Empowered 5.0 – Triggers and Transformation

Freedom from betrayal

A Mohanji follower

Empowered 5.0 with Mohanji in Zlatibor, Serbia, was a program that can only be described partially, as no one knows what exactly happened or is continuing to happen even after months have passed.

After attending all four online sessions in the presence of Mohanji, I thought it would be something similar. Each module of Empowered released and brought out impressions deeply hidden from the conscious mind. They were often painful yet liberating because one never expects to have dark qualities within themselves. We read about it and hear it, but to feel and be aware of it is an entirely different experience! Faith in the process allows one to embrace the darkest moments in our lives with courage. It is a hardcore transformation, as Mohanji often says of Datta Tradition. 

Now to Empowered 5.0. I had not planned on being part of the physical program, but the situation led me to join it. The universe had already decided for each participant, and we just had to make the physical journey. 

I was looking forward to seeing Mohanji family members whom I had not seen or spent time with. Once the program began, I felt things just went downhill. I was faced with unpleasant thoughts and felt betrayed by someone I felt very close to. My focus kept going toward this betrayal which I felt deep in my heart. This problem that came up unexpectedly during Empowered 5 was something I had dealt with in frequent processes, Mai-Tris, and pilgrimages I had done with Mohanji. It never was something that I thought would bother me, but the presence of Mohanji and the whole environment brought up this dark energy that surprised me. 

It made me realise that this betrayal had been part of my life since my teenage years. It pertained mostly to women I had trusted and allowed to enter my heart. Once the love and connections were formed, the betrayal would come in the form of them tossing me aside as I was unimportant to them. This pattern became so evident to me during Empowered 5.0. 

I prayed and surrendered to Mohanji to release me from these past betrayals, as I wanted to be free. I was patient with myself as I knew it was part of the process, but it felt terrible not to have any silence or peace, which I had thought would have happened during this beautiful program. Long story short, I was happy to have completed the E5, as it was very painful in every way!

After returning home, I wasn’t in a positive mood. I had a negative feeling in my heart as I felt no peace or happiness. Even my family complained about my negative attitude, which further made me feel bad inside. I spoke to a few people who had attended Empowered 5 online and in person. Their positive experiences and witnessing their positivity brought this awareness that, somehow, I was stuck and needed more time to heal. 

I truly felt something terrible was there, as it was not natural to be this consumed by a betrayal. I spent many days in pain, and finally, I thought this had to be dealt with. It was a confusing time for me, but I have learned by being with Mohanji that confusion and vulnerability are good states because it is the time when you are open to change. Once the confusion ends, the transformation and clarity are immediately felt. 

I called for an MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) and spoke to a practitioner I had previously worked with. I explained my situation, and she said the betrayal might have been deeply intertwined into my whole constitution, which could be why it wasn’t removed during E5. Mohanji guided her to stay connected with me and go over the MTM, done in 2021. Some areas were not integrated, so it was required to go ahead with the issue that was at present. 

By talking to her, I also learned that many people were going through a similar process of cleansing after E5 with different types of betrayals. This knowledge brought me some peace because, for the first time, I didn’t feel alone. I was glad to have spoken with her, as everything happens at the right time. 

During the next few weeks, I started having revelations. I see this as the grace of Mohanji. These were painful times because I had to face and feel so much pain, which made my heart sad. It is hard to describe the feeling, but I am glad I stayed strong and didn’t give up on myself. I knew this was just a phase, and I will come out of it. 

Following what I know helps me when I am in a dark place. I always go to my local temple and a Baba temple when in confusion and agitation. I did the same during these testing times. As I stood in front of these deities, I could instantly feel the darkness leaving my body. This is a gift of our tradition; they don’t leave your hand. Being with Mohanji has allowed me to be subtle enough to feel this cleansing during visits to powerful places.

After a month of self-contemplation, facing my darkest moments and pain, I felt I was moving in the right direction as I felt lighter and more aware. The following day the MTM practitioner also conducted the MTM session as I had enough time to integrate and process the first MTM revelations. 

It was the right time, as it felt perfect at that moment. Her connection revealed a curse that had its origin with snakes. It had been part of the women in my family. She said it was very dark and strong, but she couldn’t tell me more as I would process the whole scenario in my mind and slow down the cleansing process. MTM brings more awareness, and through that, empowerment follows; but over-analysing slows down this process. She advised all I had to do was keep my heart open and love without fear. 

The same day this event happened, my daughter also got sick. I immediately felt it was somehow connected to the removal of the lineage curse. She was ill for a week, and it was a difficult time, as no medication and doctor’s visit brought relief. Mai-Tri temporarily relieved the fever, but it spiked back up after a few hours. I had left all this to Mohanji, as I knew it was part of the process. 

One day after the doctor’s visit, I was heartbroken to see her sick. I decided to give her Mai-Tri once again. As a parent and a Mai-Tri practitioner, one must be completely detached from the outcome for Mai-Tri to be effective. As I stood in front of Mohanji’s picture to connect to his consciousness, I felt immense energy in his eyes coming to me. I couldn’t move and had to force myself to leave his presence. 

As I began the healing, I felt very strange pulling from inside the head, as if my hands and the energy from the head were one. It was a wonderful feeling and session. Being a Mai-Tri practitioner for a while now, I have never experienced this type of session before. It felt like I was sitting for a very long time, but it was only 25 minutes, but deep inside, I knew whatever was ailing her was completely gone. My feelings were correct as the following morning, the fever had finally subsided.

I am sharing this testimonial to show how powerful the Empowered sessions are. The awareness which comes is a gift that can never be replaced by anything material on this Earth. I also witnessed many people sharing their positive experiences, and I wanted to show the other side of Empowered sessions. It can trigger painful past events, but in the end, it is for our evolution and transformation. Once we know it is a phase, anything can be endured with faith, and even pain becomes a ladder to reach our highest potential. 

Mohanji allowed me to live through this painful period, which brought me so much clarity about my patterns and my family. I wouldn’t have learned so much if he had removed this painful impression during Empowered 5.0. In pain, we become stronger, and I am very grateful to the Empowered series, which is synonymous with transformation.

Battles of the mind

Asja Dupanovic

During the Empowered 5.0 program with Mohanji in Zlatibor (October 2022), I experienced a newly discovered stability, peace and a distinct lightness in my physical body. 

The most significant thing I have lost during this program is the tight grip of my mind. Mohanji showed me how capable I am of stopping the ranting of my mind and very quickly shifting my thoughts, preventing them from causing emotional havoc and a physiological reaction that my body knew so well. I made this shift several times during the program and now know who the master in charge of this mind is. If it (this mind) is merely a part of this vehicle, the rent-a-car presented by my physical body, then what I truly am is in charge (of the mind), of course.

In this program, many battles with the mind were won. I know it is not the whole war, but these battles won are significant and empowering for me. 

One of the very first things I have become aware of (as these battles with the mind went on) is a very distinct lightness in my physical body. It was mesmerising. During the morning sun salutations, I could not even recognise my body. It flowed through the practice without any effort or strain. I was being charged with endless energy and being able to exercise for hours. I could also run again, which has been a challenge for the past 18 years. (Ever since, I have been suffering from something I could only describe as my physical body being constantly cramped, weak and incapable of basic things like running across the street). 

With Mohanji’s help, whilst in silence, I could also see myself in different situations from birth onwards. By his directions, I observed the scenes as if I was merely a neutral witness, fully aware that I was not the emotion that I was feeling in the scene. The emotion would dissolve when I would face this emotion and see the situation from a neutral perspective of a witness.

As the days went by, I felt more light. In many situations, I saw my new self as strong and confident, knowing exactly what I wished to say to someone or do about a particular situation. As I returned home, I realised each of those new decisions, one by one, confidently, feeling no distress. This was new and big for me!

Otherwise, I have the highest remarks on how the program was organised. I felt very pampered the whole time, with all the freedom and perfect conditions to dedicate myself fully to myself and my immersion into silence. Mohanji was wonderful the entire time, so gentile, kind and loving. Everything was provided and taken care of. The organising team took extra care to ensure all details and that every individual was taken care of in the best possible way. I felt very good and secure in their hands and in Mohanji’s embrace.

I look forward to this program repeating, plan to join it again and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.


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Betrayal, awareness and transformation

By Milica Bulatovic, South Africa

What is the Guru?

The Guru is existence itself and is found in all aspects of this creation. The Guru is not separate from the soul; the Guru is our very own self; the Guru is in nature and is nature. That is why Lord Dattatreya, the living embodiment of the Guru principle, took as his own Guru 24 beings and elements found in nature.  

Betraying the Guru is, therefore, a betrayal of nature, of existence and especially of ourselves. It is a betrayal of your very existence as a soul, which stretches far beyond this life across time and countless lifetimes.

Forms and consequences of betrayal

Through lies and negative gossip about the Guru, we make ourselves vulnerable to the influence of negative forces which perpetuate themselves through us, without our awareness, and we become stuck in a never-ending cycle of negativity. Once the cycle of lies and gossip begins, it is a downward spiral. Lies breed more lies, disconnecting us more and more from the truth; from the awareness and connection to the highest consciousness, represented by the Guru, which we may have cultivated through strenuous effort through lifetimes and may be lost in a single moment of doubt. 

One doubt is enough to open the floodgates. When we spread negativity, our frequency drops to a very low level, where we can become receptive to dark energies and extremely low-frequency beings. It can happen to anyone: I have personally seen this happen to people who were almost touching the realm of silence and to people who were on the border between light and shadow most of their lives. 

If we are experiencing doubt, contemplation and speaking to someone who is stable, someone who guides us appropriately and will not feed negativity, who is not easily influenceable, would help. We need tremendous awareness to keep our frequency high and not fall into the daily, seemingly unimportant traps that lead us to the betrayal of life or existence.

Many have betrayed the Guru or the existence at some point by going into gossip, jealousy, comparison, competition, fear, greed, revenge, criticism, ownership, and so betraying themselves. Eating meat that another being had to be killed for betrays our existence. By choosing to drink milk taken from a calf, which is also often killed, we betray our existence because we love the taste! Even thoughts of a negative nature add to negative consumption.

And further, this will influence our actions too. The more we are unconscious, the more we take in negativities that make us heavy, and the more we don’t live our truth. This is how on a daily basis, we betray ourselves. All these accumulate, and we start carrying the vibrations of betrayal and heavy guilt, and we start attracting these into our life more and more, creating situations that we cry and complain about. We disconnect from ourselves by compromising our conscience for the sake of pressures and expectations from the family and society. 

The biggest of the associated emotions that come with betrayal is guilt. Many of us will say that we don’t know where our guilt comes from; it comes from the pattern of repeated betrayal, something as small as an unconscious habit or something much larger. Emotions are sticky and binding by nature, and so bind further heavy emotions into our system. We become very easily disturbed by our circumstances. 

As you can see, there are many levels of betrayal. Betraying the Guru creates very heavy burdens, as they came only to bring higher awareness, to lift people from a fallen state of consciousness to higher levels of awareness and, ultimately, back to ourselves (self-realization). They live a dharmic life, uphold dharma, and have no personal karma. So, to betray such a pure state of being is to create an especially huge karmic debt.

Betrayal of the Guru can be in many forms:

  • Being afraid to speak about them
  • remaining silent at a moment where speaking our truth or speaking about our Guru is what is appropriate and honest
  • hiding from the world that we are following a Guru
  • leaving them when they don’t fulfil our expectations, 
  • talking badly about them and assassinating their character through lies. 

This is directly negating your existence. We are actually influencing our own karma and that of our whole lineage, those behind us, as well as the generations to come.

To reach the level of awareness, wherein we are aware of all of these patterns and emotions that bind us, lower our frequency and take us deeper into unconscious living, we need a Guru who has walked the same path, overcome the mind and stands as a pure example of our potential, and whose presence transforms us and brings this awareness. He is pure consciousness, and the level of transformation and elevation in awareness we experience will be in accordance with the depth of our connection to him. By betraying a Guru, we are sabotaging the only thing that can give us what we have been searching for, for lifetimes. It is self-sabotage, as our patterns are the ones that will disconnect us from consciousness. 

If we leave the Guru because he is breaking our habits, boundaries, and concepts because it becomes uncomfortable, we can stagnate more in our comfort zones, at least keep silent about it. It is always free will if we want to walk the path of self-realization, and nobody forces us to stay. Don’t betray and talk bad out of pure non-understanding of the highest truths they represent and live.

In daily life, if we live selfishly only for our own family, being in constant desire mode and wanting more things, we don’t add any value to our society and take from Mother Earth. This leads us nowhere. 

But we are taught this way even in schools. Be better than others, your value is higher if you earn a lot, and if you have a fancy car or a big house, you are successful. The truth is different. We cannot take anything from this Earth on the day we depart and leave the body, but we certainly leave lighter if we have been kind and loving, if we served our community and the helpless, and shared and cared about all. True wealth is what you give to this world, not what you take from it.

How the insight came

This is crystal clear now after spending five days in silence during the Empowered 5.0 program with Mohanji. A complete software change happened to me with his grace!

Also, by his grace, I have been experiencing stability, fewer thoughts and more silence for many years and learnt not to have any expectations, and so this is how the insight came:

I experienced an explosion of pain in all the nerves of my body. No position was without excruciating pain, but I accepted it, stayed peaceful, and just witnessed it, as I knew that the Guru was working on me, and this is pure Guru’s Grace.

Why do I say that? For me to go through such pain now was to prevent me from experiencing it later on in life, and it is due to my karma. I have done something, and my ancestors have done something for me to experience it.

At some point, Mohanji gave me another important vision, how complex karma is. I saw the karmic structure as a ball of wool. Each strand and layer had some connection with each other and were creating more strands or making them hold firmly together. What holds one ball of karma is similar patterns. It is very difficult merely to understand it and forget about releasing it. 

Soon after, he showed me how he was shaking the whole structure and creating cracks so the light of awareness could come through. This is also part of the reason why it was so painful. 

As days went by, much clarity came my way; all this was coming from the internal Guru Tatwa Principle. The Guru within and the external Guru were guiding me. Suddenly, I felt that I doubted myself so much, and the deep insecurity I had experienced was due to a betrayal of existence or betrayal of Guru at some point in the past.

I became aware of this recurring pattern of betrayal in my life due to experiencing it personally. It created new awareness, and so I contemplated deeper on it. 

Another vision came of war scenes and me being left alone in the rubble of buildings that collapsed and all my family killed. I was shown that on a physical level, my legs and stomach were weak due to past life war impressions, and as I became aware of this, the diarrhoea that started that day vanished, and a surge of new energy came rushing into my legs and stomach. 

The new energy remains after many weeks, and for the first time in my life, I can work on strengthening my legs at the physical level.

When the last day came, I wanted to make as much use of that day’s precious silence as possible. The night before, my mind was racing about where to sit the next day as I needed a backrest with the option of lying down. It was so funny how my mind started acting out just before the end of the program and got affected by a minor issue. I couldn’t sleep for a few hours as I couldn’t decide where to choose to sit the next day. Finally, I surrendered it to Mohanji.

When I arrived at 5 am, all spots were taken; the only one left was my old spot where I was all five days. How typical of the mind to overthink and go in circles about insignificant issues when all is predetermined for us. It was a good lesson to observe. 

That last day I sat without a backrest for hours with an entirely straight spine, which I could not do for the past 15 years. At one point, I asked myself, “How is this possible? What is holding me straight with no discomfort?” The answer came: existence itself is holding me. At the end of the program, all pain had vanished.

A complete software change. A totally new me! Confident, with no fear, and able to fully express myself even in public. I felt a new lease on life. I felt terrified of speaking in public before, but that is all gone now; there is extreme clarity.

Mohanji has washed away so much in me, so many blockages. I always stayed steady in my faith in accepting all that was happening in my life. I never said no to anything that was asked of me, even public programs, but I was terrified inside. I felt like I would be crucified in public each time, although this is connected to other karmic events after betrayal.

Interestingly, the event that marked the times we live in is the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus lived and spoke about unconditional love and oneness and healed many. His popularity didn’t suit the clergy and the people in power at the time. As they had power, they could easily influence people. Isn’t this still happening even in our time?!

Lies are presented as truth. From an early age, we are taught to learn and cram so much unnecessary data that we forget to use our minds and logical thinking. We disconnect from the inner truth and naturalness of our being as very young children. What is served on TV becomes the truth we live by. It is told by someone else. We disconnect from nature too. If something is told in certain institutions, we automatically accept it as truth—something to think about. 

Another incident that marked our time is when Peter betrayed Jesus 3 times before he was crucified by not saying he walked with him when asked, afraid that he would be killed. He carried tremendous guilt for a long time. Did we all inherit this pattern somehow as a society? Is it in our subconscious now on a global scale? Something to ponder about.

Each time we are scared to stand up for the truth, we follow this pattern. I don’t know the details of when I betrayed my Guru or existence itself. Still, it sure felt like that was the main theme for many of us who attended Empowered 5.0, and surely it feels that the burden was lifted simply due to the grace of Mohanji, who showed that he truly is unconditional love incarnate. I can say the Empowered program transformed my life!


Mohanji always recommends selfless service. We don’t know at what level we have betrayed our existence, which is the same as the existence of any being, so by serving all, a lot of karmic due is released as we become much more compassionate and kind human beings. Such positive actions reprogram us.

Connection to a powerful Master changes everything. First, so much awareness comes our way, and we start making better choices for ourselves. Second, over time your purpose shifts in life altogether. And the purpose is everything.

I am sure many people these days think about the purpose of life or have simply lost the meaning of life. Each day is almost the same; work, driving, picking up the children, cooking and then the day is done. And we believe we can’t do better. Masters awaken us to purpose.

When we awaken to the truth within, we realize how much potential is not used and how much potential we have. Another level of awakening is when one realizes that all is done through us. The biggest illusion is that we think we are the doers, which is probably the biggest misconception of our times and difficult for people to understand.

We are not people doing things; we are beings. Human beings have the capacity to be fully aware of consciousness working through us. That energy works through all of us. 

Its nature is abundance. It cannot be depleted. What stops the flow in us is limiting beliefs, programs, perceptions, energy blockages connected to karma, lifestyle choices that make us heavy and adding violence and negativity in thought, word or action.

When we connect to our beingness and our nature and live the highest values of being a human, abundance can flow through us, and even many blockages can fall off in the process. 

The more we observe and witness that all is done through us, the more awareness grows. We are more detached. The truth becomes more visible the more present we are. Again more awareness comes, and more is done through us as our capacity grows. As Mohanji would say, the more you are empty of concepts, the more you are eligible for consciousness to fill in. And absolutely none of this understanding and awareness would have been possible without Mohanji. 

Many people who knew me before are wondering what I am doing following this man from another part of the world, who is not part of our culture. Even a comment that my parents didn’t teach me well has been made. What I would like to say about this is that my parents taught me to be free, think with my head, and make my own decisions. The freedom my parents gave me is my biggest asset, and they taught me about our traditions. 

Still, truly Mohanji has taught me more in-depth what true values are, how to love, accept and respect all and how important it is to honour our roots, family and culture. Mohanji, through his life and teachings, has transformed my life completely.

Deep fulfilment and contentment are within me instead of fears, anxieties, and anger. Nothing that life brings forth destabilizes me, and a great deal of good comes out of the platforms that I am blessed to be part of. All I ask you is to think about it, don’t just accept what I wrote, as the whole purpose of this text is to take us into contemplation and connect to our own hearts and the truth within. 

Mohanji has come to awaken us and bring us back to our natural selves. Humanity has fallen in consciousness too much, and we need guidance from a Master in the physical form to lead us on the path he has walked on and transcended. We are used to many habits, have adopted limiting beliefs and patterns, and see life through filters. Truth is always simple. 

When we support nature and choose what expands our hearts, nature will support us, and life will support us; if we go against nature and what is natural, nature will reflect it. 

With love and respect to all, I surrender this text at the lotus feet of my Guru Mohanji, who is igniting the light of awareness in me, taking me back to myself and showing me the way to the highest. This text and awareness came through me from his consciousness. 

Love and respect to all existence!


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A Message on Datta Jayanti – Part 1: The Helping Hand

by Jack Barratt, UK

Today is Datta Jayanti. It is the day that we pay our respects to Lord Dattatreya and His principles of non-violence, inclusivity, unconditional love, deep transformation and complete liberation. From the time of the great Avatar, Shripad Shri Vallabha, and up until today, Dattatreya has been continuously present through the forms of his Embodied Emanations. Indeed, up until the very end of this present era, of Kali Yuga, Dattatreya will continue to manifest Himself through the presence of Perfectly Enlightened Avadhootas in order to keep the flame of Sanatana Dharma burning on this Earth.

Lord Dattatreya is not like an ordinary soul that floats around the various dimensions of created existence before deciding to take another birth. He is rather an all-encompassing Principle – He is That which manifests the Truth of the Supreme Consciousness through a distinct signature that is designed to connect to sentient beings of a certain karmic constitution. Thus, in order for Datta to manifest, he sacrifices nothing of his own all-pervading, all-knowing and all-powerful stature; just like when we use a candle to light another candle, Lord Datta simply parts off a part of His own Nature and encases it within the five sheaths, or koshas, of manifested elemental existence. This is how those Sublime Beings that are known as Datta Avatars take birth in this world time and time again.

In this day and age, we have been blessed with the presence of Brahmarishi Mohanji. He is the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in history to fully modernise the Tradition by creating various methods, practices and platforms that allow people to connect their consciousness to the Supreme Consciousness of Lord Datta and his Tradition of spiritual perfection. The higher stations of this great Tradition will always remain the same and are unalterable. They are reached through the process of total dissolution – which is to be accomplished through gradual absorption into nirbija samadhi, which is that state where there is no-mind, no personality and no karmic pattern – a state of absolute interior silence that must, in order to be perfected, be seamlessly integrated into a natural benevolent life in the world. Now, in this day and age, Mohanji has provided a path for all pure and sincere beings to eventually reach this state from wherever they presently stand. This is a tremendous, unfathomable grace and blessing from the higher realms of existence.

The Datta Tradition

There is a reason why Mohanji has been sent at this present time. It is because we are approaching a time where a deep divide will manifest within the collective consciousness of humanity. Beings will either go one way or another – towards a future of continuous war, interspecies violence and technological slavery, or towards the eternal bliss of what is real and its expressions through unconditional love and selfless service.

As certain forces in the world, and the overall vibration of this Earth becomes denser, there will be less of a middle-ground between these two extremes of divine living and ignorant, violent, miserable existing. Brahmarishi Mohanji has been sent as a lifeboat from the higher realms – he has been sent as a hand for people to grasp onto in order to lift themselves up. The Tradition will always continue, and as long as there remains beings who long for Liberation, Avadhootas will be continually be sent to provide a path for them, to provide the necessary grace, power and guidance.

But there will perhaps be no Being that makes this path as easy and accessible as Mohanji has made it. Future Emanations of Lord Dattatreya, due to the times that we are heading into, will either remain hidden in complete or partial physical seclusion, working in the subtler realms, or they will manifest in such an unassuming, unexpected or apparently ordinary way that only those with an already highly refined and subtle spiritual perception will be able to recognise their true stature, and thus take their blessings.

Mohanji has appeared in a highly accessible form. He has travelled the entire world giving methods, teachings and blessing to all living and non-living beings continually on levels that may be entirely imperceptible to most people. No one that has come to him has been turned away. He has even allowed people of all kinds, without prior qualification, to touch his divine body and lotus feet, to hug him and take pictures, etc. This is unprecedented behaviour for an Avadhoota, and it is yet another sign that Mohanji has been sent as a helping hand, as a true ‘Friend of the World’, to allow as many people as possible to tie themselves to this Tradition, to begin building their foundations in the realms of spiritual perfection before it becomes a lot more difficult to do so in the times that our approaching.

The time to connect is now. Those who do not connect themselves to the Consciousness of Mohanji right now, with full love, sincerity and the genuine desire to become Liberated Beings will struggle to hang on to the Path and Tradition of Lord Dattatreya in the times that are to come. This is the Path of Fire, where we must continually be in the process of relinquishing, to the degree that we are capable, all patterns of personal karmic perception, thinking and acting in order to stay connected and merge ourselves into the Consciousness of the Higher Realms on ever-deepening levels. If we cannot do that, then when the Tradition ‘shakes its tree’ by triggering people’s egos and making them increasingly uncomfortable within their rigid, self-limiting prisons of conditioned thinking and perceiving, then such people will be thrown off unceremoniously.

It will never be as easy as it is now. The Path, the Tradition will be there. Lord Datta will be there. Sai Baba will be there. Mohanji, albeit in a subtler form, will be there. The helping hand will certainly be there. But it is now an undeniable fact – those of us who wish to hold on to that hand will have to do more.

Mundane karmic life is eternal – but it is unconscious and ultimately unfulfilling. The divine life is also eternal – but it is experienced consciously in, and as, the Sublime Light-Ocean of Sat Chit Ananda. The great Avadhoota, Brahmarishi Mohanji has provided a way for all beings to reach those illumined shores of perfection in one lifetime. May all sincere, worthy beings grasp onto his golden lotus feet whilst there is still time.

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Pain and suffering – Part 2

Dear friends, this is the continuation of the previous part, “Pain and suffering“, by the closest witnesses of Mohanji’s recent car accident and the learnings behind that.

Milica Miskovic, personal assistant to Mohanji

1. Moral of the story

I will share my experience of that terrible day. I was there in the car when the accident with Mohanji and the group happened. I was sitting in the back seat. The next day, I was with Mohanji in the hospital. It was an unbelievably shaky moment for all of us, a frightening experience.

The accident happened; it was a head-on collision. The cars collided, but our vehicle was slightly turned to one side. That’s why the most impact was on Mohanji.

He was seated at the front adjacent to the driver, his seat leaning slightly backwards in a comfortable position; his body was not erect. He was partially sleeping, in a half-lying position. That meant the head was not in the front. One airbag came in front of him, the other one on the side. His head was saved, and other parts were saved. The hit was completely on the chest. He had tremendous pain in his chest. The doctor later said that usually, if that kind of impact happens on the chest, the heart stops immediately. Instant death happens.

He survived. It was his rebirth.

After the hit, he was holding his hand on his chest and was struggling to breathe. Yet, Mohanji did not display any shock or turbulence. He chokingly asked us, “Are you all okay?” We recognized his voice was choking. He could hardly speak, and was holding his chest. We told him we were okay. He turned to Christopher and told him to take care of the people in the other car. He opened the door and got out of the vehicle. 

Christopher went and offered water to the passengers of the other car. It was an old couple. Mohanji also walked towards the other car and made sure that the old couple was okay. Then he slowly walked towards the walkway on the other side of the road and stood there.

Meanwhile, Paula and I got out of the car and checked if Mohanji was okay. He nodded he was alright, even though he was holding his chest and he was breathing with difficulty. We gave him some water. He still had pain and difficulty breathing for some time. He didn’t talk about it. There was steam coming from the front side of our car. He just told us to take out all the bags from the car and bring them to the walkway. Because of our dizzy brains, we kept the bags just outside of the car on the road, and then Mohanji said, “Bring them to the walkway.” We were also totally dazed by the shock of the accident. We didn’t catch his instructions the first time. We placed the bags on the side of the road where Mohanji was standing.

Meanwhile, Christopher was attending to the people in the other car. The next thing Mohanji told us to do was to take pictures. Christopher and I took pictures of the car from various angles. Meanwhile, Paula and Christopher called the police to come and inspect. Christopher asked Mohanji if he would like to go home. The accident happened only 1km away from the house. Christopher said we could ask Jelena Fassbender to pick up Mohanji and the bags. Mohanji agreed, and Christopher called Jelena, who came in 5 minutes. Mohanji and I left with Jelena to the house. Christopher and Paula waited for the police to come to do the formalities.

The moral here was — it doesn’t matter when or what happens, but you should always maintain your presence of mind. You should be practical and do what it takes without getting emotional, angry or upset about it. And never blame someone in such times and eclipse your practical mind. Mohanji was doing things normally, as if nothing had happened. No time was left for emotions. His instruction was to get moving.

2. Full picture and learning points

For a full picture and a complete understanding of the situation, I will take you through what happened before the accident—a rewind. Mohanji, Devi, Mila and myself – Milica arrived from Dubai to Ljubljana by aeroplane on October 7th. Madhu described that in part 1. Devi and Mila took a car from the airport to Italy. Christopher and Paula received Mohanji and me at the airport. From the airport, the four of us went to meet some visiting friends in Ljubljana. It was around 5:00 – 5:30 pm. We had some food together. It was the only food Mohanji ate until the next evening, after the accident. 

After the accident, when we got home. Mohanji lay down and began resting. He decided not to go to the hospital at night. He wanted to come in the morning so that he didn’t have to sleep in the hospital and wait for the morning check-ups.

Early in the morning, Mohanji, Paula and I went to the emergency. Jelena and Christopher were at home. Christopher was also hit, so he was resting. He had planned to go to the hospital later. The doctors asked what had happened, and Mohanji explained. They asked if he remembered the whole thing clearly to know if his head was hit and if he had lost his memory. If that were the case, it would have meant a head injury. Mohanji fully recounted the whole sequence, so they confirmed the head was okay.

Mohanji was completely calm, talking to the doctors and us as if nothing had happened. That bit of pain that he described was not a bit at all. The doctor explained to us what happened to him and how scary the situation was, that his heart could have stopped. When I asked him if he was in pain, he said, “Of course, there is pain. It is a physical pain. But I choose not to suffer.”

They took his blood and did ECG. Doctors said they found something in the heart and decided they needed to proceed with the investigation. That’s when they took him for an X-ray. At the X-ray, they said there was some problem with the chest even though there were no fractures. 

Doctors came to talk to us, and they first said they had bad news to tell us. They had said his heart condition was critical because his heart was squeezed when the accident happened, and an enzyme secretion was happening continuously. And that anything could happen from now on and that they needed to keep Mohanji under observation.

They took him for a CT scan. When the results came, they said their assessment was correct; he needed to stay in observation. They admitted him to the critical cardiac care unit (CCCU) and kept him under observation until evening.

We came back with clothes and food for him at around 4 pm. Mohanji hadn’t eaten anything for about 20-22 hours. He asked us to talk to the doctors and check if he could leave for home. He preferred not to be in the cardiac care unit. We discussed it with doctors, and they told us that he shouldn’t leave and required Mohanji to be under observation and treatment for almost two weeks. Only if he signs that he is leaving at his own risk can they let him go. Mohanji decided to leave, signing the papers for which he was responsible.

Mohanji appreciated the staff very much. He said the hospital was very good, doctors and nurses were very good. They really took care. His decision to go was because the cardiac care unit was full of pains and cries, so he preferred to rest at home instead. That’s one reason.

Secondly, after Slovenia, there was a trip to Zlatibor, Serbia, already planned. If he had accepted their advice to stay there for two or three weeks, he would have missed the programs already announced, including Empowered 5. This means he put his responsibility before his life. He always does that. He cares for his commitment more than his life.

A few points I took from this experience are:

1 Seriousness of the situation. One doctor stated that Mohanji’s accident was very severe. He said an impact as strong as Mohanji experienced leaves a person dead on the spot. For Mohanji, this is a kind of rebirth.

2 Physical pain but no suffering. When doctors checked the examination results, they told Mohanji that he must be having tremendous pain because nothing was visible on his face. Mohanji was behaving as if nothing had happened at all. When doctors asked him about the severe pain, he confirmed he did. They were confused why it wasn’t visible on his face and asked about it. He said, “Pain is in my body. I choose not to be affected.” He separated himself from the body. Usually, a person in that kind of pain would cry and ask for help, as we were seeing in the critical care ward. He refused to take painkillers too, and his face was still cool. They were surprised. He was talking to them as he generally speaks.

3 Humility. He was completely calm sitting in the emergency room with all the other patients. When he gave his arm to the nurse to take blood, the nurse couldn’t find his vein. They tried the other arm, and they still couldn’t find it. They kept piercing the arms to find the vein to extract blood. I started to feel panic thinking how many times, at many places, they pierced his arms. I looked at his face, and it was completely cool. He was allowing everything to happen—total acceptance. No matter how uncomfortable, every situation can be handled with humility and acceptance. This was his message.

4 No fear. He didn’t say anything when they told him they had bad news. He obviously didn’t feel anything, even though I was deeply concerned. It was almost like, “If I have to go, I’ll go, without any fear or regret,” even though he didn’t utter it verbally. His lack of panic or fear and the constant smile surprised the doctors. They thought he would be upset or worried. I was there witnessing this.

5 Signs of leaving. When doctors told him about the bad news and put him in the critical category, they decided Mohanji shouldn’t walk anymore. Until then, he was walking. During the examination, he was allowed to walk. When they found out the real impact of the accident, they said he was in critical condition and should not walk anymore. In between all this, he was replying to people’s messages. He was discussing many things with many people over WhatsApp. While waiting for the X-ray, he was texting Madhu, which we already described in the previous part of this blog. 

He was finishing everything and texting in a very concluding tone as if he was preparing to leave. It was as if he was in between life and death. He wished a happy birthday to one of our core team members, Barbara, and replied to even the silliest messages, as well as some small domestic emotional complaints from some people or a blessing for surgery or prayer for protection in general. He completed the incomplete so that everything was done as if preparing to exit. Even though he replied to people, he didn’t tell anybody about the accident or his condition, except Madhu. The instructions he gave Madhu were about continuing his mission on Earth.

6 Acceptance. In one moment, he had a small feeling of botheration. He wanted to go to the toilet, but doctors wouldn’t let him go without a wheelchair. I felt he saw this small space between the bed and the toilet as insignificant. He wanted to walk to avoid making a big deal out of it, but they insisted that his condition was critical. That is when I felt he was a little annoyed, but in reality, he had no annoyance. Nothing ever annoys him. 

Whenever he was out of the CCCU, and in between the check-ups, he replied to people’s messages. He had his phone with him all the time, but he wasn’t allowed to use it in CCCU and during examinations. In between, he was replying, respecting and using every bit of time on Earth. After being annoyed for a second about doctors (even though he never articulated it verbally, it just reflected on his face for a brief moment) insisting on using the wheelchair, he accepted the situation. He immediately understood these doctors were just doing their job, and he went by their suggestion.

7 Focus on purpose. We had just come from the hospital to home in the evening. He was sitting on his chair, and the first thing he did was discuss matters of the Center of Benevolence which is very close to his heart. He was discussing it with the UK team members who were visiting Slovenia. He also discussed the next songs with Jelena Fassbender; he was giving instructions. We were all kind of amazed. He was obviously in a lot of pain, having refused painkillers. He had just survived; he was still technically in critical condition. He was supposed to be in the hospital under observation in CCCU. He had signed himself out at his own risk. Even though he was in a lot of pain, nothing got affected at all. Nothing stopped.

8 Responsibility before life. He accepted the trip to Zlatibor even though his pain hadn’t reduced for many days after the accident. His one promise is worth a thousand promises. It was literally dangerous to fly with him to Serbia in his condition. But he smiled, laughed and made it look like nothing.

9 Compassion. Instead of thinking about himself, he took extra care of us too. He made sure people in the other car were safe. Secondly, he empowered us to try to be as stable as possible. I was in shock, sadness, and fear, but next to him, I was empowered to go through all that. He didn’t allow emotions to tear us up because there was still so much to do. He allowed no sympathy or entertained any self-pity.

After the accident, many characteristics of Mohanji changed. I noticed his habits were different, and his eating inclinations changed. He is much quieter, and his answers to people’s questions in satsangs appear shorter than usual. The whole feel of being around Mohanji is different. Quieter and somehow far more intense and powerful. When he eats, it feels like he is eating only to maintain his body. It was the case even before, but it is much more evident now. He was conscious of his expenses and requirements earlier; now, that has also become quite minimal. He has become quite aloof and detached.

Being an eyewitness to all this, I felt like sharing these points. Nobody expected this to happen, but it gave us a deeper understanding of many things in life and how Mohanji handles it. We have plenty of things to read and understand from this. Above all, it was a warning bell, a reminder of gratitude because we don’t know when Mohanji will leave this world.

I believe that we have taken his presence for granted. We have taken him lightly. I travelled with him to many parts of the world and saw how much he works. In hindsight, I feel that his time, efforts, intentions and commitment are all not understood or taken for granted. This is a time to introspect. Mohanji has always talked about our spaces at every location, where he can invest his energy to stabilize the spaces and the people. If he had left on October 7th, which according to the doctors was very likely, as they said it’s a miracle that he had survived, all the times we took him for granted would have become deep regrets in our hearts forever which cannot be compensated with any further action. He may work equally or more non-physically, but it’s still not the same as his feet touching a land dedicated to the mission. It’s not the same.


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Pain and suffering – Part 1

Dear friends, regarding Mohanji’s car accident that happened on Friday, Oct 7 2022, in Slovenia, on their way from Ljubljana airport to Sveta Ana, we dedicate this blog to the learnings and observations connected to it from a few direct witnesses. We will hear from Christopher and Milica, who traveled with Mohanji in the car, Madhusudan, who had close communication with Mohanji post the accident, and so on.

As those who are connected to Mohanji and consider him our family, we don’t think much about when the time will come for him to leave. Somewhere deep down, we refuse to believe this will ever happen. But death is an inevitability. All that is born will die. Mohanji’s consciousness was never born and can never die too.

“The life of avatars are usually understood only after they leave the body.” – Mohanji

Christopher Greenwood, executive assistant to Mohanji

As everyone must know, we had a car accident with Mohanji on Oct 7, 2022, in Slovenia. The accident itself was quite intense. We were probably about three minutes from home in Sveta Ana when we encountered a head-on collision.

What I can remember is it almost appeared as if it was from nowhere. It seemed like a scene had been cut and started again at a different place. And the crash was happening. When it happened, there was a loud bang. I remember my ears popped, followed by a tinnitus sound, and I hit my head. When I saw what happened, all the airbags, and all the dust that I felt in my lungs, I heard someone screaming in the back.

First, I looked at Mohanji. He was shocked, holding his chest. He was okay, breathing. I asked if he was alright. He said he was. I looked behind to see if everyone else was okay. There were Paula and Milica together in the car. And at that time, I didn’t think of anything else other than getting out and seeing the car. I quickly jumped out and ran. I went to open the door to see the other driver. He and the passengers were okay. The lady was holding her chest, but everyone was okay. I went back to our car. Mohanji opened the door and came out. He stood on the side of the road, and I noticed I had a burn on my hand.

Everything happened pretty quickly. The impact was big, but everyone was out of the car within a few seconds. It felt surreal. Somebody called the police. I asked Mohanji if we should get Jelena to come in and pick him up. He agreed. He had some pain in his chest and shoulder.

He and Milica collected the bags and went away. I stayed and sorted everything out with the police. When all this finished and the car was taken away, I got back home when the statements were taken. I found out that Mohanji was sleeping, and the people had been doing Mai-Tri on him.

I was pretty shocked. Being in a car crash is one thing, but being in a car crash with Mohanji, who’s pretty important to the world, in fact, very, very important to the world, was a massive shock. I just couldn’t believe it had happened. So, obviously, you take some of that responsibility on yourself. It was quite a weight. Mohanji was asleep, so I didn’t get a chance to speak to him.

Pretty soon, people who had been doing healing on Mohanji called me. I think it was Preeti who called first. She told me not to worry about anything, that everything was going to be okay, and that this was meant to happen. As discovered, the reasons for the accident were bigger. Someone said it was a combination of many things, attacks on our people and situations of crisis in the world, which Mohanji took as a hit on himself.

For me, this was quite a hard thing to accept. The fact that it was for a reason sounded nice, but the car crashed, and I was physically seeing what was happening, and now Mohanji was in bed. It was quite a challenge to accept that. Ivana Kalinic had also called me. She had done an MTM session for Mohanji. She told me not to worry and that I didn’t need to take any guilt for what happened, but it was still heavy on me.

Everything had finished, and we went to sleep. The next day, Mohanji went to the hospital to get checked. He told me to stay and rest. I was waiting, speaking to Milica and finding out what was happening. I was also messaging him, and as he went through each step, he let me know. He was also joking, making it lighter in a way. It was as if he was conveying, “This happened—fine, what else can we do?” Later, we didn’t have too much conversation. 

Later, I got checked, and we went to the hospital to give him some food. When I was there, the doctor came in and gave the verdict, and they said that they had bad news. Their strong suggestion was for Mohanji to stay in observation. But Mohanji decided to leave at his own risk. In between, he was getting many phone calls. A whole deluge of messages came in. Milica was doing a great job, speaking with doctors and taking care.

When we spoke first thing in the morning, Mohanji was immediately back to business. The question, “What do we need to do today?”. There was no “why” or any inquiry, any analysis. No time for that. We immediately started discussing the next steps: sorting out the insurance, finding out what the damage was, how do we get a new car etc. Getting a new car was a priority. Devi and Mila needed it for transport back to Serbia.

Mohanji said it should be exactly the same car, a newer version, but if we’re getting a newer version, it should be a hybrid. And also, it should be better, safer, a four-wheel drive, and white in color. So, the same car, newer model, extra features (which don’t really exist in this model of car hybrid, often at all), four-wheel drive (which is not a standard), and above all, a specific color of it. Personally, I never doubted, but this was something in the back of my mind. When he said this, I just thought, “I don’t really know about this.”

Anyway, we took the steps. Paula gave me one of the websites for cars. We looked, and it must have been on the first page, where the car was. The same Toyota rav4, a newer model, still with factory warranty, hybrid, which is what we wanted because of energy consumption and fuel, also a four wheel drive. Plus, it was white. I just laughed.

I know how Mohanji works, although it’s difficult to understand. Not only had the accident happened, and the possible metaphysical reasons behind it, but also what had been fixed was the closure of it within a quick time, not even a few days. With Mohanji, there are no loose ends.

Mohanji said that we should make sure that the car is all checked out and perfect. It was perfect, the right mileage, the right year, everything. It had only just come for sale a day earlier or on the day of the crash. I couldn’t believe it. We made a phone call, and we went to take a look at it on Monday. After checking the car, we only had two hours to reach the garage before it closed, and on the way, we hit traffic. We thought we would miss it. We called the guy, found another garage and arranged for it. Everything was taken care of.

We arrived, checked the car, drove around, and we agreed to get the car. Finding this car was incredible but not a surprise. We had arranged everything in just enough time to reach the airport before Mohanji arrived so that we could see him off. As Mohanji left, we sat down to discuss what had been done, the whole incident from start to finish. Before the trip, Mohanji said, “Why are we spending so much time in Slovenia this weekend? We have plenty of time on our hands.” It was like a joke. We didn’t know what would happen. By the end, everything was finished.

Alongside that, we worked on bringing Sai Baba to our Peace Center in Slovenia next year. Three months ago, I said to Mohanji that June next year is when we wanted to bring Baba. I said it’s pretty tight. He said, “If you have conviction, you set the intention, the strong sankalpa, it can happen.” I talked to Paula, and we decided to make a plan and make it happen. So we did that. I drove a caravan all the way from England to Slovenia so that it could be our first volunteer accommodation to get things moving. That reached in time for Vijayadashami, Baba’s Mahasamadhi.

We focused on making a strong sankalpa. We intensified the sankalpa in Wales temple and made great progress. This was like a counteraction to the accident that happened. We pushed so much that something else had to happen. We can’t have so much light without something bad coming. When we left, Mohanji turned to Paula and said, “Baba IS coming in June. So let’s make sure everything’s ready.” This time, he didn’t say it might be possible. He said Baba was coming.

In the midst of the accident, no program had stopped. We had visitors that weekend from the UK. Mohanji met them and spoke with them. We had programs on the land too. We Received guests from a Shirdi Baba temple in Vienna. We spent time with them, served them food, and we did everything which we should have done without any complication, saying, “Oh, we can’t do this now because there’s been a crash; we can’t do this because Mohanji is sick.” We were doing this because we said we would do it. It is needed.

The Global Volunteers Meet was near, and Mohanji was getting many messages about the accident. Just before my speaking slot, Mohanji told me to tell people what had happened because he was getting so many messages. Hence we announced it to all the global volunteers.

Madhusudan Rajagopalan, the CEO of Mohanji Foundation

I first heard about the accident around midnight that day, India time. Before the crash, I had spent a few days with Mohanji in Dubai. That evening, once he landed, we were in touch. I was checking if the flight was comfortable. Later, I went to sleep, and at midnight, Milica Miskovic called me and said that they had had an accident. The car was in bad shape, Chris had some burns on his hand, and Mohanji got a hit on his chest. My first question was how Mohanji was and how the others were. The next morning, around 10 AM, Mohanji messaged me, saying that it was a pretty nasty accident. If not for the security features of the car, if it was another car, this would have been death.

His message was to offer his gratitude to Shirdi Sai Baba, Mother Mookambika and Guruvayurappan (8-year-old Krishna) in temples. He said their blessings and protection saved them; otherwise, this would have been finito. He told me to convey his gratitude for saving him to our contacts in Shirdi, Mookambika and Guruvayurappan of Kerala. Then he shared that the most impact came on him and that others seemed okay.

Two things stood up for me in that message:

  1. His first response was gratitude.
  2. His second thought was concern if everyone was okay. Our people, as well as people in the other car.

We who have been with Mohanji for a while know there is some invisible army that travels with him and protects Him. As I was chatting with him, my question to him was about that. He said, “Nevermind. That is not relevant at this point in time. My protection is not my responsibility. Therefore I don’t think about that.” What He conveyed through that is, first, total acceptance. Secondly, detachment from his physical form. For him, his physical body is just a means of doing certain things in the world. It allows him to express, communicate, and do things.

I have had many opportunities to travel with Mohanji in a car and drive him sometimes, and whenever I do, I always feel super safe because I know his protection is always there for the whole crew, not just him. He also said, “Remember, even Adi Shankara was attacked, Osho was attacked, Sai Baba was attacked. In their own places, Masters are powerful. When you are in strange environments, when you are out of your place, nobody is 100% safe. Life is like a walk across the room. You just have to go through it practically. There is nothing to think beyond that.”

Not a moment in the entire conversation, starting from then till now, when I write this, have I heard even one question from him, saying, “Why did this have to happen? Why did it happen?” He didn’t dwell on that question for even a second. Even if somebody else initiated that conversation (I know that a few people asked Him “why”), He immediately answered, “It doesn’t really matter. We’re not going to get anything through thinking about why this happened. Instead, what we should be thinking about is purpose. What are we here for, what work are we doing, and what work are you supposed to be doing. Just keep your focus purely on that. Don’t look at this; I will be fine.”

When he was texting me from the hospital, he said, “This proves that I have a heart, and nobody can now say I am heartless.” So, he was joking. I said, “Besides the fact that there is no injury, I’m happy your sense of humor is still intact, despite all of it.” His response was again very light, saying, “I never care for all of this. That’s my body’s problem. With or without it, I can function fully.” Again, the takeaway was that he had absolutely no emotion whatsoever about the fact that he was in physical pain. Or about the question “why” it happened.

All he was thinking about was — okay, I have to go through this, I will go through it, nobody else needs to bother much. Mai-Tri practitioners were giving him Mai-Tri, doctors were giving him attention, and he was taking all of it in a very open manner. He didn’t protest against anything. The only thing he refused was taking painkillers because he doesn’t like any interference with the body’s natural system. He said he could endure a little bit of pain, but He doesn’t want painkillers which will disturb His natural system.

In the hospital, he said, “They may take my phone away. The show should go on even if I cannot attend things. Don’t slow anything down. Don’t pay attention to me; pay attention to our activities. No delays. Don’t slow down. Remember this. If I have my phone with me, we shall communicate. If not, this is my instruction until next time.” In one breath, he says they may take his phone, okay, that prognosis is not okay, and in the second breath, he is saying all that. The show should go on. No delay. I took it as an instruction, and I continued.

He decided to leave the hospital, saying that he didn’t like the hospital’s atmosphere where people were sick, weeping, crying, and alarms were beeping. When he left the hospital, He asked me to inform our doctors about the accident — Dr Wasir, a cardiac surgeon and Dr Umesh, homeopathy doctor. They are the doctors he regards very highly, so he wanted them to be updated.

That evening, I didn’t have any further communication. The next day, I got an update from Milica that he had already started working that evening, sending messages, responding to people, and giving instructions to some others. Our people in Shirdi, Mookambika and Guruvayurappan, conveyed their concern and love for him and that the prayers had been done. The main priest of Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Shirdi, Sulakhe Maharaj, said something very sweet. He said, “Please tell Mohanji that he’s doing so much good work for people in the world. Their love, affection and gratitude are what is working like armour for him.” He said he would personally start offering his prayers for Mohanji. I updated Mohanji about this. He thanked me and said there was no need for them to do anything out of the way, but I am very grateful for what Sulakhe Maharaj and others have said.

To sum up everything, I would say Mohanji’s key lessons from this are:

  1. Acceptance. I had not known that he had had this accident. If somebody had chosen not to tell me that Mohanji had this accident which could have been life-threatening, if circumstances were otherwise, there would have been no way for me to guess that something so major had happened.
  1. No stopping. I chose not to ask him questions and discuss other work matters for a couple of days. There were various projects that we were discussing when I left for my flight from Dubai, so I tried to keep it on hold for a few days, but that conversation started again on Monday. As far as he is concerned, the accident was like a temporary distraction, and it made absolutely no difference. Milica sent me some pictures of his activities on Sunday. I saw him playing with the dog in the house, and he was watching some cycling race or some expedition. He was open about walking. So, practically, if someone did not know that all of this had happened, there was no way they could have guessed.
  1. Pain but no suffering. He told me on Monday that his chest was still hurting. If he was stationary, it didn’t hurt that much, but if he was moving, laughing or talking, it gave him a little discomfort. Doctors told him it would take one or two weeks for that to subside. He also said one of the doctors had told him that normally, for an impact like this, at this speed and this level of collation, and the airbag activated fully, this could have led to a cardiac arrest, so it was a miracle that he was alive. The doctor was both surprised as well as very grateful. He said it should take him another week or ten days for the situation to come close to normal.
  1. Focus on purpose. Some people attribute the accident to various reasons, negative forces, this and that — in all of these cases, his response was to dismiss that line of thinking completely. Of course, many things in this world are possible. But he didn’t encourage that line of thinking — “this might be why this happened. That could be why this happened.” He just said, “Nevermind. This is not important. Focus on what needs to be done.” This is typical of Mohanji, but in this case, in what could have been a life-threatening situation, he lives his teachings.
  1. No attachment to the physical body. When Milica sent me the pictures, I told her that here everybody was worried about him having pain in the heart, and this man was walking around, seeing people cycle, enjoying, observing that — this cannot be a normal person’s reaction. Everything that we see is far away from who Mohanji is, and we may not really understand who he is. It’s quite clear that he is not the physical body. What he does and is, and what we see as the physical body, are two very different things. His physical body is a very small portion of what he is in a position to do.



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Speaking the truth

By Mina Obradovic, Serbia

During the time spent with Mohanji, a couple of important thoughts related to what we believe in popped up in my mind. Since I come from the Balkans, I know that Gurus are not easily accepted in our region. Here, I will not go into the importance of Gurus and why, but from my experience, no spiritual practice or ‘direct connection with God’ is enough to reach the highest human potential.

Through the years that I have been with Mohanji, I have met various people with different motives around him. A common problem with people is that they do not have enough courage to say that they love, respect or follow Mohanji. By doing this, no one loses but them. Especially Mohanji, he loses nothing. He was born with a purpose, and when that purpose is done, he will leave this Earth.

Between his physical birth and death, there is his life that exists for us. A Guru provides a long rope, but it is up to us to grab it and, with determination, climb to the top. We cannot expect the Guru to stand at the end of the rope and encourage us to walk. Maybe he will do that, and if he does, it is a blessing, but it can also happen that the Guru tells us exactly the opposite. We will certainly come across various tests. 

A similar thing happened to me with Mohanji. Connecting with him was not easy at all. I was not particularly encouraged to approach him; he would often ask me, “What are you doing with me? I am an ordinary man with a beard. You are mistaken if you think I have powers.” I would laugh at every such word of his because I knew who he was.

I have already experienced him and watched him closely for years, and no one and nothing in this world can now change my opinion of him – not even himself. That is why now, after more than four years, I can experience true and significant transformations in my life because of him. But this did not happen overnight. 

Unless we stay with the Guru experiencing the ‘mud’, we will never experience the ‘gold.’ Suppose we are easily shaken by external factors, our innate doubts and prejudices and our tendency to blame others. In that case, if we don’t bother to open our eyes to what is in front of us, we will never get anything from anyone, even the most powerful Guru that can exist.

The true signs of the path we are walking on are always very subtle, and the ‘denser’ levels of existence always distract us more. I liked how Mohanji explained this point while talking about the holy mountain Arunachala, in Tiruvannamalai, in India. Many people do not know how powerful Arunachala is and that it is not really just a mountain. It is a very powerful energy centre from which we can experience great benefits if we are open to it. 

From the outside, it looks so ordinary. It is covered with stones and nature. If an ordinary person passes by it, he may never know its power. However, people who have reached a certain level of consciousness see Arunachala as a huge portal to the energetic (to us, invisible) world, where very powerful Masters live, who are not in their physical bodies.

The Arunachala Hill

They live energetically in the mountain’s interior, and many Masters and Saints have seen them inside, with their inner eye. They do not reveal themselves to people often, but they live for our good and often help humanity. Setting foot on this mountain is a blessing in itself, and it is said that there is not a single negative particle on it. They say that every person who steps on it has to be ‘approved’ by Masters from the mountain’s interior. So, not everyone gets the opportunity to set foot on this revered mountain if not allowed.

Although we know the power of this mountain, its external appearance is not at all interesting. Mohanji says, “They have set up all sorts of distractions around the mountain – selling food, drinks, offering entertainment, etc., so you can’t easily wonder at this mountain and discover its power.”

I would describe a true Guru in the same way. The subtle signs of who he is, our journey, and our destination are visible only to those who “have the eyes to see”. Not everyone will dare to look, and even fewer will stand by the Guru despite the sceptical world.

Because of certain past lives that I accidentally found out about, until recently, I often had the fear that someone would beat me up and kill me because I had a Guru. The first time I felt that fear, I failed to understand it fully. Over time, it became clear to me. 

Months after I first felt this fear, I met Mohanji and said that I often see in my visions a mass of people approaching me to kill me. This fear arose mainly during my endeavours to write about my path.

At that time, I had a deadline to finish blogs in which I talked about my experiences with Jesus and Mohanji, and out of fear, I could not continue writing. I knew the blog needed to be published, but subconsciously, fear prevented me. Without my conscious control, it caused me fatigue, confusion, things that would stop me from finishing it.

I was sad because I wanted to finish that text for a long time. When I asked him, Mohanji confirmed that the fear came from a past life experience and that he will make sure to remove it so that I feel free. Over the next few months, the fear intensified and then disappeared.

Despite this fear, I never distanced myself from Mohanji, I never hid the truth that he is the source of oxygen in my life, and I never lost sight of my intention to finish the blogs. I knew I didn’t want to live a life of fear, and every time fear came to the surface, I would think, “The worst that can happen is that someone really beats me up, and I die. One day, I’m sure to die.” I decided that I would rather die living what I believe in, with Mohanji, no matter how much someone doesn’t understand it, than live longer like a coward, in fear.

Of course, I assumed that my life wouldn’t really end in a couple of days, ha-ha, but I deliberately created such an image in my head to know my priority. It gave me clarity. Also, although it may sound mild, the fear was really intense, and my reality was sometimes such that someone would knock on my door any minute to kill me.

No matter how deep my fear was, and no matter that I had indeed been killed in a past life for a similar thing, I was not interested in people and their opinions. I felt fear in my stomach area until Mohanji completely removed it; it was there, but that never stopped me from courageously saying who is behind my transformation, who is responsible for the quality of my life. Just as I am never ashamed to say that my mother and father are responsible for my life, I will also never hesitate to speak the truth of what Mohanji is to me; there is no fear or a desire to be accepted by superficial people.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I go down the street and talk about the details of my spiritual journey with everyone, but it is clear what credits in my life go to Mohanji. It is not ‘divine energy’ or ‘universal energy’; it is Mohanji. Whoever asks me, I will always answer directly. I do not hesitate to say this, and no one who walks the path of spirituality should hesitate if he has such an experience, of course.

Another way I dealt with this fear was by connecting to the past lives that I received long ago. In that life, I left my Guru for silly reasons like these and then bitterly repented. It was clear to me that there was nothing more important to me than my connection with Mohanji, and even though I often don’t see him physically, the ‘bridge’ to him that I always keep stable gives me oxygen despite all the storms.

I told this story because even if we have a huge fear, and if everything around us seems to be collapsing, and if society labels us as crazy, having a Guru is our whim and fashion, etc., we ALWAYS have an option. If we truly understand the importance of our connection, NOTHING can get us off that track.

That is why it is important to take as much time as we need to understand the path we are walking, but once we make the decision, we should not leave or stay half-heartedly. If other people’s opinions are more important than what we experienced first hand (even if it’s about our friend, partner, business associate), then we have no face. We have no integrity. 

That’s why it is strange to me when people hear something about a person they personally know and love, sometimes they don’t go to that person to check if the rumour is true, but they are in a hurry to make a decision based on someone’s opinion or experience, which often has nothing to do with the truth. Again, this is no one’s loss but ours alone.

Our integrity decreases with this behaviour; we lose our personality. Our self-confidence also decreases because our whole life begins to depend on other people. It’s like asking our life to walk on two match-sticks. If someone takes away one of the matches because they decided they don’t like it, our world collapses. We must be careful in whose hands we place our stability.

The important thing I also learned from my time with Mohanji is that the path of spirituality is mostly unknown and unpredictable. In the beginning, no one promised me how far I would get or that I would get anything from this path. That courage in us to dive into the unknown because we have enough clarity to see subtle signs and believe in our own experience is our integrity. If we ignore any evidence that our path is what we want and start believing in the ‘dense’ aspects of this world that are much more talked about and much less important, we will lose a lot. 

The truth is always before our eyes, but distractions and our tendency to cling to negativity are habits. It will always be more interesting for us to gossip, talk about other people’s money, about who sleeps with whom. We will then die one day with regret for wasting time on such unimportant things, when we could focus on ourselves and reach the highest level of consciousness, explore our possibilities, talents, achieve something that will help the world around us, helpless beings, etc. 

That is why Mohanji says, “People bring flowers to the cemetery because they could not give that person love while they were alive.” But why are we doing this? If someone dies, we can be sad, that’s fine, but if we said the right words at the right time and did the best we could when it was needed, there will be very little or no remorse. 

What is it that distracts us every day? If it’s fear, why don’t we dare face it? Why do we lose precious connections because of other people’s opinions? My opinion is that if we really believe in ourselves, we will never try to hide our truth, not even a little.


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By Milan Bojic, Editor-in-chief of awakeningtimes.com and novasvest.com

Some nine years ago I started my intensive spiritual journey. As with most people, the initial trigger to start working on myself was the unbearable inner pressure, unstable emotional and physical states, decadent lifestyle, addictions, meaninglessness, fears, financial troubles, etc. It is from the mud and suffering that we reach for salvation; seems like this rule can be applied to most people.

I’m by nature passionate and a bit fanatical – when I discover something that’s meaningful to me, I’m able not to eat nor sleep until I penetrate into the very core of it. Such was also my approach in working on myself. I learned techniques from the field of applied psychology, energy work, various meditations, healing methods, regressions, etc; and I would pursue everything relentlessly. I used to practice what I learned on a daily basis, consistent and committed and when I would get the most out of a particular technique, I’d be automatically taken to a new Master and new knowledge.


Spiritual school is very simple. When you finish one grade, a new Master and a new material comes your way; there’s no need for you to ponder over and search for it.

It took me about five years of intensive work to become eligible to attain the presence of an enlightened Master. During those five years, I went through spiritual experiences that completely shattered my concept of reality. I had communications with the souls of the deceased, as well as with the entities of light and darkness, I became aware of the darkness and light and their eternal struggle, I discovered the ability to communicate with invisible beings and beings from other planets, I even started channeling certain information from the Andromeda galaxy, I had several out-of-body experiences (after one such experience I suddenly cut meat out of my diet), I started practicing healing and traveling to holy places, in short- I was a fierce spiritual seeker, and I thought I knew it all.

When I finally reached Mohanji’s holy feet, the illusion of my spiritual status and knowledge was mercilessly destroyed by one and only feeling –the one of unconditional love. Never before had I felt such huge radiation of unconditional love coming from one being, and I was completely disarmed. Everything else is insignificant before the rays of Divine Love.

19 heart is the track markation called 'the path of health' on fruska gora, through love to overall wellbeing and liberation

It was recognition at a single glance, and my soul was celebrating that all that hard work was finally rewarded with an opportunity to finally start truly working on myself.

I thought that things would be much easier now, and that the worst is behind me. I believed that my Master could be surrounded only by wonderful and advanced souls. I have to admit that I was spellbound and naïve. Little did I know that the real struggle is yet to begin and that all I’d experienced so far was only a kindergarten compared to what was lying ahead of me. In the universe of duality, the law of action and reaction are always at play. However strong our effort and desire for liberation are, there is just as powerful opposite strive in the forces whose goal is to keep us enslaved. If you think the presence of an enlightened Master will save you from it, you’re sadly mistaken. The only salvation can come from God’s grace, but it has to be earned through many tests and break downs, though even reaching the enlightened master itself is a huge expression of God’s mercy.

It has been almost five years now since I first met Mohanji. During this period, I have experienced tremendous transformation. In brief, there’s no longer an identification with the person called Milan.

Milan shaktipat

However, the reason behind this text is not the description of personal experiences with Mohanji, but something completely different.

As a witness, I was destined to go through several big break downs within the circle of beloved Mohanji’s followers and disciples, and to carry the weight of several projects that were bound to fall on my shoulders. I was a witness to betrayals, rumors, negative campaigns, spreading of lies, and frauds of all kinds in which, more often than not, participated some of Mohanji’s biggest followers and closest disciples. It’s somewhat logical – for it is only our nearest and dearest that can truly hurt us.

“Shaking the tree” is a phenomenon that Mohanji talked about a lot, and it refers to the falling out of disciples and followers who are then leaving their Master. Sometimes it is the Guru himself who “shakes the tree”, and most often this phenomenon takes place as a product of negative forces that are always present in spiritual life. As someone who has “survived” several of these “shakings”, and also propelled by the latest spread of misinformation within the certain circles of Mohanji’s students, I would like to draw your attention with this text to the lurking dangers for every true spiritual seeker, as to the subtle mechanisms that negative forces use in order to seduce the seekers and separate them from the enlightened Masters.

19 - Mohanji in communion with the sacred tree of knowlegde

While seeking for Master, keep both eyes open; once you find him- close one!

I was fortunate to hear this phrase at the very beginning of my spiritual journey. It later saved me from many troubles, because I learned not to judge my Master’s character. This is the biggest trap for all disciples and followers – an ideal image of a perfect Master that’s so dear and tender, so kind and loving. So how can it be that this same Master sits on the toilet seat and has a good dump? Oh, but it can’t be that Shiva is into perfumes and technological gadgets! What kind of a Master is that?

Could it be that the righteous Master shouts at someone who’s innocent, while he spares some sleazebag with his sweet voice? What kind of justice is that? And is it even possible that an enlightened Master says something which later turns out to be incorrect, and that we had to do things differently? And watch out for this – does he sometimes have a beer or a whiskey?

Oh… If you only knew! Character and personality, as well as the physical body of a Master, are only a tool in the eyes of the enlightened consciousness. They serve as a vehicle that fulfills its purpose, with all its virtues and flaws. The fact that someone is enlightened does not necessarily mean that he or she will always be nice and kind. A lot of enlightened people even choose to carry out their mission in a totally weird manner, such as by hitting their disciples with a stick, by yelling at them, etc. Can’t you see the meaning behind it all? They only want to break the chains that bind you!

If you engage yourself too much in thoughts about the personal characteristics of the Master, his physical health, perfumes he’s using, phone he’s carrying, etc., you are risking to be easily affected by some unexpected changes in his lifestyle.

I had the opportunity to meet several enlightened Masters, and each one of them had a completely different character. They are mostly nonsensical people that act on a whim, though there are “normal” characters as well. Jan Esmann, the Master that belongs to Shaktipat tradition, was making a fool out of me for the whole two months, only to ensure that I’m serious enough in my intentions to organize his visit to Serbia. Later he admitted it to me and apologized, adding that some people from America have tried many times to bring him to the USA, but that they would always fail the test when he acts out the “unpleasant cynic”.

Shaktipat from Jan Esmann and Mohanji (1)

Concepts of money and sex

Does an enlightened Master need sex? If that is the genuine spirituality, how could he be charging for his programs? True spirituality is for free!

Hahahaha! Can’t you see, you naïve man, that with each breath you take in this life you are actually paying off your debt? Can’t you see that every thought and feeling of yours has its price and that karma is the only currency that rules mankind? Money is just another form, in the infinite ocean of forms, which flows past us. Why are you obsessed with it? Who conditioned you to look at everything through money? Money is energy. Money is not dirty.

Do you know where the money the Master gets goes to? Do you know how many hungry people received food, how many needy people got clothes, and how many true, but poor seekers got free participation in programs and pilgrimages from the money that you gave for the retreat? No, you don’t know, because you can’t see the forest for the trees.


You heard that Mohanji had sex? It can’t be, what kind of a Master is he! Masters should be in celibacy, because they overcame the sexual urge. Hahahah! It’s the same old story – sex scandals. If you want to discredit someone, just start talking about sex. The eyes of the moral purists will shine with happiness! Sex is sex, there’s nothing more to say about it. Sex has its purpose, duration, time, space, etc. Sex is an innate primary instinct of every living being, the fundamental impulse of creation. God is having a constant sexual intercourse with himself. Oh, excuse me! I must be saying a blasphemy! But, can’t you see, even blasphemy is within God. Is there anything in this world that’s not within God? Even the devil himself is in God! Just don’t tell him that, cause he’ll get seriously pissed off.

So, to summarize, as far as I’m concerned my Master could even become a porn star, and it wouldn’t change absolutely anything if his consciousness were enlightened. Who knows, maybe there’s an enlightened soul even among the porn stars. Have you not read the Vedic stories on similar topics? Was it not the prostitute who shifted Vivekananda’s consciousness and brought him to the desired transformation? And what about Krishna? That great lover had over 16,000 wives according to some scriptures. But Krishna is somewhere in the past, so he’s easy to love and we won’t blame him for having an entire harem; however, this Master here is immoral. Now, you listen, false moralists – Sex is beautiful! Relax…

Gossips and rumors


If you want to be the pig that’s wallowing in its own mire, just go ahead and engage in gossiping and spreading rumors. Yes, it’s so irresistible and appealing. Haven’t you heard what Mohanji’s father-in-law once said while Mohanji was going down the stairs? No way, you haven’t? Here, I’ll tell you…. No, I won’t! Though I do know what his father-in-law said. And I know more such juicy stories from Mohanji’s life that would make your ears burn if you heard them. Yes, a lot of those stories Master told me himself, and I heard many others along the way. And do you know what my reaction was? I would forget them five minutes later, as they were miserable compared to the merging into the ocean of Shiva/Shakti.


I know a lot of Mohanji’s close disciples who use the gatherings only to spread rumors about his wife, family, this and that. Naturally, many would like to know about his sexual life, if he’s going to have more kids, and so on. That is human nature. Out of desire to be near and dear to him, many people imagine that discovering unknown details from his life will make them closer to him. Don’t make me laugh again! Our Master said even to his own wife that she should marry his consciousness, and not the guru! All the more, he left his own wedding and went to another city to hold a satsang, much to the entire family’s amazement! Can’t you see how insignificant those petty stories are in comparison to the enlightened soul’s mission? But that’s ok, the choice is yours. You can get closer to P.K. Mohan, or to his consciousness. You get what you choose.

Spiritual envy and jealousy


“There’s no bigger envy than spiritual envy.” I was told this sentence at the very beginning of my spiritual journey by my Master at that time. Pretty soon I discovered what it is about.

Master is so intoxicating and hypnotic, that all the people want him for themselves. At first, the urge is so strong that we push our way through the organization, we want to stand out in everything, we are fighting over who’ll get the shaktipat, and who’ll get the energy transfer, who went to India, and who to Kailash. We get suspicious as soon as the Master takes a longer look at someone or favors somebody. The struggle for parents’ love is merciless; isn’t it so, my brothers and sisters?


Everyone would like for themselves a piece of Mohanji, his hug, his kind word! I know, I was like that myself. And then I got sick of it all. I could no longer stand the turmoil that arises when dozens of spiritual ego-constructions are fighting over a bit of love. I decided to quit such behavior and to just meditate in Master’s consciousness. I wanted to be with him always, in his consciousness, unbound and free from his physical personality. And what do you know! The one who needs nothing, receives everything. An intimate relationship started developing between us, the form of trust that can’t be described. My house became his house, my family was his family, my child was his child. Always at the right moment, his call or message would arrive, or he would pay me a personal visit. And do you know why? Let me tell you a secret – Mohanji’s body is only a slave of Mohanji’s consciousness! Embrace the consciousness of Mohanji, and then his physical arms will come of themselves to caress you.

Visions and Mind Projections

We come to one of the most manipulative delicacies used by the dark forces. Believe me, I paid for schools and schools until I didn’t learn this lesson. For years I was obsessed with astral experiences, channeling, communicating with various beings, with my higher self, archangels etc. I went through unbelievable experiences and met many psychics. But, how do you know which vision is real, and which is just a mind projection?


When I asked Mohanji about it, his answer was crystal clear: “When a higher being really comes to us, after that encounter we are not the same. Otherwise, it was just a projection.”

Oh, what an unpleasant information for my ego then. When I thought about it and applied this rule to my visions and experiences, I realized that only about 30% of my experiences were really authentic, because after those I experienced huge changes, while 70% belonged to projections of my ego personality.

Later on, as the seekers subtlety raises, visions can be very powerful and remarkable, but at the same time they can represent manipulation of the dark forces. A person who relies only on their vision can be manipulated very easily. I had decided to discard all visions and dive into their source – pure light. Only then did I feel crystal clarity of existence. When man is in unity with all existence, when his identifications disappear and he dives into the ocean, then existence communicates with your soul in different ways, not only through visions.


Maybe the best example is the story about great Ramakrishna who had visions of goddess Kali during which he would fall into hours of ecstasy. Cutting the story short, Ramakrishna couldn’t achieve enlightenment until he didn’t slay goddess Kali with a sword in front of his mental screen.

The savior syndrome and proving love to the Master through belittling other Masters

It also happens that a person achieves certain spiritual heights. Maybe thanks to your disciplined practice you have awakened healing abilities and now you are a great and famous healer. Maybe you have acquired the power to see previous lives of other people and now you take them into regression. Maybe you received the gift of Shaktipat from your Master, maybe you’re in charge of meditations, you deliver energy transfers, you lead whole teams in the organization etc. You think you’re important and many things depend on you? Hahahahahaha!

11 Mohanji - Jesus energy

You have forgotten the basic spiritual lessons – humility and surrender. Everything is given to you because you have deserved it with your karma, and everything can be taken away from you if you gamble your chance. Don’t think you’re untouchable to the dark forces, on the contrary – you have become a high-demand commodity in their eyes. The higher you are in the organization, the more interesting you are to them, the closer you are to the Master, the more the dark forces will try to separate you from him. That makes sense too, right? No matter all the protection you enjoy as a sincere devotee and no matter your untouchability by the dark forces because all of Guru Mandala is taking care – don’t think you can relax.

Even a mindless step or conceit, even the tiniest weakness and impurity can become the reason for your fall. And the Master will let you fall if you choose to, he cannot take a decision instead of you.

Yet, there’s no reason to fear, all that’s asked from you is true surrender and commitment.

Always have in mind that darkness gets you where you’re weakest – they will set you up with thoughts that mud the Masters image and subtly separate you from him, they will feed your spiritual ego and make you think what a great healer or savior you are, who even needs to save his own Master. What a majestic illusion – a trapped soul saving an already liberated soul!


They will set you up with a vision where Babaji himself appears and says that Mohanji is seduced and in danger, and those who do not see are blind and stupid. Of course, only you know that and only you can save him! And yes, believe me, I heard this story about Babaji’s message a few day ago, and that’s the reason why I’m writing this text.
On the day of Orthodox Christmas, January 7th, during one written communication I received terrifying information regarding Mohanji, the organization, disciples etc. I was shocked with the level of craziness in all this, especially since this information was coming from a very important person.

Since I always want to come to the source and essence of everything, I wrote to my Master immediately. He laughed and dismissed all possible points and said that we need to put a foot down to this negativity.

“Until now, the positive had been passively encountering the negative. That must change”, these were Mohanji’s words. Soon after that a public message floated through all social media about the Master’s condition, stopping rumors about his heart-attack etc.


I personally wrote directly to the person standing behind all this nonsense and poured everything into her face. Of course, the reaction was blazing and raging, I was insulted in the most horrible way. But you know what? I didn’t feel a bit of it. At the exact same moment I received the e-mail with insults, I received a e-mail from Mohanji too. In my inbox, one next to the other were two e-mails: one filled with insults, and the other filled with love. A part of Mohanji’s e-mail said:


Sage Agasthya told Devi Amma of Bangalore: “Inform Mohanji that he is our son. Mohanji and all his people are our responsibility. We look after them. We protect them. Nobody and nothing can touch them.”

I felt these words were taking things to an end.

This text will sound rough to many, but that is the purpose. True spirituality is not for the weak, the naïve, the lazy and the soft, the pompous nobles and the fakes. You will get slayed in this game, the sooner you realize this the better you will be prepared for all the challenges awaiting you.

If you have the guts to get to the finish line – take a deep breath, close your eyes and disappear!


Translation from Serbian: Maja Otovic and Barbara Dizdarevic.