Empowered by Silence

By Ranjana Balagopalan, India

It’s going to be about two months after the completion of Empowered 5. I’ve tried to write this testimonial several times since then, but it has been difficult because I’m yet to fully understand my experience. 

To put it in a nutshell, in that immensely powerful space that Mohanji had created for us, I was able to experience only the present moment for all of those five days and was unable to think of anything in the past or the future. It wasn’t that there were no thoughts or that I had slipped into deep meditation and lost track of time. During those hours I’d spent in the hall, I’d tried my best to do the breathing exercise as many times as I could, but my mind had wandered now and then. 

However, the thoughts were connected solely to Mohanji or the occasional chill in the hall in which the programme was being held, or any aches/pains I was experiencing at that particular moment. There were no reflections about the past or future or anything that was not related to the programme. 

The only thoughts I occasionally had about the outside world were connected to my elderly parents, who were alone back in India for those few days. But then, there was a detachment, and the thought never escalated into worry because of a strong faith that Mohanji was taking care of them in my absence. 

Overall, there was an intense quietness inside me during the programme, and even the casual thoughts that popped up occasionally met a quick demise at the hands of the energy in that space. There were no emotions as well. When Mohanji asked us to release old/childhood traumas and negative patterns, I couldn’t think of/recollect anything related to those things, even though I actually have a rather impressive collection of both. It felt as though I was trying to recollect what I had heard long ago about someone else’s life. 

There were no thoughts or emotions about the future as well, not even of the next day or the next hour. My past and future appeared to have become nearly blank slates, and the only moment I could access was ‘Now’. I’d been unhooked from the outside world, and placed in an invisible bubble, firmly separated from my memories, hopes, doubts, and anxieties. 

In fact, until I began listening to the participants on the evening of the last day of the programme, I hadn’t thought at all about what I had experienced. And even after that, it took me some time to get some sort of a handle on it. And it might take me longer to truly understand and assimilate it.

I now feel, during Empowered 5, an energy cocoon had been created around each participant, be it in person or online. And the energy was attuned to our unique constitutions and needs and helped all of us in ways that cannot be deciphered by the mind. 

I would also like to share some other experiences that I had during those five days. 

On the first day, shortly after we had settled in the hall, I started to feel extremely sleepy and fell into a light doze, during which I kept seeing Mohanji moving through the hall. I woke up with a start after some minutes and began to do the breathing exercise that Mohanji had given. Someone gave a firm pat on the crown of my head, and then I felt them walk past the back of my chair. Energy zipped through me. I instantly felt more alert and sat up straighter. I could focus on the breathing exercise much better after that. 

My first thought was that it was Mohanji. But then doubt crept in. In the evening, when I got up to leave the hall, I saw that there was very little space behind my chair. It would have been hard for someone to stand up comfortably in that space, let alone walk through it. And I checked with a few people later to confirm that the volunteers had not been walking around to thump the heads of unsuspecting folk… 

The second experience was that of a rudraksha mala. I purchased a rudraksha mala on the second day, and the volunteers helped me get it blessed by Mohanji. On the first day, after the powerful group Mai-Tri by Devi Mohan, I developed excruciating pain in my shoulders and neck, with the pain radiating to my arms. The pain subsided by evening, but the next day, there was one more group Mai-Tri that was even more intense and powerful, and the pain flared up again, and this time too, it subsided by evening. 

On the third day, after the cleansing exercises, I started to get the pain again. I felt I couldn’t sit for one more day with that excruciating pain. But I was reluctant to seek Mai-Tri, as I felt I needed to experience the pain as it was. I impulsively reached into my bag and took out the rudraksha mala that had been blessed by Mohanji while telling him in my mind that he needed to help me with the pain. The moment I wore the mala, the pain vanished, leaving only stiffness in my shoulders. It was not a gradual reduction. The pain had disappeared like a switch had been turned off. It was unbelievable.

After my return to India, the inner silence reduced gradually, I regained access to my impressive collection of negative habits/patterns, and the mind reopened its drama club. But there continues to be a small space inside me that is silent, calm and stable. Also, there is much more awareness about my thoughts and feelings, and it has become easier to impersonally witness internal and external drama or at least view situations objectively after a short while. And I’m also able to regard myself with more kindness and understanding than before. 

There have been some other small changes too. I stopped having coffee some months ago but had not been able to give up tea. However, after returning home from Serbia in October, I started to dislike the taste of tea, and after throwing away most of it for about four or five days, I decided to give it up completely. I had a headache for a couple of days, which went away by itself on both days. I also experienced intense nausea on the second day, but that, too, subsided by itself. And I haven’t had tea or coffee since then.

The Empowered series as a whole has been immensely transformative for me in more ways than I can describe. As in the case of many seekers, the Empowered series came into my life when I really needed it, and each Empowered programme so far has caused a marked difference in my inner landscape. Yet, when I signed up to attend Empowered 5 in person in Serbia, I did not have any particular expectations. I only knew that I needed to be there. And what I received was beyond anything I could have hoped for.

When I think about the person I was more than a year ago, I can sense the changes – some notable, some very subtle – that has happened slowly but steadily, all due to the divine grace and compassion of Mohanji. 

Before I went to Serbia, I frequently yearned for the opportunity to do the Kailash parikrama with Mohanji under his grace and guidance. It had actually become a chant of sorts in my mind – ‘Kailash with Mohanji’. 

But after Empowered 5, there has been a change in that contemplation. It is now ‘Kailash is Mohanji’…


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Empowered 5.0 – Triggers and Transformation

Freedom from betrayal

A Mohanji follower

Empowered 5.0 with Mohanji in Zlatibor, Serbia, was a program that can only be described partially, as no one knows what exactly happened or is continuing to happen even after months have passed.

After attending all four online sessions in the presence of Mohanji, I thought it would be something similar. Each module of Empowered released and brought out impressions deeply hidden from the conscious mind. They were often painful yet liberating because one never expects to have dark qualities within themselves. We read about it and hear it, but to feel and be aware of it is an entirely different experience! Faith in the process allows one to embrace the darkest moments in our lives with courage. It is a hardcore transformation, as Mohanji often says of Datta Tradition. 

Now to Empowered 5.0. I had not planned on being part of the physical program, but the situation led me to join it. The universe had already decided for each participant, and we just had to make the physical journey. 

I was looking forward to seeing Mohanji family members whom I had not seen or spent time with. Once the program began, I felt things just went downhill. I was faced with unpleasant thoughts and felt betrayed by someone I felt very close to. My focus kept going toward this betrayal which I felt deep in my heart. This problem that came up unexpectedly during Empowered 5 was something I had dealt with in frequent processes, Mai-Tris, and pilgrimages I had done with Mohanji. It never was something that I thought would bother me, but the presence of Mohanji and the whole environment brought up this dark energy that surprised me. 

It made me realise that this betrayal had been part of my life since my teenage years. It pertained mostly to women I had trusted and allowed to enter my heart. Once the love and connections were formed, the betrayal would come in the form of them tossing me aside as I was unimportant to them. This pattern became so evident to me during Empowered 5.0. 

I prayed and surrendered to Mohanji to release me from these past betrayals, as I wanted to be free. I was patient with myself as I knew it was part of the process, but it felt terrible not to have any silence or peace, which I had thought would have happened during this beautiful program. Long story short, I was happy to have completed the E5, as it was very painful in every way!

After returning home, I wasn’t in a positive mood. I had a negative feeling in my heart as I felt no peace or happiness. Even my family complained about my negative attitude, which further made me feel bad inside. I spoke to a few people who had attended Empowered 5 online and in person. Their positive experiences and witnessing their positivity brought this awareness that, somehow, I was stuck and needed more time to heal. 

I truly felt something terrible was there, as it was not natural to be this consumed by a betrayal. I spent many days in pain, and finally, I thought this had to be dealt with. It was a confusing time for me, but I have learned by being with Mohanji that confusion and vulnerability are good states because it is the time when you are open to change. Once the confusion ends, the transformation and clarity are immediately felt. 

I called for an MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) and spoke to a practitioner I had previously worked with. I explained my situation, and she said the betrayal might have been deeply intertwined into my whole constitution, which could be why it wasn’t removed during E5. Mohanji guided her to stay connected with me and go over the MTM, done in 2021. Some areas were not integrated, so it was required to go ahead with the issue that was at present. 

By talking to her, I also learned that many people were going through a similar process of cleansing after E5 with different types of betrayals. This knowledge brought me some peace because, for the first time, I didn’t feel alone. I was glad to have spoken with her, as everything happens at the right time. 

During the next few weeks, I started having revelations. I see this as the grace of Mohanji. These were painful times because I had to face and feel so much pain, which made my heart sad. It is hard to describe the feeling, but I am glad I stayed strong and didn’t give up on myself. I knew this was just a phase, and I will come out of it. 

Following what I know helps me when I am in a dark place. I always go to my local temple and a Baba temple when in confusion and agitation. I did the same during these testing times. As I stood in front of these deities, I could instantly feel the darkness leaving my body. This is a gift of our tradition; they don’t leave your hand. Being with Mohanji has allowed me to be subtle enough to feel this cleansing during visits to powerful places.

After a month of self-contemplation, facing my darkest moments and pain, I felt I was moving in the right direction as I felt lighter and more aware. The following day the MTM practitioner also conducted the MTM session as I had enough time to integrate and process the first MTM revelations. 

It was the right time, as it felt perfect at that moment. Her connection revealed a curse that had its origin with snakes. It had been part of the women in my family. She said it was very dark and strong, but she couldn’t tell me more as I would process the whole scenario in my mind and slow down the cleansing process. MTM brings more awareness, and through that, empowerment follows; but over-analysing slows down this process. She advised all I had to do was keep my heart open and love without fear. 

The same day this event happened, my daughter also got sick. I immediately felt it was somehow connected to the removal of the lineage curse. She was ill for a week, and it was a difficult time, as no medication and doctor’s visit brought relief. Mai-Tri temporarily relieved the fever, but it spiked back up after a few hours. I had left all this to Mohanji, as I knew it was part of the process. 

One day after the doctor’s visit, I was heartbroken to see her sick. I decided to give her Mai-Tri once again. As a parent and a Mai-Tri practitioner, one must be completely detached from the outcome for Mai-Tri to be effective. As I stood in front of Mohanji’s picture to connect to his consciousness, I felt immense energy in his eyes coming to me. I couldn’t move and had to force myself to leave his presence. 

As I began the healing, I felt very strange pulling from inside the head, as if my hands and the energy from the head were one. It was a wonderful feeling and session. Being a Mai-Tri practitioner for a while now, I have never experienced this type of session before. It felt like I was sitting for a very long time, but it was only 25 minutes, but deep inside, I knew whatever was ailing her was completely gone. My feelings were correct as the following morning, the fever had finally subsided.

I am sharing this testimonial to show how powerful the Empowered sessions are. The awareness which comes is a gift that can never be replaced by anything material on this Earth. I also witnessed many people sharing their positive experiences, and I wanted to show the other side of Empowered sessions. It can trigger painful past events, but in the end, it is for our evolution and transformation. Once we know it is a phase, anything can be endured with faith, and even pain becomes a ladder to reach our highest potential. 

Mohanji allowed me to live through this painful period, which brought me so much clarity about my patterns and my family. I wouldn’t have learned so much if he had removed this painful impression during Empowered 5.0. In pain, we become stronger, and I am very grateful to the Empowered series, which is synonymous with transformation.

Battles of the mind

Asja Dupanovic

During the Empowered 5.0 program with Mohanji in Zlatibor (October 2022), I experienced a newly discovered stability, peace and a distinct lightness in my physical body. 

The most significant thing I have lost during this program is the tight grip of my mind. Mohanji showed me how capable I am of stopping the ranting of my mind and very quickly shifting my thoughts, preventing them from causing emotional havoc and a physiological reaction that my body knew so well. I made this shift several times during the program and now know who the master in charge of this mind is. If it (this mind) is merely a part of this vehicle, the rent-a-car presented by my physical body, then what I truly am is in charge (of the mind), of course.

In this program, many battles with the mind were won. I know it is not the whole war, but these battles won are significant and empowering for me. 

One of the very first things I have become aware of (as these battles with the mind went on) is a very distinct lightness in my physical body. It was mesmerising. During the morning sun salutations, I could not even recognise my body. It flowed through the practice without any effort or strain. I was being charged with endless energy and being able to exercise for hours. I could also run again, which has been a challenge for the past 18 years. (Ever since, I have been suffering from something I could only describe as my physical body being constantly cramped, weak and incapable of basic things like running across the street). 

With Mohanji’s help, whilst in silence, I could also see myself in different situations from birth onwards. By his directions, I observed the scenes as if I was merely a neutral witness, fully aware that I was not the emotion that I was feeling in the scene. The emotion would dissolve when I would face this emotion and see the situation from a neutral perspective of a witness.

As the days went by, I felt more light. In many situations, I saw my new self as strong and confident, knowing exactly what I wished to say to someone or do about a particular situation. As I returned home, I realised each of those new decisions, one by one, confidently, feeling no distress. This was new and big for me!

Otherwise, I have the highest remarks on how the program was organised. I felt very pampered the whole time, with all the freedom and perfect conditions to dedicate myself fully to myself and my immersion into silence. Mohanji was wonderful the entire time, so gentile, kind and loving. Everything was provided and taken care of. The organising team took extra care to ensure all details and that every individual was taken care of in the best possible way. I felt very good and secure in their hands and in Mohanji’s embrace.

I look forward to this program repeating, plan to join it again and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.


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Only pain, no suffering

by Subhasree Thottungal, London, December 2022

Let the pain be there in the body, do not suffer from it. – These are the words that many of us have heard from Mohanji. It’s difficult to do this – to separate pain from suffering. We always think that pain and suffering are things that unavoidably come together, but many times, Mohanji has demonstrated that it is possible to experience pain without suffering.  

The Head-on collision:

A recent incident that shook the entire Mohanji Global family once again provided a solid example of Mohanji’s choice not to suffer amid great pain. During the Global Volunteer Meet Zoom call on 9th October, Christopher, Mohanji’s Executive Assistant, announced the head-on collision that their car had had on the 7th October evening whilst Mohanji was returning to Slovenia. Mohanji was sitting in the front passenger seat and had taken the impact on his heart. Chris further shared that Mohanji was initially admitted into the Critical Cardiac Care Unit in the hospital but had discharged himself at his own risk and was resting at home. While everyone in the Zoom meeting was shocked to hear this, Mohanji also joined the Zoom meeting, as it was scheduled earlier for him to address the attendees. Mohanji appeared and he spoke himself about the incident. He was calm, though his voice sounded slightly tired: ‘One thing this incident has proven is that I have a heart; I am not heartless.‘ – Mohanji ended his talk on a jovial note.

The month of October was a critical period. Three in-person programs with Mohanji – The Global Mai-Tri MeetEmpowered 5.0 and Empowered Trainers training – all spanning over 11 days, were about to start soon in Serbia – from 16th to 27th October. Mohanji was to be present in all three of these programs. ‘But will that be possible in the current situation? Is Mohanji well enough to attend the 11 days long programs in Serbia?’ – these were the questions that popped up in my head naturally. I was part of the organising team for all three of the programs, and I was travelling to Serbia the very next day on 10th October. The plan was to spend some time around Mohanji, serving him and cooking for him before going for the programs. 

But now I was not sure whether Mohanji would be able to travel to Serbia and when. Anyway, I accepted the situation – whenever he comes, I will be available at his service. I surrendered my thoughts at the feet of my Guru. Later that evening, Milica, Mohanji’s PA, messaged me confirming that Mohanji would arrive in Belgrade late the next evening, on 10th October, the same day that I arrived in Serbia! 

Arrival in Serbia:

Some of us gathered at the Belgrade airport to receive Mohanji that evening. We were all eagerly waiting to see him as well as we were wondering about his health. Mohanji came out of the airport looking frail physically, but the shine on his face and the smile on his lips melted all of us when he spread his arms to hug us. He is here with us, and it’s a big deal! I asked him, ‘Are you having pain, Mohanji? Are you feeling ok?’ Mohanji said in his usual style, ‘Pain in the chest is there. But I am not suffering.‘ ‘I had to run away from the ICU, you know. It was more suffocating there’, he added jokingly. Whilst I was happy to see him physically in front of my eyes, and also, although I was assured that I would be around him to serve him, I had some concerns about him flying with the present condition of his heart. With that worry in my mind, I scolded him lightly, ‘Was it worth taking this risk of flying, Mohanji? You needed to take complete rest.’ 

He said, ‘If I didn’t leave Slovenia immediately, then I wouldn’t have been able to travel and then what about these programs? I don’t want to cancel these programs, you know.’ 

Even in this condition, he is thinking about us! About the programs! 

Naively, I told him, ‘Then for these next few days, Mohanji, please just relax and take complete rest, no meeting people, no meetings and no work. Just rest.’ 

He smiled! ‘I never stop working.’ He muttered. 

Of course! Metaphysically this is true, but physically he must surely take rest, I told myself silently.

The so-called resting period:

The very next day, just like on any other day, he allowed some devotees to come and see him. He had pain in his chest, his heart condition was not good, his diet was restricted, and he was only eating two times per day, yet he would still sit the whole day and meet the devotees who came. He didn’t stop doing his work, regardless of his health condition. We could all feel his fatigue, his pain, but he never complained about anything, nor did he deny anything to people! In the next few days, Mohanji sorted out many critical and important things for various countries and MCB lands about the upcoming programs, spoke about books, wrote forewords and discussed the minutest details for the upcoming retreat.  

One morning, immediately after I served him his herbal tea, he asked me to bring a notepad and sit down. I got my laptop, ready to type, without knowing what was to come next! Mohanji was in a very different state that early morning – serious and focused. He started explaining to me the roadmap of Empowered 5.0. He narrated, explained and repeated, ensuring I understood it well so I could put it all in a presentation pack. He was flowing, flawless, unstoppable. I was listening and noting down non-stop. After he finished talking, he ensured that I had cleared all of my doubts and told me to prepare the slides and show them to him later. It was almost his breakfast time, and I had to prepare for that, but he wasn’t worried. He waited patiently until I brought him his breakfast. I admired him at that time – his focus, sincerity, attention to detail and overall flow. His priority for the Empowered 5.0 program was beyond his own physical pain. Later, he even checked the slides after I had prepared them. Such a thorough approach to preparation! All of this is only for us! How blessed we are, I couldn’t stop thinking. Mohanji completed so many things during the 4-5 days in Novi Sad before we left for Zlatibor for the in-person programs; he met many people while dealing with his physical pain, and he did it all without displaying any suffering. If I weren’t there personally near him, it would be impossible to see him and understand the extent of physical pain he had.

Humility and down-to-earthiness!

While I was closely noticing Mohanji spending the entire day working, talking, and sorting out people’s problems at the physical level, I was worried about his food, rest, and recovery. While he didn’t stop working, he followed Dr Umesh’s advice with the homoeopathy medicines. Like a good obedient son, he ate well whatever I served and allowed me to give him light oil massages. Apart from this, there was no special treatment! He thanked me for giving him the right food and for the massage, etc., in this hour of need. 

He said, ‘This is helping me to recover! The right food and the oil massage. You came here at the right time. Thank you!’ 

The truth was that actually, I was grateful! I was grateful for the blessings that I am here around Mohanji and have got this opportunity to serve him. It was only due to his grace that this was allowed. Yet he is thanking me! Sometimes Mohanji leaves me speechless with teary eyes; his leelas, only he knows!

The incident during the Canada trip in March 2022:

His physical condition never binds Mohanji, and I have witnessed this many times before. I was recollecting a very serious situation that had happened a few months back, in March 2022, during his visit to Vancouver, Canada. Not many people knew about it. Whenever I mentioned the story to others, I would get shivers. It wasn’t ordinary. Let me narrate it here. Mohanji and a few of us had travelled from Toronto to Victoria, DC, for a two-day program, and then we were scheduled to go to Vancouver for a day and then fly back to Toronto. When we reached Victoria, Mohanji was perfectly fine, but he suddenly developed a cough later that evening. The cough intensified, and then chest congestion came too. It was so bad that he couldn’t sleep and kept coughing the whole night. The next day, there was an event in a Sai Baba temple, and Mohanji had to speak. His cough was getting worse, but he didn’t cancel the program. He went ahead with the Satsang and the program afterwards, meeting many people. That night also was very disturbing for him as he was coughing continuously and couldn’t sleep. 

We had to travel to Vancouver the next morning, so we wanted to know whether he should travel in this condition or rather stay back and rest; however, this would mean that the program in Vancouver would have to be cancelled. Chris and I discussed this with Mohanji because we were quite worried about his flight travel in this situation. He insisted that the program should not be cancelled: ‘Baba is waiting for me. Hundreds of people are waiting for me. I cannot cancel the program. I will travel to Vancouver; I will manage.’ He assured us. 

Though the flight to Vancouver was only for 25 minutes, there was some delay, and we had a long wait in the airport. That meant there would hardly be any time left for the event as soon as we arrived! I was feeling anxious thinking about Mohanji’s constant coughing and chest congestion. Mohanji understands everything! While waiting at the airport, he kept us engaged telling some funny incidents and leaving us laughing and rolling on the floor! While I was worried about his health, he didn’t seem bothered at all. Finally, we boarded the plane and that 25 minutes of travel was the worst. It was a small flight, tight sitting and packed with people and very turbulent too. When we came out of the flight, Mohanji was feeling really restless! His cough had worsened! Looking at his condition, the team decided to cancel the program. Once again, Mohanji repeated that he could not disappoint people waiting for him. It was an event at the Sai Baba temple. Mohanji took a little rest and then went ahead to the event. New place, new audience, and despite a terrible cough, Mohanji managed the Satsang very well and kept meeting everyone with patience and with as much time as everyone needed. After the event, he spent quality time with the local team when he returned to his residence. 

It had been a long and turbulent day for him, and despite his chest condition and really bad cough, he patiently performed all of his duties lovingly and compassionately. I was in constant touch with Dr Umesh and gave his medicines to Mohanji regularly. 

As the evening progressed, Mohanji’s cough was getting worse. Dr Umesh was regularly on the phone monitoring his condition and guiding me about the medicines to give him constantly in small gaps. Mohanji was unable to lie down or take any rest with the persistent cough, so he was sitting upright on the chair the entire time. We were supposed to travel back to Toronto the following day. Mohanji’s condition was getting worse. At one time, while he was speaking to Dr Umesh, his cough became very severe, like a fit, and he fell on his back on the bed with his eyes rolled up; he was completely unable to breathe. For a moment, my heartbeat stopped! But I don’t know how I got the strength; with the phone in my right hand with Dr Umesh on the line, I held onto Mohanji’s wrist with my left hand and pulled him to sit upright! I don’t know how I got that strength and power. I was speechless for a few seconds, and then as Mohanji sat up, he could breathe again. My heart was racing fast, but I gathered myself and calmly, I explained this to Dr Umesh. Dr Umesh kept assuring and guiding me. During those few hours watching Mohanji in such trouble, I had no thoughts other than how to get him some relief and make sure he returned to Toronto safely. 

Thanks to Dr Umesh’s excellent care and medication, Mohanji was feeling better the next morning and could travel back to Toronto. I had been witnessing the condition of Mohanji for the last two days, but despite that, he did not cancel any of his events and continued on as planned. After reaching Toronto, though his condition was slightly better than Vancouver, he was still in bad condition. It was -18 Degrees C in Toronto and snowing. Chris decided to advance his travel to the USA to leave a couple of days earlier for a warmer climate. 

Before leaving Toronto, Mohanji wanted to complete some of his pre-committed events, including a visit to a devotee’s home! It was snowing, the devotee’s home was at least 1 hour of driving each way, and Mohanji still wasn’t well. Despite all this, he didn’t want to cancel this house visit and said he would complete his commitment. I had tears in my eyes, and on one side, I was feeling slightly angry as to the urgent need to keep this commitment above his health condition, having to travel a long distance in such bad weather. 

The night’s situation in Vancouver flashed before my eyes, and I couldn’t imagine seeing Mohanji again in such a terrible condition. I know Mohanji doesn’t let his pain come in the way of his duties and commitments. His love for his devotees was beyond his pain! It wasn’t comfortable to watch him do this, but my heart was filled with gratitude to witness this act of unconditional love from Mohanji. While I was worried about his health within this physical reality, I was also aware of the higher purpose behind why Mohanji had taken this physical pain onto his body. He had shown me this while I was healing his body. Mohanji takes on very severe and life-threatening situations from some of his people and dissolves them through such pains in his body. Witnessing the truth in a different dimension and witnessing what was happening in physical reality was a completely different experience for me. The duality of pain and suffering, the truth beyond all pain and suffering, and the pure unconditional love that Mohanji operates from in every moment – this wasn’t easy to understand: the astounding reality of the magnanimous Mohanji!

Awareness regarding the Slovenia Accident – vision through healing

I will now share another angle about how Mohanji can endure physical pain without suffering. This is my realisation of Mohanji from a different dimension that he allowed me to witness through healing. 

After the car accident in Slovenia, some of us did a healing on Mohanji’s body in that condition. I am sharing the description of the vision and understanding I had of this incident from this healing session. When I was attempting to heal Mohanji’s heart, I saw the land of Slovenia’s Mohanji Peace Centre – his heart took the shape of that land. I then saw huge flames all around that land, some houses in the land were charred in the fire, and all of the residents were perishing. Mohanji showed me that this was a disaster that he had to remove only by taking it on himself physically because it was not just about the fire on the property – it was about the lives of many of his devotees and volunteers serving the centre. While the healing progressed, I saw the fire going down, but still, there were patches of fire here and there around his heart. I knew that it was no small karmic event that Mohanji eradicated by taking the big hit on his own heart. Some effect will remain upon his heart and overall health until those small fire patches on his heart eventually dissipate and fade away. 

This vision brought me clarity about the new lives that Mohanji gave to many. Mohanji didn’t show me the faces, it wasn’t necessary, but the reality is that he is standing strong in front and facing all possible storms that come, protecting his people like a loving father. The reality is that he is giving new lives – rebirths to many of his devotees like a mother taking the pains of her child and almost dying in the birthing process! The purpose behind Mohanji taking such extremely painful physical conditions onto his own body is not just an act of sympathy or even empathy. Still, these are the true empowerments that Mohanji is giving all these people through new births and a complete transformation. Many may not realise this right here and now; some will realise in time. Mohanji does his work quietly, without announcement and without taking any credit. He is totally bound to his purpose! It is also true that he will not leave things halfway until his job is done here in this incarnation! He has never done that in any of his previous incarnations. However, such incidents are hard-hitting wake-up calls for all of us. If we remain asleep in this life, we will surely miss the boat again. 

While in Novi Sad, some of us who did the healing that day were narrating our visions to Mohanji, and everyone was bringing their own unique aspect of the understanding. I was getting clarity about the huge purpose behind every single act of Mohanji. Nothing is a coincidence, and nothing is an accident – this is the master plan of the great Master and the Tradition behind him to wake us up, transform us, and empower us.

The pain continues, still no suffering – the conclusion:

Coming back to Mohanji’s resting days in Novi Sad! Soon the date for the program in Zlatibor was approaching. Mohanji guided us in detail for all three programs. Soon, we all travelled to Zlatibor – almost 4 hours from Novi Sad. Mohanji was stationary at one place in his Novi Sad residence for the last four days, but he still had not recovered from his heart condition. So, the 4 hours of car travel wasn’t very comfortable. When we reached the hotel, our residence for the next 11 days, I could feel Mohanji’s fatigue and physical pain. But he had work to do, talking to the organisers, the guests arriving from different countries, etc. The program started. Mohanji was attending every day for his scheduled times and delivering powerful satsangs. But beyond that, while he was staying in his room, he was administrating every little detail, orchestrating every single movement, not just through his physical guidance, but also energetically. 

Every morning, he would meet all the organisers and give the detailed directions; every lunch time, when we would come during the break and check about how the program was progressing and what people’s reactions were; and every evening when the program ended, he was taking detailed feedback too. At each step, he was advising us in every little detail – no matter what, nothing was too small or too big for him. 

He was working tirelessly, sitting continuously on his chair in his room. Energetically he was aware of everything. His remote presence from the room, his physical presence for specific times every day with the people – had a huge impact on everyone. More than 200 people had gathered. Every single person was going through a unique journey, and Mohanji was there with each one, guiding energetically, physically, and telepathically – in every possible way.

There are numerous situations and experiences to share. Still, I will end this write-up with two significant examples showing you all, my dear readers, how Mohanji was working miraculously beyond his physical pain, far from any suffering. The first is an example of his action in physical reality, and the other is an example of his energy-based action on a different dimension.

Here goes the first one – as I mentioned previously, Mohanji had given us specific instructions regarding food during Empowered 5.0. The specifics were conveyed to the hotel and we had a team following it up closely. There were certain food items that Mohanji had specifically mentioned to avoid for very valid reasons. Every day, the food was progressing satisfactorily (while there were small issues and it wasn’t 100% as per the instructions). One day, due to some unavoidable reasons, they made exactly the food that Mohanji had asked to avoid. Usually, I cook different food for Mohanji so that his diet is taken care of, so he doesn’t get to see what food has been prepared in the hotel for the participants. 

However, on that particular day, I was rushing to get Mohanji’s lunch, and I had yet to see or eat the lunch prepared for us by the hotel. While Mohanji was eating his lunch, he asked me if the food for the participants was ok. I told him I had yet to go to the dining hall. Then Devi walked into the room, and Mohanji asked her what was prepared for lunch and how it was, and when he heard Devi’s response, he wasn’t happy. I was shocked, too, as the lunch that was prepared that day was exactly what Mohanji had said not to prepare! It wasn’t on our menu, but it was prepared and served to all! Mohanji wasn’t happy about this negligence as that food could have a harmful energetic effect on some of the participants. ‘Wasn’t happy’ is an understatement – he was furious, and for the right reasons. Immediately after the food lead came, the restaurant team came and Mohanji spoke to them directly, clearly and firmly, ensuring that the mistake would not be repeated! 

During all this time since then, I have been thinking about how it was that of all the days that Mohanji could have asked about the food, it was only on the day of the mistake that he actually decided to ask. This is not a coincidence! We may think that Mohanji is sitting in the room and only taking feedback from us, but what we forget is that Mohanji doesn’t need any physical update, reporting or feedback from us – his consciousness is alert 24/7, within every moment he is present in every place, witnessing everything that’s happening! After that incident, the hotel guys were careful and then, for the rest of the days, everything progressed as per our given plan.

Now, the second example: As the Empowered 5.0 program started, with the unusual routine people were following; no one had any idea about the intensity of the energy Mohanji had created. All sorts of releases were happening, for everyone, in their unique way, in quite unexpected ways too. On the very first day, within the first hour, one lady came out of the hall complaining of severe stomach issues with diarrhoea and vomiting. We couldn’t send her to her room alone; we couldn’t send her to any hospital at that point without consulting with Mohanji. So, in that condition, I took her to my room and asked her to rest there. Mohanji was resting at that time, so I didn’t want to disturb him. I felt that she would feel better if she rested in my room. I checked on her regularly and found that she was still having frequent visits to the toilet. At that time, I felt I could give her Mai-Tri and that if she slept for some time, at least this frequent running to the toilet would stop. 

I took her permission to do Mai-Tri, and during the session, I prayed that the Mai-Tri would let her sleep for some time – or at least until Mohanji woke up! I didn’t want to disturb Mohanji at that time considering his health condition, but at the same time, I wanted this lady to relax and not deteriorate any further. A simple prayer, but miraculously, she slept for 2 hours or so. 

In the meantime, Mohanji was up and had given us immediate advice to call the doctor and arrange the necessary treatment needed in the room itself. By the time she woke up, the doctor was in the room and already treating her. Her sleep was certainly miraculous! Later that day, I was narrating this to Mohanji and told him childishly, ‘Mohanji, you know, Mai-Tri works! I asked during Mai-Tri to make her sleep, and it happened! Mai-Tri really works you know.’ It was indeed funny the way I was expressing my thanks to him – but once again, nothing was too small for Mohanji. This was also the beginning of many miraculous events that happened after that. 

The next morning, during his Satsang with the participants, Mohanji said to contact us for Mai-Tri if anyone had any issues. From there on began the flow of constant requests for Mai-Tri, which came from participants in the hall and online. Only 6-8 volunteers were available to give Mai-Tri at that time, and we had more than 250 sessions done! The Mai-Tri sessions during the program were unique, per specific instructions from Mohanji. 

What I witnessed during the first Mai-Tri session while sitting in the event hall was mind-blowing. It took me to a different world! No – actually, it showed me the different Universe that Mohanji had created in that hall – a vision difficult to narrate. It feels impossible to justify with my words the presence of the supreme consciousness and the feeling of a tangible universe system – galaxies, stars, many different worlds of existence and energy flows of higher frequencies! In that space, doing Mai-Tri was not about relieving people from their physical pain but rather about accentuating the release of their blockages to take them towards ultimate empowerment.

All of us volunteers doing Mai-Tri had unique and powerful experiences while doing the sessions and the people who received them had astounding experiences too.

All these were happening through the energy of Mohanji – the one beyond this physical personality we often mistake- sitting calmly on his chair in the hotel room! Staying indifferent, detached, and working silently, Mohanji was still dealing with physical pain and discomfort, but he displayed no sign of suffering. 

What I witnessed in the 16 days that I spent with Mohanji, from the time he travelled from Slovenia after his accident until the end of the program, is just unbelievable. It was a tangible, unmistakable example of Pain but No Suffering!

Thank you, Mohanji, for being a constant living example of every single teaching you give us. I offer my sincere gratitude for every opportunity you gave me in every dimension to witness, understand and experience who you really are. 

Koti pranams at your feet.

I love you, Mohanji.


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In the galaxies and cosmos with Mohanji – Part One

by Sandra Sankar, South Africa

As I enter the meditation hall, my body gets hot and starts to heat up like I have entered the glorious, blazing sun itself!

The floors, the air, and the atmosphere radiate a vibrant, powerful energy signature that makes me feel like I entered the PRESENCE of a giant LIVE electromagnet!

I am humming …

There is a feeling of tremendous waves of energy running up my legs, my body, up my head! The ‘zinging’ of electricity is shooting through my body.

It feels like I have come online. Like I AM plugged into the universe at the atomic level! Words are not adequate to describe this feeling. It feels like I am INSIDE Mohanji’s unlimited, unbound consciousness!

My fingers feel like it’s shooting out sparks of lightning. The glorious sensations of BEING MOHANJI capture my mind; I’m lost.

Caught up and enthralled by the sensation of being plugged into the cosmos, creation, I AM … ONE … I AM everywhere.

My mask covers my eyes; my ears are covered. My breathing settles into a rhythm. I AM …
By now, I have this unshakable conviction that I am INSIDE Mohanji.

There was a deep calm and silence around me in the entire room, a deep, deep stillness that is not otherwise experienced in this crazy world. A thought comes.

In the SILENCE, we will hear the sound of God. We will FEEL the presence of divinity. We will eventually realise WE are that PRESENCE too. ONE with everything. ONE with MOHANJI. I am lost in Mohanji’s three-hundred-and-sixty-degrees presence.

In hindsight, I marvel at our Mohanji global family, who arrived excited from all parts of the world for this unusual silent retreat in glorious Zlatibor, Serbia. They descended in their hundreds, loud and boisterous. Laughing, greeting, hugging and yes, very loud. Yet here, all two hundred and twenty people sit in magnificent magnetised stillness! It was pure magic. Such is the glory of our beloved Mohanji’s grace.

I had time to quieten down because of arriving a few days earlier for the Mai-Tri global meet-up. This is why it was possible to recognise this amazing shift.

Mohanji asked Deviji to do the group Mai-Tri method to help us clear and stabilise. As she chanted, I felt hypercharged yet again. Clear images like photographs flashed through my ‘mindscape’. Again, I could feel radiating waves of energy.

Then out of the blue, I suddenly saw ONE big reptilian eye! It was dark brown with a lighter-coloured oblong slit. It appeared to be watching us telepathically! I had a LIVE snapshot of that intimate connection to our time-space junction. It’s fascinating to reflect on the purpose of that connection and the interest behind the intent. I was blown away at the time.

This was a LIVE Extra-terrestrial being focusing on what was happening to ‘normal human beings’ in a meditation hall that was an open portal to the cosmos and galaxies!

As I wrote this, my mind thundered on. Why was it so close? Also, where exactly was this intelligent being that watched the developments of our beloved Mohanji’s Empowered 5 Silent Retreat so intently? What were its purpose and intention? Lastly. Was this a benevolent one? I prayed Deviji or Mohanji could give me more answers.

Then more terrestrial images continued to flit through my mind’s eye. It was like watching a movie reel on steroids. I often see this in Mai-Tri Method when Mohanji speeds up the release of blockages and karmically corrects baggage by the tons. It leaves with unprecedented speed.

Again. Such is the complete and utter beauty of Mohanji’s grace in our lives! Wow! I realise that was mine leaving. We all experienced our release, whether or not we were aware of it at the time.

What is also interesting is that on the second day, Mohanji asked Devi to continue with the group Mai-Tri Method. I soon felt pain and fear lifting off everybody. There was a collective moaning sound at the same time. I continued watching in detachment. Then a thought flashed through my mind. This is the pain and fear that humanity has been experiencing in this age of Kaliyuga.

The world is filled with violence, hatred, judgement, injustice, pain and torment. People control others through a mechanism of FEAR.

By warning and threats of doom and gloom, dark energies coerce and force submission to do their bidding. Some humans are merely in the control mechanisms of dark energies that seek to subvert humankind from reaching their true potential or, better still, from realising their true potential as powerful ‘Creator Beings’!

WE ARE ALL MOHANJI. He is our glorious mirror image. A breathtaking glimpse of the absolute truth. A ‘living’ reminder of who we are. Mohanji often uses this analogy. At this moment, I am putting the pieces together.

A bloody war was going on close to where we were geographically located. We may live in dark times, but Mohanji is the light of a thousand suns shining into that darkness. We are lighting up like Christmas lights during Christmas time. We are waking up; consciousness is increasing exponentially in the world.

Ancient Indian scriptures refer to this age as Kaliyuga. Again, we live at the end of a dark Age or Yuga. What I do know for sure is that I took birth at this time to help Mohanji. If you are reading this, then yes, YOU too.

Whatever is coming, let it. I am fearless, unbound and free because I am Mohanji. Mohanji is me. There is no separation.


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Pain and suffering – Part 4

This is the 4th part of the blog “Pain and suffering” by the closest witnesses of Mohanji’s recent car accident. In this part, we share more people’s experiences from the perspective of Mai-Tri and possibly predictive dreams.

Mina Obradovic, Mai-Tri practitioner

I found out about Mohanji’s accident the day after it happened, on 8th October, around 3 pm. Milica texted me, told me what happened, and told me to do a Mai-Tri session for him.

Mohanji’s body belongs to the world. The MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) and Mai-Tri sessions are for what he does in the world, not for him as a person. In Mai-Tri, his body looks like a huge space enveloping many people connected to him, who he is cleansing every moment. Their pains and karmas are inside his body. His body, as ours, doesn’t exist. If I see a particular problem during his session, it is always what he collects from others. The size of such garbage that I often see inside him is not the same size as in regular people. It is much larger because he cleanses many people who are connected to him globally, including their families. A Mai-Tri for Mohanji is for what he collects, and it’s huge. From my experience, Mai-Tri, for him, is like trying to remove the ocean’s water, bucket by bucket. It makes a change, but the amount of garbage he collects is terribly difficult to comprehend.

I saw that Mohanji’s body doesn’t store data like our body. It is not entangled in the number of karmic strings, emotions, or blockages. His body belongs to the whole world, and it has no personal karma. As I experienced it, he had no meridians where thoughts are stored, no vertical strings connected to personal desires, and no chakras as such. Different parts of the body seemed to have different purposes, similar to chakras, but not the same. Inside him, there was a huge space, much different from other people. Like an entire universe inside, different places in the universe represent different purposes for his work.

A couple of days after the accident, Mohanji came to Serbia. When I met him, I felt relief. I asked if the doctors knew he was a globally known humanitarian and that he was important. I asked if they treated him accordingly. My strong desire has been that everyone treating Mohanji knows how much work he is doing in the world and that they should treat him with the best care and respect. He said that they didn’t know but that they were polite and treated him well. He was very happy about the behaviour of the hospital staff of Maribor.

His acceptance of the situation was phenomenal. At one moment, He said, “For one short moment, I was a bit annoyed. One small feeling of annoyance. That is when I had to go to the toilet, and they insisted I should take a wheelchair. I said it’s just a few feet from my bed. They insisted, saying I was in bad shape and I shouldn’t walk. That is when I got slightly annoyed, but then I understood they were just doing their job. So I accepted.” For him, there is no resistance in life, no blaming, over-analyzing, suffering, or victimizing oneself. His invisible message was that in every situation, we could choose to accept. We can choose to have understanding and keep walking.

By afternoon, we were sitting with him, and he was talking. He asked Subhasree to call a few more people to come and said that we would have a satsang. The pain was not at all visible on his face. It was not there. Many of us always resist life. On the contrary, Mohanji’s life is a pure example of acceptance.

Every conversation of that day awakened gratitude and a deep feeling of uncertainty, and an urge to appreciate every moment with him while he was still here. He also shared that there won’t be any alerts or hospitals the next time he decides to leave the body. It will be a sudden exit. He said he never wants to be a burden to somebody, attached to machines, half dead. Next time, it will be in one go.

I hope this blog, beautifully shared by witnesses of Mohanji’s recent accident, will inspire us to have more gratitude and care for our guru, who works tirelessly to serve us. I hope we will recognize the avatar while they are still alive because there had been many struggles before we got this treasure. Their words are sacred; their presence is here for us. If we don’t catch the bus, the bus will not be affected, but we will be at a loss.

Djurdja Bojovic, had a dream of Mohanji’s death a few weeks before the accident.

I dreamt we were at some gathering, and I was with a friend. It was like a celebration. While sitting, she was reading something on her phone, telling me, “Did you hear that Mohanji died? It says here.” The current reality is that everyone knows about his recent car accident, similar to the dream. It was as if she found out about it from somebody online. In the dream, I just said, “Oh, really? Okay.” In the dream, that information was totally irrelevant to me. I just ignored it and continued with the celebration. It didn’t touch me because I thought, “This lady does not understand Mohanji; she is not even connected to him. Who knows where she read it? Maybe it’s not even true.” 

Then I separated from my friend, and the thought that he could really be dead started bothering me. I started experiencing the pain of loss from other people who were also connected to Mohanji and loved him. I saw other people who took it very badly and realized that it really happened. 

When I realized that it had happened, I felt regret. I felt some disappointment, and I was unpleasantly surprised, very shocked. I didn’t know how to feel, and I felt there was no going back. I didn’t have a feeling that I could fix something now. It was really hard for me to face that he really died; I didn’t know how to assimilate it as a fact. I felt I didn’t experience and do enough while he was physically here. 

In the dream, I remember I was telling myself that there was no going back now. I knew that he was never angry at me for anything, but it was my simple inner feeling of guilt, sadness and regret that I didn’t use our time together well. I felt, “If I knew this earlier, that he would go, I would have acted so differently.”

Another thing that I felt is this. When I understood that he was really gone, a clear image appeared to me of the full potential, what could have happened, if I had used the time well. I felt regret not only for myself but for many other people.  

For a couple of days, I didn’t feel completely well after this dream, all these feelings were still there, and many thoughts came. Trying to understand this experience, I didn’t know anymore why it happened, and I just knew that it was not an ordinary dream.

Then I realized after judgement and fear stopped, only gratitude remained. That potential reality was like a light at the end of the tunnel because it gave me hope. In that reality, I felt abundant in every way, together with the whole Mohanji family, with no guilt or feeling of victimhood, just a feeling of unity and celebration of life. It empowered me and reminded me of the highest truth.

We are beyond blessed to be on Earth with Mohanji right now. Sometimes I run away from that fact because I feel guilty and not worthy enough of his presence. Through that dream, I realized that I was just wasting my life by feeling like that. I can’t live my life with the fear of being unworthy anymore. We should all claim this life as a huge blessing, that we are worthy and capable of living. We should really celebrate it by having every thought, word and action from a place of gratitude for what we are. Mohanji, as a presence, came to this planet to remind us of who we are and to guide us home by being a living example; to show us that there is no separation between us. We must remember this with great respect, love and gratitude. We are Mohanji!


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Gratefully yours

By Maja O, Ecuador

Dear Ones, this is a humble attempt to recollect some moments on my journey with Mohanji as an expression of gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. As I am reluctant to write, I dare do so only because I was propelled to do it during my meditation. I surrender it fully to my Gurudeva Mohanji’s lotus feet.

I met Mohanji in 2010, on his first visit to Belgrade. I was invited to meet him by a dear cousin of mine whom I respected deeply. The reunion was held at Toma’s place, and a small group of people gathered and listened to the satsang. During the discourse, my ego kept judging Mohanji’s words as if testing him based on my previous spiritual experiences that I considered significant. My final verdict was that this man speaks the truth and has experienced it. But it was only from the mind/intellect level that I approached Mohanji, as the ego did not allow a deeper connection.

A couple of days later, we had a big satsang with Mohanji, to which he came directly from his wedding in a different city in Serbia. (To be honest, I don’t quite remember clearly whether this particular experience happened in this event, but it did happen, and I relate it to this occasion, though in full honesty, my memory is not clear, and it might have happened later on.)

In any case, even before knowing that Mohanji had arrived at the venue, in my heart, I felt bright light emanating in joy upon feeling Mohanji’s presence. It was screaming with overwhelming happiness: “Finally!” I was taken by surprise when I looked at my chest and asked: “Ok, I seem to be very happy to meet him. But who are you, and where have you been hiding so far?” My soul was silent. It cared not for my mind’s chattering.

Before Mohanji left Serbia on his first visit, I made a mental request to him. We were lined up to receive Shaktipat, and when it was my turn, I looked at him and asked him in my mind to resolve my current situation. Back then, I was struggling a lot to get a job, and I had a lot of family and health issues. For years I was trying to find any job abroad, that I thought would be the solution, and even though I kept knocking on many doors, they remained closed.

Needless to say, he delivered even more than what I had asked for. Some four months later, I was in Mexico, on the Caribbean, selling diamonds. I did not have to chase this opportunity; it landed effortlessly in my lap. This experience not only helped me regain my strength and confidence, but it was also the beginning of my living abroad.

Living abroad also meant not being able to see Mohanji often. However, whether I was aware of it or not, he has always been with me. Our connection is also reflected in the lives of my family members, and I will briefly relate the two most important events. When my mother was about to pass away, Swamiji Bhaktananda kindly accepted to do a Mai-Tri for her.

Through him, I found out that Mohanji was with my mom at the moment of transiting. With his grace and her good deeds, she was able to attain liberation from the birth-death cycle, that she would no longer be reincarnated on Earth. Her soul had moved to higher realms as she continued her journey to complete dissolution. I had a close relationship with my mother, and after hearing Swamiji’s words, I could not hold back the tears of deepest gratitude overflowing from me.

Every time I think of it, I have tears of joy. It was as if Mohanji fulfilled one of my biggest wishes, and whenever he reminds us to think of what we should be grateful for in our lives – I think of this. Even as I write this now, my heart wants to explode as tears roll down in gratitude and joy.

Another event is related to my father’s car accident. He was in his 70s and was driving really slowly on a very fast inter-city road. Another car at full speed hit him from behind, and as he flew up in the air, the car turned and landed on the ground upside down. The old, small Peugeot was completely demolished. My dad had just a small scratch on his leg. He was completely fine, other than being in shock. He was fully aware that it was divine grace that had saved him, as it is a complete miracle to walk out unhurt from such an accident.

It was clear to me that it was Mohanji’s divine hand that was holding my father as he was flying in the air. I also knew that it would be hard for my family to accept and believe in it. This reminds me of how little I personally am aware of the things Mohanji does for me every day, even beyond this time and space. 

I’d also like to write about a challenging period when I was about to see Mohanji and attend his programs after five years of not being in his physical presence. The first hit ended up at a very low frequency where my body was in pain, my ego was hurt, and my mind was blaming Mohanji for it. I was even considering cancelling my participation. But luckily, as soon as my mind and ego rebelled, I asked myself how do I really feel about it. My soul saved me by giving me a message that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t go. It was the only answer that mattered, and I proceeded with my plans ignoring all the nagging of my mind in the background.

Once in Serbia, I was unpleasantly surprised. Certain friends of mine who used to be deeply connected with Mohanji since day one were no longer with him and were telling me untrue stories about him. I was not expecting this. Their words confused me, as I could clearly see that they believed in their own stories, and yet I was unable to come to terms with their words and who Mohanji really was through my interaction with him.

I feel gratitude for the blessing that came through a new friend whose one simple sentence cleared the sky and made room for me to breathe the fresh air of truth again. Upon asking Mohanji about it, mainly about how could it be that these people truly believed the negative things they were saying, which was untrue, he simply said that we all have our weaknesses and should be alert and aware.

I feel love for these people, and I did not feel anything negative towards them. I just see them confused and am praying they will be blessed with more clarity and that they will come out of it with the least possible karma for them. And in this context, it is useful to remember how Mohanji always reminds us to trust our own experiences and not the opinions of others.

So finally, I was able to reach the retreats and face Mohanji’s constant poking. I was not the least upset because of it, as I was aware that Mohanji is pure love, but the truth was that I had come with some resistance. By the end of the retreats, he cleared this completely and placed deep devotion in my heart. What surprised me about the programs was how different they were from past ones. Before, he used to be physically present with us almost all the time, and we would go through constant experience sharing together.

Nowadays, he makes us connect more to his consciousness so that we are not attached to his physical body. Another difference I noticed was the clear increase of power that was emanating from him. My impression was that it had to do with the ceremony of bestowing the Brahmarishi title to Mohanji when Avadhoota Nadananda transferred his spiritual powers onto Mohanji. The great Masters were showering him with blessings even without him asking for it.

Before, we received Shaktipat every so often at the programs (or at least that was my impression). But this time, we had to wait till the end of the retreat. I remember the guy on the bus sitting next to me, enthusiastic about it as we reached the tunnels Ravne in Bosnian Pyramids: “Wow, it’s coming! We gonna receive it! Finally! Shaktipat!” I have to admit I couldn’t help thinking: “Why is he getting so excited about it; what’s the big deal?” But I did not say anything to my fellow friend.

However, once the Shaktipat commenced, literally a volcano started erupting from within me, and it wouldn’t stop. Only Mohanji knows what got burned in that sacred fire of Shaktipat. And it was yet another reminder for me to not be so easily judgmental and to respect deeply every aspect of the Tradition as my understanding of it is so small and limited. 

One of the deepest transformative experiences I went through, thanks to Mohanji, was the Mai-Tri process and the Empowered program. It was through the Empowered program that Mohanji gave me stability, as well as the awareness through which states of fearlessness, silence and stillness, and thoughtlessness were made possible. It was as if he poured on us the blessings and grace needed for reaching our true selves, and all we had to do was follow his guidelines with dedication and merge into the consciousness so readily waiting for us.

Experiences of these states were important for me when working with Mai-Tri practitioners, as they assured deeper connection and surrender. I have gained much clarity, and so much of karma has been cleansed through the amazing practice of Mai-Tri given to us by Mohanji. I’d like to thank all of the practitioners who have worked with me. I am especially greatly thankful to the Mai-Tri practitioner from the USA, whose faith and full surrender to Mohanji have made this practice a completely transformative experience. Thanks to her, I have been given clarity on how much I have taken things for granted in my life and how high my expectations were instead of focusing on the blessings present here and now.

It is thanks to Mohanji that I can eat the most delicious food of grand variety, live in a house made of natural materials in the nature that I wished for, and have the opportunity to serve, which brings joy and meaning to my life, as it also cleanses my karma, have friends who are my true soulmates, and learn daily from the people and situations in my life.

I used to think that I was not receiving enough because I could not afford to go to the retreats and pilgrimages. I was shown that I have exactly what I need for my spiritual growth here and now. I’ll give just one simple example. The Mai-Tri practitioner explained to me the attitude that I lack and need to develop in this lifetime, which would bring an important transformation in me. The very next day, I received a voice message from one of my best friends, who is the epitome of these qualities. She wholeheartedly expressed all those previously mentioned by the practitioner.

My Guru was right there in front of me, and it was not by mere chance that we call each other soul-sisters and that we regularly thank each other for all the valuable lessons. And all the people of the place where I live have also taught me and have changed me, of which I now have more understanding and appreciation. In short, Mohanji has provided the perfect conditions that were needed for my particular spiritual growth. Gratitude opens us up for receiving the grace which is definitely flowing to us in abundance. We just need to put the right glasses on (or remove the glasses of the mind) to see things properly.

This was just one aspect of what the connection with Mohanji can bring. A deeper one is found through silence. There’s much more, and this text does not do justice to all that I have received from Mohanji and the Tradition, but I wrote only about what came to me now. Mohanji urges us to share experiences for our own sake and for the possibility of inspiring others. So I thank you all who have read this, and I surrender it fully to my dearest Mohanji’s feet, to whom I owe everything. Eternally grateful for all the love and light you have blessed me with, Mohanji.


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Intense spiritual practices

intense spiritual practices

By Swati Jarugumilli, Australia

Conscious Gapless Breathing 

During the EMPOWERED program’s questionnaire session, Mohanji told me to “Intensify sadhana” and said, “Our spiritual progress should always reflect with more compassion towards family, friends, animals, etc.” When I was trying to find out ‘how to intensify my sadhana’, I stumbled upon Rekha Murali’s testimonial about how intense the Conscious Gapless Breathing technique (CGB) was when practiced for 21 days as a challenge. On reading the testimonial, I reached out to her and expressed my interest (with gratitude) in learning this CGB technique. Rekha and Aditya Nagpal conducted a workshop for the same for five days just before Diwali in November 2021.

It was a cute little group of people who shared similar thought processes. During the first two days, there was a significant change in my behaviour to be more aware and calm than usual. This itself made me energetic enough throughout the day. But on the third day, I experienced a little sadness in a certain posture, which was not mine but from someone else. 

When I observed the feeling the following day, it dawned on me that the sadness was my mother’s when I was in her womb. I quickly cross-checked with her if she had undergone any pain while I was in her womb. She confirmed that she had and said, “During the 8th month, I tried to sit down on the floor, and that caused me pain, which made me cry a lot.” This explanation helped me understand what I had noticed during the CGB session.

Truly, CGB does stir all the heavy, un-noticed, settled emotions from the bottom of our container. By the 5th day of CGB (the day before Diwali), there was a stirring of total restlessness and extra energy that I couldn’t handle myself. Due to this, I fell back into my usual patterns of overeating and needless anxiety. Usually, managing such emotions might take days to months, depending on our constitution.

Fortunately, Aditya Nagpal announced a group Mai-Tri session on Diwali, conducted by Preeti Duggal, and how attending this Mai-Tri might effortlessly cleanse us from all that had been churned with CGB. Some of us quickly grabbed this opportunity and attended the group Mai-Tri session.

Significantly, a huge cleansing happened for all of us. From the day I had opened my eyes in this life until the day of the Mai-Tri session, the whole reel of incidents played like a quick short film. It showed glimpses of my emotions when I was hurt, or felt low, discriminated against, helpless and all of those emotions that were low in frequency. Later, the same short film played once again, but this time, it showed me how the supreme consciousness had taken care by giving me luck factors, people who love me, and how God’s hand was carrying me like a baby, protecting me from negative thoughts all the time.

There was only gratitude that was left behind and a divine motherly love that was bestowed upon me, keeping me calm and stable.

A day after Diwali, I understood that if this combination of CGB and Mai-Tri could be conducted as a package, and if we could utilise the opportunity, we could certainly experience a shift in our level of consciousness.

Beautiful was the experience of Group Mai-Tri as well, which is described below. 

Mohanji himself is the supreme consciousness to me. Else, how could my ignorant self have the ability to understand how he is operating through various souls around me. My humble pranaams at his lotus feet.

Group Mai-Tri and Empowered Program

Attending the group Mai-Tri conducted by Preeti Duggal on the day of Diwali in November 2021 was a sheer blessing that came directly from Mohanji.

Simultaneously, I was overcoming certain fears and insecurities (in career and family) through the cleansing as part of the EMPOWERED program conducted by Mohanji in September 2021.

In the group Mai-Tri session, intentions were placed to release the unwanted fears and insecurities that I felt were unnecessary. This helped me shed a certain weight from my karmic baggage. Before this, I attended CGB, and there was unprocessed restlessness and anxiety within me, which caused distractions during the Mai-Tri session.

But though the distractions kept coming back, I tried to concentrate as much as possible and listened to Preeti’s voice invoking Dattatreya’s presence. Midway during the session, suddenly, a film started playing within me, showing a short glimpse of all events and situations that had caused me sadness, or exposed me to my vulnerable nature, the small mistakes that I had made, which made me feel guilty throughout my life. I could understand that it was all me and how my soul felt when I was doing certain things just for fun. I understood my soul, and I was different in frequencies, and most importantly, my soul silently watched the show. I felt sorry for myself.

Then immediately, when we invoked the Mother Goddess’s presence, I could experience and feel Mother Kali’s fierce form. I even saw myself under the trident, ready to be hit. But there was no fear. Instead, I was happy to see how well protected I was under her trident. Then I understood that Mother’s Kali form had come to keep our ego in check (under the trident). There was only gratitude in me.

When Baba’s presence was invoked, the whole short film of various glimpses of my life started playing, just for me to look at the optimistic side of the same incidents that had previously made me sad. A constant vision showed me that Shirdi Sai Baba was carrying me as a baby in his arms like a mother. He has been looking after me since I was born, and he is there always beside me. Tears flowed, and my heart was filled with emotions. Motherly love is always pure, but Baba’s motherly love is the purest of the purest.

During the rest of the Mai-Tri session, I was blessed to have a vision of all the three (Datta, Mother Kali & Baba) in one form: mother Mohanji. He is truly a manifestation of all our prayers, in these times especially. As the session concluded, everybody shared their experiences. But the Mai-Tri energy could be felt continuously later. The more we are receptive to change, the more energy will flow into our system.

Later, while I was doing Consciousness Kriya, I felt a tremendous constant vibration that was unusually strong. So, to be on the safe side, I listened to Mohanji’s Shiva Kavacham for protection. Suddenly, I saw visions of different divine snakes. And I was in a dark room with a huge Shiva linga in front of me. The upper part of this linga was pure bright golden and white moving energy. By the end of the Shiva Kavacham, a snake had left my side and coiled two and a half times around this linga of energy and kept its hood (single) on top of the Shiva linga. I couldn’t open my eyes to leave this beautiful experience.

I attended an interview the following day, which was a scary experience for me (coding and developing). By the end of the technical round, I was offered the job. At that very moment, I felt that Mohanji had held my hands and made me cross the most fearful asteroid belt/barrier – my limiting beliefs.

All of this happened because of: –

• Empowered 1.0 program – made me contemplate on myself and become aware of my internal system

• CGB – helped stir up those heavy, settled, un-noticed things to come up in my system

• Group Mai-Tri – with the divine intervention, cleansed off all that had come up

As Brahma the creator, Mohanji conducted the EMPOWERED program and instilled the knowledge to contemplate on the self. As Vishnu the preserver, Mohanji has provided us with Conscious Gapless Breathing to move up those heavy particles of emotions from the bottom to the surface. As Maheshwara the destroyer, Mohanji, through the Mai-Tri method, is cleansing away our karmic burden.

Isn’t this what the Guru Principle means? Isn’t this what Dattathreya means? Isn’t this what Maa Mohanji has given us in the form of Kalpa Vriksham (the wish-fulfilling tree)?

How can I even thank Mohanji with mere words, who has taken a form and is living this life just for our sake? Datta is Mohanji. Mohanji is Datta.

Mohanji is the mother of all mothers. He is Prema Sai!


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Walking with Mohanji

By Krishnan G. alias Vivek, Kozhikode, Kerala

The Grace of Brahmarishi Mohanji, available to one and all, is indescribable.

I hail from Kozhikode, Kerala. I have been a spiritual seeker since my youth. I was always keen to know about enlightened Masters and used to read biographies of various spiritual Masters. I had to face a challenging situation in my office in 2020, during the start of this pandemic. Being an HR (Human Resources) professional, I was forced to lay off many employees due to the financial crunch my company faced because of the Covid situation. Losing a job is the worst thing that can happen to a person, and imagine the plight of the person who has to forcefully remove the employees?. Needless to say, the sad faces of the people who had lost their jobs haunted me like anything.

I was desperately searching for peace of mind, and that’s when I came across the Mohanji Foundation’s website, and I immediately contacted the officials for techniques to calm my turbulent mind. That very evening, I received a call from Devadas of Palakkad that an online meditation session called ‘Power of Purity‘ was to be held through Zoom, and he asked me to connect to Kishore, who was going to conduct the same if I so wished. The meditation session had a profound impact on my life and my state of mind. I became calmer and was able to face challenges with more clarity and focus, and became a devotee of Mohanji.

“Peace is our very nature and the nature of all beings. Acceptance helps peace. Awareness stabilizes it. Restlessness rests only in the mind.”


Mai-Tri Session

On 20th January 2022, I was down with a high fever and was tested positive for Covid. Unfortunately, within two days, my two-and-a-half-year-old son, wife, father, and mother were all down with Covid. I desperately needed Mai-Tri sessions. So I contacted Devadas for the same but found out that he and his family members, all of whom are Mai-Tri Practitioners, had been affected by Covid. He gave me another person’s number, whom I called and found that he too was down with Covid. I did not know what to do in that situation. I prayed to Mohanji for help, and suddenly, Chitra came to my memory. I called her up and explained my situation, for which she readily agreed to do a three-day Covid Mai-Tri Sessions. We recovered soon, and so did my father and mother.

Chitra said Mohanji’s grace is protecting us like a kavacham (armour), and the impact of Covid was very low because of that. While doing the session for me, she said that she’d had a vision of a royal divine cow, which was fully satisfied, and she asked me whether we own cows or have a farm. I said, “No”. But then, suddenly, I remembered one of my bedtime stories told by my grandfather about the cattle he’d owned in his village in Kannur district and how he lovingly used to milk the cows. My grandfather had also been fond of a particular cow. This struck me like a thunderbolt; the appearance of a royal cow during my Mai-Tri session and my grandfather having a farm all seemed connected.

We don’t know or understand the spiritual messages and the grace that animals shower for generations. Chitra told me that the vision indicated that it would be good for me to feed cows.

I was in confusion about whom to contact and how to do the same because I did not know anybody who had cows in my city. Not everybody would be interested in giving permission for cow feeding during this pandemic. I discussed this with Chitra, and she told me she would enquire and get back.

The next day, she messaged me with the mobile number of Dr. Madhuraj and told me that he had cows in his house. He is the brother of Dr. Jyothirmayi, who is active in the Mohanji Foundation, and added that his home was located in my area as per the landmark. Another surprise was waiting for me as I called him and understood that I had known him since my childhood. I had noted him as a spiritual person since my childhood days. His home was only a kilometre away from my house, but I did not know that he owned cows. I really became excited to meet the person I admire after a long time. I thanked Mohanji for connecting me to him again after such a big gap.

I was bewildered and happy at the same time. I was searching everywhere, but Mohanji gave me this surprise near my house. What should I call this? Grace? Love? Compassion? I don’t have words to describe the happiness I experienced. I went to Dr. Madhu’s (Madhu Ettan) house. He was really happy to let me feed the cows, hug them and be with them. This was absolutely a magical event that happened in my life. I’m forever indebted to Brahmarishi Mohanji for showering so much compassion and grace on me.

I understood that if we make ourselves available with utmost humility, he will be there with us always, holding our hands tightly.

Manisha Patel, Canada

When you walk with a master like Mohanji, it’s not about having everything good in life. It’s about self-transformation while heading on your journey towards your merger with the Master. It’s not about gaining materialistic things; it’s about achieving and experiencing oneness with the Master. It’s not about fulfilling desires; it’s about awareness of contentment with what we have. It’s not about securing your future, but it’s about being in the present and accepting the moment we have now.

Life was very different before Covid started in early 2020. I had many plans and desires to live life as per my plan. I was thinking of quitting my job, having a break from work for six months and being semi-retired to be more available for Mohanji foundation work. Then Covid happened; my husband’s business closed down because of lockdown, which never came back to normal, and since then, I have been working six days a week.

As per our family plan, my husband and I should be at ease after working for 13 years in Canada. We should have relished the fruit of our hard work in Canada. At the moment, my husband does not have any business income; hence I’m working six days a week. We are extremely grateful to Mohanji for giving us the richness of awareness and understanding that he has a better plan for our journey with him. He has helped us develop unshakable faith and awareness. He made our family richer with his blessings and love in our hearts and lives. Lots of shedding happened. Faith increased instead of ego, and doingness transformed into beingness.

Earlier, I used to cry and worry about the future and old age. Now I have only the current moment to live. I don’t know if I will be alive tomorrow, whether the business will get sold or not, and what we will do if our business gets sold. We know only one truth in our life: “The biggest asset in our life is Mohanji.”

He brought more stability during this uncertain and turbulent time. He brought awareness of acceptance and contentment. He brought awareness that his presence in your journey is more important than any materialistic thing when your journey is with him.

I am always grateful for your presence and uncountable blessings, dear Mohanji!

At your lotus feet!


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Empowered by Grace

by Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

How deep is your faith, that strong is grace in your life.
Faith opens the doors for grace to flow.
Unshakeable faith ensures uninterrupted grace – Mohanji

When grace flows continuously into our lives, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to my beloved Mohanji and the Tradition for the continuous protection and blessings.

“When you experience grace in life, write your memoirs. When you are in despair and cannot feel the grace factor, you can read that. Your own experiences are your greatest assets. Your own life is your most reliable guide.” – Mohanji

Till now, I could not write as one thing after another, one test after another, kept happening, but the grace factor continued through every incident.

The first incident of the grace of protection happened four months back. One day we were expecting guests, and I was frying vada at home. The oil was hot, and as the vadas were frying, I went to do another chore. My husband came into the kitchen suddenly, and seeing the vadas frying, he thought he should help with the flipping of the vadas in the oil.

As he was helping with the frying, suddenly there was a loud noise of oil drizzling, and the hot oil spilt all over his face, eyes, both hands and body. I rushed in, hearing the commotion and froze on the spot. He had closed his eyes as the hot oil had splashed into his eyes. I regained my composure and began praying and chanting Mohanji’s name. I asked him to put water in his eyes and, remembering wheat flour is very good for burns, I put it on his face, hands and body. I prayed to Mohanji for a miracle while chanting, asking beloved Mohanji for protection. My husband was numb with fear as oil had spilt all over his face. He had leaned over near the oil when he tried flipping the vadas, and his face was burning. Stories of plastic surgery of a friend who had opened a hot cooker, and hot steam had gushed out onto her face came back to our minds. Her skin had started peeling off due to the hot steam hitting her directly on the face.

We dreaded what would happen to the skin on his face the most as he had important meetings scheduled at his office. I remember talking and praying to Mohanji silently to please help with the skin on his face. Even if he had burns on his arms and body, my husband could go to the office and resume his daily work. He kept the wheat flour on his body and face and decided to remove it after a while. I kept praying for a miracle silently.

We could not believe our eyes when he washed his face, hands and body an hour after the incident. His hands, arms and body had huge marks, totally red in colour. But not even a slight discolouration on his face. The skin was intact, and his eyes too had no issues though hot oil had spilt on his eyes as well.

Everyone who saw his hand and arm asked him how this happened as it was that bad. How can we explain this – it was pure grace. I have no words to thank my Guruji Mohanji for the protection and could only wash his holy feet with tears of gratitude. His presence was felt at the core of my being. This whole episode was nothing but a big miracle of grace.

Soon after this incident, right after Navaratri in October, my husband’s boss tested Covid positive. Two days later, his wife too tested positive. We had been together all throughout Navaratri and had travelled together in one car for Durga Mata Puja and Garbha. It was a scary situation as his boss was a heart patient. Both of them had a bad cough, throat pain, weakness and were totally bedridden. We sent across Baba’s Udi and also opted for the three sessions of Covid Mai-Tri for his boss as it was serious for him due to a heart issue.

On the third day, my husband tested positive as well. Even a small fever is too hard for him to handle as he gets shivers and cannot sleep a wink at night; he turns and moans with pain in bed. Medication was started at once, and Baba’s Udi was given. The global chanting group chanted for both my husband and his boss. A big thank you to the M Family and especially to Savitri di, Savithri Vasudevan, Milica and Rekha Akka for all the support given to us during that time. The Udi from Shirdi temple had reached home 15 days back. Another miracle right on time. I prepared myself for sleepless nights as previously I had seen my husband suffer even with ordinary fever and cough.

The best part was I had no fear. The session, Empowered with Mohanji 1.0 had just gotten over, and deep acceptance of all life situations was slowly but steadily filling my whole being.

As a child, I had been fascinated by a story in the Bible that my friend shared where a lady who had been suffering from chronic sickness for many years was cured by just touching the cloak of Jesus Christ. This story had a profound impact on me throughout my life, of faith in our Guru/Master. Since my son and I had met Mohanji physically in Bangalore and had spent a day in his overwhelming presence during Shivaratri time, I had deep faith that Covid could not touch us as we were shielded and protected by him. Being connected to Mohanji’s consciousness consistently guarantees protection, but this meeting was like an additional boon for me.

The energy which we carried home after the visit was indescribable. My sister-in-law’s baby, who was six months old at that time, had trouble sleeping all the time. We have to rock her for an hour or so for her to sleep. The moment I took her in my arms after we reached home from Bangalore, she started humming and went to sleep in hardly a few seconds of being in my arms. The whole day this was the story, and she slept soundly for long hours that day. All were surprised at what was happening. But I knew very well it was Mohanji’s energy at work.

Mohanji’s grace ensured that my son and I never contracted Covid. No words can explain the grace that flowed for my husband as well. He did not have any symptoms at all. He did the test again within the first two days when there were no symptoms. It was positive. But no cold, no fever, cough or any kind of weakness. Perfectly healthy outside. When Covid Mai-Tri was done, it showed infection in the throat but no symptoms outside. Within ten days, he was back in the office completely healthy and in awe with the experience of grace in our lives. This was a total miracle for us, and we felt Mohanji’s presence throughout.

Tests of life continued, but so did the grace factor. Two weeks from his recovery, we heard an internal political war spread across the country, and an emergency was declared. The opposite party troops who wanted to form the government themselves were on their way to the capital where we were staying. They were 100 km away and could reach the capital anytime. Details of destruction and shooting on their way were all over the news. Embassies started warning all expats to leave the country at the earliest.

My husband’s company immediately acted fast and asked the expats to leave for Tanzania till things settled. It is a two-hour flight and near to the country where we stayed. Now a background on Tanzania. It was a country I had longed to stay in as my husband had been posted there many years ago, but we could not join him there at that time. The stories of his experience about the place had made it very desirable to live in that country again. Like Kerala, my native place in India, it was safe and also very beautiful among the African countries. It is also known for its sapphire coloured beaches and could not be missed. It had been a deep desire for many years now, almost over eight years and which I knew needed fulfillment as the desire had not left me at all.

Heartfelt gratitude to beloved Mohanji as only grace could make this trip happen. I remembered what he always says about desires and decided to experience each moment to the fullest consciously so that the desire is fulfilled once and forever. Empowered 2.0 with Mohanji happened right when I was in Tanzania. I practised witnesshood and feeling myself feel the entire experience as advised by Mohanji. We spent more than a month in Tanzania, and the experience was awesome. We got an apartment close to temple street and the beach. It was really lovely to visit temples after a long gap. The beaches were a fantastic sight to see, witness and experience.

We just lived in the present and did not worry much about what was happening in our country. No negative thoughts affected us, like if we could ever go back or if there would be job losses etc. But everyone back home was worried all the time. The stability and peace we felt in the midst of chaos cannot be explained in words.

After a month of stay there, we happily returned to Ethiopia as things had become better. As Mohanji says, destiny cannot be avoided. We had to face the war situation here and flee the country as well due to some past karma or impressions. But the Guru’s grace ensured we were safe and ensured that an unfulfilled desire could come true during this time. When I look back now, the desire to visit or stay in Tanzania is no longer there anymore. It has been fulfilled and completed with the grace of my Guru.

I offer my koti, koti pranams at beloved Mohanji’s lotus feet for his love and compassion to all of us. I bow down in deep gratitude to Mohanji for showering us with his grace and protection all the time.


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Empowered 2.0 – Part 2

A life saved
by Sabyasachi Rath, USA

December 7, 2021. It was a break day in Mohanji’s Empowered series. For the past three days, I had been absorbing Mohanji’s wisdom. Each time I listened to his recording (for logistical and logical reasons, I couldn’t attend the live sessions), I would feel like lying down by the middle of the recording as the energy would be too intense for me.

Back to December 7. It was a momentous day for me as I live now to write this piece. On this fateful day, I had driven to drop my daughter at her volleyball club and was returning home with my son in the back seat of my favourite Prius. At around 6.43 pm, I crashed into another car.

I had no choice; I had no clue or reaction time. A big fat Hyundai SUV crashed into my petite Prius. All I had done was follow the rules and cross an intersection while the light was green at the given speed limit of 40 mph. The young boy in the Hyundai decided to take a chance to turn left and rammed straight into me! WHAM!

It felt like a train ran over me! It was a very high impact, at least so I felt. My guru’s grace saved me. The first thought that came to me was my son’s well being. He had let out a small scream of pain but seemed fine. I felt I passed out for a few seconds and was dizzy afterwards. I felt my entire body was paralyzed. I kept chanting Mohanji’s mantra slowly and deliberately; it gave me strength. Slowly I could feel my legs and hands, but my upper body was still paralyzed. Some strangers came running and told me to stay awake. The driver of the Hyundai that crashed into me also came over and apologized, stating it was his fault (I agreed). The kind strangers called my wife and 911 (the emergency hotline). I kept chanting.

In another 5-10 mins, the police and ambulance took over. They put my neck in a cast and situated me in the ambulance. My wife was strong as ever and was able to take my son, who appeared relatively uninjured, home. She told me that Mohanji would take care of me. It was a painful journey to the hospital, with my body aching in pain each time we drove over a bump. Finally, we reached the emergency room of Northwest hospital where I was admitted. I was able to walk and talk, so I was put on ‘hold’ to be seen, as there were more serious patients. It was a test of patience, and my close friend Raj was able to come and give me company in a place where no attendants were allowed due to Covid rules (another sign of grace!).

Meanwhile, my wife took my son to another hospital for a checkup, and he was cleared of any injuries! It was indeed a blessing that at least 10-15 friends could come to the hospital with her and give her comfort.

I was seen in another couple of hours, administered a pain killer, and then taken for X-rays and CT scans. By midnight, the results came and showed no injury to the spine or bones. That was a huge relief. A pure sign of grace! It seemed like the perfect injury had been planned for me; a majestic bump with minimal effects. By early morning, I was discharged honourably and sent home. In fact, I was able to do my Kriya practice in the hospital ER with relative ease!

I live (in pain temporarily) to write this day. I later came to know that my lovely healer Vidya was able to do Mai-Tri while I was in the emergency room. My healing continues, and grace continues to flow unlimited.

I love you Mohanji!


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 16th December 2021


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