Guru Tatwa in my life

by Jyoti Bahl, India

Life is a journey bestowed upon us to have experience, realise the power of nature around us and keep moving forward till destined. And when a guru comes into your life and works silently, transformation happens. The guru guides and helps us discover the potentialities he has already realised. When I think of the difficult times I was going through, a hand was suddenly offered for support. And as I held it firmly, Mohanji, my guru, has always been there with me. 

I want to share my journey with Mohanji, the events, the miracles, the transformation within me and how my faith became stronger in Sai Baba and Mohanji. I sing my praises to them for always being there for me, my family, and my whole lineage. Here I am sharing a few experiences that have completely changed the course of my life. I did not realise it when it was happening. But now, when I think about it, it shows the loving and supporting hand of the guru. It may guide you in your journey.

My mother-in-law was bedridden for five years from 2011. It was tough for her to leave her body and release herself as she still carried unfulfilled desires. We requested Mohanji, and he helped her transition from one world to another. My mother-in-law was the Trade Commissioner’s daughter, having enjoyed life’s great luxuries and travelled a lot. Though she had a good life, she still carried many unfulfilled desires that bound her to this world. 

Before I met Mohanji, I had no idea that this body is to fulfil desires, and if they are not fulfilled, the exit from the body becomes difficult, and you cling to it and suffer a lot in the last moments.

Mohanji helped her and guided us. When her last moment came, Mohanji asked me to continuously chant the Mahamrityunjay Mantra for three hours. She was unconscious, lying on the bed, and I kept chanting for three hours, and we saw her taking her last breath. Her last rites were performed according to the Sikh religion, and we had ‘Akhand Path’ (the non-stop continuous reading of the Guru Granth Sahib – a religious text – from beginning to end) at our place. 

Many miracles were happening. I had already applied for Consciousness Kriya. Mohanji was in Delhi. He was guiding me. The Consciousness Kriya training was on 28th July. And my mother-in-law expired on 26th July. Deep in my heart, I strongly wanted to receive the initiation for Consciousness Kriya from Mohanji. I surrendered everything at his lotus feet. We had the reading at our house in memory of my mother-in-law. The reading of the religious text was scheduled for 5 pm on 28th July. We had many guests at home. My husband asked me to attend the Kriya initiation. He said he would take care of everything. I still believe it was Sai kripa, Mohanji’s miracle, that I attended and received Consciousness Kriya’s initiation from our beloved Guru Mohanji. And I was back home on time for the reading and blog (prasad).

I was blessed and soaked in Baba’s grace for making the impossible possible. I started practising Consciousness Kriya consistently. And once a week, Sai Parivar and Mohanji family visited my place for bhajans and meditation. 

My mother-in-law, who left her body, still had some unfulfilled desires. She used to come into my dreams often. I felt there was something still left unfulfilled. I wanted to help her but couldn’t. I only used to pray to Sai Baba and Mohanji, surrendering fully at their lotus feet. I knew they would take care of my family.

It so happened that Nikita, my friend for years, living in Gurgaon, called me in September 2018 and said that Mohanji would conduct a Homa himself at Rishikesh, where a Retreat with Mohanji was scheduled. She mentioned this was a rare opportunity, with Mohanji conducting a Homa himself. And she suggested that we go together to Rishikesh for Homa. I had no idea about the Homa. But when I realised that Mohanji was going to conduct the Homa himself, I made up my mind to go. 

We arranged in a week and were at Rishikesh for Homa. We participated in the Homa. Before Mohanji started the Homa, he explained that this is not only for those who are present but for the lineage, our ancestors and our coming generations and how it will help each of us. Then it dawned upon me why I was there for the Homa.

The Homa started. Mantras were chanted, and we felt the presence of Guru Mandala and different deities who came to receive annuities (offerings). Mohanji looked so powerful and intense. Each of us was given a coconut to keep near our heart centre and offer it to the fire where devas come to receive it. With this offering, cleansing happened at various levels for various devotees. Lord Datta’s presence was felt by many. It was a strong mystical atmosphere. After the Homa, my whole lineage benefited, especially my mother-in-law.

After a month or so, Arunachala happened. On the way to Rishikesh, Sakshi asked me if I was going to Arunachala – the Kailash of South. With family responsibilities, I knew I couldn’t go on a Kailash trip; I decided to go to Arunachala.

The auspicious day came in October, just a month after my trip to Rishikesh. Things worked very smoothly. On the home front, everyone was ready to help me with my journey and share responsibilities in my absence. Going to Arunachala was a miracle. After returning from the trip, I realised why it happened—all the divine plays of Sai Baba and Mohanji. 

I was looking forward to reaching Arunachala in the presence of my Guru Mohanji. I soon learnt that there is an Inner Kora parikrama similar to the one in Kailash yatra – an arduous trek. And it came to my mind if I would be lucky enough to be part of it. The guru listens to your thoughts and fulfils them. 

We reached Arunachala and waited for Mohanji ‘s arrival. Mohanji arrived, looked at us and said, “All present here, be ready for Inner Kora parikrama on Monday.” We were thrilled to hear this. My ultimate wish was to be fulfilled. Later in the evening, we learned that it was shifted to Tuesday. I wondered why it was shifted from Monday to Tuesday, a day devoted to Shiva. When I asked, I was told Tuesday was a no-moon day (Amavasya) to pray for our ancestors. The pitru pooja of 14 days was going on. And Amavasya was the last day of pitru pooja and shraad (rituals) for all our ancestors whom we know or don’t know.

When you are with Mohanji, each day is blessed, and you are on a different level. The guru amazes you with his leela. On Monday, we visited Pawan Sut’s (a saint) place. The saint is no more in his physical body. A lady saint looks after the temple. When we reached the temple, we were welcomed by her. She explained about her guru.

While she was explaining about her guru, my eyes were fixed on the lotus feet of my Guru, Mohanji. There was an eternal tune going on in my heart. And there was a deep urge to ask Mohanji a mantra for sadhana. When we returned to our centre, and I found Mohanji sitting on a chair relaxing, I could not stop myself. I went to Mohanji and prayed to him to give me a sadhana mantra to be on the path. Mohanji asked Rajesh Kamath to write a particular mantra and give it to me. I felt blessed and happy. I went to my room and started chanting it.

Finally, it was Tuesday early morning when we were asked to get ready very early as the parikrama of Inner Kora was to begin by 4.30 am. We got ready and reached the starting point. It was pitch dark. Nothing was visible. I could see the dense forest around the path with the phone’s light. I got scared; maybe there were wild animals around. And when you are scared, you start chanting. And I realised that I was chanting the mantra Mohanji had given me the previous day. I kept chanting the mantra all through my parikrama. And while I was chanting, I could hear someone chanting, “Om Namaha Shivaya – Shivaya Namaha Om”. 

All through the Inner Kora parikrama, I was in a trance. The sunrise I saw that morning was so beautiful that no words could describe it. It was a heavenly feel, and slowly Arunachala appeared amidst the sun’s rays. I bowed down several times to Arunachala and was in tears.

The vision of Arunachala brought deep gratitude in me to my guru. Without the grace of Mohanji, this journey to the Inner Kora would not have been possible. The chanting of the mantra was deepening, and many more things were happening around me. A lady started walking along with me. And slowly, she started explaining various saints around the parikrama who were meditating in their subtle forms. They were not visible to my naked eye. But I could feel their presence as she explained, and with full humility, I bowed down to them and asked for blessings. 

On the way, there came a small spring. The water was as sweet as nectar and gave us the strength to keep walking. I completed the 15km Inner Kora parikrama. My eyes were filled with tears of gratitude. I couldn’t believe that I had done it. Then someone senior in the group mentioned Ramana Maharshi’s cave in the hills where people go and meditate. I wanted to go there. There was a separate path, and it was difficult. I kept my intention of visiting the Ramana Maharshi cave. And I started towards the centre. My only wish was to go and bow down at the feet of Mohanji, who gave me the strength to achieve this and fulfil my desire to visit Ramana Maharishi’s cave also.

We came back and found Mohanji waiting for us all. I ran up to him and prostrated at his feet. My tears were flowing. I got up and hugged Mohanji. To my amazement, Mohanji told me everything that had happened during the parikrama. Then realisation dawned upon me that the mantra I was chanting connected me to the Consciousness of Mohanji and Om Namaha Shivaya -Shivya Namaha Om was chanted by Mohanji. He was walking with me all through.

I was sitting with Mohanji when my son Shivendra called and said, “Mumma, I must share something with you. Today at 4.45 am, I saw you performing the aarti of Mohanji (the exact time we started our parikrama of Inner Kora) on the ground floor of our house.” He was sleeping on the first floor in his bedroom. He saw his Dadi coming inside the room and pressing his neck. He cried for help. Shivender said that he could see that when I heard him crying for help, I left the aarti plate and ran upstairs crying for Mohanji and asking Mohanji to help. 

Shivinder said, “When you entered the room, Mohanji was with you. Mohanji held Dadi and pressed her third eye at the wall of our house’s altar, and she merged into the wall.” And since then, my son and I have not seen her in dreams. Mohanji has taken care of her in his divine grace forever. Then I realised why Mohanji had shifted the parikrama from Monday to Tuesday, the last day of the Pitru Paksha so that all the grace we earn could pass on to our ancestors and they could be released from all the bondages.

Later that day, Mohanji asked me to go and visit Ramana Maharshi’s cave. He fulfilled this wish of mine also. It was a very powerful cave where we went and meditated for some time.

I returned home in November much lighter and soaked in the grace of Baba and Mohanji.

In December, my clairvoyant neighbour shared some things that gave me clarity. She spoke about the rough phase I had been going through since January 2018. My mother-in-law used to come in my dreams – sometimes blessing and sometimes asking for something I could not understand. She mentioned that a great Master protected my family from the ancestors hovering around with unfulfilled wishes. By showing her pictures of Mohanji, Sai Baba and Mahavtar Babaji, she identified the master as Mahavtar Babaji. Some past life karma must have brought Babaji, Sai and Mohanji into my life. Now I know Babaji, Sai, and Mohanji had cleared up our lineage and merged them in their divine light.

First, Homa at Rishikesh and then Arunachala – all these happened to clear our lineage. The divine play with a much higher purpose beyond our thoughts had taken place. Deep gratitude dawned on me for Babaji, Sai and Mohanji.

The guru plays a very important role in our lives. Guru is supreme consciousness. We should follow their teachings and guidance. They know what we need and much more. They cut short our karma. Since Mohanji came into my life, I have been sincerely into seva and singing. I sing the praise of my guru. When guru happens, dark clouds fade, and divine light fills up.

Guru is not a body but consciousness. In my case, “Baba” is who I always look upon; I listen to my soul and go with my experiences. Sai and Mohanji have showered me with many blessings. When everyone abandoned me, they only stood by me, protected and guided me. Guru Tatwa gave me the purpose of life and music. Singing is my passion, puja, aradhana, and prayers to the Lord. Ma Mukambika, Babaji, Sai Baba and Mohanji always hold my hand and guide me. There is no other place for me to go. 

My pranams at the lotus feet of Mohanji!


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In the company of Masters

By Eric Elbers, Canada

The story of the MyDattatreya website


It is often said that travellers on the spiritual path should keep good company. Being an avid reader and living in a household where the members generally have other than spiritual interests, I found reading about the life and teachings of spiritual masters an inspiring and enriching experience. Paramahamsa Yogananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Anandamayi Ma, Amritananda Mayi Ma, and many other elevated human beings became my daily company, my teachers and my spiritual nourishment. 

Therefore, it was only a matter of time until I would learn about Shirdi Sai Baba, his life story as penned down in the Sai Sat Charitra, and next, the amazing story of Sathya Sai Baba. When reading about these masters, they would, as it were, come alive for me and indeed did become my daily companions. It was also a time when I was in transition from a spiritual path that had centered on the Sound Current and the Radha Soami teachings to more broad-based Hinduism. I felt attracted to Amritananda Mayi Ma and her teachings on compassion. I recognized that my reading, to a large extent, was an intellectual occupation, and I felt drawn to more heart-based spirituality shown by the amazing ‘hugging saint.’


Then, in 2017, in an honorary magazine issue dedicated to Sathya Sai Baba, I read an article by Mohanji, in which he told his life story and his relationship with Sathya Sai Baba, who had been a turning point in his life. I felt immediately attracted to Mohanji and saw an opportunity to help an up-and-coming spiritual master in his mission. With time, a master attracts a core group of devotees around him who help and support him. A master who has been teaching for decades may have thousands of devotees and a hierarchical structure in the organization, but a master who is beginning his mission may still be approachable and welcome devotees to help him in his work. Such a Master was Mohanji. I emailed Mohanji and requested permission to start a meditation group based on his guided meditations. Very shortly, I received a reply that Mohanji had already become aware of my request even before it had reached him and had given his blessings.

In the summer of 2018, Mohanji came to Canada to dedicate an ashram in Ontario with a prana pratishta ceremony to inaugurate and empower the Ganesha, Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai Baba idols. That became an opportunity to meet face-to-face with Mohanji, who was very kind and enquired about my spiritual journey and how I had learned about him. I told Mohanji that it was my desire to serve him in his mission and become an ’outstanding’ disciple to him. This wish was fulfilled the following year when I was invited to participate in the Acharya training at the Canadian ashram, led by Mohanji himself. Mohanji told us that the correct way to measure living masters is not how many devotees they attract, but how many new masters they develop. The Acharya program was designed to develop such ‘budding’ masters. What a blessing to have been invited to participate!


During the Acharya training program in the summer of 2019, which lasted four days, I heard Mohanji many times refer to ‘the Tradition.’ I had no clue what tradition he was talking about, but it sounded intriguing to me, and soon thereafter, I learned about the Dattatreya tradition. That’s when I realized my love for Dattatreya. Even though I had grown up in a devoted Christian family [the Dutch Reformed Church], my intense reading had groomed me to recognize the immense stature and power of the Dattatreya tradition—the tradition of Avadhutas and liberation. To me, Dattatreya was not just another spiritual master, deity, or a great story, but I recognized him as the original, divine, spiritual teacher [Adi Guru] taking on many embodiments. This teacher is Divine Consciousness Itself, Supreme Reality, taking many incarnations to engage with souls to guide them back home. All the Masters I had read about were part of Dattatreya, the Supreme Teacher. This Teacher is Supreme Consciousness Itself, loving his emanations, Souls, and guiding them to Himself.

I felt I needed to give expression to my love for Dattatreya and wrote to Mohanji that I wished to work on a website dedicated to Dattatreya, documenting the great masters of the Dattatreya tradition to let people know about their lives and sublime teachings. Mohanji replied back “Yes, this needs to be done.” Encouraged, in November of 2019, I started a Facebook Group dedicated to the ‘Peerless Masters of the Dattatreya Tradition.’ Since its start in November 2019, this group has grown to more than 2250 followers, sharing news and stories about the Dattatreya Masters.

In the spring of 2020, during a Zoom Call with Mohanji Acharyas, Mohanji suddenly asked, “Is Eric there?” When I responded, he asked me to start working on the website for the Dattatreya tradition. Then, with the help of the Acharya Board, an international group of nine Acharyas was formed, and we started working on the documentation of the life and teaching of the Dattatreya Avatars and Masters. Thus, the MyDattatreya website was born. Seeing the success of the ‘Friends of Dattatreya’ Facebook Group, a Facebook Page about the Dattatreya Masters, named ‘MyDattatreya’ followed in the summer of 2020. This Page has now attracted 1348 followers.

Lord Dattatreya with Mohanji, Contemporary Datta Master


Due to the Covid pandemic from 2020 to 2022, travelling was restricted, and very few events were organized. So, as soon as it was announced that a Mohanji-led trip to Shirdi, India, would be held in December 2022, I decided to attend. It had been a long-standing wish of mine to visit the home of Dattatreya Avatar Shirdi Sai Baba. This was the chance. I also had desired to meet with Devi Amma, a living Saint in Bangalore, and spiritual daughter of Sage Agastya and Mother Lopamudra, and seek her blessings. Fortunately, I was able to combine both visits and was graciously welcomed by Devi Amma during a 30-minute private visit.

When we were speaking about Lord Dattatreya and the Masters of the tradition, Devi Amma shared a very interesting insight. She said that the incarnation of Dattatreya, as the embodied trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, had occurred due to the Divine Mother, the Shakti energy, requesting Supreme Consciousness, Shiva, to take birth as the trinity, so devotees could directly connect with the trinity of creation, sustenance and dissolution. Shiva agreed, and the well-known birth story of Dattatreya enacts this. It illustrates that it was the trinity which visited Anasuya, the pious wife of Sage Atri, during lunchtime while her husband was absent and tested her piety. And it was at Anasuya’s request [symbolizing Shakti] that the three gods agreed to be born to her as the trinity; hence, the child was named Dattatreya [Given Trinity].


Baba made me do an involuntary parikrama (circumambulation) when visiting Baba’s Samadhi Mandir for the first time in Shirdi. I entered the temple around 4:30 pm and, as is the custom, took off my shoes at the entrance I had arrived at (there are five gates) and placed them in a nearby rack. It was extremely busy in the temple with long lineups, and it took about one hour to complete paying my honours to Baba. By the time I got out, it had become dark, and moreover, I exited at a different location which I did not recognize. 

I had never been to Baba’s temple. This is a large place with buildings and crowds everywhere. It was very, very busy, but I had no choice but to start walking around the temple in my socks, looking for the rack with my shoes. Many different entrances, crowds everywhere, but no shoes I recognized. So, I made another round, and then another, and then another. No easy walking on socks on the very uneven, pebbly pavement. Clumsy and uncomfortable. After about an hour, I became more and more confused and shared my plight with a guard. Actually, three guards [trinity?] and it was the third guard who took pity on me and took me around the temple (again), visiting all places with shoe racks. And there are many! 

Finally, I was ready to give up the search and buy flip-flops for the rest of the trip, assuming my shoes had found a new owner. However, after another half hour of walking around the temple, right at the very end of the search, I spotted my shoes near Gate 3, where they of course had been from the very beginning. I was elated and relieved but also exhausted from circumambulating Baba’s Samadhi Mandir on socks for 90 minutes. Only Baba knows why he wanted me to do a 90-minute parikrama around his temple on socks, but in the end, he had mercy upon me.


Another interesting and very heart-touching experience happened on the final morning in Shirdi, on the day of my departure back home to Canada. During the previous evening, I had met a group of Mohanji devotees from the Philippines, and we had discussed returning early in the morning to visit Dwarkamai, the place where Baba had sat next to his Dhuni [sacred fire] and receive visitors. I had not been able to find the place yet, but it could be challenging to schedule a visit because to be there at a quiet time, one has to start very early in the morning. And it was going to be a long day of travelling. 

But, surprisingly, I found myself awake and quite alert at 2:00 am, so I decided to make my way to the Temple. I was very happy to see my Philippine friends again; the temple grounds were still very quiet, and we had a wonderful time walking the grounds and spending time sitting and meditating in the Dwarkamai. 

Two notable surprises occurred on that last morning in Shirdi. The first one happened while we were circumambulating the beautiful and graceful Neem tree, still alive, under which Baba had chosen to sit during his first visit after arriving in Shirdi as a young lad well over one hundred and fifty years ago.  He sat there in meditation, rain or shine, and appeared to Shirdi inhabitants as an introvert yogi, having arrived mysteriously from an unknown source. While we circled the tree, suddenly, a few Neem leaves gently whirled down and landed at our feet. Excited and deeply grateful, we collected and shared these few precious leaves from the otherwise bare pavement since they are such a rare and prized possession for Baba devotees!

Next came a really big surprise. While ready to leave the grounds after having spent time meditating in the Dwarkamai, a Temple Guard suddenly appeared from nowhere and handed me a large gift bag wrapped in orange cloth. “Here, this is for you,” he said and walked away. I was stunned and surprised. My friends excitedly said, Oh, look, you have received a gift from Baba! What a blessing!” When I opened the bag, I found it was filled with diverse prasad: flowers, coconuts, fruits, sweets, gift cloth, etc. Indeed, a sweet blessing and departing gift from Baba.

Gift from Baba: A leaf from the Neem tree near Dwarkamai


We all have different constitutions, unique talents and weaknesses, and unique histories. On top of that, we travel different trajectories towards our shared destination, a complete merger with Supreme Consciousness, also called The Divine or God. Some of us are quick-witted and quick learners; others are sensitive with a great capacity for feeling and compassion. Some of us are visual, some auditory, some intellectual and some intuitive. For me, the journey has never been accompanied by great visual experiences or cinemascopic adventures, although at times I wished it would be like that. Instead, the Divine has come as a cat on quiet feet. He has come as a whisper, an insight, a calm knowingness. While others report remarkable meetings with a diversity of Masters, to me, the Divine Presence, the Master, and Mohanji in particular,  came as a quiet companion, a deep feeling in the heart, a nudge, a wink. Rumi called this Presence ‘The Friend.’ I call it my Companion. It is Consciousness Itself, also represented by Dattatreya.

There is no way we can separate ourselves from Consciousness, nor can Consciousness separate Itself from us, since Consciousness is what we are. We ARE THAT, Consciousness Itself. We are living, breathing and moving consciousness. All talk about Self-Realization is about removing the veil of illusion that we are something else. There is no need to grow into anything, to change anything, or to become something, because we are THAT already. We are Dattatreya.

In essence, we are victims of identity theft, the mind having stolen our true identity. Therefore, it can be said that we are victims of misidentification. We identify ourselves with an illusory personality produced by the mind. The master helps to lift this veil of illusion when our legs are strong and stable enough to carry the weight of our true nature.

My spiritual journey started nearly fifty years ago by connecting with the Audible Life Stream, also known as the Sound Current, Nada or Shabda, the Voice of God resonating through the universes. This sound of creative energy is always with us. It sings through creation in a divine play of creation, sustenance and dissolution. It starts as the primordial sound of AUM and branches into the Music of the Spheres, God’s Voice resounding in His Creation. 

Nada, the audible Life Stream, the light and sound of God

Over time the Sound Current has become my constant companion, a high-pitched eeee, at a slightly different pitch in each ear, merging in the centre of the head. It is the flow of the creative energy, the kundalini through the nadis.

During Dattatreya mantra chanting on Zoom, each Thursday morning at 7:00 am [PT]], at some point, the Sound Current ‘descends’ and becomes a presence that takes over. Hands and feet start tingling with the live energy flowing through the body system. It is like being plugged into a high-voltage electric wire. That is the Sound Current, the presence of Dattatreya.

These chanting sessions are open to all, and participants have reported also experiencing this high energy. By connecting to the chanter and the chanter connecting to the Sound Current, together we are wired to this Divine energy that flows through the universe as the creative, sustaining and dissolving force. The force of the Trinity. The Energy and Presence of Dattatreya.

Om Dram Sri Gurudeva Datta

Humbly submitted at the feet of my Master Mohanji and my Lord Dattatreya.


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A Message on Datta Jayanti – Part 1: The Helping Hand

by Jack Barratt, UK

Today is Datta Jayanti. It is the day that we pay our respects to Lord Dattatreya and His principles of non-violence, inclusivity, unconditional love, deep transformation and complete liberation. From the time of the great Avatar, Shripad Shri Vallabha, and up until today, Dattatreya has been continuously present through the forms of his Embodied Emanations. Indeed, up until the very end of this present era, of Kali Yuga, Dattatreya will continue to manifest Himself through the presence of Perfectly Enlightened Avadhootas in order to keep the flame of Sanatana Dharma burning on this Earth.

Lord Dattatreya is not like an ordinary soul that floats around the various dimensions of created existence before deciding to take another birth. He is rather an all-encompassing Principle – He is That which manifests the Truth of the Supreme Consciousness through a distinct signature that is designed to connect to sentient beings of a certain karmic constitution. Thus, in order for Datta to manifest, he sacrifices nothing of his own all-pervading, all-knowing and all-powerful stature; just like when we use a candle to light another candle, Lord Datta simply parts off a part of His own Nature and encases it within the five sheaths, or koshas, of manifested elemental existence. This is how those Sublime Beings that are known as Datta Avatars take birth in this world time and time again.

In this day and age, we have been blessed with the presence of Brahmarishi Mohanji. He is the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in history to fully modernise the Tradition by creating various methods, practices and platforms that allow people to connect their consciousness to the Supreme Consciousness of Lord Datta and his Tradition of spiritual perfection. The higher stations of this great Tradition will always remain the same and are unalterable. They are reached through the process of total dissolution – which is to be accomplished through gradual absorption into nirbija samadhi, which is that state where there is no-mind, no personality and no karmic pattern – a state of absolute interior silence that must, in order to be perfected, be seamlessly integrated into a natural benevolent life in the world. Now, in this day and age, Mohanji has provided a path for all pure and sincere beings to eventually reach this state from wherever they presently stand. This is a tremendous, unfathomable grace and blessing from the higher realms of existence.

The Datta Tradition

There is a reason why Mohanji has been sent at this present time. It is because we are approaching a time where a deep divide will manifest within the collective consciousness of humanity. Beings will either go one way or another – towards a future of continuous war, interspecies violence and technological slavery, or towards the eternal bliss of what is real and its expressions through unconditional love and selfless service.

As certain forces in the world, and the overall vibration of this Earth becomes denser, there will be less of a middle-ground between these two extremes of divine living and ignorant, violent, miserable existing. Brahmarishi Mohanji has been sent as a lifeboat from the higher realms – he has been sent as a hand for people to grasp onto in order to lift themselves up. The Tradition will always continue, and as long as there remains beings who long for Liberation, Avadhootas will be continually be sent to provide a path for them, to provide the necessary grace, power and guidance.

But there will perhaps be no Being that makes this path as easy and accessible as Mohanji has made it. Future Emanations of Lord Dattatreya, due to the times that we are heading into, will either remain hidden in complete or partial physical seclusion, working in the subtler realms, or they will manifest in such an unassuming, unexpected or apparently ordinary way that only those with an already highly refined and subtle spiritual perception will be able to recognise their true stature, and thus take their blessings.

Mohanji has appeared in a highly accessible form. He has travelled the entire world giving methods, teachings and blessing to all living and non-living beings continually on levels that may be entirely imperceptible to most people. No one that has come to him has been turned away. He has even allowed people of all kinds, without prior qualification, to touch his divine body and lotus feet, to hug him and take pictures, etc. This is unprecedented behaviour for an Avadhoota, and it is yet another sign that Mohanji has been sent as a helping hand, as a true ‘Friend of the World’, to allow as many people as possible to tie themselves to this Tradition, to begin building their foundations in the realms of spiritual perfection before it becomes a lot more difficult to do so in the times that our approaching.

The time to connect is now. Those who do not connect themselves to the Consciousness of Mohanji right now, with full love, sincerity and the genuine desire to become Liberated Beings will struggle to hang on to the Path and Tradition of Lord Dattatreya in the times that are to come. This is the Path of Fire, where we must continually be in the process of relinquishing, to the degree that we are capable, all patterns of personal karmic perception, thinking and acting in order to stay connected and merge ourselves into the Consciousness of the Higher Realms on ever-deepening levels. If we cannot do that, then when the Tradition ‘shakes its tree’ by triggering people’s egos and making them increasingly uncomfortable within their rigid, self-limiting prisons of conditioned thinking and perceiving, then such people will be thrown off unceremoniously.

It will never be as easy as it is now. The Path, the Tradition will be there. Lord Datta will be there. Sai Baba will be there. Mohanji, albeit in a subtler form, will be there. The helping hand will certainly be there. But it is now an undeniable fact – those of us who wish to hold on to that hand will have to do more.

Mundane karmic life is eternal – but it is unconscious and ultimately unfulfilling. The divine life is also eternal – but it is experienced consciously in, and as, the Sublime Light-Ocean of Sat Chit Ananda. The great Avadhoota, Brahmarishi Mohanji has provided a way for all beings to reach those illumined shores of perfection in one lifetime. May all sincere, worthy beings grasp onto his golden lotus feet whilst there is still time.

Please click here to read Part 2: Long Life Prayer for Brahmarishi Mohanji


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Master’s presence

Mahesh Bhalerao, Canada

Living in Mohanji’s Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada, we often feel Mohanji’s presence without presence, and I would like to share something beautiful that happened recently.

Every year before Lord Dattatreya Jayanti, I do the sadhana of Guru Charitra parayan. Shri Guru Charitra is a holy book of the Dattatreya Tradition written in the 15th century. The book recounts the holy life of Shri Dattatreya, Shripada Shri Vallabha (around 1320 A.D to 1350 A.D) and Shri Narasimha Saraswati (around 1378 A.D to 1458 A.D), their philosophy and teachings. It contains many mantras from the Vedas, shlokas and stories. The language used is 14th-15th century Marathi. It can be read daily or as a Saptah Parayana (7 days) or in 3 days.

For the last three years, I have done it for seven days. Now that my reading speed has improved and I can understand the teachings better, I felt that I could finish the parayan sooner and opted to go for three days. For any such sadhana, I keep Mohanji’s picture amongst other things at the altar, but this time I also placed Mohanji’s eye-card in front of me.

I would pray every day before reading, asking Mohanji to forgive me if I have done anything wrong, for any mistakes in reading, or if I’m not focusing, to please make sure my mind is there when I’m reading. I would also ask Mohanji to please listen to me – that was my prayer all the time.

On the 18th of December, there was a retreat in Shirdi with Mohanji. I wanted to attend and paid for it. The first satsang was at 1 am in Toronto, Canada. Before this, a group Mai-Tri session was conducted beautifully by Preeti Duggal. It was a powerful session, but as it was after midnight, I started to feel sleepy, yawning as the satsang started.

Mohanji came in and said he would answer some questions. Then he must have felt something about the group energy, and as I was yawning, he suddenly said, “People are sleepy, and they are yawning; let’s do the 5-speed breathing.” This was shocking for me; it was as if Mohanji saw me yawn and was speaking! Madhu’s wife, Preethi, did the breathing technique, making us stand up etc., and I also followed the instructions, feeling awake afterwards and ready for Mohanji’s satsang.

The satsang started, and all was going well. Suddenly, I thought that my skin was feeling dry for some reason, and I wanted to apply some moisturising cream to my hands. It’s quite common to get dry skin during winter, and this thought occurred to me out of the blue. Listening to the satsang on the speaker system, I went to get the cream bottle and started applying the cream onto my hands very nicely and slowly, fully focusing on what I was doing, not really listening to what Mohanji was saying.

The very next sentence I heard from him was, “For example, when we put some cream onto our hands ….” and that startled me again. Oh my God, Mohanji, not only are you listening to me, you are watching me! So I immediately put the bottle away from me and then onwards started to pay full attention to the satsang. 

After their lunchtime, we had Datta celebrations here in the ashram, and I heard Mohanji saying we should share our leela (experiences); that’s what prompted me to share these lovely moments of Mohanji’s omnipresence with everyone. Every now and then, Mohanji has given darshan here in Mohanji Datta Tapovan ashram; every now and then, he has confirmed his presence here, that he’s here and watching over us.

That day was beautiful; we were laughing and enjoying every moment. It was Poornima (full moon day), it was the 18th (1+8 makes 9, a special number in numerology), and we were celebrating Lord Dattatreya Jayanti. It was a very special day for us at Mohanji Datta Tapovan ashram.

It so happened that I also had my Consciousness Kriya level 2 training on that day. My gratitude to Lord Mohan Dattatreya for giving us this sacred technique. Mohanji is our Tradition. Mohanji is our gateway to the universal truth. By following his teachings to take the journey inwards, may we reach our ultimate goal.

Mohanji Canada team feels so blessed to have Mohanji in our lives. Our loving gratitude to Mohanji, Lord Dattatreya and the Tradition.


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Journey to Girnar with Mohanji

Jayashree Mukund Shinde, USA

Feb 2020

Jai Gurudev Datta. Guru Mohanaya Namaha.

Surrendering at the lotus feet of Lord Datta, who is also known as “Girnar Raja” – the king of the Mountain Girnar, I am beginning my story of “Journey to Girnar with Mohanji”. 

More ancient than the Himalayas is Mount Girnar – the mountain that symbolizes “a Guru is always on top of the world”. Lord Dattatreya, the Adi Guru of Dattatreya Tradition, is believed to have meditated at the peak of this mountain for over 12,000 years. Many devotees of Lord Datta climb up Mount Girnar throughout the year to get a glimpse of the benevolent Guru, Dattatreya. It is said that to reach the peak of the mountain and to have the darshan of his (Lord Dattatreya) holy footprints, one should have a lot of determination, dedication, surrender, and utmost faith. One should follow the same path as his Guru, in the same direction, and only then can he reach the destination. Lord Dattatreya is present here protecting all his devotees.

I had travelled to India in Jan 2020 to attend a retreat with Mohanji, spend some time with my parents, and to attend a cousin’s wedding. I was going to be in India for some more time, and while I was there, I tried to spend as much time as I could, being around Mohanji. In late January 2020, the Bhumi Puja of the ‘Home for Seniors’ land was happening in Thiruvannamalai, and I was so fortunate to attend the ceremony and to be able to meet Mohanji there.

A few days after returning from Thiruvannamalai, I heard about a short trip that Mohanji was making to Mount Girnar, to the temple of Lord Datta. I had not heard about this mountain and Lord Datta’s temple before. I had no idea what it takes to go there! But as soon as I heard about it, a calling from my heart came to travel with Mohanji to Mount Girnar. A wet blanket was soon thrown over my excitement when I heard that going to Lord Datta’s temple on top of the mountain means climbing up 9999 steps and down the same too!

I shivered with the reality check. I didn’t think I could do this as I am not very fit physically. I gave up the idea. That’s when I got a message from Rajesh saying “You are coming to Girnar. Jo Dar Gaya Samjho Woh Mar Gaya.” (The one who is scared, is dead). His words were motivating enough, and I felt as if these words were coming from Mohanji! So, I decided to take the journey! On top of that, Rajesh assured me about the possibility of using the doli service, where you can be carried up rather than walk. I decided I would go to Girnar and take a doli. 

I reached Junagadh in the afternoon of February 11th. Several people from Mohanji family had already arrived there, and I was taken to the beautiful Gorakhnath Ashram overlooking Mount Girnar. After lunch, Ruchika and I went around feeding cows around the Gorakhnath Ashram Later, after Mohanji arrived, all of us gathered in his room. Mohanji was very happy to see all of us. I noticed that the swelling on Mohanji’s left foot had not reduced (which was there since the Thiruvannamalai event). Seeing all of us worrying about his foot pain, Mohanji very lovingly told us, “You are all Mai-Tri Practitioners. So why don’t you do Mai-Tri to this body? To the body only, not to Mohanji!” It’s beyond our imagination to heal Mohanji’s body, but we realized that to keep our worrying mind at rest, Mohanji was giving us this opportunity. In my heart, I was praying to Datta to relieve this physical pain from Mohanji’s foot.

Mount Girnar

We had a small satsang with Mohanji about Girnar  and the plan to climb in the night so as to reach the top by early morning for aarati at 5:30 am. Rajesh Kamath mentioned that I wanted to take a doli as it was difficult for me to climb. Mohanji immediately said, “Shinde has to climb, she will climb, it’s her sadhana”. This was a command from my Guru, and I bowed down to this and said, “Yes Baba, all your grace, your will”.  

As Mohanji reminded us all, “A visit to Girnar is not an ordinary journey. It is a surrender and commitment to the Tradition. Unless you have deep commitment and conviction, you may not be in this land. In fact, there is no better place, more powerful and more relevant than Girnar for a true spiritualist in the path of the Avadhootas (total dissolution). We aren’t talking about enlightenment or even the Path of the Siddhas here – this is much beyond human realms or thinking. Even today, the nine Naths and 84 Siddhas visit Girnar in sookshma form, chant and pray for the darshan of Lord Dattatreya who continues to guide them. Grace alone can bring an individual to this land. Grace and surrender alone will help one complete this holy pilgrimage. Jai Gurudev Datta!”

After the empowering satsang with Mohanji, we got ready to start our climb to Mount Girnar. Along with me, Ruchika, Sonia, Hemkant and his wife Shilpa were ready too. After attending the aarati at Gorakhnath temple and dinner, we started our walk around 9 pm. We took blessings from the idols of Lord Datta and Hanuman at the bottom of Girnar and started climbing from there.  

We had no idea about what the climbing path would be like, or how long it will take. We all carried a stick, a bottle of water, and chanting Lord Datta’s name, we kept on climbing. As we picked up our pace, a couple of people fell behind. As I was walking, I felt that there were Masters from above looking at us. I could feel their energy around us. 

Walking up the steep steps wasn’t easy for me. My knees hurt, and my legs felt weak to move. I had to take frequent stops to sit down and then kept on walking. At some point, all of us met up again, and we sat down at that point to meditate for a few minutes and then continued walking. As we were walking, another elderly couple joined us. As we were climbing, I spoke to them about Mohanji, Mohanji’s mission, liberation and gave a brief of his teachings, too.

At some point during our walk, we noticed that George had arrived. He was walking very fast, chanting “Jai Gurudeva Datta, Hari Om Tat-Sat” loudly. When he saw us, he hugged us and kept on walking. Seeing the energetic George walking with such speed, chanting loudly, I felt a sudden surge of energy in my own body. He reminded me of Lord Hanuman, who was empowered because of his faith and devotionHemkant started walking fast, ahead with George. The rest of us were walking at our own pace, Shilpa and I were together, walking, talking, resting. It was not so easy, and the body would give up. In those moments, I thought of Mohanji and Lord Datta and reminded myself that this is my path; this is my destination; this is the goal – to reach Datta, I have to do it. 

Surrendering each step to Lord Datta, I kept walking. Something in me started telling me, “keep walking.” Slowly, the energy started flowing and I could climb with lesser effort.

After some time, I saw that Hemkant was resting because of severe pain in his knee, and Shilpa was with him. George went ahead. I could not wait with Hemkant because the inner voice said,  “keep walking”. I kept walking, and another old couple were walking along too. We sent a balm for Hemkant that the couple had with them through some people going down, and we kept on walking ahead. 

After 3000 steps, we reached the Neminath Tirthankar temple along with the elderly couple.

Following a brief rest, I started climbing up again alone. It was pitch dark. I had no torch. The couple were still resting behind, but I kept walking even in the darkness. I could feel the pull of some divine energy which was making me walk. I didn’t know the path, but I kept on walking. When I felt tired, I would feel a sudden surge of energy as soon as I surrendered to Mohanji and Dattatreya. After a while, I heard Mohanji and his group coming behind us, Mohanji in a doli. I looked back at them, and I wanted to go towards Mohanji. Mohanji saw me and said, “Shinde don’t come back, keep walking, and go ahead”.  Now, I was walking with even more energy and joy knowing that Mohanji and the group are walking just behind me. I had no more fear, no more pain; I started climbing higher and higher. With each step, I was surrendering and climbing.  

It was dark everywhere and pin-drop silence. Not a single soul to be seen. I was just taking each step slowly and going up with complete faith. After the 5000th step, I reached Ambaji’s temple. The doors of the temple were closed, and I did not know what to do. Mohanji’s words “keep walking” were always ringing in my head. So, I got up from the temple and started climbing again. Through ups and downs, amidst the dark in the silent path, walking continuously, finally I reached the Gorakhnath temple at around 7000 steps. At this point, the only sound was the sound of the wind blowing; hard-hitting, strong and cold. I also knew there were wild animals in those mountains, which I could not see or hear. I felt the presence of some Masters above me, walking along with me.  It was not that I was walking alone. Datta Guru  Mohanji was watching over me and that was the reason for this huge surge of energy coursing through my body, making me walk.  I remembered only these two things while walking.

mohanji black tshirt

At one point, the steps go down, and then they take off to go to the ultimate, Guru Shikhar – the peak. Climbing these steep steps towards the peak, I suddenly felt there were no thoughts. There was only emptiness. I had only two thoughts in my mind, to reach Guru Shikhar and be at the Datta temple before the aarati and to keep walking. 

I was walking like a daredevil, without any fear of the solitude or darkness. Suddenly at one point, my stick slipped from my hand and went down somewhere in the dark. It can be quite a discomfort being without a stick in the darkness. I started chanting and climbing down slowly. Maybe after 50 steps or so, I saw my stick! It was stuck to something, and I had spotted it even in the dark. I picked up the stick, thanked Mohanji and Datta and started walking again with focus. At times, the fear of walking alone came to mind, but at those times, I felt the Masters watching over me and Mohanji’s presence with me, protecting me. My fear vanished with this understanding. I remembered Mohanji’s words, “keep walking” and so I kept walking.  

The final part of climbing was very steep, but I didn’t even realize how I climbed that part. Finally, I saw a flag and the top of Guru Shikhar, the top of the temple and I started climbing further. It was getting even windier at the top, and I felt that I might fall. After climbing carefully, I reached the top, and I saw George sitting just below the Datta temple. He guided me to go further up near the temple, and when I reached there, I saw Rajesh Kamath and DB. It was 4 am (Brahma Muhurtha) when I reached the Datta temple.

I walked up and touched the temple; now was the time to sit down! At that point, I had an immense surge of energy in me, and I wasn’t feeling cold or wind beat. Rajesh forced me to wear my jacket and then I sat down. It was as if Mohanji acted like my mother, making sure I was protected from the cold wind. As soon as I put on my jacket and sat, intense pain started in my stomach centre near the navel, going back to my spine, like some pull, it was very painful. I didn’t know what it was and I started crying out to Datta. Rajesh helped me lie down and to rest completely, and soon I felt better. Datta’s healing energy had taken my pain away in minutes! 

After about half an hour, Mohanji and the rest of the group arrived too. As soon as Mohanji saw me, he said, “Ah, Shinde, you are already there”. I said “Baba, all your love and grace” and I bowed down to him.  

We were waiting for the temple to open at 5:30 am for the aarati. While the slight delay was happening, Sonia and Ruchika arrived. Then after the temple opened, while we were going inside, Hemkant and Shilpa arrived too. The entire Mohanji family was inside the temple just in time for the aarati. Mohanji ensured that everyone was there together with him.

Lord Dattatreya

This was the great divine grace of Datta.  

Just before the aarati, while I was standing behind Mohanji, he said to Ananth who was there in the front, “You know this Shinde, she can talk about liberation in three minutes”. I blushed because I realized that Mohanji heard my conversation with the couple while we were walking about our Tradition, Masters, liberation etc. Mohanji reminded me once again that he is always listening to us. 

Soon aarati started. It was such a powerful and divine moment to attend the Datta aarati in the physical presence of Mohanji. I couldn’t believe myself; I was physically there receiving this grace!!! I was speechless, completely merged with the divine grace of Mohanji and Datta. Time had stopped for me at that moment. So far, it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

After aarati, we went around the Lord Dattatreya’s idol inside the temple, had a good darshan and came out.

After the 7-8 hours long sadhana of climbing up, the descent was joyful. Yes, Mohanji ensured that the descent was joyful. Sonia, Ruchika and I started climbing down together, talking laughing, eating, our legs were flying with joy! Such satisfaction, such contentment!

We had many interesting incidents during our walk down, like meeting some strange people. We went to Gorakhnath temple, heard the inspiring story of the priest there who had left his banker job to serve in the temple. We then reached the Ambaji temple where we had darshan of the divine Mother and finally decided to sit down for some time to take rest. We were feeling as if we were flying, and we felt so light. We laughed at small things. On our way down, we met an old man looking like a yogi. He told us so many stories of Mount Girnar. We kept walking down, enjoying our journey together. After a while, we saw some monkeys and gave them watermelon. Then, from nowhere, a person started walking with us even after we said we didn’t need any help; he just wanted to accompany us. In between an old mother wanted some food for her children and we bought some food for her. Finally, in the mix of laughing, sitting, and walking, we reached the bottom of Mount Girnar and arrived at the Gorakhnath ashram. We offered food and some money to the person who had been walking with us all this time. 

The next day, before leaving Girnar, we met Mohanji to express our gratitude and take his blessings. Again, Mohanji said to me, “Why do you need a doli, when you have this body?” He explained to me what a beautiful gift we have as this body and its importance. I was in deep gratitude, and tears rolled down my cheeks. Everything that happened the day before was only by the grace of my Datta, Guru Mohanji. 

After returning from Girnar, I felt Mohanji was Lord Datta and daily did the Swami Samarth Datta aarati. However, Mohanji fulfilled every desire of mine within a few days.  Mahesh Bhalero sang a new Girnar Datta aarati to Mohanji. I was overjoyed and now I do the Mohanji datta aarati every day.

On my return to Bangalore, I also visited Devi Amma to give her Ganga water from Varanasi and some tamil books and spoke about the Girnar trip with Mohanji. Devi Amma said, “You have shed many lifetimes karmic baggage by climbing Girnar with Mohanji.” Then I understood what Mohanji had meant when he said, “It’s your sadhana.” It meant shedding karmic baggage.

Visiting Girnar had not been on my bucket list. Not even a thought had been there, at least not in my conscious mind. But it all just happened with the grace of Datta and the miracle of my Guru Mohanji. Even today, when I look back, I get goose bumps. How did it happen? 

The truth is that the journey to Girnar happens only with complete faith and devotion, the grace of Dattatreya, and Datta Guru Mohanji, who carries you ahead.

This yatra (pilgrimage) to Girnar with Mohanji will remain close to my heart forever. 

At the lotus feet of GURUDEVADATTA MOHANJI!


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A devotee speaks

Mohanji SA

A Conversation with Tayiji on her experiences with Mohanji

Q: Tayiji, Jai Mohanji!

T: Jai Mohanji!

Q: Tayiji, please tell me, is Mohanji an ordinary person or is he an avatar? What is your opinion about this?

T:  In my view, Mohanji is not an ordinary person because he has appeared to me in many forms of God. So how can I say that he is an ordinary person? And in my view, he is an avatar. An ordinary person can never take the form of God. Hence Mohanji is not an ordinary person.

Q: Tayiji, did a guru or any great man ever tell you something about Mohanji being an avatar?

T: Many gurus have said so, one of them is Tyagananda Saraswati living in an ashram in Hyderabad. He said that his guru gave him a rosary and instructed him, “A Guru named Mohan will meet you after 15 years, give it to him.”

When Tyagananda Saraswati finally met Mohanji, he told Mohanji this and placed the rosary in his hand.

He saw the third eye on his (Mohanji) forehead. He also told Mohanji, “You cannot have one Gayatri Mantra (sacred chant), there should be many Gayatri Mantras. You are not a regular saint- All the gods and goddesses dwell in you.”

Once, Mohanji stayed in Delhi with a Guruji Maharaj for 2 days. And when Mohanji was about to leave, the Guruji Maharaj also started going with him. Mohanji said, “I am an ordinary person, why are you coming with me?” He replied, “You are not an ordinary person, you are a great man. Three generations ago, our Guru wrote the names of some soon-to-arrive great men. Your name was among them.”

Another time, Mohanji and his father met a young man in Kerala from the Naga community. The young man showed him a Shiv linga: “This is a fire shivlinga, can you take it?”

So Mohanji extended his hand and said, “I can take it.” The young man warned, “It is fire, no ordinary person can lift it. And only one who is of Shivansh (shiva nature) can take it. If ordinary people touch it, they will get paralyzed.” The young man then told Mohanji, “You are not an ordinary person, you are the form of Shiva. You are Shiva.” Saying this, the man prostrated at Mohanji’s feet.

The man asked Mohanji’s father, “Immediately upon birth, did Mohanji laugh or cry?” Mohanji’s father replied that Mohanji had laughed. The man said, “Your son is not an ordinary man, he is an avatar. Let him do what he wants.”

Mohanji’s eyes are very intense, only the yogis can recognise their brightness. Ordinary humans cannot.

Let me tell you one more incident. In South India, there is an astrology called Nadi astrology.
It tells about the previous births, based on the pulse of an individual. A Nadi astrologer said that Mohanji had not been interested in incarnating. But thanks to the prayers of mankind and some yogis, he had to incarnate and come to Earth. Mohanji will stay for 1008 years. His glory will travel the whole world, preaching the eternal religion (Sanatana Dharma). And finally, he will reside in India to the age of 75 and give salvation to mankind by giving darshan.

Q: Tayiji, please tell us who is Nadananda ji?

T: Nadananda ji is a highly-respected avadhuta (austere monk). He lives in his ashram at Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. He gave the title of Brahmarishi (supreme sage) to Guru Mohanji and said, “Based on the communication from the Gurus in the Guru Mandala (a sacred league of sages), I am conferring the title of Brahmarishi to Mohanji.”

He also entrusted his powers to Mohanji and said, “Guru Mohanji is fourth in the list of 16 glorious Maha Gurus (great sages) of the Guru Mandala.”

Q: Tayiji, when and how did you meet Mohanji?

T: Mohanji came home with our son in 2011. When he came, Mohanji was wearing jeans, shoes and his hair was long. Seeing this, I doubted whether Gurus are like this! So we prostrated at his feet, he came in and sat on the couch. Looking at me, he said, “Some people are suspicious of me and wonder how can someone wearing denim and shoes be a Guru!” I was embarrassed about my thoughts and asked for his forgiveness.

During our conversation, he casually asked, “Why did you stop performing the aarti (worship) of Shirdi Baba?” When we earlier lived in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh (India), we used to perform Baba’s aarti every Thursday. And as happens in Shirdi, we used to sing all the songs of the Aarti.

We discontinued this practice for some reason after coming to Delhi. We were very surprised that Mohanji came to know about this. We sought his forgiveness. He advised us to start again. So we started singing Aarti once again.

Q: How did you get the idea of writing the Ashtottari (108 names) of Mohanji?

T: Whenever Mohanji came to our house, he would be accompanied by others who would narrate their experiences. I wondered why I should not write Ashtottari in his name. This was my resolve.

I wrote Ashtottari in August 2013 and when Mohanji came home, I told him that I wrote his Ashtottari. He simply looked at me and said, “Ashtottari is very good, but you did not write the name of my parents and my Gotra (lineage).” I was taken aback. After asking him again, I included the name of his Gotra and his parents.

Q: Okay. Then, how did you get the idea to write the Sahasranama (1000 names) of Mohanji?

T: Mohanji would often come to our house, accompanied by some people. One day, I felt that after listening to so many experiences, I too was having my own experiences. So I thought why not write his (Mohanji) Sahasranama? When I told him this, he laughed and said that the Gurus don’t have Sahasranama. I said, if you are doing all the work that God does, why can you not have Sahasranama. So I started writing the Sahasranama in August 2014.

One day, we came to know that Mohanji was staying in a nearby hotel. So we went to meet Mohanji in the hotel, prostrated and sat down. Mohanji looked at me and asked, “You are writing the Sahasranama, yes? How many names have you written so far?”

I replied around 61 or 62. He said – no, you have written 74 names.
When I came home, I saw I had indeed written 74 names. I kept on writing this way.

In between, I could not write for two months when a baby was born in the house. Later, I restarted and completed it in December. One day, my son came home and was talking to Mohanji on the phone, “Today is my Tayiji’s birthday, please bless her.” So Mohanji spoke to me and blessed me. I said, “Guruji, your Sahasranama is now complete on my birthday.” He replied, “How is this possible? It will be done on my birthday.”

Then I started verifying once again; many names were repeated two or three times. There was also some mistakes after eight hundred names. After correcting these, I kept writing more names. An instruction came to write these in English. Once the English edition was ready, by the time we could courier it, Mohanji received the Sahasranama in Dharamshala, exactly on his birthday.

Q: Tayiji, when you had already written the Ashtottari (108 names) and Sahasranama (1000 names), then why write the Mohanji Chalisa (40 devotional couplets) as well?

T: In the Ashtottari and Sahasranama, every leela (play) of God is translated into a name. But in the chalisa, all his leelas are described. For example, Hanuman’s deeds are described in the Hanuman Chalisa. In the same way, I have tried to write some of Mohanji’s leelas in his chalisa. My aim is that just as Hanuman Chalisa is read in so many houses, if Mohanji’s chalisa is read in many houses, people will know his glory.

Q: Now please tell us about your experience with Mohanji.

T: I will narrate my experiences with Mohanji between 2012 to 2018:

In May 2012, Mohanji was going to come to Madhuban in Gurgaon, India. Shubha (known fondly as Amma- mother) and I both wanted to go and meet him. Mohanji was supposed to arrive at 5 pm. There was such a loud storm between 2-3 pm that the doors started knocking. There was so much rain and dust that we gave up hope of going to Madhuban.

Around 3:00 – 3:30 pm, the storm and rain gradually subsided and everything was clean. The sun came out, then we went to Madhuban in the evening and met Mohanji. We were surprised that a storm would come suddenly and stop. Sumit was there and said that Mohanji has done a Yagna of Panch Tattva in a temple in Gurgaon. The storm was a result of that. We were stunned again to know that Mohanji had such a hold on the five elements.

Later that year, Mohanji came on the occasion of Dussehra. I requested him to allow me to do his Pada Puja (worshipping the feet). Mohanji said, “You are already doing my Pada Puja everyday then why do it specially now?”

I had never done his Pada Puja before. I had only been doing Pada Puja of Shirdi Baba with devotion every day. It is the glory of Mohanji that he said so.

In 2013, my son informed me that around 10-15 people including Mohanji are coming to eat. My sister had gone out. I had not cooked food for 10-15 people. I got worried, my daughter-in-law was at home. I got up early, took my bath and lit a lamp in front of Baba and then prayed: Babaji is coming to our house for the first time. Others are also coming. Please give me the strength to cook delicious food for everyone. Later, both my daughter-in-law and I started cooking together. We made 2 – 3 dishes and then made more food.

After a while some devotees helped us, they made rotis and papad. Some work was done in this way.

When sitting to eat, Mohanji said to the others, “She has been up since morning and praying- That I cook well, make delicious food, praying to Baba. See how tasty the food is. Have you all eaten?”

The food of 15 people was eaten by more than 25 people. People kept coming and eating that day. This is also one of his great leelas.

One day in 2014, we all went to meet Mohanji when he was heading out. He sat in the car and we all greeted him. And one such message arose in my mind, “Who is Mohanji – is he Sai Baba or Dattatreya or Mohanji?”

Suddenly, he opened the door of the car and looking at me, said, “I am Saibaba, I am Dattatreya, I am Mohanji.” Saying this, they closed the door.

I can tell other experiences of 2015. One day I was sitting near the dining table. The kitchen glass door was closed. A globe entered through the door.

In it, I could see the world: blue sky, white clouds and some flying birds, big tall buildings and people, instead of sea and sand below. And that globe went a little way and disappeared again.

On the same day, a small globe came in front of the mother’s photo, during my sister’s pooja.

I asked Dhritiman Biswas Ji at home that day about this. He asked, “Do you still not know who was that world? It is Mohanji.”

In June, Mohanji took us to the tomb of a Punjabi Guruji in Chhatarpur, Delhi. My sister Shubha and an Englishman were also with us in that day. The three of us went with Mohanji. Since it was a Thursday, our car was stopped far away. So we had to walk towards Guruji’s tomb. I was thinking I can’t walk this far Baba. I am not able to walk for long. Mohanji was ahead and walking quickly.

Suddenly his walk slowed down a bit and he started moving with heavy steps.

I suddenly remembered the Mahadev (Shiva) TV show. In it, Shiva carries his consort Sati Devi on his shoulders. This scene was tangible, Mohanji’s hair was also long. We all met near the stand, so I told this to Mohanji. He said, “You have no illusion, Mahadev is not a serial. I carried both of you on my shoulders because you were praying right- saying I can’t walk-That’s why I did it.”

So again, we started going in the queue. There were many people there that day, and suddenly Shirdi Baba, Sai Baba appeared on my forehead. They both were running towards me laughing, raising their hands and blessing me. This went on for some time. When we started climbing the tomb, the scene stopped.

Then I told this thing to Mohanji. He said, “You were saying in the morning that you do not see any gods. You were feeling sad. That is why I got you their darshans. Anyway, all gurus are one.” Without any sadhana, I saw both Gods by the grace of Mohanji and so I was very happy.

After that, I always used to perform Mohanji’s aarti in the evening. But I had a habit of watching a TV serial at 6:00 pm. So somedays, I would do Aarti early, or after the serial or during the ad breaks.

After a few days, Mohanji came to the house and he said in front of everyone, “What is the matter? I come everyday and listen to your Aarti. One day you hurry, one day at 6 o’clock, one day at 6:15, why are you giving aarti like this?”

He knows everything, but he said so to get rid of that habit from me. So I apologized to him. I stopped watching the serial and started performing Aarti at the same time every day.

Let me tell you some experiences of 2016. In April 2016 on the night of the Kshetra Purnima (full moon),

I could not sleep. At 2-3 am, I heard my own voice. I was screaming loudly. “Who are you? You have come in a disguise. You are not Mohanji.”

Then suddenly my voice was heard. “You are that original element.”

In the same month, once I was listening to a Qawwali (Devotional music of the Sufi sect) on TV. The devotion in the Qawwali brought tears to my eyes. Suddenly I noticed that Mohanji is sitting in meditation at some distance, wearing white clothes. As soon as I saw Mohanji, I started calling him and moving towards him. After taking some steps, my feet suddenly stopped. I was trying to take a step, but could not lift my feet.

After a few days, Mohanji came home. I asked him about these two experiences. He asked, “You are writing about my Charitra (nature), is it not? I am the core element, now you know it, so write. No one can come to me in their body, they can come only in their consciousness.”

Then on the day of Guru Purnima, I saw Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasya, Yukteswargiri and Paramhansa Yoganandji standing near the lift. And our Guru Mohanji was coming in. He wore a white dhoti with a golden edge, a white kurta and a Rudraksha garland around his neck. He went inside.

I had a rose garland in my hand. I thought who among these four gurus should I garland? As a result, all four gurus disappeared. When Mohanji came home later and I asked him, he said that he was in USA on the day of Guru Purnima, taking class. He wore the same golden border dhoti.

I saw Lord Narasimha ji (The fierce part-lion part-man avatar of Lord Vishnu) in the corridor one day that year. I was sitting near the dining table. Seeing Narasimha ji, I was terrified, scared. He had golden hair, a golden crown, big eyes, big teeth. He kept his hands like this and went in. He wore a dhoti till his knees, a vest with some designs and jewellery in both hands. He also wore Mohanji’s ring in his hand. And he went towards Mohanji’s room. Mohanji appeared to me as Narasimha that day.

On the day of Kartik Purnima that same year, Rajesh was also in the house. The three of us together worshiped Shiva. We have a custom of lighting 364 wicks on Kartik Purnima.

Mohanji was at home that day. When we told him this, he said, “You people should worship. I would come automatically while lighting the lamp.” Saying this, he went into the room and closed the door.

After lighting a lamp, we offered prasad to God and performed the aarti of Mohanji and Shivji.

Then Rajesh and Amma touched Mohanji’s feet. When I went to touch his feet, I noticed a lot of sand in Mohanji’s feet. I keep quiet and asked him later when he was eating. He replied, “Today is Kartik purnima, is it not? So I went travelling. That is why there was sand. This is why I wear my dhoti lower, so that no one sees my feet.”

The same day Mohanji asked Amma, “Who did you see while doing abhiskek (pouring water) of the Shivalinga?” She replied that instead of Shivling, she saw Mahavatar Babaji. He remarked that the form of Shiva always changes. The form of Shiva is not what you think.

I will tell you about my experiences in 2017. I fell down in March 2017. I had a large operation of my hip joint replacement. When I came home after the operation, Mohanji came to see me and after seeing me he told my daughter and son, “A big accident was going to happen. I got her out by one of her legs.

The same day, when I came to know that he was coming, I was welcoming him in spirit in the early morning, by laying roses in the corridor. Then instead of Mohanji, Dattatreya came in running. There was so much light behind him, that it rose like smoke. He was only wearing a dhoti and a Rudraksha garland around his neck. There were three heads and only two hands. With a rosary beads in one hand and a water pot in another, he was laughing and walking quickly. When I said this to Mohanji, he said, “Yes, I am visible nowadays as Dattatreya. In Canada also, a devotee saw me as Dattatreya.”

That devotee stretched out his hand and asked Mohanji to walk over it. Soon all the devotees lay down there and spread their palms and said, “Walk on our palms.” Mohanji felt bad about this and he refused. On their repeated requests, he walked on their palms. I asked Mohanji, did they not have pain with your steps? He said, “It did not happen because I made myself lighter.”

Then I understood how Lord Ganesha sits on the mouse and how Lord Karthik sits on the peacock. I felt that God makes himself lighter to sit on his mount.

In April, Mohanji was coming again to see me. Then I spread jasmine flowers in my feelings and started welcoming him. Instead of Mohanji, light came like a flame, gradually growing in size and came towards me. When I asked about it, he said, “Nowadays I have become like light.”

One day at 3:30 am, I suddenly heard loud Hanuman Chalisa. A rendition sung by Bal Subramaniam from South India. After that, I heard Hanuman Chalisa sung by MS Subbalakshmi. Both Hanuman Chalisa began to be heard loudly. I saw a chariot decorated with flowers on the road. And hundreds of people were walking behind the chariot. And I saw Raghavendra Swamy sitting inside the chariot.

Raghavendra Swamy is an enlightened being, a yogi, and he took living samadhi at a place called Mantralaya. That place falls on the banks of the Tungabdra River near Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh, India. I was telling all these things to someone very loudly: “Tungabdra is a river. This is Raghavendra Swamy. This is called the Mantralaya.”

Then suddenly I saw a very big hall, all the people were sitting across the hall. And singing praises of Raghavendra Swamy.

I was late. And then when I went to him, I accidentally touched a little bit of his cloth. Then everybody was screaming- Do not touch the guru. When I went ahead to bow to him, his face was Mohanji’s.

The whole head was shaved. Raghavendra Swamy is also shaved. Tilak was on his forehead and then he was sitting, like Raghavendra Swamy. So I wondered, if it is Mohanji, why is his head shaved?

While bowing to his feet, I picked up his dhoti a little to check if they were Mohanji’s feet. And I could see Mohanji’s feet. So I was shouting loudly- Mohanji’s hair, Mohanji’s hair- and the scene stopped.

When Mohanji came to the house and I told him, he said- it is a good thing that you are seeing great yogis.

But he did not say that he came as Guru Raghavendra.

Let me tell you about three more experiences of 2017. In August 2017, I went to Mohanji’s room. I wished to pay my regards to him by touching his feet but the doctor had told me not to bow down. I sat down in front of Mohanji with his permission. Mohanji was doing some work on his mobile, and I wanted to sit down for some time and get up. Suddenly he lifted his legs from the chair and stretched them on the bed in a cross.

He asked me to sit. After some time, when I got up, he said – come now and touch the feet. I had not told him I wanted to touch his feet. Then I went to him and I saw him in many forms, such as Shri Rama, Krishna, Narasimha, Hanuman, Dattatreya and Sai Baba. Speaking their names, I was touching his feet.

And when I said the name of Dattatreya, Mohanji asked me to stop, “See how my feet have become when you were saying the name of Dattatreya.”

When I saw, his two feet were on top of each other on the bed. And the top leg was shorter and softer, like that of a 15-16 year old boy. Mohanji explained, “You were speaking the name of all the deities with devotion. This is why while speaking the name of Dattatreya, my foot became like this. Dattatreya’s foot is like this.”

My happiness knew no bounds. This was no ordinary thing. I made obeisance to him repeatedly by touching his foot. Without my saying, Mohanji knew my wish and let me touch his feet. He said that, “When anyone touches my feet with devotion, I feel good. Otherwise I feel sad.”

Let me tell you another experience of 2017. One night at 3 am, I could see an idol of Lord Hanuman (Hindu God and ardent devotee of Lord Ram).

That idol was so big that if you saw the feet, you could not see his face and if you saw the face, the feet could not be seen. And in front of the idol, there was kanji (starch from hot rice) in a very large handi (pot). The pot was steaming. And salt was kept in a big bowl.

Seeing Hanumanji, I said to him, “Hanumanji, are you also drinking Kanji like Mohanji? I will come with rice.”

Saying this, I was bringing white rice in a big pot. Then Mohanji appeared there.

Why did I say Mohanji, although his face is that of Hanuman. And the body is all of Mohanji. He wore a dhoti of magenta color. And wore a dhoti on top. The color was a mixture of red and white. And he was standing there and I kept salt, rice and a ladle for him to eat. Mohanji spread his hand and said, keep it four steps ahead. I recognized the ring in his hand.

Then Hanumanji was standing there just like Mohanji. And Mohanji became like Hanuman there. He said, “Keep it four steps ahead.” I did not understand what to keep there- was it the ladle? The scene later stopped.

Then in October, I saw a very big black circular boulder. It was surrounded by floral designs. Inside there were two feet embedded in the stone, more than a meter long. When Mohanji came, I asked him for an explanation. He said those were the feet of the tradition. I considered myself blessed to see the feet of the tradition. And I would pay obeisance to them daily.

Let me tell you about some of the experiences of 2018. In February, Mohanji had come home. He was sitting having snacks in the evening. I was sitting near the dining table in front of him, suddenly the electricity went away.

I had been simply gazing at him at that moment. I saw that his forehead was completely shining in gold. A glow was seen shining in the color of gold. Then electricity came back and he started having breakfast.

I kept quiet and then Mohanji asked, “Tayiji, what did you see?” I replied, “I saw gold colour on your forehead.” “Yes, I am in gold color when I am in the subtle form.”

When Mohanji came on 24 July, he was sitting in the morning eating dosa for breakfast. Before eating the dosa, he was praying as usual, offering the food to all the gods and goddesses. I was sitting there in front of him, Rajesh was also there. Mohanji prayed, gave a piece of dosa to Rajesh and said, “Give it to Tayiji.” Then Mohanji asked me to eat. When I ate, I found that the piece of dosa was sweet. He asked, “How is the dosa, Tayiji?”

“It is sweet, Mohanji.”

“Yes, I make food nectar before feeding it to the deities.”

I had never seen Ram in my life. Nor Shiva nor Krishna. Not even Sai Baba. But Mohanji blessed my life by showing himself to me, in the form of all these deities. I want to express my gratitude for this and bow down to him a billion times. I want to express my deep gratitude for the darshan (visions) he gave me on this birthday. Mohanji, I bow down to you a billion times.

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Translated by Aviral Srivastav


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A weekend in Skanda Vale and Mohanji’s presence without presence

By Arun Vathavooran, UK

I feel a deep connection with Skanda Vale (a spiritual centre and monastery located in Wales) and Mohanji. I don’t see many differences between them and see both as my right and left eyes, or my mother and father. I have been a regular devotee/pilgrim of Skanda Vale for the past 18 years and have had the blessed opportunity to see Guru Subramanium while he was in his body. 

I met Mohanji for the first time (in this life) in 2015 in Skanda Vale but realised my connection with him in 2016 when I had the blessed opportunity to participate in the Kailash yatra with Mohanji. In those early days, I had a burning question in my mind, “Am I running from one Master to another?” I had an intuitive feeling that both were definitely connected and that I was not running away from one to the other. As days went by, I slowly realised my deep connection with Mohanji as well, and the question disappeared from the conscious mind. Initiations came one after the other. I was busy with my sadhana and serving the world. I also continued to frequent Skanda Vale regularly as usual with my family. 

On one occasion, Mohanji had mentioned to me in a conversation, “Skanda Vale is your home”. I had asked him for more clarity, and he explained that my primary connection with the source (Lord and Guru Mandala) is through Skanda Vale. He said that is the case for me, and it will remain that way. I was happy that Mohanji had confirmed my deep connection to Skanda Vale. 

The Skanda Vale ashram has temples for Lord Murugan, the Divine Mother and Lord Vishnu. My connection to Skanda Vale originally started as a devotee of Lord Murugan, but slowly I realised my connection with the Divine Mother as well. However, I wasn’t that connected to Lord Sri Ranganatha (Lord Vishnu) at the start. This is possible because I come from a very orthodox Saivite background and had always worshipped Lord Shiva, the Divine Mother, Lord Ganesh and my beloved Lord Murugan. I remember going to a Maha Vishnu temple time to time as a kid, but the worship of Lord Vishnu was never a part of our daily life. 

However, since my connection to Mohanji, many concepts in my mind have started to fall apart one by one, and I have begun to connect to Lord Sri Ranganatha as well. Further, I started enjoying doing meditation in the beautiful Ranganatha temple as well. It has become a favourite place for mediation and Kriya when I stay at Skanda Vale. This beautiful temple has become the commonplace that I visualise when Mohanji says “Visualise a calm and serene place” in meditations. 

Mohanji visited Skanda Vale in 2018 and presided over the prana prathishta (ritualistic installation of idols) ceremony of Lord Dattatreya and Nagaraja (Cobra). Needless to say, doing Kriya in front of Lord Datta has become one of my favourite activities while at Skanda Vale since the installation. I have also started to connect to Nagaraja and worship this deity for two reasons.

The first reason is that Mohanji installed it, so I looked at Nagaraja as Mohanji. The second reason being, I have understood from the feedback from a Mai-Tri session that a Naga Devata is always protecting my family and me as a guardian. Whenever I go to Skanda Vale, I go and offer fruit to Nagaraja and use it as an opportunity to express my gratitude to the Naga Devatas.

I have come to understand that the Nagaraja in Skanda Vale has various significance. Worshipped as a deity, the Swamis chant the Naga Gayatri during the puja. His presence gives protection, preventing any negativity from entering the area.

Om Sarparajaya Vidmahe

Padma Hastaya Dhimahi

Tanno Vasuki Prachodayat 

The founder of Skanda Vale, Guru Subramanium, had received the authority from Lord Murugan to establish Sanathana Dharma in the west. He received this authority from a temple in the Sri Lankan town of Badulla where the snakes guard the sanctum of the temple. Guru Subramanium describes his experience in his autobiography entitled “Living with God” as follows (vol 2, chapter 8, pp110), 

“As I sat there, I asked the Lord (Murugan) whether he would come and be with me. He appeared and simply said that he would. He then appeared again, but this time accompanied by a three-headed cobra, and the cobra began asking me questions.” – Guru Subramanium

The way I understood this was that the three-headed cobra which accompanied Lord Murugan in Guru Subramanium’s experience was an integral part of Lord Murugan, and the Nagaraja idol in Skanda Vale represents this aspect of the Lord. However, I always worshipped Nagaraja as a combination of the Naga Devata and my beloved Guru Mohanji.

Recently, I have had a beautiful experience that somehow became the revelation to the question I had mentioned at the beginning of the blog, which was deeply buried in my subconscious mind. I went to Skanda Vale with my family and had messaged Mohanji about my trip. He replied immediately saying “Go ahead, please give my love to all there, I shall be there too, spend enough time with Datta. You will feel me there. Blessings.”

Nagaraja in Skanda Vale

On the first day, I got up early in the morning as usual to practice Kriya. I had a shower and went to the shrine of Lord Datta at exactly 4:30 AM. As I walked towards the Datta shrine, I had to pass Nagaraja to enter the temple where the Datta shrine is located. As usual, I stopped in front of Nagaraja with the intention of saying a quick prayer of gratitude. As I stopped, even before I closed my eyes, I felt a jerk in my lower back and felt a sharp movement from the root of my spine to the upper back. I instantly recognised that this is Mother Kundalini playing and closed my eyes to say my prayer. As I closed my eyes, I felt that Mohanji was saying inside me, “If your Kundalini responds spontaneously, you should pay close attention to the place”. I stayed there for a few minutes worshipping and expressing my gratitude to my beloved Guru and the Naga Devatas and walked into the temple to practise Kriya.

My Mohanji Acharya sister Moushumi also joined me, and we practised Kriya there in front of Lord Datta. Shortly after starting Kriya, I clearly heard someone open the door of the temple and walking towards me, but I didn’t want to open my eyes during Kriya, so I ignored the sound of the steps that came close. It was an amazing Kriya experience with a lot of energy. At the end of the Kriya, Moushumi asked me, “Did you hear the sound of the door opening and a person walking nearby?” I agreed. She further said she had opened her eyes to check, but to her surprise, no one was there. Mohanji’s promise the previous day came to my mind immediately, “I shall be there too; you will feel me there.” Mohanji always fulfils his promises. 

Lord Dattatreya in Skanda Vale

I then went to the puja in the Murugan and Shakti temples with this beautiful energy and feeling the presence of Mohanji with me, followed by my breakfast.

At 9:30 AM, I went to the Sri Ranganatha temple for the puja with my family. This puja includes a prayer for Nagaraja as well. When we assembled in front of Nagaraja, Swami started the puja. I noticed that he recited a mantra for Mahavatar Babaji during the Nagaraja puja and paid more attention.

Om Skanda Avatharaya Vidmahe

Shiva Tatvaya Dhimahi

Tanno Babaji Prachodayat 

Listening to this beautiful prayer brought goosebumps, and I felt that the answer to my long-standing question about the connection between Skanda Vale and Mohanji had been revealed to me. (Mohanji’s deep connection to Babaji can be read in the following blogs). 

Mohanji’s words about Babaji flashed in my mind immediately, “Boganathar was well aware who his disciple was when Babaji approached him in Kadirgamam as a little boy. Later, Boganathar used his disciple (Babaji) as a model for making the Navapashana vigraham (idol) of Lord Murugan in Palani, a temple in South India. It was indeed Lord Murugan who took an avatar as Mahavatar Babaji.” The circle closed within my mind with this revelation, but Mohanji wanted to make it unequivocally clear in my mind, so he had arranged other events. 

On completion of the puja, we as a family received blessings from the Lord, had prasad (sacred offerings from puja) and walked to the children’s play area so that my kids could play. On my way, I bumped into one of the monks at Skanda Vale. I immediately told him that I had felt Babaji’s presence at the Nagaraja shrine. He responded instantly saying, “I think you are right, the way I understood this is that Babaji is a very powerful Master beyond forms, but he can take any form to reach out to us. He took the form of the three-headed Nag when the Lord gave authority to Guruji to establish Skanda Vale.” This was a reconfirmation for me of what I felt. I understood from these words that the integral part of Lord Murugan that accompanied the Lord in Badulla when he gave the authority to Guru Subramanium was indeed Mahavatar Babaji himself. 

Mohanji had arranged further confirmation as well. We then went to the Maha Abishekam and puja to Lord Shanmuga in the Murugan temple and had lunch at the temple as usual. I happened to speak to one of the senior Swamis of Skanda Vale at lunch. After discussing various topics briefly, our conversation went to Babaji. I shared that I had felt Babaji’s presence in the Nagaraja shrine. He simply responded, “Babaji and Lord Murugan are not different; they are essentially the same”. This was the final confirmation to the question that was deeply buried in my subconscious mind; the connection between Skandavale and Mohanji. 

Mahavatar Babaji is an incarnation of Lord Murugan. Babaji was also present (in the form of the three-headed cobra) while the Lord gave Guru Subramanium the authority to establish Skanda Vale. Mohanji is deeply connected to Babaji. My love and devotion to Lord Murugan and then to Mohanji when I met him is a perfectly normal progression in my spiritual journey. I felt immense gratitude to Mohanji for clarifying every aspect of my question, as soon as I became eligible to understand his revelations. 

Pranams at your holy feet, my beloved Guru Mohanji. 

Moushumi Patankar, UK

I went to Skanda Vale recently. I knew that Arun and his family would also arrive the following day. When he arrived, the first thing he told me was that the next morning (on Saturday) he was going to do Kriya in front of Lord Datta and invited me to join him. Well, that’s always my favourite place to do Kriya. I told him, “Yes”, but couldn’t do Kriya on Saturday at that time. Till the afternoon, I was super busy with some work or the other. By 3:30 PM, I finished my work, freshened up, and started Kriya around 3:50 PM at my favourite spot. During the Kriya, I heard the door of the Vishnu Temple banging very loudly, but I didn’t open my eyes. I continued with my Kriya and soon forgot about this door banging incident. Later that night, I got a WhatsApp message from someone, “Do Kriya in front of Datta with Arun.” I knew that I had missed doing Kriya with Arun that morning, and somehow Mohanji was telling me through someone about this. Well, we decided to do the Kriya early the next (Sunday) morning.

Lord Dattatreya in Skanda Vale

Early (Sunday) morning, we started free flow Kriya (without an alarm). It was pitch dark, no light, nothing. Just Datta in front of us (that’s what I thought)! As soon as we started Kriya, I again heard the sound of the door opening and closing, then the sound of footsteps. I was a little scared and told myself; perhaps it’s the wind (I remember closing the door tightly). I heard footsteps behind me, and I opened my eyes. I was looking at Datta and felt soothing energy and a voice saying, “Who else will be here?” I closed my eyes and started Kriya, and in a few seconds, the sound of the footsteps vanished. At one specific time, I heard a small bird tweeting, and that was the exact time to move on to the next step of the Kriya. After some time, I heard the sound of fish swimming, jumping in the water (there is a small pond with fish in it), and again, it was exactly the time for the next step in the Kriya. It was beautiful how nature was also assisting us in our spiritual practice.

When Kriya finished, I asked Arun about the footsteps, the sounds of the bird and the fish. He had the same experience too. While talking he mentioned that he did Kriya with me on Saturday afternoon as well and experienced the same incident of the door banging loudly. We both did Kriya at the same time, at the same place, and had the same experience!

Later that day, I was talking to someone from Skanda Vale, and I mentioned this experience. I already knew the answer, and this person confirmed my thoughts, “Who else? It’s Mohanji! He is always here, every moment!”

May Skanda Vale, Datta, and Mohanji always be with me!

Divine blessings


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The tune of grace

By Ketan Patel, Canada

Today, I am going to share with you the story of ‘Brahmarishi Mohanji, Sadgurunatha Mohanji’ song, and how it was given to me by the grace of my Guru Shree Brahmarishi Mohanji. Before I share the story, I would like to share about how my journey started with Mohanji in August 2014 when he came to Canada for the first time.

I received an email from one of my friends about Mohanji’s visit to Canada. At that point in time, I was following Shree Shirdi Sai Baba and considered him as my Guru. I was adamant at first not to go and meet another Guru and I thought that why should I go and meet another Guru when I already had one! But that was not what happened! Some hidden power compelled me to read about who Mohanji was, so I googled about him. As soon as I read about him, I changed my decision and decided to go and have his darshan. When I first saw him, I immediately bent and touched his feet. I felt as if I had known him from the past. We had a satsang with Mohanji in a Hindu temple. That was my solo meeting with him for that year as I could not attend the rest of the programs because I had to rush to India to see my ailing mother.

Since 2014, Mohanji has visited Canada every year and I have had the opportunity to meet him and have his blessings every time. At the end of 2016, I applied for Consciousness Kriya and in 2017, I got my Kriya initiation from Mohanji.

One day, when I was doing my Kriya, I felt a strong connection with Mohanji. As soon as my Kriya was completed, I went and bowed down to Mohanji’s picture, then went to bow to Shree Sainath Maharaj’s idol that I have on my altar. Suddenly, without my knowing, I started humming the first few lines of the Brahmarishi Mohanji song and I had tears in my eyes out of love for him. Manisha, my wife who was in another room at that time, heard it and inquired as to what it was?! At that instance, I realized that I was singing a song for Mohanji. The matter ended there. However, it became a regular practice for me to sing that song every day and especially when I used to go for a bath. Till that time, it was only the first stanza. I have never written or composed a song, and nor have I any writing abilities to do that.

One evening, I had connected my music system on and was singing the same song on the mic. Manisha recorded it on her phone without my knowledge and sent it to Rajesh Kamath. Rajesh played it for Mohanji who received my offering with so much love. This was then shared with the Global family group.That’s how the whole Canada team got to know about it. I was asked to write more stanzas. I was not ready to do that as I thought I would not be able to do justice to it. The very next day, I was able to write the rest of the stanzas. I was under the impression that I had to do the work, instead, it was done by the grace of the Guru and I was just an instrument.

I got the message that Mohanji had asked to get it recorded in a studio. I started my efforts to find a studio that could help me with the music and recording. My friend Sanjay Acharya had recorded his songs for Mohanji with the help of a person in Delhi. He gave me the contact of that person and I got my music composed with that person. Somehow it took so long to get everything done and the song could not get recorded until 2020.

In 2020, I went to India to see my father who was on his deathbed. That was the same time when the Girnar retreat was planned. I felt unfortunate as I could not attend it nor could I meet Mohanji in India as I had to be with my father in his last moments. While in Vadodara, my hometown, with the help of my friend who is a filmmaker, I tried to find a studio for recording the song. He took me to a studio called Rishabh Recording Studio.

I gave my music track to the recordist and he set up everything to start the recording. I was a little nervous as it was the first professional recording that I was doing in my life. I was praying to Mohanji to help me through the process. Suddenly, I saw a photo frame of Shree Rang Avadhoot Maharaj on the recordist’s desk.

Shree Rang Avadhoot Maharaj

Shree Rang Avadhoot Maharaj is a disciple of Shree Vasudevan Saraswati (Tembe Swami), who is a Datta Avatar. I was happy that the Guru Mandala was with me, the whole lineage was with me, and my Guru Mohanji was with me!

I went into the recording cabin, happy that at last, I was going to be able to record my song. The music track started playing and I started singing the song. All of a sudden, the recordist halted the process and spoke to me about Mohanji. He inquired, “Who is this Mohanji?” I told him, “He is my Guru.” The next surprising question was, “Did he go to Girnar recently?” I said, “Yes there was a retreat in Girnar and Mohanji had visited the Datta Temple in Girnar.” Now, see the grace of Guru, Srirang Soni (the recordist) happened to be a friend of Ananth from Australia and had helped Ananth with arrangements for the Girnar retreat. From then on everything became smooth. He was amicable. The whole process of recording the song was finished in almost half an hour with a couple of retakes. After that, I came out to his desk and we had a friendly chat with each other.

Guru gyaan hai, Guru dhyaan hai
Bhavasaagar ke Guru taaranhaar hai
Brahmarishi Mohanji, Sadgurunaatha Mohanji
Dattasvarupa Mohanji, Siddhasvarupa Mohanji
Parabrahmasvarupa Mohanji, Shaashvatrupa Mohanji
Guru is knowledge, Guru is meditation
The one who ferries us across the Bhavsaagar (the ocean of samsara or mundane existence) is the Guru
Brahmarishi Mohanji, The true Guru Lord, Mohanji
The embodiment of Lord Dattatreya, Mohanji, The embodiment of Parabrahma (the supreme unmanifested consciousness), Mohanji
The embodiment of liberation (or the liberated One), Mohanji, The embodiment of Eternity (or the eternal One), Mohanji
Mohanji, Mohanji
Mohanji, Mohanji
Shivasvarupa, Shaktisvarupa
Roudrasvarupa, Snehasvarupa
Omkaarsvarupa Mohanji
Pranavsvarupa Mohanji
The embodiment of Shiva (the unmanifested consciousness), The embodiment of Shakti (and it’s manifested creation)
The embodiment of ferocity, the embodiment of love
The embodiment of Omkaar (the primordial formless sound that manifested the Univere), Mohanji, the embodiment of Om (it’s manifestation as the Om syllable)
Mohanji, Mohanji
Mohanji, Mohanji
Gyaansvarupa, Yogsvarupa
Bhaktisvarupa, Muktisvarupa
Viraatsvarupa Mohanji
viraktsvarupa Mohanji
Mohanji, Mohanji
Mohanji, Mohanji
The embodiment of knowledge, The embodiment of yoga (unity with supreme consciousness)
The embodiment of devotion, The embodiment of liberation
The embodiment of infinity, Mohanji
The embodiment of dispassion, Mohanji
Mohanji, Mohanji
Mohanji, Mohanji

I was able to present the song to Mohanji on his birthday as a small gift to him. In this whole process, nothing was done by me. The whole play was of Mohanji’s. The song was written by him, composed by him and sung by him. I was just an instrument. Such is the grace of Guru. He works through you for you! It is indeed a bagful of past good karma which brings a Guru of such magnanimous stature in your life. Shree Brahmrishi Mohanji is such a Guru. I am so fortunate to be with him. Thank you Mohanji, for being with me!

Click here to listen to the song.


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Presence without presence

Mohanji Turtle

By Mahesh Bhalerao, Canada

When you love Mohanji from the bottom of the heart, Mohanji does appear, you can feel and observe Mohanji’s presence. It happens with awareness and if your sentiments are strong, you can undoubtedly feel Mohanji’s presence.

Mohanji yelllow

We have all had so many experiences in the past; however, Mohanji Datta Tapovan (MDT) Ashram, Toronto, is a place where you can strongly feel Mohanji’s presence even though he is physically not present at the ashram site. Mohanji’s last visit in June 2019 was very powerful and a strong presence of Guru Mandala was experienced because we had Mohanji Acharya training conducted by Mohanji at the MDT Ashram. After finishing the program, Mohanji left for his next destination on June 27th, 2019, and while leaving when I went to see him, I was feeling very nervous and sad, and Mohanji said to me, “I am going, however, I am not going, you will feel me.”

This beautiful experience unfolded whereby I felt his presence in his room, very soon after Mohanji leaving Canada.

At Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram, Mohanji has a room and when I went inside the room on June 28th, 2019, I felt Mohanji’s strong presence and he gave me his darshan sitting on his usual chair. I could see with my eyes that he was sitting on his chair.

This may sound delusional, and I too was carrying the same thought. Maybe it was a hallucination. However, my doubt was cleared by one more evidence of Mohanji’s presence at the ashram. This time it was his footprint on the cushion, which Mohanji normally uses under his feet, whenever he sits in the main sitting area near the fireplace. My son Neerav also confirmed the same and then I realised that it was not a hallucination and his presence was evident and true. Later, when Sanjay Bhai came, he also saw the same and confirmed the presence of the footprint as Mohanji’s presence without presence.

Even after one year, on June 19th, 2020, at 3:30 am, I heard a noise in Mohanji’s room. Because of the Early Birds Club, I was awake and ready to do my daily Sadhana. I heard a noise and my first thought was, what was that noise and who might be in that room early at 3:30 am? I really felt that someone was in that room.


I checked the door and it was locked. The second thought was it must be Mohanji, and I opened the door and went inside, putting the diya (lamp) in front of the Sai idol. I could feel a presence, had goosebumps and literally felt the energy source moving around exactly as if someone was walking in the room behind me.

I realised that it was Mohanji’s energy as his favourite perfume smell in the room at the time was very strong. As I was sitting there thinking in my mind if this was real, there was a noise in the room again, this time it was from the washroom. My joy had no boundaries as Mohanji was responding to my thoughts. I prayed to Mohanji that I was very happy, my Father/Baba (Mohanji) was present with me on my birthday, and as usual, started crying and was on the floor doing Sashtang Namaskara (prostrations). After a while, I left the room thinking that if this is all real, I would like to see Mohanji in any physical form.

Lord Datta

After performing the Kakad aarati, while I was at Lord Dattatreya’s temple around 8:15 am, I saw an unusual movement on the ground near the temple. Curious and a little upset as I thought that someone had thrown some garbage on the ground, I went closer and realised it was moving. After taking a good look, I realised that it was a turtle! I ran back to the basement kitchen to bring some food for it. I was happy to see the turtle because at the same time last year when Mohanji was at the ashram, we saw a turtle, and that turtle was referred to as Maha Vishnu Swarup (a form of Lord Vishnu).


For me, it was darshan of my Maha Vishnu MOHANJI, my Father had shown me his physical presence in a unique way. For me anything and everything is Mohanji, as it says in Mohanji’s aarati, ‘Bhagavan Brahma Vishnu and Shiva Swarup, which is nothing but Lord Dattatrya as one.

I believe that Mohanji himself appeared in the form of a turtle showing me his Vishnu Swarup. I did Vishnu Shastra names chanting and Lord Dattatreya’s aarati. My strong belief is that Mohanji is a Swarup of Lord Dattatraya and his consciousness resides in all living beings as well as in the smallest living sukshma (subtle or intangible), beings on Earth.

My humble and loving gratitude to Mohanji for showing me his presence in the Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram in such a beautiful and tangible way.

Mohanji in blue



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The Pathway to Mohanji


By Moushumi Patankar, UK

The story started before I was born into this materialistic world again.

My grandma and mum used to follow Mahayogi Swami Umananda Saraswati. I was in my mother’s womb when she said, “We need a girl to help the community, the world.” I came to know about this a few years back when my mum mentioned this. And then slowly, I saw the full movie of my life so far, myself as a unique character in it.

Now, when I see the events that happened in my life in the past (since childhood till now), I realise that I have always been protected. Protected by whom? By Datta, my Guru Mohanji, and my Kali, the one divine energy in various manifested forms.

As a child, I started going to Shree Datta Mandir in Vile Parle, Mumbai, India with my grandma. Such a beautiful temple it is. In the centre of the grounds, the Datta Temple is located, to the right is a huge Audumbar tree, and just outside of the temple grounds, there are statues of two cows. It’s a perfect set up. I used to go there with my grandma every evening. We used to sing so many Datta bhajans together. When I think back, I realise that my grandma was the main instrument who introduced Datta in my life. She came into my life to gift Shree Datta, to show me the righteous path, to guide me to my Guru.

Shree Datta Mandir ay Vile-Parle (E.), Mumbai India

Life went on with so many ups and downs, as usual. Only one thing was and is always present, the protection of divinity.

I got married and came to the UK. A new place, new people and as an introvert, it was truly difficult for me to approach and interact with people. This period of relative isolation gave me the chance to seek what I needed inwards. The only support was from God, the divine energy which was making me stronger day by day. I used to search for my life’s purpose, the intention of me living here in this world. One thing was clear to me. I did not want to end my life by waking up, eating, watching TV, again eating, and then sleeping. Often we do not know the agenda of our life, as the conscious mind is individualistic, and the soul is happy to watch the show without any interference.

I was always very passionate about helping people. I would often search for various reasons to help others but would end up being taken advantage of, or sometimes becoming a doormat. Whenever this happened, I used to think that there was a reason behind this. I offered my gratitude to all these people and situations which happened in my life.

pic 2
Expression of Gratitude

Actually, all these experiences made me so strong because of the presence of Datta in my life. He made sure that I did not lose hope.

In 2012 I found Skanda Vale and since 2016 I started visiting often, as I felt the divine connection more and more. Such a beautiful path was being created for me to reach Mohanji. Obviously, I was totally unaware of that. I always enjoy being in Skanda Vale, taking part in the various poojas in the temples and service activities.


While spending time there, I used to feel that having a Datta Temple at Skanda Vale would be so wonderful. My grandma’s assurance flashed in my mind, “No need to think, Shree Datta will come there.” At that time, I never believed that it would happen. I used to feel this was my imagination talking, but no, my grandma’s message became the truth. Her message to me was that I shall get all my favorite deities here. Since 2016, when I started visiting Skanda Vale frequently, Mohanjiappeared in my life.

That was the best birthday gift I ever got. It was like I took birth again in this life, the ‘New Me’ was born.

In one line I could say, Skanda Vale came into my life for me to meet Mohanji. And because of Mohanji, I got Datta Digambara in Skanda Vale. I remember this beautiful experience which happened on the day of the consecration ceremony of the Lord Dattatreya idol. I was indeed so happy that Shree Datta was finally going to be a part of the Skanda Vale ashram. On that day, we were all standing in the Vishnu Temple in Skanda Vale, waiting for Mohanji to start the rituals. I saw him coming and felt that he was definitely going to say something to me. He came, he said, and he went. I felt total happiness in abundance. Do you know what he said? He asked me, “Are you happy now?” After all, he is a Master, my Guru. If not he, then who knows about my happiness? Indeed I was happy! Finally, Datta (the divine incarnation of the trinity Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara) was going to be here in Skanda Vale forever. And that meant Mohanji too!!

pic 3
Mohanji & Shree Datta at Skandavale in 2018

Dreams do come true. Miracles happen. Having Datta’s presence in Skanda Vale is a real miracle for me. And it is no coincidence that my connection to Skanda Vale happened years before Datta came to this beautiful ashram in Wales.

Whenever I visit Skanda Vale, I spend time sitting in front of the Shree Datta statue. I get the feeling that my grandma is there with me. It’s been more than 18 years since she passed away. She started my journey with Datta and then made sure that Shree Datta was still with me and would never leave me.

The various pieces of the puzzle fitted perfectly together when Mohanji appeared in my life. Life took a beautiful turn and the journey started with Mohanji. There was a vast ocean in front of me, an ocean of opportunities to serve society. Dreams do come true. So many experiences and so much learning (or unlearning?)

I have already written about the experiences that happened at the London retreat in 2018, and how my life transformed from having an inferiority complex to becoming a confident person.

Acceptance, no expectations, and unconditional love; these 3 things are so important to live this life. He always says, “Be Mohanji! See Mohanji in everyone!” Each and every situation teaches us something. All are instruments to take us ahead in this spiritual path. Who makes this happen? Mohanji indeed. Holding our hand continuously…

Pic 4
Poem by Moushumi

Mohanji always gives abundantly. He is everything to me. His physical presence is enough to transform us if we want it to happen. Have faith, surrender to your Guru, he is always holding your hand, continuously. Such is his unconditional love.

I always remember this quote,

“You didn’t come to me, I came to you. That is how much love I have for my people.”

Years ago, before my grandma passed away, we promised each other that we would always stay together, but she passed away and I felt that she couldn’t keep her promise. She had left me. But later I understood that she had gifted me my Datta Digambara, my Mohanji. My gratitude to my aaji (grandma) for taking care of me, for holding my hand and showing me this path. Now Mohanji is here holding my hand till the end of my breath, and forever.

Sashtanga Namaskara to you Mohanji.

A true companion is someone who is around you when you need him, but will never limit your freedom or free will. A true friend is one who is stable, will never leave your hand in any situation, and loves you without any expectations. A true guru is one who always keeps his followers free and unbound. In all relationships, the bottom line is FREEDOM. – Mohanji, on Born Free, Live Freedom




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