you don’t have the skills or worried about what others will think. It’s often those times when if we just moved and got something going, that something would have been created, and we don’t know how it would have evolved. 

For example, the Early Birds Club, which is running now, was formed based on this principle. I think it was conceived as an idea, as a concept. And then launched within a day, I think one or two days. And obviously, it was rough at the start getting that all together. And slowly, there’s been improvements made. Now there are many clubs across the world; there are regular weekly events taking place, great speakers are coming on, adding value to people’s lives. The whole philosophy is really fantastic; this idea of waking up early, using those early hours of the morning to connect with ourselves so that we can be more stable in our life and then have more time for society. So that still has some potential to go, but it’s an example where that philosophy of just keeping moving, less talk and more action have brought value to people’s lives, and it can go further. 

This was the lesson that I can take away from this, and I wanted to share today. Let’s take more action and, ‘Get it moving’, as Mohanji would say.

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50th Episode of Mohanji Speaks Podcast Celebration

Private Satsang with Mohanji (15 August 2020) – Feedback



For the occasion of the 50th episode milestone of Mohanji Speaks Podcast celebration, Mohanji provided a Satsang to everyone who submitted their video/audio expressing how the Mohanji Speaks Podcasts have positively impacted them.

He spoke about various topics that were discussed in his podcasts. The session was very powerful and transformative on so many different levels, and many people got answers and clarity they were looking for.

Here are the testimonials.

Rucha Mirachi 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.com

I’m immensely grateful to you all for organising a private satsang yesterday, and to Mohanji for taking the time to speak to all of us. It was the first time I saw Mohanji live and got an opportunity to speak to him.  

I was choked, in tears and didn’t know how to express myself and thank him. I just can’t forget that moment

As a father patiently listens to his child, Mohanji was listening to us and answering the questions beautifully. He was pouring love and compassion for us throughout the video and I just couldn’t hold my tears. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him and to all the people connected to him.
Thank you so much again.
Looking forward to the next one. 

Suptreet Bedi 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.com

Thank you for this opportunity of having Satsang with Mohan ji! I do not have words to express what I got. It is beyond words to describe the bliss and love of Baba! Thank you very much! I am very very grateful for this opportunity!

Sumalatha Thota 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comFirst thing I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to join the satsang. I never expected I would meet (virtual) Mohanji this early. I came to know about Mohan ji in March 2020. and I started incorporating his teachings in my daily life.

I was so happy to meet Mohanji and I couldn’t even say a word. But I know that he knew everything about everybody.

Hopefully next time I will open up myself.

Thank you so much! 

Nirupma Chowdharyi 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comIt’s  always a great experience to be with Mohanji, see him and hear him. Hear your name and special personal blessings and especially when Mohanji says am with you. 

My personal experience during the session was that I had written a question but it was not asked, and suddenly I heard Mohanji explaining about patterns, how they keep repeating themselves. How we can get rid of them and change our future lives. 

Through MTM the past life of mine and present has some very similar patterns and situations. Through his words all became clear.

Then Dr. Wazir’s experience and Mohanji said when you operate I am always with you. He wanted to leave in 2013 but is still performing heart surgeries in 2020 all Mohanji’s grace.

Beautiful little Sara’s connection. Mohanji is very fond of her and she is deeply connected to Mohanji. Once before also he had asked us to listen to her and see how her love and pure feelings connect her to Mohanji. Even his picture has power to converse with her. 

I too met him in my sleep, once I asked him and got a reply I do my work, you know it’s real or dream. So all what the mind wanted to know and listen to was given and beyond that a deep soul connection became stronger. 

Bhumika Arvind 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.com Pranam Mohanji, I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be part of a live Satsang with You. When it was announced that there will be a live satsang related to the Podcast and the requirement was for the participants to make a video and post it on social media platforms. I had cried sitting in front of your picture. I had commented, how unfortunate I am to miss this opportunity (I have major reservations about social media platforms, taking pictures or videos). It was not a random coincidence that I connected with Lakshmi Mohananda from South Africa recently. I expressed my request if an audio file can also be accepted instead of a video. Lakshmi ji said she was thinking about it as well since there were few other devotees who have expressed the same desire. The following day Lakshmi ji messaged me that Mohanji had already given the instruction to also accept audio files as some of the devotees may be hesitant to do a video recording. This is HIS kindness and grace to create this opportunity for HIS devotees and fulfill their desires.

My experience on the live Satsang with Mohanji:

How to find words to describe HIS generosity and grace. Mohanji was so kind to all of us. HE so generously gave HIS time. HE patiently answered the questions of the devotees and showered us with HIS blessings. I know that HE stayed much longer than the scheduled time, only to grant devotees their wishes and grant them with HIS darshan. If I have to sum up my experience, Mohanji’s motto does justice, “One family, one unit”. Through the Satsang there were experiences that were shared that felt like mine. As if someone else was sharing the transformation I have experienced within me and in my family, with my kids. The comments, devotees’ experiences and questions-answers were so beautifully synchronized. While answering a devotees question Mohanji simultaneously addressed my lingering questions and doubts. HIS comments to a devotee that HE has been beside him and kept HIS promise since 2013, gave me such great assurance. Mohanji confirmed with this devotee that HIS Padukas are at her home and HE is there in her home (she had just told her name and from where she is from, Mohanji commented even before she could complete her sentence). How blessed Supreet would have felt to have this confirmation directly from Mohanji. Even though I didn’t say those words, HE assured me that having HIS Padukas home is the same as having HIM home. HE confirmed that HE is with me too in my home since I do have Padukas at my house.

Mohanji satisfied my simple desire in response to another devotee’s query of meaning of “connecting to His consciousness”. HE simply said, “just remember me”. For a literal person like me this is easy to understand and follow. HE commented on the Guru principle. HE addressed how one may know if they are growing in their spiritual journey. HIS answers had such deeper meaning for me and penetrated my heart.

During the Satsang, something in me was assuring me that HE is here at home with me so instead of asking for an affirmation I rather made a foolish comment on having a filter option. It is a process and I am embarrassed about moments where I lose my cool and HE is sitting right there in the living room. So I was wondering if there may be filters that can help. Mohanji in HIS typical way replied, ” there is no need for a filter, there is nothing good or bad, whatever it is, is”. Later on contemplating on HIS response I realized that it isn’t about asking a filter from Mohanji, instead I need to be improving my own awareness and connection within with HIS grace. That is going to be the filter! I need to put in more effort and continuously and tirelessly work toward building my awareness and follow HIS teaching. I need to consistently practice witnessing life events as an audience and take them as just experiences rather than getting emotionally engaged into it. And the best way to know if I am making progress in going within is if today I could practice it more consistently than yesterday, just baby step at a time.

I am overwhelmed writing my experience, my throat is choking and I am in tears. This is the effect of the grace of a master when I have not even met HIM in person.

As Mohanji will say our mind is like a monkey and I am no different so after the Satsang, there was a thought / doubt in my mind, “why didn’t I ask Mohanji for a confirmation that HE is home with me”. I was sitting in front of Mohanji’s picture and talking to HIM. I heard Mohanji’s voice saying, “you hear me, don’t let doubts pop up” and an instinct was there to call Alpa ji (Mohanji’s Acharya from Toronto). I called Alpa ji  and she shared her own experiences with Mohanji and assured me that it’s all Mohanji’s leelas. We can have whatever questions but when we come in front of HIM, whatever is needed comes to the surface. I got my answer from Alpa ji. This is Mohanji’s grace. I informed Alpa ji that there was an instinct to call her and she commented that she was expecting a call from me anytime and knew I would call her.

Mohanji I know it is Your grace, kindness and love that there are changes within myself and outside. Without Your grace nothing is possible. YOU have given me strength to get through my difficult days, YOU are holding my hand, guiding me and walking with me. YOU are connecting me to people who are helping me in my spiritual journey. Mohanji, YOU have been with me in so many ways. Being an average simple devotee I can only understand that which is within my capacity to realize but my instinct tells me that YOU have been with me in ways that are beyond my understanding.

There is so much YOU have given generously. I am so deeply grateful for Your love, kindness and generosity. Mohanji, please always stay with me and my family. Bless me with awareness. I always want to hear YOU and YOUR  leelas, see YOU, share YOUR leela’s, sing YOUR glory. I always want to feel YOUR embrace, I have lost a lot and lived my life in ignorance without realization, please always guide me Mohanji. I hope one day YOU will give me an opportunity to meet YOU in person. LOVE YOU Mohanji. My humble salutations to Your lotus feet.

P.S. I am so thankful to the entire Podcast team. Lots of love and hugs to Maheshwari ji and Lakshmi ji for being the extension of Mohanji and arranging for me to attend the Satsang. Thank you Greenwood for modulating the Satsang. You are so blessed to have the close proximity to Mohanji. I am very very grateful. Love you all. And please, please arrange more live Satsangs with Mohanji. It’s such a blessing especially during these tough times.

Dr Harpreet Wasir 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comThis was a totally new experience especially during COVID times. It was firstly an expectance with awareness of a different way of connect with Mohanji using media.

Then it was so clear of so many different frequencies merging into single frequency in the presence of our Master.

Each one including me was one to one amidst all being in one large group globally.

Each one was answered to our souls fulfilment despite having asked a question or not.

This was surely a very acceptable way of communication with Mohanji.

I honestly did not find any difference in connecting with Mohanji having not been in his physical presence.

The coordination by the team was flawless which added to the comfort of the audience.

I surely look forward to the next session and which to have a one to one video connect with Mohanji. 

Looking forward for some way of receiving Shaktipat from Mohanji in future.

Maybe things like this in smaller coherent groups may answer this.

Thank you one and all for this session and all the efforts put in physically making Mohanji’s presence there with me and all attendees.

Lots of love always.

Tihana Frleta 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comThis way I want to thank Mohanji from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity he gave us. The satsang was beautiful, Mohanji as always full of love for all of us, simple, natural, spontaneous, patient, nurturing and witty. I got answers to all my questions (although I didn’t ask any) and more. Also, he beautifully described the value of having an available Guru in our life, now fully in my own essence I realize how much of a blessing it is. What impressed me the most was how Mohanji vividly described how we pass the same patterns from life to life, and how long it takes us to become aware of them and how important it is therefore to make this life purposeful and finally realize true liberation. And another important thing that Mohanji often emphasizes to us, in the Podcasts and in this Satsang, how important it is to fully accept ourselves with all our virtues and weaknesses, just the way we are. Thank you dear Mohanji for waking us up, transforming us, pointing to the source within us that can hardly wait for us to embrace it! Mohanji, thank you for being with us in this life!

Ulla Bernholdt 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comI would like to share my gratitude to Mohanji and the team behind the podcasts for this wonderful event. The whole idea behind the private satsang, of applying our own video testimonials was great, because we had the opportunity to learn so many things from that.

First we learned to reflect upon what a gift Mohanji’s podcasts are and how much they mean to us in terms of inspiration, upliftment and introspection. 

Also we learned that we should not take these podcasts or Fathers satsang for granted.

The idea of earning access to a satsang by doing a testimonial was actually great because so much creativity blossomed and people really did their best in order to achieve that goal. We had to put ourselves into action instead of just sitting at home on the couch being served by Mohanji.  

It seemed that a lot of people met Mohanji for the first time and had joined either through listening to the podcast series or through the 41 days of Meditation Sadhana and it was wonderful to feel their joy and being a part of their happy experience.

Dragana Tešanović 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comMy God. Mohanji was so perfect. He explained complete existence in such a simple way. My heart expanded after that talk with Mohanji. He removed all of the clutter from my mind. He showed another dimension of Himself to me. I am so happy to hear there will be more such meetings. Yeeyy!! Jai Mohanji

Cathy Johnston 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comFor me, hailing from a working class northern UK family, our formative spiritual experiences were mostly cold, foreboding and full of dire warnings, laced with unmentionable consequences should we err from the God given path.

Shivering on a cold pew in a shadowy church dressed up in our Sunday best, no-one ever had the answers we children craved – rendering our spiritual selves confused and wilting, devoid of a foundation to build upon.

Fast forward 59 years and in one short week at a Mohanji retreat in Serbia Nov 2019, all of my answers are laid out before me. Answers to questions I’d forgotten I’d had. And answers to those I’d not even asked.

Simple, honest and down to Earth yet at the same time, dense with ancient history, and meanings packed tight with unknown jargon for my Western ears to even attempt to assimilate.

And then came, Mohanji’s podcasts – Mohanji Speaks – like a breath of fresh air to my overwhelmed Western mind.

Short snippets of common sense and guided wisdom, delivered with bite-sized, manageable information – much easier to digest and ponder for the uninitiated novice like me.

Despite Mohanji being 5 yrs my junior, for me, Mohanji is the true Father, the Father I ached for, the guide for my souI. 

Just hearing Mohanjis voice never fails to make me smile, his dry, infectious humour, never far from the surface is a joy to behold. 

A trillion miles away from the bellowing sermons from the draughty pulpits of my childhood.

Thank you Mohanji

Heema Mohan 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comFirstly i’d like to thank you all for putting this together, together you all have reached out to a lot of people directly and indirectly.

I am 36 yrs old and throughout my life even though i come from a big family with lots of brothers and sisters I always felt alone and a few months ago I started my journey with Mohanji baba. I have never once felt this loneliness since. Hearing him speak, his podcasts, his satsangs and everything he is and does is so fulfilling for me. The emptiness has left through one door and Mohanji came through the other.

I have found a deeper meaning in my life. I look at things that happen daily in a different light. I almost see Mohanji wherever I go, I see him in his white attire walking before me. For the first time in my life I feel someone, not just even anyone, but a saint, a god avatar and everything Mohanji is made up of is with me. It is almost unexplainable what is happening to me, my thoughts, my views. Everything about me is turning from darkness to light. I feel secure in the arms of Mohanji. I sometimes see him laughing or smiling and saying to me “you got this, you don’t need me” it’s like I hear it. And sometimes I’ll be smiling back and my kids will ask me mummy what’s wrong, why are you smiling lol.

Since Zoom met Mohanji during Saturday’s satsang, my kids and I are super amazed and we feel his love tremendously. I live far far away from my immediate family and I am a proud single mother of two girls 10 & 12, my family history is of the Mohan family formerly of India through grand grand and great great grandfathers I strongly feel I am told by my father that this is the Mohan he was looking for a few yrs before he could pass on. My father knew that there was someone of great importance with this name who he needed to meet. And through Mohanj’s grace and love for us we have met. He is now the father in my home, the friend, the companion, the everything. He has filled up my children’s heart with love and contentment where previously it was sadness and despair. 

Today we feel complete, nothing can come close to this that we are and feel today. 

I did not know much about spirituality in my younger days and I would really love and hope that there could be more of these interactions with children as well. It will be such a great personal achievement if kids from a young age get involved with aspects that really matter in life.

Please kindly pass this message to Mohanji as well. I am most certain I was destined to meet him through my late father who had already known him. 

Thank you Baba, for everything and most importantly for me, just being a part of my life.

Nina Pualic 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comThis was my first live satsang with Mohanji and really was amazing. Besides Mohanji’s valuable answers, for me personally the greatest value had the last part when I had a chance to speak with Mohanji. After just one sentence from him I felt powerful, intensive and realising feeling in my heart so I started crying like a child. This feeling can’t be described by words. From this moment I really feel Mohanji in my heart. Love Mohanji.

Asja Dupanovic 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comI am so happy that you have asked for the feedback, I was going to write to you myself. 

First of all, thank you for a great and clean, stress-free organisation of this satsang. 

It was a wonderful experience. The time spent with Mohanji that day was very fulfilling, I was touched by and have noted down many things he said. However, one insight I am especially grateful for.

I always felt the need to be told what exactly my purpose in life is, as if I had no idea what to be doing unless someone tells me very clearly, gives me some kind of a concrete position, a task. For years I felt like what I was doing, the way I was adding value to my surroundings was great but that I could do much more if only I know what exactly. What complete nonsense it was to trust myself and my intuition so little!

Talking about how to develop will power, Mohanji uttered magical words saying “Adding value to the world is our purpose”.

I understood what he meant and have no words to explain how inspiring this sentence was for me. It brought all the clarity I was looking for. I am thankful beyond any word. 

Laurie Ann 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comI have had the blessing of attending a Satsang with Mohanji before and I have always felt like I have heard something specific that has really helped me. This was true again for this recent Satsang, where so much of it felt applicable to me. I love Mohanji’s communication style, it is clear, to the point and delivered in a direct manner. Perfect. I left with such a feeling of calm and wellbeing, like everything was alright with me and the world.

What I found especially heart warming was watching all the new followers seeing Mohanji for the first time. I have remembered this a few times since the Satsang and now, just writing this, I am once again moved to tears as I remember their excitement and emotion at being able to speak with him. It was absolutely amazing and precious.

Thank you for this beautiful experience.

Nada Raković 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comFrom this talk and all Mohanjis talks, I feel lighter, brighter. I am happy to see and hear Him. I am more aware of this temporary reality, fleeting objects, emotions, feelings, thoughts, situations…. But I am more able to witness. I understand there is more, not just this life, not only these temporary aspects and senses we use to experience Life. Nothing belongs to me anyway. 

Life is happening every moment. Inevitably. 

Mohanji’s talks and podcasts in general give me understanding, awareness, clarity, more peace, acceptance, gratitude, and flow in life. Whatever level of  understanding, clarity, awareness, peace, acceptance, flow and gratitude I gain or I have – it’s all due to Him! I owe all to HIM! He reminds me of our temporality, and to use this time to be effective at every given moment. 

Thank You Mohanji for Your Sacred Existence!

Always at Your feet.

Zoran Milisic 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comThis Satsang was one of the most powerful Satsangs that I have participated in. I still feel the effect of Mohanji’s presence in me. Thank you for organising the event.

Marijana Blokar 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comHello, my name is Marijana and I live in Croatia. In gratitude to Mohanji I will tell you about how I have met the teacher Guru Parabrahma Mohanji. 

I met Mohanji in Bosnia on a program organized by the Mohanji organization in 2017. 

Before that meeting, I met a Mohanji student, Branko, who was leading a conscious walking in my town Rijeka. My friend told me about Mohanji and his experiences. I listened to him and took it lightly. I went for conscious walking on Sunday mornings still having my gaze on how it benefits me. The morning walk for me represented a good change in the morning run and relaxation in nature. I was still unaware that I had joined Mohanji’s Consciousness walking!! It was not clear to me then. Soon there was a lecture by archaeologist Samir Osmanagić in my city about the Bosnian pyramids in the town of Visoko. I went to a lecture and was delighted, and got interested in the trip to the Bosnian pyramids. When I opened the page on the internet looking for the program about a trip organized by a group that organized a lecture by archaeologist Samir Osmanagić, Mohanji’s poster popped up from the Mohanji organization with Mohanji’s Face. My eyes widened and I told my husband we had to go. After a few days we agreed and paid for the trip to Bosnia Pyramid. My first meeting with Mohanji was so relaxing and joyful, that excitement and expectations were gone. I met a simple and cheerful Guru, who has exceptional wisdom and knowledge The messages of Mohanji that I heard at the satsang in Bosnia changed my outlook on life. So even today when I think and lead a debate with myself about some topics: about humanity, about the universe, about self love, about relationships, family, about anything, Mohanji posts a message and gives me an answer and direction!  At first I thought it was an accident. After a while, this happens again. And then you open your eyes wide because he gives a message that is clear and easy to understand at that moment. 

When I became interested in knowledge, to learn more about spirituality, at one point I joined a new group that was reading an interesting book Book of knowledge. Mohanji posted the message and his face in the triangle emblem. 

A very big coincidence, in the book I started reading the emblem is the triangle. Sacred geometry. I took this as a sign it is good to read that book for knowledge.

In this new group, there were rules of the knowledge book that said that a student could be attached to one Teacher’s Aura with an explanation of the influence of cosmic energy on the student’s consciousness and body. Those rules gave me a clear picture that I had to choose only one teacher. 

Mohanji’s messages always motivated me and showed me the way. I am grateful that there is such a teacher.

I once wrote that Mohanji provides me with support for stability. It triggers the inner dormant energy for life. Unselfishly connected in peace and blessing.

His messages are inspiring. 

Be what you are now with everything that has been given to you from life.

You can only start walking from where you are standing. 

No matter if your candlelight is weak, they are still in flame.

Lori Werner 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comNever in my wildest dreams, would I have ever thought it possible to come in contact with a Master. To have an experience similar to the disciples of Jesus or the people of Shirdi during the lifetime of Shirdi Sai Baba.

This has been so clearly my experience and a kind of realization at this moment in time corresponding to the recent Satsang with Mohanji celebrating the 50th milestone podcast of Mohanji Speaks. 

The eternal gratitude I have for each and every podcast that Mohanji delivered like beautiful gems on the shore is a whole other article with much to express. I will stay with my experience of the Satsang and only say these last few months have been so transformative from the inside of my very being on every level that the signs of transformation are now becoming visible on the outside.

The noticing of this transforming me, came as my experience of this beautiful Satsang. I will try and convey what that experience was, although sometimes words have become inept in describing the feeling of Beauty or Divinity.

It was like stepping into the dawning of the golden age of Aquarius like that of the musical Hair. Mohanji casually poised on a chair draped in green and orange cloths.. Truly a casual celebration similar in feeling to what I imagine Jesus rapping with his disciples.

But there was no imagination needed here, the highly permeated ambiance of the Satsang was already in progress when I joined in 13 minutes in. (At 4am, PST in the USA, I did not check my emails and took me a moment to catch up with the Important notice of a new zoom code. The only reason for mentioning this is despite things not going smooth, I was having already this beautiful Divine experience of self with nothing in mind but patience and naturalness in finding the solution then logging in) and upon slipping in to the Satsang, I could only feel this deep sense of my own Naturalness and Connectedness.  SO NATURAL. It was like I was there from the beginning and me joining in needed no adjustment on anyone’s part, I was feeling so accepting of myself, as I was already One with the entire Satsang that was in session. This experience was immediately so deep and saturated within me, I felt more connected to Mohanji and everyone present than ever. The questions and answers were Flowing Like A River, calm yet Rapid, and I was totally filled with complete fulfillment in these moments, more than 2 hours. I noticed after joining in, Mohanji almost as if back tracking addressed the Parallel Realities topic. This had been in my mind as my only question days prior to the Satsang that I had not even submitted and yet was completely answered!

This feeling continued throughout the entire Satsang and even though Mohanji was so casually addressing what felt like advanced topics, He was moving at a pace my mind felt like it was sprinting!

Who else other than such a Loving Living Master can provide this type of priceless experience? I have honestly felt as if I was living and interacting in a Satcharitra like space through these interactive podcasts and now this Amazing Satsang as a form of a living breathing virtual Leela! Truly Grace Personified. And Immense Gratitude.

An interesting thought about why this Satsang felt so different and special to me occurred and I don’t know if it’s truly relevant?

I had the distinct feeling later that what I was feeling, 

This presence that was so Palpable and Real amongst this Satsang could be not only the energy of the Master and Guru Tattwa present but also because of the culmination of everyone present had the common experience of listening to these podcasts previously leading up to this event. This deeply saturated Naturalness, Acceptance, and Connectedness was like a new Reality experience of “One World. One Family” brilliantly devised and delivered by Mohanji! There was no agenda amongst the attendees other than the sincere Gratitude and Honoring and further Exploring of their understanding of the material which was being used as a jumping off point. And what followed was this undeniable Richness that allotted for what felt like many doors being opened! For the first time the statement that we are Unlimited and it is only the mind that limits us landed, and so did the realm of that Possibility in that moment. (This has also happened to me in many moments while listening to the podcasts. Then experiencing these moments of realization and application even if for only a few seconds in life, there is the awakening happening and one gets one step closer to that possibility.)

So I have come away with the feeling that there is unbelievable great value in these podcasts affording consistency and exposure to the Master. These wonderful small doses, which are so precious and not so small, have been experienced in the effects that really sneak up on you!  Before you know it, you have been fully re-educated with eternal tools you can use to transform yourself and the world around you. WOW.

Mohanji Please accept, from the depth of soul, my Eternal Gratitude. Thank you for being there for me and all of us during this time! You have given me Strength and made my life a Beautiful Experience completely immune to world events, 

You have been the mother turtle on the opposite shore sending such loving and compassionate glances delivering these beautiful messages that have gently and safely washed to the other shore. I am so deeply Honored in every possible way, to have had this time and these experiences with you and the Consciousness that is Mohanji.

Master, Thank You, I so believe in you!

Padmini Ravi Kumar 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comThanks for this opportunity to write the feedback. Firstly, Eternally grateful to Mohanji for the podcasts and the satsang that followed. As I mentioned in my podcast audio, His bitesize vitamins for the soul are hugely empowering and inspiring. The satsang happening for me was a leela by itself, as I had sent my reflections on audio to the wrong email address. But thanks to Mohanji and His Podcast team, I managed to get the link just in time for the satsang. 

Secondly, Mohanji’s satsang was as usual power packed; some of the salient points which impacted me were His one liners, which are listed out. I plan to print it out and place it on my desk.

  1. Awake from the massive illusion you have been entertaining.
  2. Accept whatever comes as is. 

     3. Personal experience has more relevance than books or words of another.

  1. Mind restricts one’s potential (lack of capacity) while soul empowers (enormous capacity)
  2. Accept oneself totally; when acceptance happens, deep peace happens. When there is resistance, there is mental agitation.
  3. A prejudiced mind sees division.
  4. Willpower comes with clarity of purpose; adding value to the world is our purpose; add value to the world with skills, values and determination.
  5. Where you park your mind, that you become. 
  6. Invest in Awareness.

There are many such powerful pointers which were given; the above resonated with me as I have been working on self acceptance and always wondered; what is it to accept oneself; but Mohanji pointed out that the outcome of acceptance is deep peace; this gave me clarity on this issue. The simple answer He gave on how to deal with current times, be flexible, had a profound effect. As I have learnt over the past years of association with Him, Being Mohanji is a state; a state of stillness, equanimity and love; the Stithpragya state as described in the Gita. Whatever the scriptures say, I see it that in HIm; He is indeed the Infinite Truth embodied and walking with us!!

Lastly, my Guru Dakshina to Him would be to live His teachings,that’s my deepest wish and desire and hope with His grace it happens.

Ivana Surjan Mitrović 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.com

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Satsang with Mohanji. It was a real blessing to receive his love at least through Zoom. During the Satsang I had a few questions in my head that I didn’t ask, but I got the answers anyway. I got answers to some questions after the Satsang, through messages I would ‘accidentally’ read on Facebook or hear on television. That’s how I know that Mohanji is really always with me. He hears me and delivers me everything I need. Thank you Father!

Sathya Shiva 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comGrateful to the Tradition, Mohanji and the social media (podcast) team for their efforts to arrange Satsang with Mohanji.

Listening to the podcast and sharing our thoughts was such a small act compared to the finale!

Mohanji’s session was so spontaneous and from the heart, as always.

Thought I would share with you some key takeaways that stayed with me from the session

-Transcend all man made barriers and blocks and experience oneness. 

-Diversity has its beauty and has to be appreciated.

-Humanity is our religion. Adding value to the world should be the purpose.

-Invest in your strength! Ignore your weakness!

-Don’t look for success or failure.

-One spark would be enough to ignite, if we are ready .

-If failures come, accept and move forward.

-Doubt is the key that the devil uses to enter the mind of a person and wreak havoc.

-We have to become like dry wood… Just wait for the opportune moment so that the flame will be ignited in us by the Master.

-One’s ability to do something positive for the world would be one’s independence. Not needing anything and healing others and healing the world would be independence. Independence is an inside story… Let the inside story unfold and lead us to light!

Meeta Sahai 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comLet me start by congratulating and thanking you for a life transforming satsang with Mohanji. It was a wonderful effort on your part to connect all disciples with the master. At the same time you encouraged everyone to listen to the podcasts. Superb effort. Great going. Hope to have many more such events in the future. Congratulations once again.

Ines Arredondo 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comGood afternoon, my name is Ines, I live in Aruba but I am Peruvian. This time I want to express my gratitude and love to Mohanji. Never participated in a Satsang before in my life and I feel blessed. I experienced strong emotion in my heart, in my soul. Thanks to Mirela, because my friend Martha Bazan enrolled me in the Mohanji Peru Club and we were in quarantine. Well, it has been the best gift that I have been able to experience daily feelings of very strong emotions with Maitri, and the daily Meditations, my Yoga that I love so much. I just want to say I love him from the heart and I listen to his podcast every day through EBC. Thank you Thank you Thank you. This is my testimony today and forever.

Chitra Chithi 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comSatsang on a podcast held on 15/8/2020 was really interesting and mind blowing. Instead of writing or asking questions, I was watching silently. Many were telling how tangible Mohanji is now. One person mentioned that those who haven’t met Mohanji yet could hear his heartbeat by just touching his photo and the one who don’t have eyes could see him through third eye, others mentioning how they are able to know his presence always. Mohanji was answering many questions humorously too.. 

Mohanji gave insight on connecting to a living master without doubts, comparison and expectations, which he said are the traps in spiritual progress. When doubts come, he asked to burn the doubt with faith. He again asked to put our 100% effort in all actions and forget about the result, that is surrendering to God or Guru. He also asked everyone to accept weaknesses and strengthen their strengths. Let the weakness be there aside, and strengths should be grown like nurturing a plant. Thanks a lot Mohanji and the team for this beautiful satsang.

Pravani Govender 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comI relish every opportunity to listen to Mohanji and soak in his wisdom. 

This private satsang however, offered a rare gift – I was able to speak to Mohanji directly as he answered the question I had posed. This filled me with gladness head to toe 🙂 

The satsang felt intimate due to the limited number on the call and thus rather special for us all I am sure. 

Thank you Baba, thank you to all for making this experience possible. 

Pooja Jobanputra 50th podcast Mohanji Speaks mohanji.podbean.comI would like to share my experience of the satsang last week.

It was a truly memorable experience. Each time I see Mohanji live, I feel the immediate personal connection, it feels as though he is looking at each one of us and we are having our own private satsang! It is truly magical and I find myself overwhelmed with love and a deep seated warmth towards our beloved guru.

Mohanji patiently listened to each one of us, and I was able to say hello and thank him personally for the healing and guidance I felt when my father was recently unwell. As I spoke, I knew he was aware of all my thoughts and I didn’t need to explain anything!!!

Thank you Mohanji for connecting with me so beautifully. You are our supreme guide and I love your Zoom satsangs. I look forward to more opportunities.

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