Empowered with Mohanji

By Mamta Gangaramani, USA

Mamta shares with us her beautiful experiences from Mohanji’s powerful and popular online and in-person Empowered programmes

A message and poem of gratitude

Dear Mohanji, 

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be heard during Empowered 4.0. Your answer has healed me and wiped my tears of a lifetime. Lifetime is too small a word to contain this huge span, and tears are indeed a pool. I am now blessed with relief. To me, your words “Zero deviation from responsibility” are now inscribed in gold.

One by one, layer by layer, I first saw my fears, then my insecurities and lastly, the ownerships leave me. Amazingly you have walked along with me, guiding me miraculously. You have given me the joy of living in multiple frequencies. I feel so honoured about it. I am working hard each day to make myself more deserving now that you have accepted me at your lotus feet. Please keep telling us more about dharmic existences and karmic allowances. I am not a bad investment, I promise. So true that nothing is ours. Even the thoughts and words I am using in this tiny piece of my creativity are yours. I am awaiting the moment to see a clean me one day in the mirror you project. I have tried to express my gratitude in a few lines. 

I am immensely grateful to you, dear Mohanji.

You are the highest attainable.

Higher than the highest, greater than the greatest.

You are Shiva.

I need to raise my devotion to that of Nandi.

You accepted me at your lotus feet. 

 I shall make myself deserving and not disappoint you.

You are the only one of your stature.

Master from the Himalayas guiding me in my own home.

You need nothing from us, not even gratitude.

I now want to be just serving.

You are stability.

I am holding on to you like a strong pillar.

You are unconditional love, kindness and selflessness.

I wish and pray nobody ever brings you any harm.

You are caring for me like a responsibility.

I will gradually be able to discriminate the real from the illusion.

You are working so hard on me with rocket speed.

I need to speed up too.

You have truly empowered me through words of wisdom.

I shall apply them in life and make you proud. 

You gave me the awareness of the third eye.

I am seeing things differently and have developed better outlook.

You chose to be in the space of my heart.

I will always keep it clean and not allow contamination.

You have filled me with both hands.

I already feel attained and realized.

You are indeed Supreme Consciousness.

This Avatar called Mohanji seems to have happened just for me. I know no other God.

Basking in joy and bliss, anand and parmanand…. 

Breaking comfort zones gets me rewarded

The much-awaited program dates of Empowered 5.0 were announced, and we were eagerly looking forward and preparing to reach Serbia. The organizers were very kind and offered to arrange our transport from the airport to the Venue at Zlatibor. They also shared information about the local bus facilities.

Mohanji teaches us about “Breaking the comfort zones.” He says nothing sprouts there. He inspires us to “Dare to be different.” He also talks about “Walking the unknown path.” All of this gave me the courage and the inspiration to choose the bus option and avoid the comfort of the van, thereby giving myself a chance to experience things out of the box and get exploring. 

My plane landed around 12:30 pm. I had planned to take the bus at 14:15, which would take me to Zlatibor by 18:00, and I will be in time for the welcome session. I got done with baggage and customs, my passport and other formalities. Figuring out things just took a little extra time, so I couldn’t make it for the 14:15 bus and got the 15:30 instead. This one had a commute time of four and a half hours to Zlatibor, which meant I would miss the welcome session.

Now, as the clock came close to striking 19:00, the time the welcome session would begin, I was becoming restless. It was also getting dark outside already. The darkness caused a little bit of fear, just a little bit, not much, as l was in an unknown country, the language unknown to me, in a bus on a mountain, and the night was creeping in already.

My mind was processing all possibilities so as not to miss the session. Being with Mohanji is so important for all of us, and we can all relate to the restlessness I was feeling. I then attempted to reach the organizing team to check if it was possible for them to send me a zoom link for the session. This way, I could just take it from the bus. I was completely aware that it may not be possible as it was a last-minute request, and the team would be so busy on the ground.

My restlessness was growing even more. My soul was now making friendly requests to Mohanji, asking him to facilitate the link. And he actually did!

One of our friends from our older WhatsApp group of Empowered 4.0 happened to be sending the link to somebody else. My perspective here is that this person was just an instrument through whom Mohanji sent me the link. Surely, he appreciated my venturesome travel and wouldn’t have let it go without a reward. I could take the session from the bus and didn’t miss a word.

Lessons to take: All thoughts, words, and actions are orchestrated by the Supreme Consciousness. Me missing the 14:15 bus and somebody sending the link for somebody else was all just part of the play. We are not the owners of action. We just sincerely need to follow the teachings of our Master and apply them too. Having full faith in my Master and heartfelt prayers gave me this amazing experience.

Mohanji can move mountains 

I would like to share this experience on behalf of the entire Empowered group. We have all witnessed this. It may lose its significance if it is not brought to our notice, and it needs to be given its due importance. It may easily get forgotten, but it’s really big if pondered upon.

During the welcome session, Mohanji gave us a brief idea about the practice and what we would be doing for the next 5 days. He also told us we were free to choose to sit on chairs or sit on the floor or maybe spread out our yoga mats and choose to lie down. He really wanted us to feel comfortable. We had a hall facility in the hotel, which we would occupy and use for our practice purposes.

A discussion about the space constraint of the hall followed this. Then there were further discussions on the possibility of extending the hall. Some halls have walls with sliding panels making an extension possible. But then very clearly we understood that the walls weren’t flexible and the discussion almost closed, concluding that the hall cannot be extended. The walls were strong fixtures, and there wasn’t any possibility of their removal.

But it was beyond anybody’s imagination what Mohanji could do. He was able to get the strong fixtures removed and thereby get the hall extended. The space was now so much bigger. To me, and I believe to everyone, this was nothing less than witnessing Mohanji move mountains. The walls were really not the movable kind. Even thinking about getting them removed was unimaginable. For a program, just a temporary program of 5 days, who could possibly even want to get into this hassle! This is yet another demonstration of how much he cares for us and how he delivers, crossing over all obstacles. 

Lessons to take: Mohanji can move mountains. We need eyes to see. We need to feel so much gratitude. We must realize that we are the most blessed group ever and must give back too.

Energy support felt tangibly

This is a very special experience. This is on day 5 of our intense workshop on practicing silence at Zlatibor, Serbia. I am sure this experience sharing will help increase the devotion aspect in all the readers.  

One of the instructions for this practice, as given by our beloved Master Mohanji, was to keep the body still. He says we need to take steps, and he is providing us with energy support. We all will agree that staying still is a task, as we are so not used to keeping the body restful. We sit with our spine erect for a while, then feel pain and want to crouch back. 

It was day 5 of the workshop, the last day. I was sitting on a chair, trying to keep my spine erect and keep my body restful. I could do so only for a short while. Then I started feeling the pain in my back. But as this was the last day of the workshop, I was trying to increase my determination not to make any movements and to remain still. The pain kept on increasing. There was a strong urge to crouch back. At the same time, my determination to stay still was gaining strength too. 

There was this powerful thought behind it: it was the last day of the workshop, and there was no tomorrow. So I was bearing the pain. This thought process kept continuing, that is, the urge to crouch and then strengthening the determination, urge to crouch, strengthening the determination. Now the pain really became very excruciating, like it kind of reached the breaking point. I knew I could no longer stay still in the position. The pain now brought a tear to my eye. This is where I believe my subconscious mind came to my rescue. 

Roop dhyan (image worship) has been one of my ways of worship. Just before giving up, my mind got this feed of Roop dhyan from my subconscious mind. I was now imagining the divine hand of Mohanji bringing healing to me. His sacred, beautiful hand with all its shringar (adornments) like the bracelet of beads, the red sacred thread around the wrist, a silver coiled ring and a red stone ring on the fingers. There isn’t anything more beautiful than that.

To my amazement, a miracle happened. This little effort of imagination of his divine hand actually brought me healing. My pain disappeared just like that. The so excruciating pain became no pain. Absolutely no pain. I tangibly felt the energy support that Mohanji spoke about. I could now effortlessly stay still and continue with my practice. The joy of experiencing a miracle filled me with so much that I could hardly focus on the practice. 

My take from this experience: Let’s keep our minds occupied with thoughts of the divine. This keeps our subconscious mind powerful, and our subconscious mind, like our good friend, comes in handy when we really need it. We are on a path where our endurance really gets tested, but with the strongest determination, it rewards us with miracles. Roop Dhyan is a simple and joyous way to raise our devotion.

Guru sends a meal

This is during my return journey on a flight back home to Houston from Belgrade. The seat number assigned to me on this particular flight was 39G, which is an aisle seat in a middle row of four. After boarding, as I came closer to my seat, I found it to be already occupied. This was a family of four, a husband and wife, a toddler of 3 years and an infant of 3 months. When I checked with them about the seat, they realized they had mistakenly occupied my seat. They asked me if I could adjust to take their seat, which was 39D. It was completely understandable that it is a hassle to move with a baby and a toddler for anybody, for that matter. This wasn’t a problem for me at all; after all it was just another aisle seat on the other side of the row. So I simply agreed and went and sat in their seat.

It was now lunchtime. They were serving vegetarian food to only those who had pre-ordered the same. The air hostess came and served me a meal too. I was quite amazed as I had not pre-booked a meal for myself on that flight. I started a small conversation with my co-passenger, the mother, expressing my surprise about it, and told her that I did not pre-book any meal. Her husband overheard this and then recollected that it was he, in fact, who had booked the vegetarian meal for himself, not because he’s a vegetarian but just for the sake of it. We both forgot that we had swapped seats. 

This now got clicked with him, and we understood the whole story behind the meal. So the meal was meant for seat 39D, which is for this family. I now offered them back their meal, but they asked me to accept it as he said that they are providing vegetarian meals to only people who pre-ordered them, and they were fine to eat the regular meal as they were not vegetarians. I was grateful for their courtesy, and then I accepted. 

When I opened the meal box, there was dal and rice, which is a staple Indian meal that every home in India cooks every day. They were happy that I got a good meal. They themselves couldn’t understand what had caused them to book a vegetarian meal and also select the Indian option. To me, it became crystal clear that this meal was sent to me by my Guru, Mohanji. He wouldn’t want me to go back home hungry. This was the most special meal I have ever had in my life. I cherished every bite and felt immense gratitude.

Along with gratitude, there was this immense joy of experiencing a miracle. Some bites even felt saltier after they had gotten mixed with my tears. Later on, the contemplation helped me understand a few lessons. All acts are orchestrated by God. We are not the doers. The couple, just instruments, placed this order. Seats getting interchanged was not accidental. They mistakenly occupying my seat was part of destiny’s play. Guru, like a loving mother, takes care of us. How can he possibly let you go hungry!


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Experiences with Mohanji, India 2022 – Part 4

Linda Abrol, Netherlands

Yesterday afternoon, on the 31st of August, I had the unexpected good fortune of attending the Ganesh Charturti event with Mohanji, and I was still staying with Harish and Neetha, two dear friends I had not seen for a decade. Harish was, in succession to his father, Dharmadarshi NC Nannaiah, the Managing Trustee of the People’s Trust, a charity that had incessantly worked the past forty years for the welfare of eighteen of the poorest villages in the countryside around Bangalore.

After waking up at 4.30 this morning, I did my daily sadhana practices. When I opened my eyes, a beautiful surprise awaited me. The reflection of the candlelight, shining through the transparent frame of a small Shiva picture, created a cross of light on Mohanji’s heart on the picture behind it. From a physical point of view, the appearance of the cross was perfectly explainable, but it was a miracle for my heart and gave me an intense feeling of being connected. Born a Christian, the very first thought I had during the satsang with Mohanji in Onderdijk last year in 2021: ‘This is how the disciples of Jesus must have felt at the feet of their Master by the waterside two thousand years ago.’ I posted the picture on the Mohanji Netherland app, and this was the immediate and astonishing reaction that followed from Selma, one of the devotees: 

This is really remarkable… Early this morning, I did a prayer to Jesus. I said that I just wanted to be in his presence; I closed my eyes and just kept seeing Mohanji in front of me, I often feel Jesus and Mohanji as one energy, so I jokingly said to Jesus: ‘You will have to give a sign with a cross or something hahaha’.I fell asleep…and see this picture now that I just woke up!

After visiting the People’s Trust project in Sriramanahalli that day, we went to Mohanji’s home address, where we were expected at half past three. Because the main road to the airport had been blocked, it became a bumpy ride through small villages and fields, which made them silently wonder if we would be too late this time, too. But no, we were kindly received, and Mohanji entered his reception room after a few minutes, dressed in white cotton trousers, a plain cobalt blue t-shirt and his hair in a ponytail that had been twisted into a bun at the back of his head. It looked casual and gave us the feeling of talking to a good friend. He inquired about my trip to Kerala.

At Mohanji’s right hand was a beautiful, lifelike painting of himself. To my surprise and amazement, the booklet In Silence with Mohanji, which I had only recently written and was published by Gurulight, was leaning comfortably against his picture. It gave me an enormous feeling of connection and also recognition of the – for me – life-transforming experiences that are described in the book. Rajesh told me afterwards that Mohanji had placed the book there himself a few weeks ago and, in the meantime, had shown it to several people and also given it as a gift. That touched me tremendously and made me think of Swami Gopal Baba, my deceased Master. He, too, did not give direct compliments, but through others, one heard how happy he was with your work. 

A week earlier, a spontaneous thought had come to me: how wonderful would it be if Mohanji would come and visit the People’s Trust project. After all, People’s Trust had already committed itself for forty years to social work for eighteen of the poorest villages around Bangalore and had provided children from poor families with free schooling, nutritious food and much more. One never knew what cooperation or inspiration from both sides with Ammucare (Mohanji’s charity foundation in India) might result from it. Harish had brought a leaflet of the Trust and handed it to Mohanji. Mohanji looked at it calmly and agreed to come. The condition was that there would be no ceremony or garlands, gatherings, speeches, etc. He just wished to come incognito as a mere guest. That, too, is great, so Harish had no problem with that commitment. 

Soon our conversation became what could rightly be called a satsang. Mohanji visibly enjoyed answering the in-depth questions that were asked. When Milica came and pointed out the time and that his next meeting would start elsewhere, he replied nonchalantly: ‘Just tell them I’ll be there in twenty minutes. No, tell them to start already.’ The importance of silence was discussed at length, and briefly, he explained daily life techniques. Freely translated, the technique went like this: Imagine a busy road (symbolising all the mind matter and daily concerns), and on the other side, you see a quiet bench. Now stay focused only on the peace that the bench radiates. As if you were looking right over the passing cars and buses. After a while, there will only be silence. No matter how many cars pass by.

Mohanji also told us about the tremendously beneficial effect of Pitrupaksha, freeing you from the karma and inclinations of your ancestors. And he also said that even without giving annadaan to saints and the needy, you could already experience a great difference in your life by simply offering all your food and drink to the following six forms of Gods: 1. Ganesha, 2. Kul Devatas (to the God who your family worships), 3. Naga Devatas (High souls who return to earth in the form of snakes – nagas – because then they are most likely to be left alone and to function unseen as saviours of the consciousness of the world), 4. Ishta Devatas (your personal form of God), 5. Pitru Devatas (the ancestors), and 6. Gurus.

He spoke about how Mina (a devotee from Serbia) sat next to him on the floor in Novi Sad, Serbia, while he was busy with the messages on his phone. He heard her inwardly repeat the question: Who is Mohanji beyond the physical body? He looked up from his phone and told her to touch his big toe. Finally, after wondering about this question for five years, she got a fulfilling answer when Mohanji took her on a wondrous journey to the sun and through the universe. She has described her experience in a three-part blog. Mohanji asked me to share the link to her experience with one of the attendees, and now I am sharing it with you. Read the first part of her incredible experience: https://minaobradovic.wixsite.com/understandingtruth/post/mohanji-the-universe-a-true-experience 

He took all the time for us and, when a few more people arrived, for them too. Calm, interested, clear and loving as always, he asked us not to leave yet, but to remain seated while he spoke to the other guests. When he finally had to go, he asked us to stay for a meal. We felt at home and welcome and accepted the invitation with both hands.

The arathi in the house mandir started and was similar to the arathi during the Ganesh Chaturti event one day ago; anyone who wished could participate in the flame-waving. Being able to experience this sacred ceremony at Mohanji’s own home will certainly add a special dimension to my daily Mohanji-arathi at my home temple. Mohanji’s parents were watching with shining eyes, and I felt strongly attracted to them. Realising at that moment that calling Mohanji my bada Bhaya (big brother) included them to be my parents as well! While the others were in the living room, I had a long conversation with both of them. They did love the bustle in their house. There were people coming and going all the time. Mohanji’s father had been a surgeon and had worked till old age. If I remember correctly, he was seventy-two when he finally stopped performing surgeries. 

He told me that when he saw me, he thought: ‘I know her. I have seen her before, but where and when?’ Then he went to his sleeping room and returned with a triumphant look and a copy of my booklet. He pointed at the picture on the cover, showing Mohanji and me. That was why I had seemed familiar to him! Now he knew! He smiled. He had even read all my testimonials and therefore felt he already knew me. I was delighted. Mohanji’s father wondered why I did not write a thicker book about Mohanji. His idea was to add new experiences to the book and let it grow. Both parents were so sweet and involved. Mohanji’s mother was a woman of great integrity, and when I mentioned that because of their great example, the world had gained such a Divine Friend, tears ran down her cheeks. We looked deep into each other’s eyes and shared the emotion.

We had a delicious meal of dosa and puri, and when I asked Rajesh why he was not eating with us, he said that he had eaten before, and that his current habit was to eat no more than two meals a day. I smilingly asked him if that was difficult for him because I knew from translating Miraculous Days how fond he was of food. To which Aditya, president of Mohanji Foundation India, said that Rajesh had changed a lot. So he had not only given up smoking (as he wrote in the same book) but also eating a lot since he was with Mohanji. Transformation with Mohanji is unforced and lightning fast; I have had the feeling (and the experience). 

Rajesh, as coordinator of Gurulight, helped enormously with the process of translating and publishing MAST and In Silence with Mohanji, and I had never seen him in person, although we must have exchanged dozens if not hundreds of messages with each other. So he got not one but more than four hugs spread over arrival and departure. After which, I asked him if he had already received a hug from me. After a short photo session with all of us, we said goodbye smiling, satisfied, grateful and happy.

Three beautiful days with my friends later, my flight was leaving at 6 o’clock in the morning of the 4th of August. My loved ones at home were joking that they were doubting whether I was coming home this time or making a new impulsive decision again to stay in India. But this time, I arrived safe, grateful and immensely happy. Being inwardly connected to Mohanji all through the process, I felt safe, loved and cared for, and I was guided to the right people and given the right inspirations and prompts at all times. I had continued my daily Shiva Kavacham listening sessions every night in Vedasudha Hospital, and I felt confident that nothing untoward could happen to me. 

To be continued after the coming blood test results from the hospital in the Netherlands are released within two months…

Links: Pitru Paksha: https://www.facebook.com/sacredbharat/posts/pfbid0XFgpugrVEfhsVNbKv5EvSjeA1ywZAsZ81chctPPcXzUnBKvP7hxNZktFiacLoRFel(https://spiritualpracticecalendar.wordpress.com/)


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Pain and suffering – Part 4

This is the 4th part of the blog “Pain and suffering” by the closest witnesses of Mohanji’s recent car accident. In this part, we share more people’s experiences from the perspective of Mai-Tri and possibly predictive dreams.

Mina Obradovic, Mai-Tri practitioner

I found out about Mohanji’s accident the day after it happened, on 8th October, around 3 pm. Milica texted me, told me what happened, and told me to do a Mai-Tri session for him.

Mohanji’s body belongs to the world. The MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) and Mai-Tri sessions are for what he does in the world, not for him as a person. In Mai-Tri, his body looks like a huge space enveloping many people connected to him, who he is cleansing every moment. Their pains and karmas are inside his body. His body, as ours, doesn’t exist. If I see a particular problem during his session, it is always what he collects from others. The size of such garbage that I often see inside him is not the same size as in regular people. It is much larger because he cleanses many people who are connected to him globally, including their families. A Mai-Tri for Mohanji is for what he collects, and it’s huge. From my experience, Mai-Tri, for him, is like trying to remove the ocean’s water, bucket by bucket. It makes a change, but the amount of garbage he collects is terribly difficult to comprehend.

I saw that Mohanji’s body doesn’t store data like our body. It is not entangled in the number of karmic strings, emotions, or blockages. His body belongs to the whole world, and it has no personal karma. As I experienced it, he had no meridians where thoughts are stored, no vertical strings connected to personal desires, and no chakras as such. Different parts of the body seemed to have different purposes, similar to chakras, but not the same. Inside him, there was a huge space, much different from other people. Like an entire universe inside, different places in the universe represent different purposes for his work.

A couple of days after the accident, Mohanji came to Serbia. When I met him, I felt relief. I asked if the doctors knew he was a globally known humanitarian and that he was important. I asked if they treated him accordingly. My strong desire has been that everyone treating Mohanji knows how much work he is doing in the world and that they should treat him with the best care and respect. He said that they didn’t know but that they were polite and treated him well. He was very happy about the behaviour of the hospital staff of Maribor.

His acceptance of the situation was phenomenal. At one moment, He said, “For one short moment, I was a bit annoyed. One small feeling of annoyance. That is when I had to go to the toilet, and they insisted I should take a wheelchair. I said it’s just a few feet from my bed. They insisted, saying I was in bad shape and I shouldn’t walk. That is when I got slightly annoyed, but then I understood they were just doing their job. So I accepted.” For him, there is no resistance in life, no blaming, over-analyzing, suffering, or victimizing oneself. His invisible message was that in every situation, we could choose to accept. We can choose to have understanding and keep walking.

By afternoon, we were sitting with him, and he was talking. He asked Subhasree to call a few more people to come and said that we would have a satsang. The pain was not at all visible on his face. It was not there. Many of us always resist life. On the contrary, Mohanji’s life is a pure example of acceptance.

Every conversation of that day awakened gratitude and a deep feeling of uncertainty, and an urge to appreciate every moment with him while he was still here. He also shared that there won’t be any alerts or hospitals the next time he decides to leave the body. It will be a sudden exit. He said he never wants to be a burden to somebody, attached to machines, half dead. Next time, it will be in one go.

I hope this blog, beautifully shared by witnesses of Mohanji’s recent accident, will inspire us to have more gratitude and care for our guru, who works tirelessly to serve us. I hope we will recognize the avatar while they are still alive because there had been many struggles before we got this treasure. Their words are sacred; their presence is here for us. If we don’t catch the bus, the bus will not be affected, but we will be at a loss.

Djurdja Bojovic, had a dream of Mohanji’s death a few weeks before the accident.

I dreamt we were at some gathering, and I was with a friend. It was like a celebration. While sitting, she was reading something on her phone, telling me, “Did you hear that Mohanji died? It says here.” The current reality is that everyone knows about his recent car accident, similar to the dream. It was as if she found out about it from somebody online. In the dream, I just said, “Oh, really? Okay.” In the dream, that information was totally irrelevant to me. I just ignored it and continued with the celebration. It didn’t touch me because I thought, “This lady does not understand Mohanji; she is not even connected to him. Who knows where she read it? Maybe it’s not even true.” 

Then I separated from my friend, and the thought that he could really be dead started bothering me. I started experiencing the pain of loss from other people who were also connected to Mohanji and loved him. I saw other people who took it very badly and realized that it really happened. 

When I realized that it had happened, I felt regret. I felt some disappointment, and I was unpleasantly surprised, very shocked. I didn’t know how to feel, and I felt there was no going back. I didn’t have a feeling that I could fix something now. It was really hard for me to face that he really died; I didn’t know how to assimilate it as a fact. I felt I didn’t experience and do enough while he was physically here. 

In the dream, I remember I was telling myself that there was no going back now. I knew that he was never angry at me for anything, but it was my simple inner feeling of guilt, sadness and regret that I didn’t use our time together well. I felt, “If I knew this earlier, that he would go, I would have acted so differently.”

Another thing that I felt is this. When I understood that he was really gone, a clear image appeared to me of the full potential, what could have happened, if I had used the time well. I felt regret not only for myself but for many other people.  

For a couple of days, I didn’t feel completely well after this dream, all these feelings were still there, and many thoughts came. Trying to understand this experience, I didn’t know anymore why it happened, and I just knew that it was not an ordinary dream.

Then I realized after judgement and fear stopped, only gratitude remained. That potential reality was like a light at the end of the tunnel because it gave me hope. In that reality, I felt abundant in every way, together with the whole Mohanji family, with no guilt or feeling of victimhood, just a feeling of unity and celebration of life. It empowered me and reminded me of the highest truth.

We are beyond blessed to be on Earth with Mohanji right now. Sometimes I run away from that fact because I feel guilty and not worthy enough of his presence. Through that dream, I realized that I was just wasting my life by feeling like that. I can’t live my life with the fear of being unworthy anymore. We should all claim this life as a huge blessing, that we are worthy and capable of living. We should really celebrate it by having every thought, word and action from a place of gratitude for what we are. Mohanji, as a presence, came to this planet to remind us of who we are and to guide us home by being a living example; to show us that there is no separation between us. We must remember this with great respect, love and gratitude. We are Mohanji!


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Empowered 5.0 – Towards the Dhuni

By Sanjay Acharya, Canada

After attending Empowered 5.0 personally, I know the true meaning of Empowered 5.0 is: Emotionally, mentally, & physically operating wonderfully even if rejected, ignored & in a disappointing situation. And 5.0 means learning to tune in with all the 5 elements within myself with 0 (zero) expectations & emotions.

Yes, it was indeed the most powerful Empowered program attended in person as I was not at all in the mind frame of attending personally. A couple of times, I said no to my wife, Alpa and my friend, Mahesh, that I was not going to Serbia as I had just returned from India after two and half months of stay there!

But we all know, Mohanji pulls the strings in HIS unique way, which we will never come to know. So one day, during the morning prayers & rituals, the matter went from mind to heart and tickets were booked to Serbia even before registering for the program. 

Serbia is one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkan region, especially after receiving Mohanji’s blessings & empowered by Devi Mohanji’s divine energy. It was a beautiful feeling as soon as I landed there and felt a warm welcome by my Brother – Nemanja, at the airport and then the heartiest welcome by Serbian and Balkan team volunteers at the hotel reception. Thank you, Team! 

And that moment came when Mohanji entered the hall. Suddenly the entire energy of the hall changed with full of love & devotion from more than 200 participants. Everyone stood up, looking at Mohanji with deep gratitude. Personally, tears of joy, love & devotion started flowing down my cheeks! I was near the entrance door, and Mohanji just glanced towards me, and he was so full of love that I started melting right away.

Then the time came to receive a goody bag from Mohanji. I was walking towards the stage with my heart beating faster & faster. Mohanji looked at me and said, “Acharya, good to see you, Acharya.” I could speak only three words, “Thank you, Father.” I wanted to ask him that – from how many people and how much pain you took Deva from that accident. But I could not, and I just took my goody bag and returned to my chair. 

Here I would like to share my experience on Oct 7th, 2022, on the day Mohanji “faced” a car accident. It was morning here in Toronto, Canada. I was at work performing Process Instruments Calibration. Suddenly I experienced chest pain! My BP went up. I was so confused, and I could not understand what was happening. I was experiencing breathing problems too! I was totally blanked out! I stopped work and stood aside. It lasted for a few minutes, and then I became normal, as if nothing had happened. I continued the work. Probably many of us came to know during the Global Volunteer Meet when Mohanji himself informed us about the car accident on Oct 7th, 2022. 

Back to Empowered 5.0…. Mohanji explained the significance of Empowered 5.0 in a simple but very effective way. From the next day, we started meditating with a blindfold. Being a devotional person, I had a vision of Lord Ganesha in purple colours the very first day. I also smelled the jasmine fragrance while I felt was Lord Krishna with Radha. At one point, I could feel Mohanji come near me as I felt the breeze of HIS presence with HIS divine perfume fragrance. I also suddenly experienced Shirdi Baba’s presence, and my eyes started flowing continuously for more than 5 minutes. Indeed, it was a transformative program.

I am writing this after 15 days, and I feel that Mohanji broke one of my biggest hurdles in the path of Liberation, which I have been going through for a long time. It’s a huge blessing that after Empowered 5.0, I also moved very close to following Vegan food habits. It’s again a grace received through attending Empowered 5.0 in person. 

Last but not least, I must say amazing teamwork by all the Balkan volunteers and Serbian team. They all expressed an immense amount of love and care every moment. I offer my deepest gratitude to all of them, but especially to my friends Nemanja and Monika.

Thank you….The journey continues towards the Dhuni (sacred fire) of Dwarikamai….


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A new voice!

By Natalija Mejandzieva

On the last day of Empowered 5, Mohanji was finishing up with a final satsang. It was quite a long one. He was, as always, giving love unconditionally, focusing his time on us completely. 

“Consciousness is experiencing life on earth through me” – this rang in my head. I resonated with this very much, and I could honestly feel it after intensely working on the silence inside for the past couple of days as I experienced earlier that my emotions are here, they are happening, and they will go again. I saw this drama that the mind creates based on emotions. I felt so much lighter and was so grateful that I was aware of it. 

After the satsang, Mohanji got up from the chair he was sitting on and continued to walk towards the exit door. As always, there was a river of people who wanted to hug him. It was an unusually big number of people, so I stayed aside. I went a little closer, but still far behind people, just to watch and observe him. I stood there for a little while when he noticed me and called me himself. He asked: “Don’t you want a hug?” I was thrilled and said “Yes!” like a little girl. I hopped towards him and slipped into the hug. He then asked me, “Are you singing?” I said that I was. Then he touched my throat, gently squeezed it and said to me, “You should sing more.” I felt so grateful for the opportunity he gave me. I felt happy and fulfilled.

It was the next day I had a glimpse of what he actually did. That was the day when Jelena and I were supposed to record our vocals for the ACT Foundation song. We had a great day together, did some vocal exercises and went to the studio. She recorded first, and while this was happening, I wasn’t in the studio. When I came back, I started to sing, and somehow everything felt so nice and flowed easily. You have to know that the voice is not always ready and, in different periods, needs more or less preparation. It can sound different throughout the day. 

The recording process was so easy for me. Usually, when I go to record in a studio, I don’t like my voice. But this time, there was something different happening within me. After the first try, the producer turned and said to me, “You made it in only one try. And your voice sounds so nice!” I felt good after this, but at the same time, I was humble as always and said let’s try again. We recorded a few times, and I felt like I wanted to sing more because my voice was more open than before. I was thinking about why it was so easy to connect with my voice and find the right way to sing. I visualized myself having some different connection with it. I felt like I am amazing!

The same day, new pictures from the retreat came up on the official Mohanji Facebook page. I scrolled them down fast, and I found myself in one of the last pictures. It was the moment when he touched my throat. This was the sign. The moment was even photographed. It was so clear.

A few days after that, I got a chance to see Mohanji, and I told him about this feeling. Then he confirmed – “Yes, I gave you a new voice”. That is what he actually said! I was mind blown. He is inspiring and blessing me to walk towards the thing I love to do the most. I have sung so many times for the past few years but rarely felt this love and expression. And he even gets me closer to actually feeling it more. The thing I was not so good at was suppressing everything, and when the right feeling came, I couldn’t recognize it. 

So much gratitude and love I have for my Master. He is walking with me always, every step of the way. I am so lucky to be found. How lucky I feel to walk with Mohanji?

I know that there are a lot of things that are about to happen, and I am open to experiencing them.

Thank you for connecting me with Jelena. She is an amazing person and definitely is getting me out of every comfort zone ever! We are totally different, but we both feel there is a connection that has a higher purpose. Thank you so much for everything you are doing. The things I am aware of and the things I am unaware of.

I love you, your Musician!


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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Taste of Silence, Body on Standby

by Biljana Vozarevic

Experience during Empowered 5.0 at Zlatibor, Serbia, October 2022

This has been the most intense spiritual practice I have ever had. As we already had thorough preparation in theory and practice, we could immediately get down to the next level to taste a bit of inner silence.

“In the depth of silence, you will see me.”  


Through the Mohanji team, a card welcomed us into our rooms, conveying a message filled with tremendous love: 

“Dear master in the making, welcome to your cave
during the Empowered 5.0 experience.
As you detach from the outside world of
impressions, sensations, distractions, 
you will have an opportunity to dive deeper
into your inner world. Follow the SILENCE within,
and it will lead you to meet your TRUE SELF.
Mohanji will be with you every step of the way
as you enter into your safe space WITHIN.
Welcome, dear Master, your journey awaits you.”

Details make a difference, and I was really touched by this message.

It was going out of our comfort zone ultimately, with reduced external triggers, reduced movements and mild vegan food. Everything was conducive to going within, penetrating into oneself. 

Mohanji was preparing us well. He said, “Don’t eat unless you have to, don’t drink unless you have to, don’t sleep unless you have to.”

Along with Mohanji’s guidance, the Group Mai-Tri sessions conducted by Devi Mohan helped release emotions and tons of impressions. It was immensely powerful, and I felt more open and well-prepared to go into deeper sadhana. Through this process, I went into an ecstatic state while tears were rolling down, and I felt my heart expand larger than the hall. 

I meditated and relaxed a lot. I felt well-rested and caught up with the missed sleep due to my busy lifestyle.

I felt as if Mohanji had filled in special energy in the hall conducive to meditation and penetrating within. It felt like the energy of the cosmos, galaxies and intergalactic space, so the meditative state would not disappear. It stayed persistently throughout the whole program.

I have been on water therapy every morning since I became an Acharya in January 2019, and I know what it means. That morning I drank seven glasses, about 1.5 litres of coherent water (Analema or Somarka), and after a while, a small breakfast. But miraculously, despite drinking so much water, I didn’t have any call of nature. I challenged myself to stay as long as possible, even until the end! It is 7.5 hours. I persisted without much effort; it only required a bit of effort towards the end.

I noticed some patterns in my thought process. The pattern was to continue some discussions that had happened earlier and where I felt I had more to say.

I noticed that when I focused on the practice, Mohanji had advised us to do, I didn’t feel my body but just a pleasant flow of energy. The focus was nourishing. But when I started thinking and talking in my head, observing thought patterns and pictures appearing one after another, I would start feeling discomfort in my body. I would refocus and continue. 

At one moment, I felt I needed to get up and go for a toilet break. I felt I would disappoint myself by not completing my challenge. I thought, let me break earlier, and I will try some other day. When I went out, I was curious. I recognised I have the inclination to overcome boundaries. Now this inclination came out and expressed itself. I signalled to the lady at the reception, pointing at my left wrist. She understood I was asking about the time. She showed me the clock. It was 17:04! Precisely the end of the day. On the way back to the hall, I heard Nikolina announcing the end of that day’s sadhana and the schedule for the next day. 

I was so overwhelmed and grateful. Tears of gratitude started rolling down my cheeks. I bowed down to the vastness called Mohanji at his chair and sobbed a bit in gratitude mixed with a feeling of accomplishment. “Mohanji, you did it! Thank you so much for giving me this experience!” No need for food, water, toilet even though I had drunk 1.5 l of water that morning. The whole body was like on standby for 7.5 hours. I had never experienced anything like that state before. 

Now, after the whole program, I feel rejuvenated, fresh and light, full of energy. I feel empowered. I tasted a bit of silence and am determined to continue with the lifestyle conducive to finding inner silence, as much as my commitments allow. I experienced how much power we have over our bodies. When we enter a particular energy zone, we let the whole body be on standby. Similarly, when we force detachment, it doesn’t happen. 

But the more I connect to consciousness and are tuned to the energy aspect, a subtle aspect, then detachment happens by itself. 

I believe my ability to avoid attracting desires also has increased. When I tasted silence, my desires became directed to that – coming home to eternal silence. 

I also experienced that I am not this body. I felt that I am the merger of physical and metaphysical, gross and subtle.

Finally, by tasting the silence, a tremendous feeling of self-sufficiency increased. I didn’t go through any crises caused by the deprivation of external stimuli. I had a sense of well-being without needing anything external, leading to a liberated existence.

I am incredibly grateful to Mohanji for this opportunity and humbled by the experience, transformed as a tiny dot in the whole universe, showered by and filled with omnipresent, inexhaustible, omnipotent love.  


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Pain and Suffering – Part 3

Ivana Kalinic, senior MTM practitioner

The day when Mohanji’s accident happened, I was on the phone with Barbara, and we were talking about how we both felt that something huge was going on, negative. We didn’t know what exactly. And at that point, Milica called me, and she told me to do a session for Father (Mohanji) urgently and that she would let me know what was happening. I was not worried at all; I was very focused and stable. I immediately sat and tapped into the situation.

I first saw Father, and huge, black energy, like a balloon, hit him strongly in the chest area. I saw that the intensity of the hit was so hard that it caused hard pressure. As his blood pressure increased immediately to a very high point, his ears started to buzz, and his arms were completely numb. And at that point, I didn’t know that he had a car accident and that the airbag opened up, so I was witnessing this part.

I could see his legs were also very numb, especially from the knees down; it looked like energy had started to withdraw from the body. That is when I received the message from Milica that they had a car accident, a head-on collision, and that Father was injured by the airbag, which opened and caused a severe hit in the chest.

Simultaneously on an astral level, so many things happened at once. Some of the things I will not share it is irrelevant to this story – it’s about the personal stories of many family members, which he took over at that time.

One scene that I saw was very important. I saw all the saints from our Tradition, various saints. I recognised some of them, and some were unknown to me. I could clearly say that they never incarnated on Earth. And they were all gathered around Mohanji, around his physical body. Only Shirdi Baba stood next to him; they were all very quiet and occupied. They didn’t even notice me; they didn’t even look at me. I was standing and observing. And they were all either praying or chanting; some were performing fire ceremonies. To me, it looked more like a ritual than some healing process.

I found it strange. I thought to myself that they were kind of passive, not actively healing his body. I felt something strange about that. Probably at that time, I was not ready to understand it, to comprehend it. I could see that, of course, in his true form, Mohanji was glowing in golden light. He was very well; he was smiling. He was not affected at all; his physical body was there.

At some point, they took him somewhere, and they didn’t allow me to come. I didn’t know what was happening. Meanwhile, Milica told me that it is a secret and not to share it with anyone, that only Preeti Duggal, Devi and me know what happened, and that he was not in the hospital. Hearing that he’s not in the hospital gave me additional confidence that all is well. That is when I closed up this process for that time.

In the morning, they went to the hospital. I knew Father was in pain, but even then, I didn’t realise the seriousness of the situation because the day before, I sent him a message, and at some point, he responded to that message. It was not related to the car accident; it was before the accident. He was basically responding to me from the hospital, which happened a few days back. I thought, “Okay, he’s responding to messages; let me directly check how he is.” He told me that he was having pain in the chest and heart, but he didn’t take any painkillers because he didn’t want to become numb and not understand whether the pain increased or decreased. 

But, even from the hospital, he was working, responding to messages, etc. That is when he also told me that the heart had a concussion and that the doctors were finding it serious, and they wanted to admit him to the hospital. Still, I could not relate to the seriousness of the situation because he looked completely fine in the sense that he was not panicking; he was not creating any drama. Of course, we know he never does that, but without that, it was hard to understand the seriousness of the situation in those circumstances.

When he mentioned the heart and the doctor’s diagnosis, I asked him, “Can we from the MTM group do a session for you for that situation?” He said, “Yes, but only work on the physical body. If I’m being recalled, do not touch that. And that is when I understood the actual seriousness of the situation. I started to panic. I remembered the scene I saw with the saints all together around them; I understood that it was a ritual of transition for exiting the body. Those rituals were for that purpose, not to heal his physical body. That is when I freaked out. I sat again to tap into this situation. I knew he said not to touch anything else, only to work on the physical body.

Then I understood and thought, “Oh my God, if they recall him, they’re not going to listen to us, and we are not allowed to interfere.” I thought maybe if we pray, that is how we can affect the situation. So I contacted the other members of the MTM group, and I asked them to all get together and witness what was happening and to pray. I thought they would not listen to me, but if more of us pray that he stays, perhaps they will be compassionate about this. Suddenly, some of these saints seemed so strict to me. I thought there would be no negotiation about it when they made their decision. That is when reality actually hit me. I understood what he meant when he said that his body belongs to the Tradition. Once they decide to recall him, it is going to happen. I mean, we cannot do anything about it. I felt totally helpless in that situation.

That is when I understood how selfish I am to think about myself in that situation, whether I am ready or not for his leaving. I could see that the entire Tradition was not really happy about how we treated Mohanji. I started to feel sad about how much we take his presence on Earth for granted. I mean, having a saint of such stature who can sit anywhere else in the universe and be of help and in service, and he’s sitting with us, and we are taking his time for granted, we are taking his presence for granted.

While witnessing that, I was still on the messages with him. I shared the feeling, and he sent me a heart. I was thinking again about how selfish I am. He was in ICU, waiting for the examination of his heart, and he was comforting me about the possibility of losing him. I mean, what a paradox.

When I saw his physical body during the session, in the second part, I saw that the heart was swollen, and one of the arteries had some leakage. And I could see that it is very seriously possible to have a fatal outcome. Again, I saw the saints sitting around. Some negotiation happened. I couldn’t understand everything, but I understood that some suggested that he leaves, and some suggested staying. Later on, Mohanji explained that some of them offered him to take another birth and live a short life, like up to 30 years and then exit.

Even in the first session the previous evening, I could see that they took him somewhere; I couldn’t see where, but he was happy. They allowed the heart issue to stay so they could call him back at any time.

The next day, when I looked at the situation again, when negotiations were happening, I could see that the possibility of him leaving was still open. So that is when I started to pray and pray more, and the MTM group prayed for him. At some point, I saw all of them leaving, and Mohanji’s physical form remained there.

At the same time, simultaneously, we were on messages. I told him that they all left and, “It seems like you’re stuck with us.” And that message didn’t reach him. WhatsApp said that it was sent but not received. That is when my mind started to get more and more active. I thought of the story he told us so many times about the guru whose disciples took him for granted, and at some point, he left his body. When he was on the way to the hospital, the Guru was still speaking to all the nurses and his disciples who were there. When they came to the hospital, they said he had died an hour ago. His last lesson for his disciples was proof of his stature, where he talked to them while he was dead.

That is when my mind started to think, “Oh, my God, what if he is actually dead, and he’s messaging me?” Because I knew anything was possible. I was restless until he received my message. I said, “Okay, luckily, we got out of it this time, but this can happen at any point.”

A few days after that, when Mohanji came to Novi Sad, I visited him with Barbara and Monika. He was so calm and happy as always. He was not affected by the situation at all. The second time when I did this session, I could physically feel his pain, the pressure on the chest area. Even now, whenever I talk about him in that sense, I can feel this pressure and pain. I’m amazed how he was not affected, not even a little.

When he was in the hospital, my mother asked me how I was and whether I was well. I realised I had completely forgotten that the previous day when he had an accident, during the day, not in the evening, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my heart, and I could not breathe for a few minutes, and my arms were totally numb. Only when she asked me how I was I understood that it was kind of a premonition where I could feel that something was going to happen. But I totally forgot. 

When I saw him in Novi Sad, Mohanji told me, “People who are deeply connected would feel when I’m leaving.” Then I also remembered that 4-5 years back, I saw the vision of him leaving the body in 2022. I know that we got out of it this time. We had the grace from the Tradition that he stays a bit longer, but I’m also fully aware that they can withdraw him at any time. When we spoke, I told him that we were not ready for his leaving, and he said, “What not ready? Circumstances make you ready. Whatever happens to my physical body, do not slow down, and do not stop the work. Just keep going, keep doing your work.”

I understood how much I was attached to his physical form even though I communicate with him telepathically mostly. Even though I know that he will be even more accessible to us when he leaves the body, I can still feel the sorrow regarding his leaving. I hope that we will all take this as a wake-up call, as a warning that he might leave without further announcement, and that we need to take his presence on Earth with deep gratitude.

I now understand that every breath that we take is a blessing. But every breath we take, having Mohanji around physically, is a pure grace of Tradition. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to walk with him, contribute to the platforms he established, and witness what he does for the entire world.

Even during this situation, he had tremendous physical pain but no suffering. And he had no distractions during pain. He was constantly working like nothing ever happened. And that is a true inspiration for me, always to see how selfless he is, how he constantly serves, without any expectations, without a need for gratification and for applause, just selflessly serving this world, as long as he lives. I really hope that he will stay with us long, but if he decides to leave or the Tradition decides to withdraw him, I am ever grateful to have this opportunity to be in his life. I also know that his mission and work will continue through all of us, and he will be available and guiding us even then.

Pain and Suffering – Part 1

Pain and Suffering – Part 2


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Pain and suffering – Part 2

Dear friends, this is the continuation of the previous part, “Pain and suffering“, by the closest witnesses of Mohanji’s recent car accident and the learnings behind that.

Milica Miskovic, personal assistant to Mohanji

1. Moral of the story

I will share my experience of that terrible day. I was there in the car when the accident with Mohanji and the group happened. I was sitting in the back seat. The next day, I was with Mohanji in the hospital. It was an unbelievably shaky moment for all of us, a frightening experience.

The accident happened; it was a head-on collision. The cars collided, but our vehicle was slightly turned to one side. That’s why the most impact was on Mohanji.

He was seated at the front adjacent to the driver, his seat leaning slightly backwards in a comfortable position; his body was not erect. He was partially sleeping, in a half-lying position. That meant the head was not in the front. One airbag came in front of him, the other one on the side. His head was saved, and other parts were saved. The hit was completely on the chest. He had tremendous pain in his chest. The doctor later said that usually, if that kind of impact happens on the chest, the heart stops immediately. Instant death happens.

He survived. It was his rebirth.

After the hit, he was holding his hand on his chest and was struggling to breathe. Yet, Mohanji did not display any shock or turbulence. He chokingly asked us, “Are you all okay?” We recognized his voice was choking. He could hardly speak, and was holding his chest. We told him we were okay. He turned to Christopher and told him to take care of the people in the other car. He opened the door and got out of the vehicle. 

Christopher went and offered water to the passengers of the other car. It was an old couple. Mohanji also walked towards the other car and made sure that the old couple was okay. Then he slowly walked towards the walkway on the other side of the road and stood there.

Meanwhile, Paula and I got out of the car and checked if Mohanji was okay. He nodded he was alright, even though he was holding his chest and he was breathing with difficulty. We gave him some water. He still had pain and difficulty breathing for some time. He didn’t talk about it. There was steam coming from the front side of our car. He just told us to take out all the bags from the car and bring them to the walkway. Because of our dizzy brains, we kept the bags just outside of the car on the road, and then Mohanji said, “Bring them to the walkway.” We were also totally dazed by the shock of the accident. We didn’t catch his instructions the first time. We placed the bags on the side of the road where Mohanji was standing.

Meanwhile, Christopher was attending to the people in the other car. The next thing Mohanji told us to do was to take pictures. Christopher and I took pictures of the car from various angles. Meanwhile, Paula and Christopher called the police to come and inspect. Christopher asked Mohanji if he would like to go home. The accident happened only 1km away from the house. Christopher said we could ask Jelena Fassbender to pick up Mohanji and the bags. Mohanji agreed, and Christopher called Jelena, who came in 5 minutes. Mohanji and I left with Jelena to the house. Christopher and Paula waited for the police to come to do the formalities.

The moral here was — it doesn’t matter when or what happens, but you should always maintain your presence of mind. You should be practical and do what it takes without getting emotional, angry or upset about it. And never blame someone in such times and eclipse your practical mind. Mohanji was doing things normally, as if nothing had happened. No time was left for emotions. His instruction was to get moving.

2. Full picture and learning points

For a full picture and a complete understanding of the situation, I will take you through what happened before the accident—a rewind. Mohanji, Devi, Mila and myself – Milica arrived from Dubai to Ljubljana by aeroplane on October 7th. Madhu described that in part 1. Devi and Mila took a car from the airport to Italy. Christopher and Paula received Mohanji and me at the airport. From the airport, the four of us went to meet some visiting friends in Ljubljana. It was around 5:00 – 5:30 pm. We had some food together. It was the only food Mohanji ate until the next evening, after the accident. 

After the accident, when we got home. Mohanji lay down and began resting. He decided not to go to the hospital at night. He wanted to come in the morning so that he didn’t have to sleep in the hospital and wait for the morning check-ups.

Early in the morning, Mohanji, Paula and I went to the emergency. Jelena and Christopher were at home. Christopher was also hit, so he was resting. He had planned to go to the hospital later. The doctors asked what had happened, and Mohanji explained. They asked if he remembered the whole thing clearly to know if his head was hit and if he had lost his memory. If that were the case, it would have meant a head injury. Mohanji fully recounted the whole sequence, so they confirmed the head was okay.

Mohanji was completely calm, talking to the doctors and us as if nothing had happened. That bit of pain that he described was not a bit at all. The doctor explained to us what happened to him and how scary the situation was, that his heart could have stopped. When I asked him if he was in pain, he said, “Of course, there is pain. It is a physical pain. But I choose not to suffer.”

They took his blood and did ECG. Doctors said they found something in the heart and decided they needed to proceed with the investigation. That’s when they took him for an X-ray. At the X-ray, they said there was some problem with the chest even though there were no fractures. 

Doctors came to talk to us, and they first said they had bad news to tell us. They had said his heart condition was critical because his heart was squeezed when the accident happened, and an enzyme secretion was happening continuously. And that anything could happen from now on and that they needed to keep Mohanji under observation.

They took him for a CT scan. When the results came, they said their assessment was correct; he needed to stay in observation. They admitted him to the critical cardiac care unit (CCCU) and kept him under observation until evening.

We came back with clothes and food for him at around 4 pm. Mohanji hadn’t eaten anything for about 20-22 hours. He asked us to talk to the doctors and check if he could leave for home. He preferred not to be in the cardiac care unit. We discussed it with doctors, and they told us that he shouldn’t leave and required Mohanji to be under observation and treatment for almost two weeks. Only if he signs that he is leaving at his own risk can they let him go. Mohanji decided to leave, signing the papers for which he was responsible.

Mohanji appreciated the staff very much. He said the hospital was very good, doctors and nurses were very good. They really took care. His decision to go was because the cardiac care unit was full of pains and cries, so he preferred to rest at home instead. That’s one reason.

Secondly, after Slovenia, there was a trip to Zlatibor, Serbia, already planned. If he had accepted their advice to stay there for two or three weeks, he would have missed the programs already announced, including Empowered 5. This means he put his responsibility before his life. He always does that. He cares for his commitment more than his life.

A few points I took from this experience are:

1 Seriousness of the situation. One doctor stated that Mohanji’s accident was very severe. He said an impact as strong as Mohanji experienced leaves a person dead on the spot. For Mohanji, this is a kind of rebirth.

2 Physical pain but no suffering. When doctors checked the examination results, they told Mohanji that he must be having tremendous pain because nothing was visible on his face. Mohanji was behaving as if nothing had happened at all. When doctors asked him about the severe pain, he confirmed he did. They were confused why it wasn’t visible on his face and asked about it. He said, “Pain is in my body. I choose not to be affected.” He separated himself from the body. Usually, a person in that kind of pain would cry and ask for help, as we were seeing in the critical care ward. He refused to take painkillers too, and his face was still cool. They were surprised. He was talking to them as he generally speaks.

3 Humility. He was completely calm sitting in the emergency room with all the other patients. When he gave his arm to the nurse to take blood, the nurse couldn’t find his vein. They tried the other arm, and they still couldn’t find it. They kept piercing the arms to find the vein to extract blood. I started to feel panic thinking how many times, at many places, they pierced his arms. I looked at his face, and it was completely cool. He was allowing everything to happen—total acceptance. No matter how uncomfortable, every situation can be handled with humility and acceptance. This was his message.

4 No fear. He didn’t say anything when they told him they had bad news. He obviously didn’t feel anything, even though I was deeply concerned. It was almost like, “If I have to go, I’ll go, without any fear or regret,” even though he didn’t utter it verbally. His lack of panic or fear and the constant smile surprised the doctors. They thought he would be upset or worried. I was there witnessing this.

5 Signs of leaving. When doctors told him about the bad news and put him in the critical category, they decided Mohanji shouldn’t walk anymore. Until then, he was walking. During the examination, he was allowed to walk. When they found out the real impact of the accident, they said he was in critical condition and should not walk anymore. In between all this, he was replying to people’s messages. He was discussing many things with many people over WhatsApp. While waiting for the X-ray, he was texting Madhu, which we already described in the previous part of this blog. 

He was finishing everything and texting in a very concluding tone as if he was preparing to leave. It was as if he was in between life and death. He wished a happy birthday to one of our core team members, Barbara, and replied to even the silliest messages, as well as some small domestic emotional complaints from some people or a blessing for surgery or prayer for protection in general. He completed the incomplete so that everything was done as if preparing to exit. Even though he replied to people, he didn’t tell anybody about the accident or his condition, except Madhu. The instructions he gave Madhu were about continuing his mission on Earth.

6 Acceptance. In one moment, he had a small feeling of botheration. He wanted to go to the toilet, but doctors wouldn’t let him go without a wheelchair. I felt he saw this small space between the bed and the toilet as insignificant. He wanted to walk to avoid making a big deal out of it, but they insisted that his condition was critical. That is when I felt he was a little annoyed, but in reality, he had no annoyance. Nothing ever annoys him. 

Whenever he was out of the CCCU, and in between the check-ups, he replied to people’s messages. He had his phone with him all the time, but he wasn’t allowed to use it in CCCU and during examinations. In between, he was replying, respecting and using every bit of time on Earth. After being annoyed for a second about doctors (even though he never articulated it verbally, it just reflected on his face for a brief moment) insisting on using the wheelchair, he accepted the situation. He immediately understood these doctors were just doing their job, and he went by their suggestion.

7 Focus on purpose. We had just come from the hospital to home in the evening. He was sitting on his chair, and the first thing he did was discuss matters of the Center of Benevolence which is very close to his heart. He was discussing it with the UK team members who were visiting Slovenia. He also discussed the next songs with Jelena Fassbender; he was giving instructions. We were all kind of amazed. He was obviously in a lot of pain, having refused painkillers. He had just survived; he was still technically in critical condition. He was supposed to be in the hospital under observation in CCCU. He had signed himself out at his own risk. Even though he was in a lot of pain, nothing got affected at all. Nothing stopped.

8 Responsibility before life. He accepted the trip to Zlatibor even though his pain hadn’t reduced for many days after the accident. His one promise is worth a thousand promises. It was literally dangerous to fly with him to Serbia in his condition. But he smiled, laughed and made it look like nothing.

9 Compassion. Instead of thinking about himself, he took extra care of us too. He made sure people in the other car were safe. Secondly, he empowered us to try to be as stable as possible. I was in shock, sadness, and fear, but next to him, I was empowered to go through all that. He didn’t allow emotions to tear us up because there was still so much to do. He allowed no sympathy or entertained any self-pity.

After the accident, many characteristics of Mohanji changed. I noticed his habits were different, and his eating inclinations changed. He is much quieter, and his answers to people’s questions in satsangs appear shorter than usual. The whole feel of being around Mohanji is different. Quieter and somehow far more intense and powerful. When he eats, it feels like he is eating only to maintain his body. It was the case even before, but it is much more evident now. He was conscious of his expenses and requirements earlier; now, that has also become quite minimal. He has become quite aloof and detached.

Being an eyewitness to all this, I felt like sharing these points. Nobody expected this to happen, but it gave us a deeper understanding of many things in life and how Mohanji handles it. We have plenty of things to read and understand from this. Above all, it was a warning bell, a reminder of gratitude because we don’t know when Mohanji will leave this world.

I believe that we have taken his presence for granted. We have taken him lightly. I travelled with him to many parts of the world and saw how much he works. In hindsight, I feel that his time, efforts, intentions and commitment are all not understood or taken for granted. This is a time to introspect. Mohanji has always talked about our spaces at every location, where he can invest his energy to stabilize the spaces and the people. If he had left on October 7th, which according to the doctors was very likely, as they said it’s a miracle that he had survived, all the times we took him for granted would have become deep regrets in our hearts forever which cannot be compensated with any further action. He may work equally or more non-physically, but it’s still not the same as his feet touching a land dedicated to the mission. It’s not the same.


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A visit to Pashupatinath

by Ulla Bernholdt

Visiting Pashupatinath in Kathmandu leaves you in awe.  

It is a high-frequency energy centre where life and death, the past and the present meet, and miracles happen.

I would like to share with you an experience of how the grace of Mohanji saved me from taking another birth.

We often hear Mohanji say that people who are connected to a true Master can feel a certain intensity in their lives because the Master is reducing the number of lifetimes. What was supposed to be experienced over many lives gets reduced to only a few but more intense lives. 

Mohanji teaches us that a strong emotion connected to an experience leaves an imprint on us, which calls for us to take another incarnation for the fulfilment of a desire. 

In January 2022, my dear friend Gurudatta and I went to Nepal to do Annadan. In Kathmandu, we visited the Pashupatinath temple area, which is a huge temple complex. It has 492 temples and ashrams and also serves as a cremation ground on the ghats of the Bagmati River.  

Pashupatinath is considered one of the most sacred Hindu temples of Nepal dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the 13th Jyotirlinga, and people would come from the whole Indian continent and beyond to visit and worship the ‘Lord of the Creatures’. 

When I arrived, I felt a deep desire to enter the main temple despite not knowing anything about the place. But I couldn’t fulfil the urge; I was denied access because Pashupati’s main temple is strictly prohibited for foreigners. You must have a certificate to prove your Hindu status if you look like a foreigner.

So, an armed police officer stopped me at the entrance asking if I was a Hindu. I am not religious in a traditional way. Still, the Hindu philosophy, following Sanatana Dharma principles and the liberation aspect of Hinduism is what come the closest to my own understanding and my experiences. This is why I told the guard I am a Hindu. But there was no way I could convince him, having a white complexion and no written proof. “You must go and talk with the people at the Sanskrit office”, he said, “they will explain.”

In the office, they said I had to be not only a Hindu but a Hindu by birth. Then they gave some examples of celebrities who had been denied access, such as Sonia Gandhi, the wife of the then Indian Prime Minister. 

The officer then told me that there was only one way I could attain eligibility to enter the main temple. That would be if my desire was strong enough so that I would be born again as a Hindu in Pashupatinath.

I was very disappointed, and inside I was crying because I could not enter the temple. At that point in time, even I could not understand myself. Where did this deep craving come from to visit a temple I had never heard of before?

Outside, youngsters were recording TikTok videos with the temple as a backdrop. Still feeling sad, I tried to see the positive side of the situation and concluded that I was indeed blessed to be born a westerner. Now, I have the capacity to travel to Nepal, do service and represent our Tradition. What if I were born again in Pashupatinath and I only cared about taking selfies like those young people? 

Nothing is given to us just by taking another birth at Pashupatinath; what if my level of awareness would be lesser, and I would forget my purpose? Indeed, we cannot be sure of getting the same beneficial circumstances that would make us crave for God and realisation. I do not wish to take an additional lifetime to go to one temple. And besides that, Shiva is omnipresent, so I don’t need to look for him in a temple! 

All these things I would try to convince myself. But the fact is after six months had passed, I still carried a very strong craving to visit the main Pashupatinath temple. Even though I knew it was impossible, I still hoped that someday I could enter. Every time I thought of the place, I would become very emotional, yearning to go there. 

I now went to Nepal a second time, and though I knew it would take a miracle for me to enter Pashupatinath, I could not give up my strong desire to enter the inner court and at least touch the temple. 

One day, I went to the temple market to purchase rudraksha malas and some gifts for my friends. Without even having planned it, I was drawn to the main gate of the temple, where an armed police officer was on guard. Spontaneously I approached him, thinking that I could at least try to enter.  

Again, I was asked to prove my status as a Hindu. “Where is your Hindu card?” The guard asked. Of course, I did not have such a card, but it came to my mind to show him the only cards I had; my Acharya visiting card and a Mohanji card. After an explanation about my connection to Mohanji, he accepted, and I was granted access to go through the first gate! 

I was stunned, thinking that only Mohanji could open the sealed doors for me. Confident that Mohanji could grant me access, I approached the next checkpoint. 

At the final gate, the procedure was the same. Again I was accepted by showing Mohanji’s photo on the card as an admission ticket!

Now finally, I could enter the courtyard and touch the temple! It was such an overwhelmingly happy experience to me, so fulfilling. The temple was not open, so I decided I would do three rounds of circumambulation, and I prostrated at every doorstep. At the end of the 3rd round, the big boss policeman came and threw me out of the premises saying foreigners were not allowed. I could do nothing about it, but I was feeling so happy now my mission was accomplished. 

This experience shows that Mohanji and his blessings are always with us and can take away any blockage in our life if we are eligible. We don’t know if we are eligible before we try. Mohanji knows what prevents us from going forward, and he does everything possible to fulfil our desires in this life to save us from taking additional births. He never postpones; he does his job even if it takes a miracle for us to reach completion.

Just as I end this story, I found an article in the Speaking Tree regarding visiting Pashupatinath:

The temple is one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams (Holy Abodes of Shiva) on the continent. In the past times, only born Hindus were allowed to enter the temple. Others could look at it from the other side of the river. However, the norms have been relaxed due to many incidents. If the individual is destined, they take and complete the journey to reach these footsteps without any resistance or obstructions along the way, under Rudra’s loving grace. It is the final stage of harsh penance. Thus, the slave (pasu – the human condition) becomes the Master (pati – the divine condition).


I offer my sincere gratitude to my Master Mohanji, who is the epitome of compassion and unconditional love. May I grow to be as selfless as you, dear Mohanji and serve the world! 


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Pain and suffering – Part 1

Dear friends, regarding Mohanji’s car accident that happened on Friday, Oct 7 2022, in Slovenia, on their way from Ljubljana airport to Sveta Ana, we dedicate this blog to the learnings and observations connected to it from a few direct witnesses. We will hear from Christopher and Milica, who traveled with Mohanji in the car, Madhusudan, who had close communication with Mohanji post the accident, and so on.

As those who are connected to Mohanji and consider him our family, we don’t think much about when the time will come for him to leave. Somewhere deep down, we refuse to believe this will ever happen. But death is an inevitability. All that is born will die. Mohanji’s consciousness was never born and can never die too.

“The life of avatars are usually understood only after they leave the body.” – Mohanji

Christopher Greenwood, executive assistant to Mohanji

As everyone must know, we had a car accident with Mohanji on Oct 7, 2022, in Slovenia. The accident itself was quite intense. We were probably about three minutes from home in Sveta Ana when we encountered a head-on collision.

What I can remember is it almost appeared as if it was from nowhere. It seemed like a scene had been cut and started again at a different place. And the crash was happening. When it happened, there was a loud bang. I remember my ears popped, followed by a tinnitus sound, and I hit my head. When I saw what happened, all the airbags, and all the dust that I felt in my lungs, I heard someone screaming in the back.

First, I looked at Mohanji. He was shocked, holding his chest. He was okay, breathing. I asked if he was alright. He said he was. I looked behind to see if everyone else was okay. There were Paula and Milica together in the car. And at that time, I didn’t think of anything else other than getting out and seeing the car. I quickly jumped out and ran. I went to open the door to see the other driver. He and the passengers were okay. The lady was holding her chest, but everyone was okay. I went back to our car. Mohanji opened the door and came out. He stood on the side of the road, and I noticed I had a burn on my hand.

Everything happened pretty quickly. The impact was big, but everyone was out of the car within a few seconds. It felt surreal. Somebody called the police. I asked Mohanji if we should get Jelena to come in and pick him up. He agreed. He had some pain in his chest and shoulder.

He and Milica collected the bags and went away. I stayed and sorted everything out with the police. When all this finished and the car was taken away, I got back home when the statements were taken. I found out that Mohanji was sleeping, and the people had been doing Mai-Tri on him.

I was pretty shocked. Being in a car crash is one thing, but being in a car crash with Mohanji, who’s pretty important to the world, in fact, very, very important to the world, was a massive shock. I just couldn’t believe it had happened. So, obviously, you take some of that responsibility on yourself. It was quite a weight. Mohanji was asleep, so I didn’t get a chance to speak to him.

Pretty soon, people who had been doing healing on Mohanji called me. I think it was Preeti who called first. She told me not to worry about anything, that everything was going to be okay, and that this was meant to happen. As discovered, the reasons for the accident were bigger. Someone said it was a combination of many things, attacks on our people and situations of crisis in the world, which Mohanji took as a hit on himself.

For me, this was quite a hard thing to accept. The fact that it was for a reason sounded nice, but the car crashed, and I was physically seeing what was happening, and now Mohanji was in bed. It was quite a challenge to accept that. Ivana Kalinic had also called me. She had done an MTM session for Mohanji. She told me not to worry and that I didn’t need to take any guilt for what happened, but it was still heavy on me.

Everything had finished, and we went to sleep. The next day, Mohanji went to the hospital to get checked. He told me to stay and rest. I was waiting, speaking to Milica and finding out what was happening. I was also messaging him, and as he went through each step, he let me know. He was also joking, making it lighter in a way. It was as if he was conveying, “This happened—fine, what else can we do?” Later, we didn’t have too much conversation. 

Later, I got checked, and we went to the hospital to give him some food. When I was there, the doctor came in and gave the verdict, and they said that they had bad news. Their strong suggestion was for Mohanji to stay in observation. But Mohanji decided to leave at his own risk. In between, he was getting many phone calls. A whole deluge of messages came in. Milica was doing a great job, speaking with doctors and taking care.

When we spoke first thing in the morning, Mohanji was immediately back to business. The question, “What do we need to do today?”. There was no “why” or any inquiry, any analysis. No time for that. We immediately started discussing the next steps: sorting out the insurance, finding out what the damage was, how do we get a new car etc. Getting a new car was a priority. Devi and Mila needed it for transport back to Serbia.

Mohanji said it should be exactly the same car, a newer version, but if we’re getting a newer version, it should be a hybrid. And also, it should be better, safer, a four-wheel drive, and white in color. So, the same car, newer model, extra features (which don’t really exist in this model of car hybrid, often at all), four-wheel drive (which is not a standard), and above all, a specific color of it. Personally, I never doubted, but this was something in the back of my mind. When he said this, I just thought, “I don’t really know about this.”

Anyway, we took the steps. Paula gave me one of the websites for cars. We looked, and it must have been on the first page, where the car was. The same Toyota rav4, a newer model, still with factory warranty, hybrid, which is what we wanted because of energy consumption and fuel, also a four wheel drive. Plus, it was white. I just laughed.

I know how Mohanji works, although it’s difficult to understand. Not only had the accident happened, and the possible metaphysical reasons behind it, but also what had been fixed was the closure of it within a quick time, not even a few days. With Mohanji, there are no loose ends.

Mohanji said that we should make sure that the car is all checked out and perfect. It was perfect, the right mileage, the right year, everything. It had only just come for sale a day earlier or on the day of the crash. I couldn’t believe it. We made a phone call, and we went to take a look at it on Monday. After checking the car, we only had two hours to reach the garage before it closed, and on the way, we hit traffic. We thought we would miss it. We called the guy, found another garage and arranged for it. Everything was taken care of.

We arrived, checked the car, drove around, and we agreed to get the car. Finding this car was incredible but not a surprise. We had arranged everything in just enough time to reach the airport before Mohanji arrived so that we could see him off. As Mohanji left, we sat down to discuss what had been done, the whole incident from start to finish. Before the trip, Mohanji said, “Why are we spending so much time in Slovenia this weekend? We have plenty of time on our hands.” It was like a joke. We didn’t know what would happen. By the end, everything was finished.

Alongside that, we worked on bringing Sai Baba to our Peace Center in Slovenia next year. Three months ago, I said to Mohanji that June next year is when we wanted to bring Baba. I said it’s pretty tight. He said, “If you have conviction, you set the intention, the strong sankalpa, it can happen.” I talked to Paula, and we decided to make a plan and make it happen. So we did that. I drove a caravan all the way from England to Slovenia so that it could be our first volunteer accommodation to get things moving. That reached in time for Vijayadashami, Baba’s Mahasamadhi.

We focused on making a strong sankalpa. We intensified the sankalpa in Wales temple and made great progress. This was like a counteraction to the accident that happened. We pushed so much that something else had to happen. We can’t have so much light without something bad coming. When we left, Mohanji turned to Paula and said, “Baba IS coming in June. So let’s make sure everything’s ready.” This time, he didn’t say it might be possible. He said Baba was coming.

In the midst of the accident, no program had stopped. We had visitors that weekend from the UK. Mohanji met them and spoke with them. We had programs on the land too. We Received guests from a Shirdi Baba temple in Vienna. We spent time with them, served them food, and we did everything which we should have done without any complication, saying, “Oh, we can’t do this now because there’s been a crash; we can’t do this because Mohanji is sick.” We were doing this because we said we would do it. It is needed.

The Global Volunteers Meet was near, and Mohanji was getting many messages about the accident. Just before my speaking slot, Mohanji told me to tell people what had happened because he was getting so many messages. Hence we announced it to all the global volunteers.

Madhusudan Rajagopalan, the CEO of Mohanji Foundation

I first heard about the accident around midnight that day, India time. Before the crash, I had spent a few days with Mohanji in Dubai. That evening, once he landed, we were in touch. I was checking if the flight was comfortable. Later, I went to sleep, and at midnight, Milica Miskovic called me and said that they had had an accident. The car was in bad shape, Chris had some burns on his hand, and Mohanji got a hit on his chest. My first question was how Mohanji was and how the others were. The next morning, around 10 AM, Mohanji messaged me, saying that it was a pretty nasty accident. If not for the security features of the car, if it was another car, this would have been death.

His message was to offer his gratitude to Shirdi Sai Baba, Mother Mookambika and Guruvayurappan (8-year-old Krishna) in temples. He said their blessings and protection saved them; otherwise, this would have been finito. He told me to convey his gratitude for saving him to our contacts in Shirdi, Mookambika and Guruvayurappan of Kerala. Then he shared that the most impact came on him and that others seemed okay.

Two things stood up for me in that message:

  1. His first response was gratitude.
  2. His second thought was concern if everyone was okay. Our people, as well as people in the other car.

We who have been with Mohanji for a while know there is some invisible army that travels with him and protects Him. As I was chatting with him, my question to him was about that. He said, “Nevermind. That is not relevant at this point in time. My protection is not my responsibility. Therefore I don’t think about that.” What He conveyed through that is, first, total acceptance. Secondly, detachment from his physical form. For him, his physical body is just a means of doing certain things in the world. It allows him to express, communicate, and do things.

I have had many opportunities to travel with Mohanji in a car and drive him sometimes, and whenever I do, I always feel super safe because I know his protection is always there for the whole crew, not just him. He also said, “Remember, even Adi Shankara was attacked, Osho was attacked, Sai Baba was attacked. In their own places, Masters are powerful. When you are in strange environments, when you are out of your place, nobody is 100% safe. Life is like a walk across the room. You just have to go through it practically. There is nothing to think beyond that.”

Not a moment in the entire conversation, starting from then till now, when I write this, have I heard even one question from him, saying, “Why did this have to happen? Why did it happen?” He didn’t dwell on that question for even a second. Even if somebody else initiated that conversation (I know that a few people asked Him “why”), He immediately answered, “It doesn’t really matter. We’re not going to get anything through thinking about why this happened. Instead, what we should be thinking about is purpose. What are we here for, what work are we doing, and what work are you supposed to be doing. Just keep your focus purely on that. Don’t look at this; I will be fine.”

When he was texting me from the hospital, he said, “This proves that I have a heart, and nobody can now say I am heartless.” So, he was joking. I said, “Besides the fact that there is no injury, I’m happy your sense of humor is still intact, despite all of it.” His response was again very light, saying, “I never care for all of this. That’s my body’s problem. With or without it, I can function fully.” Again, the takeaway was that he had absolutely no emotion whatsoever about the fact that he was in physical pain. Or about the question “why” it happened.

All he was thinking about was — okay, I have to go through this, I will go through it, nobody else needs to bother much. Mai-Tri practitioners were giving him Mai-Tri, doctors were giving him attention, and he was taking all of it in a very open manner. He didn’t protest against anything. The only thing he refused was taking painkillers because he doesn’t like any interference with the body’s natural system. He said he could endure a little bit of pain, but He doesn’t want painkillers which will disturb His natural system.

In the hospital, he said, “They may take my phone away. The show should go on even if I cannot attend things. Don’t slow anything down. Don’t pay attention to me; pay attention to our activities. No delays. Don’t slow down. Remember this. If I have my phone with me, we shall communicate. If not, this is my instruction until next time.” In one breath, he says they may take his phone, okay, that prognosis is not okay, and in the second breath, he is saying all that. The show should go on. No delay. I took it as an instruction, and I continued.

He decided to leave the hospital, saying that he didn’t like the hospital’s atmosphere where people were sick, weeping, crying, and alarms were beeping. When he left the hospital, He asked me to inform our doctors about the accident — Dr Wasir, a cardiac surgeon and Dr Umesh, homeopathy doctor. They are the doctors he regards very highly, so he wanted them to be updated.

That evening, I didn’t have any further communication. The next day, I got an update from Milica that he had already started working that evening, sending messages, responding to people, and giving instructions to some others. Our people in Shirdi, Mookambika and Guruvayurappan, conveyed their concern and love for him and that the prayers had been done. The main priest of Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Shirdi, Sulakhe Maharaj, said something very sweet. He said, “Please tell Mohanji that he’s doing so much good work for people in the world. Their love, affection and gratitude are what is working like armour for him.” He said he would personally start offering his prayers for Mohanji. I updated Mohanji about this. He thanked me and said there was no need for them to do anything out of the way, but I am very grateful for what Sulakhe Maharaj and others have said.

To sum up everything, I would say Mohanji’s key lessons from this are:

  1. Acceptance. I had not known that he had had this accident. If somebody had chosen not to tell me that Mohanji had this accident which could have been life-threatening, if circumstances were otherwise, there would have been no way for me to guess that something so major had happened.
  1. No stopping. I chose not to ask him questions and discuss other work matters for a couple of days. There were various projects that we were discussing when I left for my flight from Dubai, so I tried to keep it on hold for a few days, but that conversation started again on Monday. As far as he is concerned, the accident was like a temporary distraction, and it made absolutely no difference. Milica sent me some pictures of his activities on Sunday. I saw him playing with the dog in the house, and he was watching some cycling race or some expedition. He was open about walking. So, practically, if someone did not know that all of this had happened, there was no way they could have guessed.
  1. Pain but no suffering. He told me on Monday that his chest was still hurting. If he was stationary, it didn’t hurt that much, but if he was moving, laughing or talking, it gave him a little discomfort. Doctors told him it would take one or two weeks for that to subside. He also said one of the doctors had told him that normally, for an impact like this, at this speed and this level of collation, and the airbag activated fully, this could have led to a cardiac arrest, so it was a miracle that he was alive. The doctor was both surprised as well as very grateful. He said it should take him another week or ten days for the situation to come close to normal.
  1. Focus on purpose. Some people attribute the accident to various reasons, negative forces, this and that — in all of these cases, his response was to dismiss that line of thinking completely. Of course, many things in this world are possible. But he didn’t encourage that line of thinking — “this might be why this happened. That could be why this happened.” He just said, “Nevermind. This is not important. Focus on what needs to be done.” This is typical of Mohanji, but in this case, in what could have been a life-threatening situation, he lives his teachings.
  1. No attachment to the physical body. When Milica sent me the pictures, I told her that here everybody was worried about him having pain in the heart, and this man was walking around, seeing people cycle, enjoying, observing that — this cannot be a normal person’s reaction. Everything that we see is far away from who Mohanji is, and we may not really understand who he is. It’s quite clear that he is not the physical body. What he does and is, and what we see as the physical body, are two very different things. His physical body is a very small portion of what he is in a position to do.



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